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Chapter 600 Sun Flower, the Divine Object

It was like opening up a relic.

The door was opened here, and there was a sea of fire inside, which made all the people, except for a few top-level strong ones, a little afraid.

“Is it a World of Flame” Gai Xingkong slightly narrowed his eyes.

“Not necessarily.” Zhang Han shook his head and glanced at the people around him.

“Dont follow us if you are below the Grand Master Late-stage.”


“Well wait for your good news here.”

Most people, including those at the Grand Master Late-stage, gave up the idea of going in to explore.

Although they were also curious, they trusted Zhang Han, who was warning them that there might be some crisis they could not resist.

After all, no one could predict what they would encounter later.

Whats more, Zhang Hans operation surprised them.

With so many natural precious materials to open this mysterious door, everyone felt a little confused.

What if they went in and the door was closed

This was neither the kind of relic that would send them out after the most important treasure was taken away, nor the kind of stable relic with a fixed time limit.

Unless they died in it, they could come out.

What was in front of them was different from those relics.

Whats more, even if there were any opportunities in it, they could only be onlookers.

If Gai Xingkong got benefits and made a successful breakthrough, they would also get benefits indirectly.

As for Lei Tiannan and his colleagues, they were purely traveling here.

“Lets go and have a look then,” Zhang Han said.

Then he flashed into the flame door without hesitation.

After looking carefully at the door, Gai Xingkong followed him in.

The remaining martial artists looked at each other.

Lei Tiannan thought about it and then said, “Ill go traveling with them.”

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Wang Zhanpeng followed Lei Tiannan to enter the door without saying anything.

Gai Rulong wanted to follow them, but he was relatively weaker in strength.


When can I become a strong man like brother Zhang”

Gai Rulong sighed to himself and planned to focus on cultivation after returning home.

Originally, as a very young master of martial arts, he was proud of himself.

But since he met Zhang Han, his pride had been completely destroyed.

After those four martial artists entered the door, the others who didnt want to risk their life began chatting with each other.

More than 100 meters to their left, there were rows of reclining chairs.

They soon began to play happily with the sand on the beach, arranging it into various shapes.

It was past three oclock in the afternoon, and the sun was setting.

After more than an hour, it would be dusk and then completely dark.

They didnt know how long it would take Zhang Han to come out.

But in fact, they were very fast.

After those high-level martial artists entered the flame door, they were welcomed by a hot airflow.

What they saw was a world of light gold.

Like fog around the explorers body, they looked like a vast expanse of gold.

But after entering here, all the martial artists got a slight sense of weightlessness, which showed that they were falling.

Zhang Han activated his spiritual force to hold himself, and then he began floating in the air.

“It is Golden Fog of Extreme Yang.”

Zhang Han extended his soul sense and found that it could only extend 30 meters in this fog.

Fortunately, it was not a relic, and he was still near the flame door instead of being sent somewhere else.

After waiting for a few seconds, Zhang Han saw Gai Xingkong, Lei Tiannan, and Wang Zhanpeng.

Though they also controlled their bodies successfully, they couldnt see anything else around them in addition to the golden fog, which made them nervous.

Gai Xingkong was close to the Divine Realm and thus felt better than them.

He could even activate some soul sense now.

But he couldnt even sense Zhang Han, who was five meters away from him.

When Gai Xingkong was about to go forward, Zhang Han turned his soul sense into a silk thread and contacted Gai Xingkong.

“Im five meters to your left.”

At the same time, Zhang Han also helped Lei Tiannan and Wang Zhanpeng to find him.

“What is this place It is more frightening than that World of Flame last time.” Lei Tiannan exhaled and said, “Its true that those low-level martial artists could be in danger here.”

“If we get lost here, can we go out” Wang Zhanpeng looked at Zhang Han and asked.

“Not necessarily.

Its easy for those at a low level to get lost here.

Moreover, if we encounter some complicated formation without a solution, we cant go out either,” Zhang Han replied.

Then he moved his right hand and turned his spiritual force and soul sense into a wave of light, which surrounded the four of them like a bubble.

Hearing his words, even Gai Xingkong changed his face slightly.

“So, what is this place” Gai Xingkong said in a deep voice, “Such a vision should belong to a treasure land”

“Its the Land of Extreme Yang,” Zhang Han replied.

Knowing Lei Tiannan and Wang Zhanpeng were nervous, Zhang Han smiled.

“Dont worry, we are here to take all the treasures back.”

“Isnt it possible for us to come across that as well” Lei Tiannan didnt understand.

“It doesnt matter as long as Im here.” Zhang Han slightly shook his head.

In terms of the intensity of the Golden Fog of Extreme Yang, it was not a very dangerous place here, and there were almost no powerful spirit beasts in this kind of hidden Land of Extreme Yang.

As far as the risk factors were concerned, they were relatively safe here.

“Lets go.” Zhang Hans body moved and he took the lead in floating forward.

Gai Xingkong and the other two followed Zhang Han and did not disturb him.

10 minutes later, Zhang Han frowned slightly and changed his route to the right.

In the past 10 minutes, Zhang Han had used his Treasure-sniffing Nose several times, faintly smelling the treasures in the Golden Fog of Extreme Yang, which was sometimes strong and sometimes weak.

