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Chapter 591 Breaking the Frog With One Move

Rong Changjiang also felt the disappearance of Wang Zonglai and that martial artist with a flattop haircut.

He didnt expect that Zhang Hanyang would kill them without any hesitation.

Such a Martial Arts Grand Master at the Middle-Stage had been killed in such a simple way.

At the same time, what shocked him even more was Zhang Hans indifferent attitude.

He killed Gu Donglais man without worrying about their master.

“Its common sense in a martial arts world that envoys cant be killed in a war.

But its all up to me.”

“Although you have all kinds of rules, I am above them.”

Rong Changjiang received these signals from Zhang Hans calm eyes, which chilled him to the bone.

“It would be a terrible thing to confront him.”

Rong Changjiangs heart contracted fiercely.

At last, he looked at the people who disappeared at the stairway and breathed out a long breath.

His current feelings were too conflicted.

“But his rival is Gu Donglai.

The No.1 in Lin Hai Citys martial arts world.

What if he is defeated or even…”

The whole hall, including Rong Changjiang, fell into a complete silence.

The silence lasted ten seconds.

Secretary Liu, who was still in a daze, shook his head and forced a smile, “We wont approve, oppose or interfere in this matter.

I believe I shouldnt stay here and impose.


On behalf of the official, he was asked not to participate in the disputes in the martial arts circle except when the official authorities were challenged.

As for this kind of fights involving martial artists on both sides, they wouldnt easily get involved, but Secretary Lius coming to visit the Rong family also implicitly showed some peoples ideas.

Some in the leadership class didnt want the Gu family to have such hegemony.

Otherwise, secretary Liu would only support Zhang Han in secret, instead of making an appearance at Rong family estate directly.

“See you, Secretary Liu.” Rong Zhenxing and the others wanted to see Secretary Liu off, but Secretary Liu waved his hand and left.

When he neared the car, the driver got off and opened a door for the back seat.

After he got in the car, the suited driver closed the door and went back to the drivers seat to start the car.

As they drove away, he said in surprise, “Gu Zonglai and Gu Tengfei from the Gu family were killed just know.

They died and disappeared in flames once they got out of the gate.

It should be the punishment from Grand Master Zhang.”

“Of course he did it.”

Secretary Liu shook his head and sighed.

Looking at the direction of the villa, he said slowly, “I sensed something beyond imagination in him.

He doesnt care about many things, and the rules of the world must be a joke in his eyes.

He acts decisively, and sometimes he can be cruel.

Hes like a king controlling life and death.

This kind of uncontrollable person would be strictly controlled by the National Security Agency.

But why isnt this the case Do you know the reason for this”

“Me” The middle-aged driver was a little surprised.

His mouth quivered slightly and he shook his head.

“How would I understand, brother Liu You know, my mind is not very flexible.”

“Haha.” Secretary Liu shook his head and smiled.

“Its because of a balance point, which can make the upper class tolerate and ignore what he does, and even think that he is a genius.

Up to now, they consider him as a person who can be used, a person who has more advantages than disadvantages.”

“Balance point Whats the balance” The driver asked.

“The point of balance… is his family.

A persons kindness and malice are limited.

His family is his weakness, but also a balance point.”

Secretary Lius gaze became unfocused, as he leaned on the chair, closed his eyes, and stopped talking.

He had a thorough understanding of some things, such as Zang Hanyang suppressing the Li family of Hong Kong.

It showed the attitude of the high-level people to let such a terrible affair take place.

But in fact, he only knew a little about those affairs from the martial arts world.

Meanwhile, in the hall…

The atmosphere was still a little cool, as if the air temperature had decreased considerably.

“What should we do now” Wang Sibeis face was a little pale.

The Gu family was too high for her to reach, and yet, Gu family members had come to make an appointment in person.

What should the Rong family do

“Jiaxin, whats going on” Rong Changjiang asked in astonishment.

“This…” Rong Jiaxin pondered, shook her head and said, “A few days ago, Gu Peng and Gu Shuai, two young men from the Gu family, saw Zi Yan when she went to the TV station.

They asked her to get in the car and drove back to their address.

After learning the news, Han killed them without hesitation.

