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Chapter 560 There Was a Parcel for You

After Ah Hu finished his words, he chuckled and shook his head.

Ah Hus character was quite rough and straightforward.

However, sometimes, he would be more discreet.

Consequently, he sensed slightly that Liu Jiaran might have fallen in love with him.

Consequently, Ah Hu had kept a distance from the Eldest Lady for some time, or to be more exact, had avoided her.

However, the Secretive Killing Organization had taken advantage of this and abducted Liu Jiaran.

Ah Hu had exerted great efforts to rescue her.

However, he had not dared to stay far away from Liu Jiaran.

Consequently, as they got along with each other, Liu Jiaran changed her attitude toward him quietly.

Ah Hu had a good impression of Liu Jiaran, who was lively and outgoing, yet obstinate and self-willed.

However, he did not want to complete the task assigned by Liu Jiarans father, earn his money, and sleep with his daughter at the same time.

Ah Hu thought that it was somewhat inappropriate for him to do that.

At the same time, he thought that Liu Jiaran might like him just a little bit.

Since she had not been in a relationship before, how could she understand what love was

As Ah Hu pondered, Liu Jiaran, who was dressed in hip-hop style, ran over joyfully.

At this time, Ah Hu, who acted slovenly on usual days, said somewhat solemnly, “Eldest Lady, where do you want to have fun in these few days I will try my best to take you there.

I will go back home after Chairman Liu gets home.”

“Swish!” As Liu Jiaran heard his words, her body trembled and the joyfulness in her eyes disappeared.

Following that, she lowered her head.

It was not until she had been silent for two seconds that she walked to Ah Hus side and held his arms as she said in a somewhat low voice, “Lets go out and have fun.”

As Ah Hu sensed that Liu Jiaran became somewhat moody, he felt somewhat uncomfortable as he said, “OK.” After that, he left the villa with her.

Before they got in the car, Liu Jiaran snatched the car keys from Ah Hu and said, “I will drive today.” After that, she got in the car.

As she drove the car, they left the residential quarter and headed east.

They stayed silent along the way.

In the end, as they stopped at a red light, Ah Hu smiled awkwardly and said, “This is the way to the eastern district.

I see you go to the bars on Xin Zhong Avenue often, dont you”

As Liu Jiaran heard his words, she turned her head back, glimpsed at him, and lower her head as she said, “I may like you a little bit.”

Ah Hu was at somewhat of a loss.

After that, he looked outside the window.

The look in his eyes was somewhat lonesome and distant.

He said slowly, “I admit that I am handsome.


Ah Hus words made Liu Jiaran burst into laughter.

She stretched out her hands and patted Ah Hu on his shoulders as she said, “You are right! You are such a narcissist.”

After that, she stared at Ah Hu and asked, “Actually, I want to ask you, will you come to my rescue if I run into danger in the future”

Ah Hu turned his head back and looked Liu Jiaran in her eyes as he said, “Well…”

At this moment, Ah Hu had originally planned to say that he would not come to her rescue in the future, in order to discourage Liu Jiaran from falling in love with him.

However, surprisingly, there was a rush of impulse in his heart.

He blurted out emphatically, “Yes, I will.”

As Liu Jiaran heard his words, she smiled.

After the wait at the red light was over, she stepped on the accelerator and drove the car forward quickly.

Ah Hu asked, “You have not answered my question yet.

Could it be that we are going to have fun in another bar”

“No.” Liu Jiaran snorted and said, “You will leave in a few days.

I will take you to have fun in several other places so that you probably will turn to me on your own after you are done with enjoying your annual vacation.”

As Ah Hu heard her words, he smiled, shook his head, and did not say anything at all.

After they arrived in the Eastern District, they parked the car in front of an entrance to Wan Liu Park.

“All right.

Lets get out of the car.”

Liu Jiaran and Ah Hu then got out.

It was dusk and many people were walking around in the park.

However, as Liu Jiaran led Ah Hu to walk inside continuously, people gradually became scarcer.

In the end, they traversed through the rear end of a stretch of willow trees and saw a long corridor.

