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Chapter 619 What Are We Facing

Located in the Hongxin Shopping Mall near the Dongfang Hotel, Dadong Roast Duck was not far away from them.

Hongxin was a large-scale shopping mall that integrated a movie theater, video game city, catering, leisure and entertainment, clothing, etc., with luxurious decoration.

Among the many stores were Gucci, Versace, Armani, and other high-end international brands.

Dadong Roast Duck was on the left side of the front of the shopping mall.

The decoration of the restaurant was unique and looked a little solemn.

On the right front of the shop was the entrance to the underground parking lot.

Zhang Han and his friends just got out of the car at the entrance.

The motorcade drove to the parking lot, while others walked to the roast duck restaurant.

“Alas.” Wang Zhanpeng looked at the door of the roast duck restaurant and sighed.

“Time flies.

I remember that the last time I came to Dadong Roast Duck was in 1992.

At that time, the shop was just a few years old and the taste of the dishes here was quite authentic.”

“No matter how authentic the taste is, its not as delicious as the duck on the mountain.” Wang Ming smiled and looked at the family of three walking ahead.

He shook his head and said, “If it wasnt for Han, we wouldnt get the chance to taste the wonderful food.”

“You are right.”

Everyone here was conquered by the ingredients on Mount New Moon, so they all nodded and echoed.

In their view, Mount New Moon, with two kinds of divine objects and many natural precious materials, had become a treasure land.

Mengmeng was in the middle of Zhang Han and Zi Yan, holding their hands and leading the way in front.

Zi Yan was very careful when she traveled alone because it would be very troublesome for her to be recognized.

But when she went out with Zhang Han, Zi Yan was always very relieved.

Even if she didnt wear sunglasses, she didnt worry about the impact of being recognized.

After relaxing, she was in a good mood, smiling all the time.

Mengmeng looked at the toy store next to Dadong Roast Duck with her clear eyes.

There were some toys that could be played with in front of the store, including a coin-operated electric horse and some electric toy cars that could be driven forward.

There were some people playing over there.

“PaPa, there are many toys over there.” Mengmeng looked at the left side with her big eyes and said, “MaMa, can we play for a while”

“Not now.” Zi Yan smiled softly.

“Lets go to dinner first.

Its dusk now, and its going to be dark and cold outside soon.

Maybe we can come back to have fun during the day.”

Being the middle of February, it was still very cold in Shang Jing City, sometimes even colder than when it snowed in winter, which was because of the melting snow on both sides of the road.

Fortunately, Zi Yan and Mengmeng wore a lot of clothes, which protected them from the cold wind.

Besides, Zhang Han was taking care of them.

After hearing Zi Yans words, Mengmengs little mouth pouted slightly.

Then she nodded her little head.


As soon as they got to the front door of the restaurant, a waitress wearing an apron opened the door and greeted them with a smile.

After hearing the name of the guest, the waitress was stunned at first, but within a second, she came back to her senses and smiled more warmly.

“Welcome, please follow me to the second floor.

Your seats are ready.”

While talking, she looked at Zhang Han and Zi Yan curiously, as well as the people behind them.

She felt that Zi Yan looked familiar, but she didnt have time to think about it.

What surprised her was the ducks that the guests had brought here, and the chef said that the ducks were unique in quality, which shocked all the waiters and waitresses.

After the ducks were roasted, the delicious smell made many people salivate and even want to eat one.

Fortunately, they restrained themselves by virtue of their excellent professionalism.

There were so many people following Zhang Han that even the largest table on the inner side of the second floor couldnt accommodate all of them.

After the guests sat down, the waitress who led the way withdrew.

Another round-faced waitress came over and said with a smile, “Hello, everyone.

The ducks you brought are recommended by the chef to be eaten in half an hour.

It will taste best.

What do you think about it”

She didnt know who was the host, so she had to look to Wang Ming, the nearest one.

“This…” Wang Ming looked at Zhang Han on the opposite side.

“Well wait half an hour.

Lets order something else first.” Zhang Han nodded.

“OK, here is our menu.” The waitress handed Zhang Han a thick menu.

Zhang Han turned the page to Mengmeng and asked, “Mengmeng, what would you like to eat”

“Well, there are so many dishes.

I can eat anything.

Im not picky,” Mengmeng looked up at Zhang Han and said seriously.

Zi Yan and the others were all amused by her.

Zi Yan knew that Mengmeng used to be a picky eater who liked dessert and disliked vegetables.

But ever since Zhang Han had begun taking care of her, Mengmeng had not been picky about food, which was to her fathers credit.

“Order your favorite dishes.” Zhang Han casually put the menu on the table, and then looked down at Mengmeng.

“Shall we go out for a while”

“Huh” Mengmeng was confused, and then her eyes lit up as she cheered, “OK!”

