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Chapter 596 Destruction of the Gu Family in Lin Hai

Jinsha Island was the highest place in Lin Hai.

Therefore, they were actually fighting on the top of Lin Hai.

Gu Donglai wanted to kill Zhang Hanyang here to help himself advance into the Divine Realm.

Through the understanding in the battle, he did realize his desire to advance and achieved part of his goal.

However, just after he reached that higher stage and felt the joy of gaining power for a few minutes, he died before he even understood what the Divine Realm was.

This made many people shocked.

“Hua nation.”

A man with a mustache on his lip and a height of 1.6 meters, but with amazing momentum, said to his five companions behind him in Chinese, though he was not fluent in this language.

“I see a new talent in the martial arts world in China.

Though he is in his 20s and hasnt reached the Divine Realm yet, he killed Gu Donglai with incantation.”

“Hes really strong.” A long-haired man standing behind him said in a low voice, “It can be imagined that this young man will grow up to be a powerful master.

Its a pity that he comes from China, not our country.”

“Its worth it to be able to witness this amazing battle.

Im going back to educate my children.”

They chatted and left directly from the back mountain.

Not far from them, two black men were shocked.

They looked at each other, and one of them asked in confusion, “What kind of spell did Zhang Hanyang cast”

“I dont understand it.

But it must be an awesome spell that even Gu Donglai, who has reached a higher stage, was killed by it.”

“How did he cast spells without tools”

“I dont understand.

What special method did he use”

“What was his spell about”

“I cant understand.

Its not the same as our spells.”


Like curious children, they talked about it loudly as if there was no one else present.

All of a sudden, they found a fat man at the back looking at them smilingly.

One black man was annoyed.

“What are you looking at”


Those who watched the battle on the hillside were all powerful martial artists.

They followed Zhang Han to leave one after another.

At the same time, there were many low-stage martial artists on the beach of Jinsha Island.

They could not see the view of the mountain top, but the thunder-like fighting sounds were enough to make them shiver.

It sounded like a brutal fight.

At the end of the battle, the light of the saber flickered like lightning, and the dark cloud made them tremble.

However, when all the sounds were gone…

They were at a loss in the following dozens of seconds.

“I heard nothing.

Who won the battle”

“It must be Grand Master Gu.” A middle-aged man slightly narrowed his eyes and said, “Someone heard Grand Master Gus laughter just now, and he said that he had reached the Divine Realm.

Though Zhang Hanyang is a powerful Grand Master, his stage is lower than Divine Realm.”

While talking, the man cheered silently because as a member of the Li Family, he was looking forward to Zhang Hanyangs death.

But at this time, an old man who was squinting his eyes a little nearby heard the noise beside him.

He turned around and said in astonishment, “But I just heard Grand Master Gu begging for mercy.”


There was a dead silence around him.

“Could Grand Master Gu beg for mercy”

“Zhang Hanyangs coming.”

All of a sudden, a scream sounded in front of the crowd.


When they looked up, they saw Zhang Han leading the way to the foot of the mountain.

All of his followers were stepping on the tips of trees.

With every step they took, they could go dozens of meters.

They soon reached the shore and got on their yacht under everyones gaze.

Then the yacht returned, leaving the other onlookers in astonishment.

Now they knew who had won the battle.

On the yacht…

Lei Tiannan was a little confused.

He made an obeisance to Zhang Han and was about to say something.

“Ill go down first.” Zhang Han interrupted him.

Then he summoned a water spirit stone and jumped into the sea.

“What is he going to do” Lei Tiannan was stunned.

The others shook their heads.

The yacht continued to move forward.

Within 10 minutes, Zhang Han jumped back out of the water.

He just swam around Jinsha Island on the bottom of the sea and found nothing special.

It required some special methods to enter that Land of Extreme Yang.

Zhang Han was not in a hurry.

Both his spiritual force and soul sense were over-consumed, especially his soul sense.

It was hard for him to cast that powerful spell with all the 4,000 clouds above his soul sense sea.

Now, although the soul sense sea clouds were as big as before, they were very thin, and the distance between them was closer.

Lightning flashed in the clouds.

Zhang Han hadnt understood Taiyi Wood Thunder thoroughly yet.

Though he had absorbed enough of it, he couldnt make use of it.

On the contrary, once his soul sense was over-consumed, he would fail to control all the clouds and Taiyi Wood Thunder would cause him trouble.

In the flash of lightning and thunder, Zhang Han was stunned.

Zhang Han didnt know this, and he was still exploring it.

However, Zhang Han felt that as long as he could reach the Innateness Stage, he would make a great achievement.

At the same time, the number of clouds should be able to reach 10,000.

