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Chapter 616 They Owe Us

Zhao Feng paused and then nodded, “Yes.”

“My Master is going to Zhang family.

Those who once looked down on him will regret it for life!”

Zhao Feng took out his mobile phone with his right hand and sent a voice message to Xu Yong in the car ahead.

“Lets go to the Zhang family.”

“Got it.” Xu Yong replied.

Then the two luxury cars, under the gaze of passers-by, turned to the left at the next intersection with lights.

The residential area of Zhang family, which once belonged to a prince in the prosperous central part of Shang Jing City, was about the same size as an ordinary manor.

The outer wall, which had been damaged previously, was renovated by a famous architectural design master invited by the Zhang family to Beijing several years ago, and was now decorated with various patterns, often attracting passers-by to stop and admire.

The gate was the grand entrance of the palace, 30 meters long, with guard rooms on both sides, six red columns in the middle, and a plaque above, which read “Zhang Mansion”.

In the center of several columns, there were electronic doors, controlled by security guards standing on both sides, which were generally opened during the day.

The road beyond the gate was paved with stone bricks.

On both sides of the road, there were low trees, many modern villas, and five old houses styled similar to an ancient theme.

At this time, smoke was billowing from a certain place in the Zhang mansion, which could be seen by people a few miles around, and they were guessing where the fire might be.

Although it was daytime now, the restaurant in the old central residence of Zhang family was already full of brilliant lights and the hum of voices.

Zhang Hushan, the eldest man in Zhang family, was celebrating his eighty third birthday.

Although many rich businessmen and big family members wanted to congratulate him, Zhang Hushan only allowed his family members to attend his birthday party.

It was also because his birthday was on the 10th day of the lunar new year.

He didnt want to bother guests who had just attended the annual meeting to return.

So gradually, those who attended the Zhang family annual meeting would bring more precious things with them as birthday gifts in advance.

The Zhang family used to be ranked in the top 10 of Shang Jing City under Zhang Guangyous influence.

Although Zhang Guangyous departure had greatly weakened them, the Zhang family was still a leading family.

The Zhang family had a thriving population and many branches.

There were twelve tables in the hall, each with about ten people, so there were nearly 100 people in all.

Second Master Zhang was at the most central and largest dining table, accompanied by Zhang Nan, the current patriarch, and many core male members of the Zhang family, including a young man of 16 or 17 years old.

This was one of the rules of Second Master Zhang.

“How is No.8 villa” Zhang Hushan asked Zhang Nan.

Zhang Hushan was a man with buzz cut.

In addition to his distinctive inverted eyebrows, he looked kind.

However, many people in the hall knew that he had a bad temper when he was young.

Although he had tolerated a lot and cared little about other peoples affairs, he still paid close attention to Zhang Guangyou.

“Second uncle, there is no No.8 villa in our mansion.” Zhang Nan whispered.

“Oh, thats good.” Zhang Hushan sighed with complex emotion in his eyes.

It seemed that he was missing Zhang Guangyou, the former patriarch of the family, which made two women in their forties at another table sneer at him silently

“Second uncle.” A man with a flattop haircut, who was sitting on the opposite side of Zhang Nan, smiled and said, “In recent years, under the leadership of our elder brother, the Zhang familys strength has steadily improved in terms of assets, scale and other aspects, which is even higher than that previously.”

“Yes.” The others echoed.

“In fact, brother Nang is no worse than Zhang Guangyou.”

“If elder brother had taken over the familys burden earlier, the family would have been able to thrive faster.”

Zhang Nan was now the head of his family, and all of them tried flatter him, especially since most of them were followers of Zhang Nan.

In fact, there are only a few people who knew that their strength in all aspects was similar to that of that year.

But society was developing.

Comparatively speaking, they were still far behind other big families with more prestige.

Of course, Zhang Hushan, who had rich experience, also knew that.

But Zhang Hushan didnt want to get involved.

Shaking his head slightly, he laughed and raised his glass to cheer with others.

To be exact, he drank tea when others drank alcohol.

Just as they raised their glasses, there were several cars which pulled up in front of the gate of the Zhang mansion.

These were fire trucks.

The guard on both sides of the gate checked the time and let the fire trucks in.

Five minutes after the fire truck entered the mansion, two Rolls-Royce Phantoms arrived.

“Eh Look at the license plate number.

Doesnt the first one belong to Chairman Lu of Anqiao Company What happened to him The second master didnt invite any guests to his birthday party.

What should we do”

The slightly younger guard on the left looked at his partner on the right.

“So what” The other man smiled casually, “Kong, you have just come to the Zhang family.

Now that you are introduced by brother Ma.

I will say a few more words.

Gatekeepers also need experience.

In this situation, no matter who are in the cars, we should stop them first.

After they have made their purpose clear, we will go in and report to the leaders.

You wait here, and Ill stop their car.”

Like a traffic policeman, he made a sign to the Rolls Royce and then walked over to them, “Stop!”

Behind him, Kong was thinking, “Yes, I was recommended by others to get the chance to watch the gate of Zhang mansion.

This is a good job… Ah Why did brother Bai fly back”

Under his gaze, brother Bai, who had just left, flew back and hit a post, fainted.