But the two young mens deaths did not calm Han down.

Then Gu Shisan, the director of the National Security Agency in Lin Hai, took six Martial Arts Masters to stop Han, but they were also killed by him.

Later, the Gu family remained silent until today.”

Hearing Rong Jiaxins words…


All the guests gasped in fear.

Wang Sibeis face was even paler than before.

“Killing them,” “sec-killing them” …These words echoed in her mind.

She was at a loss.

She began to regret what she had said and done before.

Rong Zhenxing, Rong Fan, Rong Jin and Rong Zhenmao shared a similar feeling.

“It turns out that he was a frightening man.”

The other guests were shocked, except for those who already knew the exact news.

Among them, the ones who found this more surprising were the martial artists of the Rong family headed by Rong Changjiang.

They had been focusing on Rong Changjiangs breakthrough in the recent days without paying much attention anything else.

They didnt expect that it would be so terrible, let alone that Zhang Hanyang was Rong Jialis son.

“Gu Peng, Gu Shuai, Gu Shisan, Gu Zonglai and Gu Tengfei.”

Rong Changjiang slightly narrowed his eyes in surprise.

“Five of the core members of the Gu family were killed by him.

Gu Peng and Gu Shuai are Patriarch Gus sons, and the Gu family wont let him go.

Gu Donglai… Im afraid that he will come out.”

Rong Changjiang was terrified by simply thinking about it.

Gu Donglai, the Crazy Saber.

He was a legend and a myth for many martial artists who cultivated in Lin Hai City.

He was the best saber user in Lin Hai City and was known as the Saber Master.

His fierce saber skills helped to spread his nickname Crazy Saber all over the country.

Generally, those who had nicknames were all famous and widely recognized martial artists.

For example, North Tiger Gai Xing Kong, Zhang Guangyou the Lord of Battle, Emperor Qing, Shi Fenghou the Little Roc, Ye Longyuan the Devil Incarnate and Mu Xue the female demon.

All of them had experienced a lot of battles and made great achievements by defeating many martial artists.

Merciless Zhang, who was becoming known by more and more martial artists, had gained such a reputation after his exploits.

This also showed Gu Donglais strength.

Besides, although Gu Donglai had yet to reach the Divine Realm, Rong Changjiang was well aware that he was very close to it.

After all, he was the No.1 in the martial artists list of Lin Hai City.

What was more, Gu Donglais weapon was the Roaring flame saber, a divine weapon that helped him consolidate his top position in Lin Hais list.

The martial arts world had been changing and the number of masters who were good at sword, saber or martial art skills kept growing.

However, no one in Lin Hai was better than Gu Donglai in saber skills.

Someone even said that Gu Donglais saber was too fierce that it would cause an earthquake.

Gu Donglais achievement didnt benefit the Gu family a lot, because he only had a few dozens of disciples.

Among them, Wu Qi, his first student was the best, and his Water Cutting Saber was similar to Gu Donglais.

The Li Clan Manor was at the foot of Mount Donglai.

Wu Qi was receiving six guests there.

The group of people were climbing Mount Donglai as they followed his lead.

When they crossed the forest, on the west side of the mountain, they saw a vast white fog, which looked like a fairyland.

They saw the house hidden in the fog when they got to the top of the mountain through the forest.

“My master is on the viewing platform.”

Wu Qi nodded, pointed to the back of the house and led the way there.

“I havent seen Grand Master Gu for three years, and he hasnt shown his strength for several years.

I dont know how far Grand Master Gus understanding of the Dao has reached.

” A white-robed old man on the left shook his head slowly.

He was Jin Mu, an elder of the Jin family and the most powerful martial artists in the group.

He was at the Grand Master Peak, but Gu Donglai was still at a higher stage than him.

“Brother Jin, Zhang Hanyang has killed the talents in our families for no reason.

This is our shame.

We are here to ask for Grand Master Gus guidance, and I heard that someone from the Gu Family has just gone to pay a visit to the Rong family.”

Another old man in black looked at Wu Qi.

Wu Qi shook his head slightly, and didnt answer the aged man.

He took the lead to the viewing platform.

