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Chapter 611 The Auction Begins


Zhang Yuan was dumbfounded when he heard the word.

“What did you say”

When he realized what had happened, he was furious.

He reached out his arms and tried to stop those people, but they had already stridden into the auction hall.

Zhang Yuan felt disgusted as if a fly had flown into his mouth.

He gave Instructor Liu a fierce look.

“Damn you! This is not over yet!”

Zhang Yuan gritted his teeth and yelled.

Then he went back to his own team.

He was so angry, not only because he was called “idiot”, but also because Zhang Han and Zhang Li had totally ignored him!

“You two have been kicked out of the family.

I come to say hello to you and you ignore me How dare you!”

Other people seemed not to have noticed what had happened because Instructor Liu didnt scold him loudly, otherwise, given Zhang Yuans character, he would have lost his temper immediately after he heard the word.

Zhang Yuan took two steps forward and was still cursing Zhang Han deep inside.

Suddenly, somebody blocked his way.

“Who are you”

Zhang Yuan didnt know who these people were until he raised his head and saw Liu Fengs face.

“Master Liu,” Zhang Yuan greeted him.

“Is that Zhang Han” Liu Feng squinted his eyes and asked Zhang Yuan.

Seeing Liu Fengs face, Zhang Yuan come up with an idea.

He smiled hypocritically and said, “Yeah, I didnt expect to see my cousin here.

I havent seen him in a long time and I didnt expect him to come back.

Now that he has come back, I greeted him as family.

I can see he is doing fine now.

Those fancy clothes… Well… Could it be that he has started his business by selling your sports car Im impressed.”

Those people standing beside Liu Feng laughed out loud.

They all knew how Liu Feng had lost his car to Zhang Han.

“He must have fawned over rich and powerful people, and he is here today to buy things for his boss.” A man wearing a cap behind Liu Feng teased.

“I bet he had to do lots of disgusting deals just to get back to Shang Jing… like serving those rich mans dirty little hobbies…” a long-faced man said with a smirk.

“Thats disgusting,” a woman standing next to Liu Feng rolled her eyes and said.

“After all, he used to be one of the Four Young Masters.”

Besides Liu Feng and the two women he brought here, other people were also rich playboys, but they were not as well-known as Liu Feng, so they were willing to follow along with him.

The same thing happened to Qiao Feis brother, Qiao Zhan.

His connection to Emperor Qing gave him a high social status in Shang Jing City.

In this era, people laughed at the poor, not the despicable.

Social status meant everything to a guy.

The smile on Zhang Yuans face disappeared when he heard other peoples mocking.

Although he disapproved, he had to pretend that he didnt on the outside.

“Haha.” Liu Feng chuckled disdainfully and ignored Zhang Yuans changing face.

“How could he start his business with that little money Im actually glad that he has come back, because last time he won the match versus me, he promised me that wed have another one the following month but he disappeared right after that.

I still remember though.”

After that, he waved to the people behind him.

“Lets go in and get him.”

Liu Feng took the lead and walked into the venue.

The light inside was a little dim, but the stage was brightly illuminated.

“There are so many people here.

How can we find him” asked the long-faced man.

He was looking at the people sitting on the sofa in front of him, scratching his head in confusion.

“Lets check around.”

Liu Feng walked down the passageway on the left.

The seats in the center of the hall were on a slope and were lower than those in the private rooms.

He walked from the first row to the last, then asked in bewilderment, “Its strange.

Why didnt I see him”

“Is he in one of the private rooms” a tall, beautiful woman inquired in a low voice.

“Its possible.” Liu Feng glanced at the VIP rooms above his head.

Those rooms were only small partitions, but the interior decorations were quite luxurious and comfortable.

Their windows inclined toward the stage so that the audience could quickly see what was going on.

All those chambers had no blind spot of the scene, but they couldnt see each other, which was specially designed for the customers privacy.

“Lets go sit down,” Liu Feng said and walked to the left.

He passed a corridor, on both sides of which were 25 private rooms.

Each room had a tall, beautiful woman in a cheongsam at the door.

After showing his VIP card, Liu Feng and others entered VIP room No.


There was a sofa in the front of the room, and the floor was made of reinforced glass.

Those people inside could clearly saw ordinary participants on the outside, but those on the outside couldnt see those people inside the room.

Liu Feng looked around and still couldnt find where Zhang Han was.

He was confused and thought that Zhang Han was in one of these rooms.

More and more people entered the hall, and the auction was about to begin.

Zhang Yuan and the others were walking inside, while Zhang Chen walked over quickly from one side of the hall.

“I saw you greet a few people who just came in.

I heard that… it was Zhang Han and Zhang Li, right” Zhang Chen asked in a low voice.

“Its them.”

Zhang Yuan answered and kept walking forward, leaving Zhang Chen behind.