There was a wall inside the corridor, where various notes were pasted up.

“This is a wishing wall.

You can write whatever thoughts on the note and paste it on the wall.”

Liu Jiaran took the lead to walk to one side of the wall, found the notes and pens in a location for placing things at the side, and wrote a sentence down quickly: “I hope Ah Hu can come to my rescue next year.”

As Ah Hu saw her writing, he smiled sadly and said, “Eldest Lady, I was a guy hanging around in the underground world previously.

Whats more, I…”

Liu Jiaran tried to refrain from smiling as she said, “I like you in this way so much.

If you were a handsome guy in smart clothes, I probably wouldnt treat you like a treasure.

Hehe, I like bad boys.”

The look on Ah Hus face was dark as he asked, “Am I bad”

Liu Jiaran handed over the note and pen to Ah Hu as she said, “You should write one down.”

Ah Hu scratched his head and said, “I will skip it.”

However, in the end, he could not convince her.

Consequently, he wrote a sentence down on the note: “I will come to the Eldest Ladys rescue in the future if there is an opportunity.”

However, it was unknown when that opportunity would come.

Moreover, it was just a premise.

But what he had written down made Liu Jiaran feel pretty satisfied.

She pasted Ah Hus note under hers.

Before she intended to say something, she saw that the look on Ah Hus face had changed.

Ah Hu held her in his arms directly and ran to the side.

Liu Jiaran, who was startled, screamed, “Ah!” All of a sudden, she found a shining light flashing across the place where they had been standing.

The light cut off the chair on one side of the corridor directly.

Following that, a man dressed in a black warrior uniform showed up.

The look in Ah Hus eyes was dim.

It did not occur to him that a powerful master would be here.

Judging from his skillfulness, he was not just a Heaven-stage Master.

When he had struck out the first sword light, Ah Hu had sensed that the fluctuation of the spiritual power was several times more powerful than his.

It was clear that his counterpart had been well prepared before he came here.

After the sword light faded, the martial artist, who had exposed nothing but his eyes, did not continue acting anymore.

He stared at Ah Hu coldly, bowed slightly, and said in choppy Chinese, “Mr.

Ah Hu, nice to meet you.

I am one of the eight middle-leveled ninjas in the Secretive Killing Organization.

I am here today to conduct my mission.”

As Ah Hu heard his words, he nodded his head continuously and said, “Nice to meet you, nice to meet you.”

“We can move to the forest on the left side to start fighting.

In that case, it will be an honorable ending for you.”

“All right, all right, all right.

After you.”

If one did not hear their conversation clearly, they would even think they were greeting each other as acquaintances.

The Muramasa glimpsed at Ah Hu and walked to the forest with a warrior sword in his hands.

Ah Hu carried Liu Jiaran and followed behind him.

“Swish!” He made a turn all of a sudden and ran in the direction of the parks entrance.

Ah Hu thought he might not beat the Muramasa in a fight against him alone.

The Muramasa would only be scrupulous when he fought in a crowded place.

If it were on a vast street, a Japanese soldier would dare not chase after his enemy and kill him.

A Heaven-stage Master would dare not do that either.

Even a master at the Grand Master Late-stage at his peak dared not do something like that easily.

Consequently, after Ah Hu greeted him for a while, he ran away quickly.

The reason why his counterpart had said so was that he was highly confident that he would win an absolute victory.

As the Muramasa saw Ah Hu turning around and running away, the look in his eyes was colder.

He said, “Since I have given you a chance to die honorably, you should not blame me anymore.”

He held the warrior sword in reverse in his hands, crossed his hands, and perked his right hand up.

All of a sudden, a faint mist lingered around his legs.

He moved his body and ran after Ah Hu nimbly.

Ninjutsu was also known as the Hermit and Hiding Trick.

After one combined Ninjutsu with various kinds of assassination skills, one would become a Ninja in the end.

As Ah Hu heard that the Muramasa was one of the eight middle-leveled ninjas, he was startled.

He still had a chance to run away while facing a middle-leveled ninja.

