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“Damn it!”

Ning Xiaotian suddenly scolded.

Seeing that he had attracted the attention of the Gu brothers, he turned to a middle-aged man and said, “Uncle Ge, lets go downstairs and stop Zi Yan.

She is the best in the world, and I must get her at any cost.”

“Its not very good to be in full view of the public.

There are so many staff members of the TV station in Ru Xin Hotel.” The middle-aged man behind him replied and frowned.

“Shall we not be here We can take her to the villa, and Ill do anything with her at my will.

Lets go.”

Ning Xiaotian said as he walked to the back elevator.

Before he took the first step, he turned around to apologize to Gu brothers, “Im sorry, Brother Gu Peng and Gu Shuai.

Im going to solve my personal affairs.

Please forgive me for leaving first.”

Instead of giving Gu brothers time to respond, Ning Xiaotian ran forward with a high speed, as if he would never see Zi Yan if he was late.

Uncle Ge, the middle-aged man, though seemingly lowly, was walking steadily and quickly behind Ning Xiaotian.

But the two men, without exception, were all focused on the back.

Gu Shuai swallowed his saliva and looked anxiously at Gu Peng, “Brother, are we going to let him take over the beauty like this Under our noses”

“This…” Gu Peng had a bit of trouble, “But we didnt bring anyone with us, and we cant defeat him.”

“Damn it.

Dare Ning Xiaotian fight against us” Gu Shuai scolded, and then said, “Its a good chance not to come again!”

“Although its like that, we didnt take any people with us.

We cant stop Zi Yan.” Gu Peng frowned.

He was calmer than Gu Shuai.

After thinking about it, he hesitated and said, “The other chances are still available.

The new years party hasnt started, and maybe we can bring someone with us tomorrow”

“Brother!” Seeing that Ning Xiaotian was about to arrive at the elevator, Gu Shuai said anxiously, “Are you going to eat the leftovers of Ning Xiaotian”


Gu Pengs eyes flickered slightly.

He looked at the back of Ning Xiaotian, hesitated for a second, and said with clenched teeth, “Follow them! We can just pay a price.

Just let Uncle Ge of Ning Xiaotian help us!”

“Thats right!” Gu Shuai grinned and took the lead in running quickly.

At this time, Ning Xiaotian and Uncle Ge had entered the elevator.

They were very concerned about that side.

When they saw Gu brothers running over, Ning Xiaotian was a little relieved, but then he changed into a worried expression.


The door of the elevator was being closed slowly.

Before the door closed.


In spite of the danger, a hand reached in and let the elevator door open again.

“Why Brother Peng and Brother Shuai, why are you here ” Ning Xiaotian had a strange expression, but then he became nervous.

“This…” The Gu brothers were a little embarrassed.

Gu Shuais mind was full of that pretty woman just on the stage.

He couldnt stand the excitement and said after hesitation, “Younger Brother Ning, to be honest, Zi Yan is the beauty our brothers have been paying attention to for a long time, but we are busy recently and havent got the news of her.

Today we know that she has come to Lin Hai.”

“What” Ning Xiaotian shouted out in surprise, “You want to rob her from me”

“How can you call it robbing” Gu Shuai retorted with some dissatisfaction, “Gentlemen are all very fond of fair ladies.

We brothers have really paid attention to her for a long time.”

“This…” Ning Xiaotians expression was very complex, as if it was hard for him to make a choice, and even sweat flew from both sides of his forehead.

He was really nervous.

“Or shall we compete fairly” Ning Xiaotian gnawed his teeth and said, “I dont want to miss Zi Yan, such a top beauty.”

“Huh” Gu Peng suddenly glared at Ning Xiaotian and his voice was cold, “Ning Xiaotian, dare you to rob a woman from me”

Gu Peng was arrogant, because Gu brothers position was too much higher than Ning Xiaotians.

“Ahem.” Uncle Ge was Ning Xiaotians backer.

He coughed softly, picked his eyebrows slightly and released some of his Qi as a martial arts master.

At the same time, he said: “What Young Master Shuai said was true.

Gentlemen are all fond of fair ladies.

Its not a fight.”


Gu Shuais face changed slightly.

He was worried and forgot that there was a Ning Xiaotians supporter standing next to him.

The situation was not optimistic.

Ning Xiaotian came here with a helper when he went out, but Ge Shuai and Gu Peng came to the club from afar, and they didnt bring anyone with them!

Gu Shuai looked anxiously at Gu Peng.

After two seconds of silence, Gu Peng looked up at Ning Xiaotian, “Xiaotian, I have a request.”

“Brother Peng, tell me.” Ning Xiaotian asked nervously.

“I want your Uncle Ge to help us stop Zi Yan.

Of course, were asking you for help, and well definitely repay you.

I have a horse farm in the Eastern District, worth 300 million yuan.

Do you have any interest in it, Xiaotian” Gu Peng looked at Ning Xiaotian without blinking his eyes.

Although its market value was 300 million yuan, in fact, the value of that horse farm was only about 100 million yuan, and it was also a place that Gu Peng was tired of.

Ge Peng thought it was better to ask for Uncle Shus help at this cost.

He felt that Zi Yan was worth the price.

“Horse farm…” Ning Xiaotian suddenly fell into hesitation.

“Xiaotian, you are clear about the specifications of that horse farm.

My brother has given it up, and you cant let him down, can you” Gu Shuai stared at Ning Xiaotian and asked slowly.


Ning Xiaotian hesitated for five seconds.

Under the Gu brothers hot gaze, he sighed heavily and nodded:

“Since Brother Peng is so kind, how can I refuse you Uncle Ge, help them to stop Zi Yan regardless of the bodyguards she has or where she is.

