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Chapter 590 Dont kill Envoys

“Isnt it common sense in the martial arts world that envoys are not to be killed Zhang Hanyang, you should know it as the top martial artist in this circle.

And I want to convey the meaning of Elder Gu clearly.”

Gu Zonglai was a little flustered, but he controlled his mood and spoke calmly.

This time, he took the lead to go there for the dignity of the Gu family.

Moreover, in the eyes of the Gu family members, Gu Donglai was invincible.

Even if his rival was the famed Zhang Hanyang, he would finally be defeated by Gu Donglai.

Wang Ming raised his eyebrows and asked, “The challenge has been accepted, what else do you want to say”

“I just want to confirm this engagement now.

Although you promised me, no one knows if you are sure about it; it will be regarded as a joke if you fail to show up on that day.

So I want to remind you that you should honor the engagement since you promised.

Otherwise, Ill keep all of you in mind.”

Gu Zonglai once again scanned the other people present with his eyes.

The faces of Patriarch Wu, Patriarch Bai and the other guests expressed different things.

If Zhang Hanyang didnt accept the challenge, or left the Rong family directly, they would be the ones to bear the anger of the Gu family!

“Well…” Patriarch Wu felt a little nervous and scared.

“If Zhang Hanyang didnt fight, it would be more complicated and I would be involved in it But this is also an opportunity.

It all depends on Zhang Hanyangs choice now.”

While thinking about it, Patriarch Wu turned his gaze to Zhang Han nervously.

Patriarch Bai looked the same as him.

In fact, their choice to be there was a gamble.

Before they came, they had also thought about whether Zhang Hanyang would fight, whether he would retreat, and whether the Gu family would blame him.

But in the end, they came to the conclusion that if the Gu family chose not to settle down, Zhang Hanyang would most likely fight, because he had never retreated.

But they were still a little nervous when the moment of truth arrived.

After all, this matter had something to do with their future development.

In their plan, if Zhang Hanyang won the battle, then the reign of the Gu family would come to an end; the Rong family would rise to the top, and the families who sided with them ahead of time, would certainly prosper!

They had been in decline for a long time, and thus they were unwilling to give up such an opportunity.

It was definitely a gamble.

Imagination was beautiful, but reality was cruel.

They thought that since Zhang Hanyang had spent the new year as a relative of the Rong family, the relationship between the Rong family and him had to be very good.

But they saw their mistake once Patriarch Rong showed up.

“Patriarch Rong also offended Zhang Hanyang!”

“The situation doesnt look good.

Has this road been blocked before it started”

They were all worried, and Rong Changjiangs expression was very stiff.

Such amazing news, just before he could celebrate his breakthrough to the Middle-Stage.

Rong Jialis son was the famous Zhang Hanyang.

And barely two minutes after, there was another amazing piece of news.

Gu Donglai wanted to fight against Zhang Hanyang.

He felt like he was on a roller coaster.

Rong Zhenxing, Rong Zhenmao and Rong Fan were all stunned.

“Is he going to challenge the Gu family, the lord of Lin Hai City”

“Is the Rong family the center of the vortex”

At this time, Gu Zonglai saw their frightened expressions and felt less pressure from Zhang Hanyang.

“The Gu family is the greatest!”

“Zhang Hanyang, your relatives are all afraid of us.”

He was very satisfied with the effect of the challenge.

After thinking about it, he finally looked at Zhang Han and said in a low voice, “Zhang Hanyang, I hope you…”

“You talk too much.” Zhang Han sighed and waved his right hand.


An invisible spiritual sense energy, like a long sword, was formed in front of Gu Zonglai and attacked him with an unstoppable momentum.

“You!” Gu Zonglais face changed.

He hurriedly activated his spiritual sense to protect himself.

But he never thought that in his mind, the vast spiritual sense energy in front of him would turn into a flash of lightning in an instant, reaching his brow before he could resist it.


It was like a thunderclap in his head, and then his eyes began to lose focus.

He was just a martial artist at Grand Master Middle-stage, and Zhang Han had too many methods to kill him.

His Ten Inches Dantian, the four thousand clouds and the Taiyi Wood Thunder in his soul sense sea were all Zhang Hans trump cards and potential.

He would be unable to use them to their fullest potential until he reached the Innateness state.

As for the Building Base stage, it was just an entry stage.

Several people on the scene sensed the change in Gu Zonglais Qi, and their faces changed a lot in an instant.

“This, this…” The two martial artists who followed Gu Zonglai were pale, and one of them was trembling.

He didnt dare to speak.

Another man with a flattop haircut was completely frightened at the moment, but he managed to keep his cool.

He said, “Envoys cant be killed in a war; its common sense in the martial arts world.

Grand Master Zhang, its not right for you to do so.”

“Do I need the consent of others” Zhang Han slightly frowned and there was a flash of light in his eyes.

“Ah!” The brave martial artist in front of him was also killed.

The trembling martial artists of the Gu family turned around and fled.

Zhang Han ignored them.

Gu Zonglai and the man with a flattop haircut turned to the door as usual.

But when they walked more than ten meters beyond the door…


They were drowned in flames, burning to ashes in two seconds.

This made the last fleeing martial artists eyes to almost pop out because of fear.

He screamed several times and ran away without looking back.

He didnt even dare to take the car they drove to get there.

“Mengmeng, lets play with toys upstairs for a while.” Zhang Hans stern gaze became soft again.

He held Mengmeng in his arms and walked to the second floor with Zi Yan.

Zhang Li, Wang Ya and Zhou Fei all followed the family, but they didnt realize that those three men had been killed.

After they left, the remaining guests in the room began discussing.

“My God, its too… Its scary.” Rong Changjiangs palm slightly shook, and he was at a loss.

“Gu Zonglai, a Middle-stage Grand Master, was easily killed by Zhang Han.”

“Zhang Hanyang, Zhang Han.

He is too frightening.”

“Is he Jialis son”

“Whats going on”

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