If there were a few more middle-leveled ninjas in front of him, he would not have any chance at all.

Fortunately, after Ah Hu observed the surroundings, he did not find anything unusual.

Consequently, he made up his mind promptly that he should run away with Liu Jiaran.

For Ah Hu, Liu Jiarans weight was negligible.

However, to run away more quickly, Ah Hu directly carried her in his arms and ran at full speed.

As he ran, he heard the sound of footsteps coming from behind, which was more than 10 meters far away from him.

Instantly, he turned his head back and took a quick look around.

However, he did not see Muramasas figure at all.

However, the next moment, he sensed the killing intent all of a sudden as a bright light slashed at him from the back.

“Hiss!” The roots of Ah Hus teeth got cold instantly.

He moved sideways immediately.

However, it was too late.

A wound was cut into his right arm.

“F**k.” Though Ah Hu intended to turn around and fight with him aboveboard, to ensure Liu Jiarans safety, he kept running toward the outside for two minutes.

During that period, he got two more wounds on his back.

He had avoided the attack precariously every time.

“Run back to the car!”

The edge of the forest lay in front of Ah Hu.

He put Liu Jiaran down on the ground, turned around, and walked forward two steps.

After that, he squatted down and avoided the Muramasas attack.

Following that, he formed his body into a peculiar shape and kicked out from the lower right side.

Since Ah Hu had launched his attack from a tricky angle, the Muramasa was forced to lift his legs in defense and step back five meters.

The Muramasa saw Liu Jiaran running out of the forest.

After that, he glimpsed at Ah Hu and intended to kill him.

Ah Hu did have the intention to fight back.

He intended to launch a few merciless tricks before Liu Jiaran was out of his sight.

After Liu Jiaran ran out, she turned her head back, stared at the forest, and saw two figures standing back to back.

However, within less than 10 seconds, Ah Hu leaned backward and took advantage of the opportunity to run out.

The Muramasa walked to a place that was a few meters away from the edge of the forest, stared at Ah Hu, and let out a sigh as he said, “A pity.

If I had attacked faster, you would have been beheaded.

You were lucky this time.

There wont be just one middle-level ninja like me next time.

Instead, all middle-leveled ninjas will show up.

You wont get through this New Year easily.”

After he finished his words, he stepped back slowly and disappeared into the forest quickly.

As Liu Jiaran saw that there was blood on Ah Hus right hand, she was so scared that she went pale and said, “Ah Hu, are you OK”

“Im fine.

Lets get in the car first.”

The look on Ah Hus face was somewhat ghastly.

He placed his left hand on Liu Jiarans shoulders directly and landed his left leg on the ground gently.

That was because a hole had been pierced through his left leg.

After they got in the car, Ah Hu sat in the passenger seat directly, leaned backward, and semi-reclined while gasping.

Liu Jiaran ran to the driver seat quickly, sat down, and anxiously said, “Ah Hu, you need to hang on.

We will arrive at the hospital soon.”

She was so anxious that she almost cried.

Ah Hu found her behavior funny and did not know whether he should laugh or cry as he said, “We dont need to go to the hospital.

We just need to go back to the villa.

Im pretty fine.

They are nothing but some external injuries.”

Liu Jiaran did not say any other nonsense at all.

Instead, she started the car quickly and drove back home as she said, “Then I will find a private doctor for you at home.”

As they just drove into the avenue, Ah Hu was more relieved.

The moment he felt relieved, his left leg was in great pain.

Ah Hu thought, “Hiss! That Japanese warrior is crafty.

F**k, he wont be alone next time.

Could it be that he thinks I have no helpers at all If my boss were here, he would be dead! I am going to find helpers now and f**king beat them! Does he want to compete with me in number of helpers”

Ah Hu gritted his teeth, took out his cell phone, dialed Zhao Fengs number, then said, “Brother Feng, I was injured by a Japanese warrior.

Come to help me quickly.

Otherwise, you wont be able to see me again…”

Since he could not beat the ninja on his own, he had no choice but to turn to his brother!