You must bring her to them!”

“All right.” Uncle Ge nodded his head slightly.

The Gu brothers were so excited now.

They even felt that the elevator was so slow at this time.

After arriving on the first floor, they hurried out.

“Theyre on the side.

Lets drive over and stop them!”

Gu Shuai took out his car key and pressed it.

The lights of a Pagani car in the side parking lot lit up.

Ge Shu also took out the car key, and the lights of an Audi A8L not far from Pagani lit up.

“Brother Peng, follow Uncle Ge!” Ning Xiaotian pointed to Uncle Ge.

“Good! You can drive my car.” Gu Shuai threw Paganis key at Ning Xiaotian as if he was dropping litter.

Ning Xiaotian didnt catch it, and the car key fell to the ground, but Gu Shuai didnt even look at it.

He and Gu Peng followed Uncle Ge to his Audi.

“Ha ha ha.” When Ning Xiaotian bent down, he couldnt help sneering and marveling at his acting skills.

After he picked up the key, his expression returned to normal.

Looking at the Gu brothers getting in their car, Ning Xiaotian curled his mouth, and then got on the Pagani.

Ning Xiaotian took a white pill from his pocket and swallowed it.

At that time, on the Audi, Uncle Ge was driving.

He had a green ring on his finger, which was floating with a thin mist that was hard to see by the naked eye, which soon turned into two strands and floated towards Gu Peng and Gu Shuai in the back seat, making them more excited.

“Uncle Ge, hurry up.” Gu Shuai urged.

“Okay.” Uncle Ge replied, then slammed on the accelerator.

The car buzzed and jumped forward quickly.

When they got to the side.

“Sizzle, sizzle.”

Two loud brake sounds came from Audi and Zhao Fengs Mercedes.

Zi Yans five-car team stopped.

Zhao Feng frowned at the car in front of him and felt that they were purposeful.

“Young Master Gu, Im only responsible for bringing Zi Yan to this car,” said Uncle Ge before getting off the car.

“I disagree.

You must send us back to our house.

Otherwise, how can my brothers horse farm be handed over to Xiaotian” Gu Shuai shook his head.

Uncle Ge frowned at his words and thought about it.

“Ill drive your car and follow you.

When I get to your address, Ill leave.” Uncle Ge replied.

“Well, hurry up.” Gu Peng said.

After Uncle Ge got off, he got off and went to the drivers seat.

After seeing the people coming down from the front car, in addition to the car in the middle of Zi Yans team, several people came down from the front and back, including Zhao Feng, Elder Meng, Liang Hao, and Leng Yue.

“Who are you” Zhao Feng asked in a deep voice.

Uncle Ge ignored him and waved his right hand slightly.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

Four muffled sounds sounded from Zhao Feng and his friends chests.

They flew more than ten meters and fell to the ground.

Their faces were white and their mouths were bleeding.

Zhao Feng stared at Uncle Ge in astonishment.

The stranger must be at Grand Master Middle-stage or above.

Seeing the middle-aged man walking straight to the car in the middle, Zhao Feng bit his teeth, stood up to meet him, and said at the same time, “Youd better think in over.


“Stop talking nonsense.”

Uncle Ge waved his hand again, and suddenly hot energy turned into a huge hammer, which kicked Zhao Feng flying again.

Zhao Feng fell onto the ground, but Leng Yue suddenly attacked Uncle Ge from the right five meters away.

Uncle Ge turned around and looked at her indifferently, “Naive.”

He clapped his right hand sideways.

“Bang”, the body of Leng Yue was like a kite with a broken line.

She flew backward for more than ten meters and fell to the ground after hitting the wall.

Uncle Ge looked straight ahead again and saw Liang Hao and Elder Meng were two meters away from him.

Uncle Ge frowned and kicked his feet out in an instant, which made them fall to the ground and unable to get up.

Looking at them, Uncle Ge raised his arm slightly.

At this moment, he wanted to kill them.

“Stop!” At this time, a cold voice came, it was Zi Yan who opened the door and came down, “What do you want to do”

“Im instructed by Young Master Gu to ask Miss Zi to come over and have a talk,” said Uncle Ge calmly.

After hearing the words, Zi Yan looked at Zhao Feng, whose face was dark, and shook her head slightly.

Then she looked at Uncle Ge again and said, “Okay.”

“This way please.” Uncle Ge took the lead to Audis copilot, opened the door.

After Zi Yan got in the car, he walked quickly to the back.

After seeing this, Ning Xiaotian let Uncle Ge drive Gu Shuais Pagani, and he went to his own Ferrari on the back side, following them far behind.

Zhao Feng and the other three looked at each other and stood up in pain.

At this time, Zhou Fei quickly opened the window, “Lets follow them! Ive informed my brother-in-law.”


Zhao Feng and several others quickly got on the car and kept up with the Audi A8L at the front.

At the same time, Zhao Feng was not at ease.

He called Zhang Han and told him the enemy was likely to be a martial artist at Grand Master Middle-stage or above.

After the call, they began following the Audi A8L.

Not far behind them, Uncle Ge was following the Pagani slowly.

Behind Pagani, Ning Xiaotian was smoking while driving his Ferrari.

“Damn it, the Gu brothers.

If they do something in the car, they will really die under the peony, which is so romantic.”


Could they do something with Zi Yan

No, they couldnt.

At this time, sitting in the passenger seat, Zi Yan was not panicky at all.

Because she already felt it.

The special hair in the back of her head was getting warm, and that complex mark on her wrist was faintly shining.

If Uncle Ge saw it, he might turn pale with fear.

If he was near Zi Yan, he could feel the mark on Zi Yans wrist.

There was startling energy in that mark that could tear the space apart.

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