As she said this, she climbed down from the chair, which was large for her.

Zhang Han stood up, took Mengmengs small hand, and looked at Zi Yan.

“Will you come with us”

“You go to play for a while.

I havent finished talking with my aunt yet.” Zi Yan nodded.

“Okay.” Zhang Han took Mengmengs little hand and walked to the first floor.

Zi Yan took off her sunglasses.

“Wow!” The waitress was stunned and then felt excited as she opened her eyes widely.

“You, you are… Wow!”

Zi Yan was shocked when she saw this.

Then she smiled and put a slender finger to her lips to signal to the waitress to keep it secret.

“Ah!” The waitress seemed to have just woke up from a dream.

She looked at several tables of guests far away from her and lowered her voice.

“Ill keep my voice down.

I wont say anything.

Ill keep it secret.”

It was interesting to be discovered by others occasionally.

The waitress recommended some delicious dishes more attentively.

When Zhang Han went downstairs, Lin Jie and a young man were drinking tea and chatting by a window on the first floor.

“Huh” Lin Jie must have been waiting for someone because he looked at the door from time to time.

However, in the process of waiting, he saw a familiar face, which surprised him.

“Is Brother Fei here” The brush-cut man sitting opposite him turned his gaze.

“I seem to see an old acquaintance.

Excuse me, Ill go and have a look,” Lin Jie said, then got up and walked to the side of the door, looking through the glass at the back of a man and a girl in front of him.

“Is that Zhang Han Why is there a little girl with him I remember that Dong Hu once said he saw a little girl following Zhang Han during his last race with Liu Feng.

Dong Hu said that the little girl was very delicate, and she called Zhang Han Daddy.

Is she Zhang Hans illegitimate daughter Interesting, are they the two in front of me”

No matter whether they were or not, Lin Jie planned to go and have a look.

Lin Jie narrowed his eyes, pushed open the door, and walked to the right side where the children played.

But just after four or five steps, a voice came from the side.

“Jie, where are you going”

Lin Jie turned his head and smiled.

“Brother Fei.

I seemed to see an acquaintance, so I came out to have a look.”

Lin Jie looked forward again and found that the father and daughter had disappeared into the crowd.

He shook his head and said with a smile, “I was mistaken.”

“Lets go first.” Qiao Fei, who came alone, led the way into the restaurant.

“Brother Fei.” The brush-cut man sitting by the window also stood up to greet him.

“Well, there are many people on the first floor.

Lets go to the second floor,” said Qiao Fei.

The waiter on the side guided them to the second floor.

On the second floor, Lin Jie stopped suddenly as he walked to the right.

“Brother Fei, now I really see an acquaintance.”

“Your acquaintances are all over Shang Jing City.

Whats so strange about that” Qiao Fei said with a smile.

In fact, he was mocking that although there were many friends of Lin Jie, few of them could offer help to him.

“Aha.” Lin Jie scratched his head awkwardly.

“But this time there should be someone you are interested in.”

“Who” Qiao Fei asked casually.

Lin Jie narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked carefully at the window on the left, where he saw Zhao Feng and Zhou Fei.

Finally, he turned his gaze to the beauty with long hair.

Then he leaned over and whispered in Qiao Feis ear, “She seems to be Zi Yan.”

“Her” Qiao Feis eyes twinkled.

“That beautiful star I heard about her before.”

Qiao Fei heard this name just a month or two ago, but he forgot who told the news to them.

Qiao Fei felt a little upset and regretted drinking too much that day.

But Qiao Fei was more concerned about something else.

His eyes lit up as he asked, “Are you sure

“Lets go and have a look” Lin Jie said with a smile.

“Lets go!” Qiao Fei led the way to that table.

When he got closer, he naturally slowed down, while Lin Jie stepped up.

The brush-cut man next to them was confused.

“What are you doing”

“Oh, what a coincidence.

Glad to meet you here.” When Lin Jie saw Zhao Feng, he smiled and said hello.

His manner was elegant, as if Zhao Feng was really his old friend.

No one knew how Zhao Feng lifted Lin Jie by the collar and asked him if he would admit defeat that day.

This was a small thorn in Lin Jies mind.

“You What are you doing here” Zhao Feng frowned and replied rudely.

His words attracted the attention of others present.

Zhang Li, Zhou Fei, Wang Zhanpeng, and Instructor Liu all looked at Lin Jie.

Zhou Fei knew what was going on, so her gaze was very unfriendly.

Obviously, these guys were here to bully them, but they didnt know that they were facing Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Zhanzong, Wang Ming, Zhao Feng, Instructor Liu, Xu Yong, Leng Yue, and Lei Tiannan.

They were eight Martial Arts Grand Masters.

“What do you three nobody want to do”

Zhou Fei couldnt help laughing silently.

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