If he successfully reached the Innateness Stage to the congenital, all these clouds would become rain.

Could he gather 10,000 clouds before reaching the Innateness Stage

It was even more difficult.

He had got a lot of benefit from the Thunder Sect in the thunder world he had explored before, which helped him double his clouds to 4,000.

Now in the main world, his cultivation speed would be much slower.

The Ten Inches Dantian was a good start, but he had to reach the Innateness Stage before he could use it.

Zhang Han didnt expect that after his rebirth, his starting point of cultivation would be so high.

“My starting point is as high as those talents of super sects in the Cultivation World.”

Zhang Han shook his head, smiled, and got on the yacht.

He put all these things aside.

“Han, where did you go” Rong Jiaxin hurried to grab Zhang Hans arm and asked.

“I went to explore the island,” Zhang Han replied.

“Congratulations, Grand Master Zhang.” Mo Chengfeng walked toward Zhang Han, smiling.

He made an obeisance and said in admiration, “You killed Gu Donglai, who was in the Divine Realm today, and now you are regarded as a legend.

All the martial artists in the world will know your name.

As a martial artist in your 20s, you are so amazing.”

“You flatter me,” Zhang Han replied.

He didnt mind whether he was famous or not.

And he knew that the death of Gu Donglai, a Divine Realm master, would shock the whole martial arts world.

These were all predictable.

Divine Realm masters represented the most powerful fighting force, so it was incredible that Zhang Han, a Grand Master, could kill Gu Donglai.

But they also knew that Gu Donglai had just reached the Divine Realm, and he was not as powerful as a real Divine Realm martial artist.

“Han, we were all scared to death over the breakthrough of Gu Donglai.

I didnt expect that you could win the battle in this situation!” Wang Ming shook his head, while acclaiming Zhan Han.

Even Wang Zhanpeng and the others admired Zhang Han so much, who were sighing with emotion and smiling at their hero.

After chatting with them, Zhang Han quickly took out his mobile phone and dialed a phone number.

When the others saw it, they all laughed happily, stepped back, and chatted with each other.

The call was picked up after it rang twice.

“Hello, honey” There was a sweet but tense voice.

“My princess, Im on my way back now.” Zhang Hans eyes immediately softened.

“I promised you that I would be safe.”

“Okay, thats good, I… MaMa, its my turn to speak.

PaPa, why didnt you come back I miss you.”

“Haha, PaPa is on the way home.

Wait for me.”

“Okay, Im waiting for you.”


Even though the previous battle left Zhang Han a cold and violent face, when he heard Zi Yans and Mengmengs words, the warmth seemed to turn into a clear stream, making him soft, like a very common yet great father.

On Zhang Hans way back to the Lin Hai seaport in a yacht…

The amazing news that Zhang Hanyang had killed Gu Donglai in the Divine Realm with a spell was spreading.

It spread all over the martial arts circle of Lin Hai City at an extremely ridiculous speed.

At first, many people were confused and disbelieved the news, but then they were shocked.

“Gu Donglai, who dominated Lin Hai, was killed”

“My God, how is Zhang Hanyang so powerful Is he a reincarnation of an immortal How could he kill Gu Donglai in the Divine Realm”

“Im afraid that he has broken many records.

I havent heard that anyone with the strength of a Grand Master could kill martial artists in the Divine Realm!”

“Not only that.

The peak of Mount Donglai was also flattened, and it is said that North Tiger Gai Xing Kong did it.

The whole Gu Family was covered by stones.

They also made up their mind.”

“We wont see the Gu Family anymore in Lin Hai.”

Yes, the Gu Family, the former No.

1 family in Lin Hai City, had been destroyed, and only a few members survived.

At the same time, there were more than 10 family forces, led by the Jin and Mu families, who had suffered great losses because the most powerful martial artists in their family were killed.

At the same time…

The first to learn the news was the headquarters of the National Security Agency in Shang Jing.

In the conference room on the top floor…

After learning the news, Azure Dragon was shocked.

He kept silent for a long time and then asked, “How did he do it”

The leader of the Black Tortoise branch, that fat man who had been to Jinsha Island, replied slowly, “It is said to be incantation.

He killed Gu Donglai with a powerful spell.

“He killed six top-ranked martial artists of the Li Family in Hong Kong with the same method.

Perhaps Zhang Hanyang is a skillful Grand Master who specializes in incantations But he is also good at magic seals, arrays, alchemy, sword skills, body cultivating, and body movement.

Did he start to cultivation when he was an infant Its so weird.”

White Tiger, who looked calm, sighed and commented, “As a human being, he is even more frightening than a ghost.

Zhang Hanyang is horrible.”

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