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Chapter 599 Opening the Flame Door

The Heaven-earth Formation, as the name implied, was a powerful array set up according to the terrain and the corresponding stars.

Different from that kind of hasty battle formation, the Heaven-earth Formation could continuously absorb the energy of heaven and earth, which made it more stable, powerful, and capable.

In this world, there were also some natural formations that had hardly been studied.

It was hard for even the high-level martial artists to survive when they encountered a natural formation aimed at killing people.

However, in the natural formation, there had to be an attractive spirit treasure, which was the energy core of the formation.

Natural formations were very rare on Saint Warrior Planet.

This world was both fair and unfair, because it was the laws of nature rather than human beings that weighed all this.

Saint Warrior Planet was very strong in some aspects, but in some other aspects, it was relatively weak.

All its advantages and disadvantages might be the result of following the laws of nature.

The Heaven-earth Formation was a high-end formation.

Generally speaking, a formation with the help of terrain and stars would involve profound knowledge.

Therefore, Wang Zhanpeng was stunned after hearing Zhang Hans words.

“Han, you… you even know the Heaven-earth Formation”

“Thats why I said that you were a green-hand in the field of formation.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Yes! I will study harder when I go back.” Wang Zhanpeng and Wang Zhanhong were both a little excited and felt that they had found their direction of life.

Their conversation, on the other hand, left many people around mute.

The two elders of the Wang family were like two students when they talked with Zhang Han.

Although there was a saying that the wiser had a higher status, it was a little amazing.

At the same time, they all felt that Zhang Han was unpredictable because he knew too much.

“What kind of martial arts heritage of predecessors could be so powerful”

Many people were curious about it, but this was Zhang Hans personal matter, and even Gai Xingkong couldnt ask about it.

“If you have the gems just mentioned, you can take them out, and I will give you more rewards when we return to the northeast.” Gai Xingkong looked at the martial artists following him.

“Dont be so courteous, Grand Master Gai.”

“I am willing to give them to Grand Master Gai and Grand Master Zhang.”

“Ill see what gems I have here.

There are a lot of them.”

When they talked, they took out their gems.

Most of them were Grand Masters and the gems were driven by their spiritual force to float in front of them.

Soon there were hundreds of gems piled beside them.

“Ill choose from them.” Wang Zhanpeng smiled and stared at the front.

His palm moved slightly.

“This, this…”

In just two minutes, Wang Zhanpeng picked out more than 200 gemstones.

Then Zhang Han took out more than 100 gemstones from his Space Ring with a wave of his hand.

Although the quantity seemed to be quite large, there were still some gaps between them and the nearly 1,000 gemstones needed.

Fortunately, the third-level gems here were almost enough, which belonged to the masters present.

Now they were only short of four relatively rare void stones and the first-level auxiliary stones.

“A lot of gems are needed.

Shall I transfer some from Hong Kong” Lei Tiannan thought for a moment and said, “In the Hong Kong treasure house, we can get half of the required quantity, but we need to make up for it later.”

“Ill ask my family to send some here, and plus Director Leis, they should be enough.” Gai Xingkong echoed again.

It could be seen from this that the capital base of the Gai family was so strong that it could share half of the demand with the National Security Agency of Hong Kong, which was amazing.

Zhang Han had plenty of time.

If the required materials were delivered quickly, he would finish exploring this Land of Extreme Yang at three oclock in the afternoon.

Zhang Han was in great need of help, so he nodded and said, “Okay.”

There were a lot of people in front of him.

Zhang Han planned to take the important spirit treasures useful for him, and leave the rest of the treasures for other martial artists to share.

After all, they had fought for him before.

Zhang Han always respected those who respected him.

Now, with the company of Zi Yan and Mengmeng, he had given up his persistent pursuit of other things, such as spirit treasures.

Seeing Zhang Han nodding, Lei Tiannan and Gai Xingkong took out their mobile phones and started to contact their men.

Zhang Han went to the other side.

His wife and daughter were there.

The other martial artists began to chat with each other.

They all had their own understanding and common topics about Wu Dao Grand Masters, and made the discussion a high-end martial arts gathering.

Comparing with this one, what Gu Chuanlong had held before was much lower.

“PaPa, come on, this drink is super good.”

Zi Yan lay on the right side, wearing a casual muslin dress and sunglasses.

She was very leisurely, with Mengmeng lying on the recliner beside her.

In order to sunbathe, Mengmeng changed into a one-piece pink swimsuit, tied her hair into two small braids, and wore a small pair of sunglasses.

Seeing Zhang Han coming, she handed Zhang Han the blueberry juice, urging him to taste it.

Zhang Han sat in the reclining chair on the left side of Mengmeng, smiled, and bowed his head.

He took a sip of the blueberry juice and said with a smile, “It tastes good.”

“Then drink a little more,” said Mengmeng happily.

Zhang Li and Zhou Fei couldnt help laughing.

They all found Mengmengs words interesting.

What did “drink more” mean, drinking more or less

Of course Zhang Han didnt drink much.

Though he knew Mengmeng wanted him to drink more, Zhang Han only took a sip of the juice.

As a father, he always left the good things for Mengmeng.

After seeing Zhang Han take a sip, Mengmeng contentedly took back the juice glass, inserted a straw, and sipped.

“Have you dealt with everything” Zi Yan also took a big sip of juice and asked Zhang Han.

“No, we have to wait for some materials.