When he was thinking about what was going on, he felt his body lighten, and then he lost consciousness.

All the six people resting in the guard rooms on both sides didnt see, but the next moment…


With a loud noise, the whole gate was shaken, and the automatic iron gate was crushed.

Two Rolls-Royces drove in smoothly.

“What happened Im scared to death.”

“Whats the matter with you, Bai Kong, Kong!”

After a few calls, the two men woke up in a daze.

The others were relieved but shocked at the same time.

“Someone broke in!”

They hurriedly picked up the walkie talkie and shouted out, “Alert! Two Rolls-Royces broke in!”

They were just gatekeepers, and there were professional security members in the mansion.

They usually patrolled various areas.

At the moment when they heard the news, some of them who were close to the gate quickly ran over to where this had happened.

But before they could stop the two cars, they passed out one by one.


The security guards at the back were terrified.

Knowing that these were people that they couldnt deal with, they took out their walkie-talkies and began to report this to their leaders.

Finally, the martial artists of Zhang family who were in the restaurant of the old house heard about it.

“Someone broke in They knocked all the guards out cold They went to No.8 villa”

A Heaven-stage Master in Zhang family frowned and hurried out with three young people without disturbing the others.

When they arrived near No.8 villa, they saw the two Rolls-Royces.

There were several people standing beside them, among whom they only knew the man and woman in the front.

“Zhang Han and Zhang Li”

The Heaven-stage Master frowned and asked, “Zhang Han, did you bring them in and hurt the guards”

Zhang Han and Zhang Li stood in front of the villa.

While Zhang Hans facial expression was normal, Zhang Li was slightly sad because she thought of her parents.

“Yes.” Zhang Han slowly turned around and replied three minutes later.

“What a brave young man.” The Heaven-stage martial artist said indifferently, “You should report to us first if you want to visit the villa, and we will not refuse it.

But its arrogant of you to break in like this.

I thought you would behave yourself after you left the Zhang family, instead of being as arrogant as before!”

“So” Zhang Han asked calmly when he finished.

“So” The Heaven Stage martial artist said in a low voice, “So Im going to teach you a lesson for your father.”

“Feng, shut him up.” Zhang Han lost interest in him and turned to look at the dilapidated villa with Zhang Li.

The building, which carried the memories of their childhood, had burned down, perhaps heralding a new beginning.

Zhang Hans behavior annoyed the Heaven Stage martial artists of Zhang family.

But before they could make a move, they saw two young people standing beside the car approaching.

They were Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu.

“Okay, I, Zhang…”

“Dont talk nonsense! Look at me!” Instructor Liu shouted.

That man was scared.

Before he figured out what had happened, Instructor Liu approached him.

Then he realized Instructor Liu was a Martial Art Grand Master.

Instructor Liu struck the Heaven Stage martial artist with his fists and legs, and the man was injured and spat out blood.

The remaining three younger martial artists were also quickly beaten by Zhao Feng.

That Heaven-stage Master was stunned at Zhang Han.

“Whats going on”

Although he was a little confused, he knew that Zhang Han, the newly returned son of the former patriarch, seemed to have become very powerful now!

“He must be influential to invite a Martial Arts Grand Master here.”

He never thought that one of the two men was Zhang Hans first disciple and the other was just a member of the security group.

“Lets go.” After ten seconds, Zhang Han slowly turned around and walked towards the main house, “They owe us.”

“What do we owe them”

The Heaven Stage martial artist of Zhang family was confused at Zhang Hans words.

As he thought, he was lying on the side of the road watching Zhang Han and his sister walk to the old house.

Two people, one tall and the other short, entered the car and follow them with the two young men who had just hit the security guard.

Although he didnt understand the meaning of Zhang Hans words, he knew the importance of these two Grand Masters.

He quickly dialed the number of the only Martial Arts Grand Master in Zhang family.

“Zhang Han came back with two Grand Masters.

He wants to take back what we owe them!”

When Zhang Han and others arrived at the front of the old house, more than ten people had gathered in front of the gate.

In addition to the Grand Master mentioned above, there were six or seven other members, including patriarch Zhang.

“Zhang Han, we welcome you, a former member of Zhang family, to visit us.

But we didnt expect to see your hostile bodyguards.”

Patriarch Zhang sighed.

“The Zhang family always respects teachers and knowledge, especially your father, whom I admire very much.

You should take him as an example and learn from him, instead of making trouble for nothing.

To be honest, if your father was here, he would definitely teach you a lesson.

Moreover, its against the law for you to break into the mansion like this, but I forgive you for the sake of Guangyou.

Thats all.

Its the second uncles birthday, and you can come in to take a seat.”

“Ha ha ha.” Zhang Han smiled and shook his head.

“I really admire my father, who is also my model, but does it have anything to do with you”

“I came here just to tell you that I bought my fathers things with 2.2 billion yuan.

They belonged to my father, and Im here to ask for them.

As for No.8 villa and everything in it, Ill only charge you 10 billion.”

Zhang Han said slowly and seriously, “You shouldnt have touched my parents things.

Pay the compensation, and Ill let it go.

Otherwise, I will tear down the entire Zhang mansion!”

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