He also knew that Zhang Chen was going to the VIP room with the two elders, so he could only sit in the ordinary seats with his friends.

They entered the hall and sat down in the back.

Zhang Yuan quickly scanned the area and said, “There are so many people here.”

He tried to find out where Zhang Han was, but he finally gave up because there were too many people sitting there.

He sat down and chatted with his friends in a low voice.

Their guess was right.

Zhang Han was sitting in a VIP room.

When he entered the venue, the man in the suit led them to the corridor on the left and walked them to VIP room No.


They showed their cards to the woman at the door and entered.

On the right side of the door were VIP rooms No.

1 to No.

25, and on the left were rooms No.

26 to No.


Although the numbers were different, the sizes of the VIP rooms were approximately the same.

The seats in the front of the rooms were usually better because they provided a better view of the venue.

They entered the room and sat down.

The man in the black suit took out a black bank card and said, “Mr.

Zhang, Chairman Liu was worried that you hadnt brought enough money with you.

So he had me bring this card to you just in case.

There are 2 billion yuan in this account.”

“Okay.” Xu Yong took the bank card and put it on the tea table next to him.

The man seemed very calm.

Zhang Han looked at him and said, “Please say thank you to Chairman Liu for me.”

“Youre very welcome, Mr.


Chairman Liu also said that he was sorry for his absence.

If the money on the card is not enough, Ill prepare more for you.”

After the suited man said this, he sat on a sofa off to the side.

He was observing Zhang Han out of the corner of his eyes and he was a little surprised.

He didnt expect Chairman Liu to lend so much money to this young man.

It was 2 billion dollars! And Chairman Liu had promised to give him more if it was not enough.

There had to be a story between the two.

The suited man knew that Zhang Han had to have a formidable background.

Zhang Han didnt talk much in the room.

His calm face indicated that he was not in a good mood.

At this moment, even Lei Tiannan and Xu Yong felt a little nervous.

They felt as if they were accompanying a moody emperor.

Even the aura that Zhang Han casually gave out without having Mengmeng by his side was so terrifying.

Then, the door of the VIP room was opened.

Zhao Feng came and handed the bank card to Xu Yong.

He said, “Take it.”

“Okay,” Xu Yong answered and took over the bank card.

The bank card that Zhao Feng took had 2.6 billion yuan on it because the auction asked for proof of qualifications.

Zhao Feng had been to the studio just now, and the large number in that bank account really scared the staff.

The man wondered if the account owner was going to buy all the items to be auctioned.

As Zhao Feng sat down, the screen behind the stage lit up.

At the same time, the lights around him became much dimmer.

More than 10 well-dressed middle-aged men stepped onto the stage.

At the same time, the host addressed them with a passionate instruction speech.

“The Heavenly Strange Auction was established 13 years ago.

The joint efforts of our staff and partners made the company stronger than ever.

Today is the annual auction of this year, and these guests standing next to me are the representatives from all branch companies.

Thank you for coming here! Now lets welcome Mr.

Pang Sheng, the chairman of the Hanyi Group, to make a speech…”

Many of the rich playboys were very interested in this opening ceremony, but the bigwigs found it so boring.

Zhang Han was not interested in their speeches, either.

He activated his soul sense and found something interesting.

In this auction hall, there were two participants at the Grand Master Late-stage, one at the peak, and a few Qi Strength Masters.

The two Grand Masters in the late-stage were in the VIP room No.


Most of the Qi Strength Masters were surrounding the auction hall, and a few of them were in the VIP rooms or in the ordinary seats.

He also found Lin Jie in the VIP room No.

27, along with Liu Feng and other people that Zhang Han was familiar with.

The whole place had been exposed to Zhang Hans soul sense.

However, Zhang Han was not interested in them now.

After the 10 people delivered a short speech, they left the stage.

The host suddenly raised his voice and said, “I now announce that this years Heavenly Strange Auction officially begins! Please welcome Wu Fei, the auctioneer!”

Then the host turned aside and walked down off the stage, nodding to Wu Fei, who was also in a suit.

Under everyones gaze, Wu Fei walked onto the auction stage.

She looked well-dressed and skillful.

“Hello, distinguished guests, Im Wu Fei.

Please keep your eyes on the screen, because next, Im going to show you the first item, the ancient jade sculpture of a bull-horn beast.

Its base is 30 cm long and 20 cm high.

Such a big ancient sculpture would be a nice and valuable collection.”

As Wu Fei spoke, the item was taken to the stage by two workers.

It was also being projected on the screen behind the stage.

“The ancient jade bull-horn beast.

The starting bid is 50 million, and each bid should be an increase of no less than a million.

Now, let the auction begin!”

Wu Fei deliberately raised her voice at the end of the sentence.

Many collectors made their move and raised their paddles one after another.

“55 million!”

“57 million.”

“63 million.”


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