Maybe it can be finished before 5 p.m.

Lets have a barbecue here at noon,” Zhang Han replied.

“Good.” Zi Yan took off her sunglasses, gave Zhang Han a mischievous wink, and then chuckled.

Zi Yan didnt know why she was so happy, but what she knew was that she felt at ease wherever Zhang Han was around.

“Brother, the fruit we planted in the mountain is so delicious.

Their juice is the best Ive ever drunk since I was a kid.” Zhang Li, who didnt like fruit, was surprised.

She didnt like blueberries very much, but was fascinated by the blueberry juice served.

“Well, its my Xanadu with PaPa and MaMa.

Aunt Lili, you are wrong.” Mengmeng heard it and turned around to correct her.

Although Mengmeng was usually very easy-mannered, she was very persistent about some things.

Zhang Li was amused by Mengmeng.

“Are you, little girl, announcing sovereignty Okay, that is your Xanadu.”

“Yes.” Mengmeng groaned and drank juice happily.

After drinking the juice, Mengmeng couldnt sit still anymore, and she began looking around.

20 seconds later, she said, “PaPa, I havent seen that.”

“What” Zhang Han was confused.

“That long thing.

The one flying above the sea,” said Mengmeng, gesturing.

“Surfboard” Zhang Han pointed to the rightmost side of the row of recliners.

“There they are.

Does Mengmeng want to surf”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“Then lets play.” Zhang Han smiled, stood up, and looked at Zi Yan.

“Can you try it alone this time”

“Alone But Im not skilled.” Zi Yan felt nervous.

“Dont worry.” Zhang Han chuckled, holding Mengmeng in his right hand and Zi Yan in his left.

He went to the left and picked up two surfboards.

They boarded the speedboat and drove dozens of meters into the sea.

After the speedboat stopped, Zhang Han dropped his surfboard out of the speedboat.

“Give it a try” He looked at Zi Yan.

“Mm-hmm.” Zi Yan was still a little nervous.

She got on the surfboard slowly, but soon found that it as stable as stepping on the ground.

Zhang Han took his excited daughter to another surfboard.

“Lets go, lets go!” Mengmeng held out her little arm in Zhang Hans arms and cheered.

“Lets go!” Zhang Han laughed and activated his spiritual force.


A wave that formed from behind pushed them around Jinsha Island.

This kind of horizontal surfing method had aroused the envy of many people.

Of course, they were more likely to envy the happy family of three.

At first, Zi Yan felt like she was stepping on the ground, but gradually, the surfboard began to rise and fall with the waves, which made her feel excited.


She nearly lost her balance and capsized.

Fortunately, after losing her balance, she was pushed back by a soft force.

So she began to play with ease.

After three laps around Jinsha Island, they went back to the reclining chairs to rest and then went for another two laps.

Ah Hu and Liu Jiaran, as well, were about to go surfing.

But when they got into the sea, there was a puff.

They were all in the sea.

Although some other martial artists also went surfing, everyone was paying attention to the three members of Zhang Hans family.

Even those Wu Dao Grand Masters were affected by the atmosphere and laughed happily.

This kind of game, for a Wu Dao Grand Master, had no interest at all, but Zhang Han had a different feeling to accompany his wife and daughter, which was known to everyone present from Zhang Hans constant smile.

They had a barbecue at noon and a rest in the afternoon.

But at 3:30 p.m., a line of two yachts came and six or seven people went ashore.

Their leaders were two low-level Grand Masters, who were frightened when they saw so many high-level martial artists in front of them.

“How can so many Grand Masters be in groups like this”

Seeing the delivery of the goods, Zhang Han also came over from the side of the recliner.

“Lets begin.” He counted the goods and then waved his hand.


Zhang Han was still standing in the same place, but the gems flew in all directions and turned into light.

Some flew to the top of the mountain, some to the mountainside, and some to the sea.

At first, the others watched Zhang Han with interest, but suddenly…

They found something astonishing.


“Han, you…”

Gai Xingkong gasped in fear and stared at Zhang Han in astonishment.

“Have you activated your spiritual sense mind trick”

As soon as this statement was made, many martial artists around them changed their facial expressions.

They look at the distant scene with complex moods.

At last, they realized what was strange.

Under Zhang Hans control, the gemstones flew to all directions, including the front mountain, the top of the mountain, and both sides.

Such a long-distance operation was difficult to achieve.

In the beginning, the spiritual force of Wu Dao Grand Masters could only control the area with a diameter of dozens to hundreds of meters, but Zhang Hans control range should be more than one kilometer.

The more they thought about it, the more scared they were.

Zhang Han smiled without answering them.

“What should I say That my soul sense has reached the so-called Earth Realm”

Zhang Han didnt want to scare more people.

Besides, he was still weaker than Innateness-stage cultivators in terms of power before he reached a higher level.

As Zhang Han continued to set up the Heaven-earth Formation, all the others slowly digested the news and stopped talking for fear of disturbing Zhang Han.

After three minutes…


A Sun Flame Saber appeared and inserted horizontally on the edge of the front of the jungle.

“Open.” Zhang Hans eyes lit up, and a flame door appeared in the Sun Flame Saber.

Zhang Han made the fifth-stage spirit treasure the core of his formation and opened the door of the Land of Extreme Yang.

The door was three meters high and two meters wide.

Looking inside and finding a sea of fire, the other martial artists hesitated about whether they should enter the door or not.

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