The viewing platform was located at the edge of the mountain; there was a cliff right in front of it.

At this time, Gu Donglai was standing at the edge of the cliff with his back to the guests.

He was looking forward to the fog in the mountains.

The fog almost covered several mountains in front of him.

He could only vaguely see the scene on the top of the mountain, which had a kind of quiet and mysterious beauty.

“Grand Master Gu, we are here to visit you.” The group of people stopped three meters away from Gu Donglais side and saw that his eyes were closed.

He looked older than several years before and there were wrinkles on his face.

But he still looked fierce,

He wasnt relaxed.

After hearing the introductions of his guests, Gu Donglai opened his turbid eyes and took the lead in looking at Jin Mu.

“You are… Jin Mu Only a few years have passed.

Why are you so old”

“Some cultivation problems have drained a lot of energy from me.

Thats why I look much older than before.” Jin Mu shook his head and then looked at Gu Donglai carefully.

Then he turned his gaze to the fog and sighed with emotion.

“No matter how strong we are, well be defeated by time in the end.

Just like the old saying, is an old General still able to kill his enemies”

Jin Mu felt depressed after seeing an aged Gu Donglai, a person who had shocked the whole martial arts world.

It meant that Gu Donglai had not yet reached the Divine Realm and he might not be able to defeat Zhang Hanyang.

“Grand Master Gu, we are here because of Zhang Hanyang.

If Grand Master Gu has the will, we would aid you in killing Zhang Hanyang!”

Gu Donglais eyes lit up as he looked at Jin Mu.

He slowly said, “Why Young man from the Jin family.

Do you think Im old”

“No.” Jin Mu was frightened and waved his hand.

“We just want to deal with Zhang Hanyang.

Now the whole martial arts circle in Lin Hai knows that Zhang Hanyang killed Gu Peng and his brother, Director Gu Shisan and several talented young men of our six families.

We are not willing to forgive him.

We spent a lot of martial arts resources to train all those talents.”

Another martial artists said politely, “Zhang Hanyang is so powerful that we cant defeat him even if we cooperate.

So we kept silent until you appeared.

We are waiting for your plan.”

“Why are you here today” The light in Gu Donglais eyes disappeared as he looked forward to the side of the platform.

“We heard that Gu Zonglai took his men to the Rong family, and Zhang Hanyang was there.

We guessed that you were going to make a move, so we came here to see if we could help you.”

“Hahaha.” Gu Donglai smiled.

“Zhang Hanyang is just an arrogant young martial artist, and I understand his desire to make an achievement to establish his prestige.

But he hasnt reached Divine Realm yet, and I wont need help from others when I kill him.‘

“But he was praised as an Invincible Grand Master by Ji Wushuang.” Jin Mus face changed.

“We all know that Ji Wushuang has reached the Divine Realm and is now one of the several Divine Realm Grand Masters.

Since he speaks highly of Zhang Hanyang, Im afraid it will be difficult for us to deal with the young man.”

“Of course he is powerful, otherwise he wouldnt be called Merciless Zhang.” Gu Donglai was not nervous at all.

“Id like to kill a promising young man like him.”

Before he finished speaking, a young man came running from the back.

His face was a little pale, and he said in a loud voice, “Its terrible.

Uncle Zonglai and uncle Tengfei were killed in the Rong estate.”


Everyone present was shocked.

“All of them were killed” Jin Mus right hand was shaking.

He didnt expect that Zhang Hanyang would be so fierce that he would dare to kill the people sent as envoys.

He was completely unreasonable.

Gu Donglai slightly narrowed his eyes and then laughed.


its great.”

His Qi suddenly grew stronger and his body became taller by several centimeters.

His curved body gradually straightened, and his bones made crisp sounds, as if he had been reborn.

The wrinkles on his face dissipated in a moment, as if he were 20 years younger in an instant.

In the next moment…


A heavy saber suddenly appeared in his right hand; it was four feet long and twenty centimeters wide.

Its handle was dark and its scabbard was cold.

Then he suddenly grasped the handle of the saber.

The Roaring flame saber was drawn.


All of a sudden, a wave of fire came, which made everyone present feel like being in ice and fire at the same time.