As they got halfway, Ah Hu was somewhat recovered.

After that, he stripped some cloth off his short-sleeved shirt and took care of several serious injuries, intending to deal with the injuries more prudently after they were in the villa.

However, as the saying goes, misfortunes never come singly.

As they arrived at the entrance of the villa, they saw that six cars had been waiting for them outside.

Two cars were Koenigseggs and the four others were Maybachs.

Several young men were standing in front of the Maybachs.

One of them had gauze on his forehead.

As Ah Hu glimpsed at them, he smiled bitterly and said, “They are people sent by Ning Xiaotian, who might have turned to his eldest brother, the Second Young Master of the Ning Family.”

It was not easy to be a girls escort.

After Ah Hu arrived here, he had taught many grandmasters a lot of lessons.

90% of the trouble that he had made could be solved by the power of Liu Qingfeng.

However, the grudge between him and Ning Xiaotian was an exception.

The power behind Ning Xiaotian was quite strong.

The Ning Family in Lin Hai was one of the three foremost influential families.

The No.

1 family of Lin Hai City was the Gu Family, which was an orthodox, old, and well-known family specializing in martial arts.

A lot of the descendants of the Gu Family were the disciples of some religious sects.

Moreover, the Old Master Gu, Gu Donglai, had entered the Divine Realm six years ago.

At the same time, he had a divine weapon named Fire Blade.

That was one of the reasons why the Gu Family had been prosperous.

The second influential family was the Bai Family.

Compared with the Gu Family, the Bai Family specialized more in commerce.

The power of the Bai Family was enormous.

The last one was the new Ning Family.

Based on the Ning Familys power, originally, it could not have been listed among the three influential families.

However, since the Second Young Master of the Ning Family, Ning Zhanqi, had become well-known, who was Gu Donglais granddaughter-in-law as well as his close disciple, the communication and connection between the Ning Family and Gu Family became gradually more frequent because of this layer of connection.

The Ning Family was quite amazing.

Even Liu Qingfeng needed to be at their disposal.

However, Ning Xiaotian was quite lame.

Not only had he talked dirty to Liu Jiaran, but also he had tried to touch her.

It was well known how he had ended up.

However, it turned out he still intended to keep picking on them.

Ah Hu let out a sigh gently as he said, “It would be better if the Second Childe Ning was mature and sensible.

If he was justifying a fault out of no reason, it would be somewhat not funny.”

Liu Jiaran mumbled and said, “Though the Second Childe Ning is amazing, my father is not lame at all.


This is my house, where he cannot do whatever he likes.

I will cover you up.

Dont be afraid of him!”

Ah Hu returned to the old him and could not help joking as he said, “Well, I am afraid that your size could not cover me up.”

“Are you in a mood to make fun of me now Tut! My size is not small at all.

Forget my size.

Yours probably is the same as that of a needle.”

Ah Hu smirked and said, “As for whether my size is the same as that of the needle or not, I think you saw it the first day I was here, didnt you”

“Swish!” Liu Jiarans beautiful face blushed.

She got out of the car gruffly, opened the door to the passenger seat, supported Ah Hu, and walked toward the villa.

Previously, if the bodyguard had been injured and left a bloodstain in her car, she probably would have abandoned the car and replaced it with a new one.

However, she did not mind that anymore now.

All she cared about was whether Ah Hu was in pain or not, and so on.

As Ning Xiaotians people saw Liu Jiaran and Ah Hu coming back, they all sneered.

Consequently, amid their stares, Ah Hu and Liu Jiaran walked into the villa.

The housekeeper informed her in a low voice, “Eldest Lady, Second Childe Ning is here.” However, as he saw the bloodstains on Ah Hus body, the look on his face changed slightly.

Liu Jiaran replied, “Contact the private doctor first.” In the end, she walked forward a few steps and saw the Second Young Master of the Ning Family, Ning Zhanqi, who was sitting on the sofa.

He was less than 30 years old, looked pretty thin, and was somewhat white-skinned.

He had single-fold eyelids.

The look in his eyes was somewhat distant.