But the more he moved forward, the longer the interval between smelling the special smell was, indicating that the treasure site was not in front of him.

After five minutes of moving to the right, Zhang Han moved to the right again, then left after 10 minutes of moving, then right again, down, and then up.

In this space, he walked and stopped, turned 17 times, and even Gai Xingkong was a little confused.

“Where are we”

After another turn, Zhang Hans eyes lit up.

“We got it!”

“Where” Lei Tiannan looked around and all he saw was still golden fog.

“Below us!”

Zhang Han led the way down, and they felt the temperature get hotter one minute later.

Five minutes later…


The picture in front of them suddenly changed.

They seemed to have fallen from the water, but the “water” was the Golden Fog of Extreme Yang above.

Below them was a football-field-sized flat land surrounded by weeds, which were all Guyang Grass, a kind of first-level spirit treasure.

It could be made into a Guyang Pill, a medicinal pellet that helped restore spiritual force.

There was a water pool on the left side, which seemed to be only three meters long with an extremely clear water surface.

The bottom of the pool looked like a golden floor, which was so shiny.

There were some second-level herbs on the right, including more than a dozen species, and even a small plot of third-level herbs.

But all this was ignored by Zhang Han.

He was looking at the innermost side, where there was a two-meter tall flower, with nine petals, which was extremely full in shape.

Each petal had an area of four square meters, just like a flower magnified many times.

All the petals were crystal white and even could reflect sunlight.

The flower diameter was as thick as a human thigh, and it was also crystal white.

Seeing this flower, Zhang Han smiled.

Sun Flower!

This Sun Flower in front of him was a fifth-stage spirit treasure, which was at a similar level as the thunder yang tree.

The flower was useless for many cultivators, but it was what Zhang Han badly needed.

It could promote everything in its territory, just like what had happened on this land.

Originally, those flowers and plants were ordinary, but under the influence of the Sun Flower, they were gradually promoted to spirit treasures at the first, second, or even third level.

But the Sun Flower couldnt be directly absorbed or made into pills by cultivators.

That was to say, it couldnt directly help cultivators advance.

Zhang Han knew that this Sun Flower was very suitable for himself now.

When it was moved to Mount New Moon, the whole of Zhang Hans territory would gradually be upgraded to a spirit treasure, making it a real treasure land.

Another function of the Sun Flower that attracted Zhang Han was that it could speed up the growth of the thunder yang tree and the maturity of Thunder Yang Wood.

Most importantly, it could purify Thunder Yang Wood to make it perfect!

The quality of the fruit produced by the fruit trees in the farm orchard was not necessarily the same, which could be related to many factors, as was the case with the thunder yang tree.

The quality of mature Thunder Yang Wood was also related to external factors.

If the quality of Thunder Yang Wood was not high, it could only be made into pills below a high level.

But the purest Thunder Yang Wood could be probably made into the divine-level Thunder Yang Pill, which was much more valuable than the former one!

“Its a worthwhile trip!”

After landing on the ground with his companions, Zhang Han sighed with emotion.

Lei Tiannan and Wang Zhanpeng, who were not as calm as Zhang Han, were both stunned now.

Lei Tiannan couldnt help blurting out, “Dammit! So many natural precious materials!”

“This…” Wang Zhanpengs lips slightly quivered, “this is a great fortune!”

“If Im not mistaken…” Gai Xingkong stared at the Sun Flower and said in a deep voice, “the white flower in front should be the legendary Sun Flower.”


“A divine object”

Lei Tiannan and Wang Zhanpeng were astonished.

“Yes, its a divine object, but its not very helpful for cultivation.

Though it is said that the Sun Flower can nourish ones territory, it will take lots of time.

If this Sun Flower grew in the outside world, it would cause many conflicts among families and sects.

The Sun Flower represents the light and the future of a family.”

Gai Xingkong smiled and looked at Zhang Han.

“The most precious thing here belongs to you.”

After that, he looked around at all those natural precious materials and smiled.

“Of course, you can take other natural precious materials as you like.”

For martial artists, natural precious materials, like money for ordinary people, would deeply attract them.

Gai XingKong appreciated Zhang Han more and more through his communication with the young man, but he wanted to know Zhang Hans reactions to his suggestion.

It didnt matter if Zhang Han took all the treasures here, but it would prove that Zhang Han was also a greedy person.

However, Zhang Han smiled without even taking a glance at the other treasures.

“The Sun Flower is enough for me.

There is another treasure here that can help you to advance to the Divine Realm.”

“Really” Gai Xingkong was surprised.

First of all, he was surprised by Zhang Hans choice.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Han could remain calm even when facing so many treasures!

Gai Xingkong admired the young man very much!

“Hes only 27 years old with such achievements, and his future… He is really promising!”

But if he knew that Zhang Han had lived in the Cultivation World for 500 years…

He would find that Zhang Han could be his ancestor in terms of age.

Secondly, he was surprised by Zhang Hans observation ability.

Gai Xingkong had just checked several times before he confirmed that this Sun Flower was the only divine-level treasure here.

“Is there anything else I cant see through”

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