The scabbard was cold and the blade was blazing!

Gu Donglai waved the saber in front of an astonished audience.

A hundred foot wave of fire swept forward.

In just five seconds, the fire turned into dozens of blades and was spread in all directions.

The fog in the front side of the mountain was completely dispelled by Gu Donglais saber.

The others were all shocked by Gu Donglais strength.

After the fog had been dispelled, the view became clear.

However, in the next moment…


Gu Donglai disappeared from the viewing platform.

At the same time, his voice seemed to come from the sky.

“I will kill Zhang Hanyang in three days.”

Jin Mu and the other five people looked at each others shock in their eyes.

“Thats the Grand Master Gu I remember.

Hes so strong!”

“Perhaps Grand Master Gu has reached the Divine Realm” Another man wondered.

Hearing his words, the whole group fell into silence again.

Two seconds later, Jin Mu said slowly, “Although he hasnt reached that stage, hes not far from it.”

“Elders and seniors,” Wu Qi smiled and said, “Three days from now, my master will kill Zhang Hanyang in Jinsha Island, located on the east sea.

You can come to have a look.”

“Okay.” The six martial artists nodded their heads, then they looked at the cliff and jumped down.

Martial artists always disliked the common ways.

Two hours later…

The news of Gu Zonglais death while visiting the Rong family spread all over Lin Hai.

At the same time, every martial artist was told that there would be a battle between Gu Donglai and Zhang Hanyang in Jinsha Island three days later.

This explosive news ignited the whole martial arts circle in Lin Hai and also made all the heroes talk about it.

“Gu Donglai is finally taking action.”

“It will be a shocking battle.

Its really hard to predict who will win the battle, Zhang Hanyang, the new king of martial arts world, or Gu Donglai, the aged strongman.”

“Although its said that Zhang Hanyang defeated Gai Xingkong, neither of them was killed and we cant tell who is more powerful.

After all, neither of them used their trump cards to protect their lives.

However, Gu Donglai has long been famous in the martial arts world and is more experienced than Zhang Hanyang.

They cant be compared when it comes to foundation!”

Zhang Han would have been amused if he had heard those words.

According to their real age, Zhang Han was much older than Gu Donglai.

After all, he had been reborn.

But in this world, no one knew his secret except Zi Yan.

Therefore, the other martial artists prediction was reasonable.

After all, Gu Donglai was a famous strong man.

This shocking news soon swept the world of martial arts in Lin Hai, and then it was spread in all directions.

In this information age, the flow of information was very fast.

Especially in such an international metropolis as Lin Hai.

After several phone calls, many people and forces also knew about it.

“Second grandfather! I just made five phone calls to confirm the news!”

At that time, a dozen people were sitting in the main hall of the Gai family.

Gai Rulong stood aside, facing Gai Xingkong, and said politely, “The Gu family is the first family there, and they are domineering.

Gu Peng and his brother, the son of Patriarch Gu, took liberties with Zi Yan and they were killed by brother Zhang.

Later, Gu Shisan took six people there and were also killed.

Today, Gu Zonglai and his men went to make an appointment with brother Zhang and were killed by him.

A fierce battle between them will surely take place!”

Many Gai family members were shocked by this news.

“I dont know have anything to add.

The Gu family is too arrogant, but Zhang Han really has a terrible temper…”

“They deserved to be killed.

If they hadnt planned to hurt Zi Yan, Zhang Han would have ignored them.”

“You are right, We know that Zhang Han doesnt like to get into trouble unless he is provoked.

After all, he has a pretty wife and a lovely daughter.”

When everyone was discussing about it…

Gas Xingkong said, “Its weird.”

“I know that Gu Donglai doesnt care about his family members, and their deaths cant provoke him.

Im afraid he intends to advance to the Divine Realm through defeating Zhang Han.

Everyone in the martial arts world knows that Zhang Han is powerful and he will be under great pressure while fighting against Zhang Han.

This will help him to break into the Divine Realm stage.”

“Gu Donglai is the lord of the martial arts circle in Lin Hai, so I must help Zhang Han.

If he dares to bully him, I dont mind letting the world know again about North Tiger Gai Xing Kong.”

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