As Liu Jiaran saw the scene, she took the initiative to say, “Second Childe Ning, why are you here”

Ning Zhanqi said flatly, “Lady Liu, I heard that youve been pretty closed to your bodyguard recently.

You have barely separated from each other.

Everybody said that you raised a good dog.” Based on his posture, he did not intend to stand up at all.

As Liu Jiaran heard his words, she was angry and said, “So, are you here to swagger before us” The look on her face was dim.

“No.” Ning Zhanqi stood up, clasped his hands gently, and disapproved of Liu Jiarans attitude in secret.

After all, Liu Qingfeng was a key member.

However, the girl he had brought up was somewhat finicky, who revealed all of her emotions on her face and hid nothing in her mind.

There was a huge gap between her and her father.

“I am here to hand over a letter of challenge to you.” Ning Zhanqi took out the letter of challenge, which was red, as he said, “Originally, I scheduled the challenge date for tomorrow.

However, based on his current condition, it seems it is difficult for him to move.

In this case, I will give you three days.

In three days, lets see each other in the ring.”

As he spoke, the look in his eyes was somewhat distant.

He said, “You can choose to not go there.

However, you can foresee the related consequence if you dont accept the challenge.”

What he implied was that his brother, Ning Xiaotian, had not been beaten in vain.

If Ah Hu fought with him in the ring, his life could be saved.

However, if he refused, it would be hard to tell how the situation would go.

There probably will be one more body in the river the next day.

Liu Jiaran glared at him as she shouted, “You!”

As Liu Jiaran intended to say something, Ah Hu chuckled, stretched his hands out, and took the letter of challenge.

After that, he stuck the letter between his two fingers, threw it on the sofa casually, and said, “I accept the letter of challenge.”

“All right.” Ning Zhanqi glimpsed at him in the end, turned around, and left.

Before he left, it happened that he overheard some of Ah Hus whisperings.

It was unknown whether Ah Hu had done so intentionally or unintentionally.

Ah Hu whispered in a low voice, “Though he is not even a master yet, he likes to show off often.”

As Ning Zhanqi heard his words, the look in his eyes was cold.

He paused for a second, kept going forward, and left the villa.

Liu Jiaran said, “Though you are injured, you still do not behave.

Sit on the sofa quickly.

The private doctor will be here soon.”

Ah Hu shook his head and said, “You dont need to call a private doctor here.

I will have some medicine to take this evening.”

“That does not work.”

In the end, the private doctor, whom the Liu Jiaran had asked to send over, arrived.

As the female doctor saw the injuries on Ah Hus body, she exclaimed, “Ah! This wound is a deep one! Did you take care of it in such a rough way Arent you afraid that it will get infected This injury is also a serious one.

If it is not dealt with professionally, the infection will be easily caused.

I cant treat him here.

Based on his situation, he must go to the hospital.

The wound on his leg should be dealt with surgically! If you hang on for a while more, his leg may not be saved.”

As the housekeeper and Liu Jiaran heard her words, they were greatly startled and wondered whether Ah Hu should go to the hospital or not.

Though they had tried their best to convince Ah Hu, he did not go to the hospital in the end.

In the end, he only asked the personal doctor to bind up his wounds professionally.

At 10 p.m., as Ah Hu sat on the sofa in the living room while watching TV, Liu Jiaran by his side said agitatedly, “Didnt you say someone will send you some medicine at this time How come have they not arrived”

Right at that time, the housekeeper knocked on the door and walked in, then said, “Eldest Lady, a parcel is here.

The delivery man said that it should be signed by the recipient.”

Liu Jiaran waved her hands and said, “Put it directly at the entrance guards place.”

As Ah Hu heard their conversation, he grinned and said, “No, no, no.

It is my parcel.”

Ah Hu thought, “He came here so quickly!”

After that, Ah Hu said to the housekeeper again, “Let him in!”

Following that, Ah Hu stared at Liu Jiaran, waved his left hand, and said, “Eldest Lady, help me! I am going to pick my Brother Feng up!”

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