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“Whats going on”

Qiao Fei still couldnt believe that his formidable brother, Qiao Zhan, was there on his knees, tortured by his opponent.

“How is this possible”

Lin Jie shared the same thoughts with Qiao Fei.

They couldnt believe what had happened.

He thought Zi Yan was no more than an actress.

The last time she came, she wasnt able to protect herself.

Qiao Fei couldve raped her if he wanted.

However, he liked to pursue and play with women.

He enjoyed conquering women with his strategy, He never thought that the woman would ask Zhao Feng for help before he could play with her.

And that made him lose.

He lost it suddenly and unexpectedly, because he had never thought so many powerful people would interfere.

And this time, it was still Zi Yan.

They currently had Qiao Zhan and Lin Huis support, but the two seemed to have been beaten as well.

He couldnt believe this was real.

Many people couldnt believe their eyes.

They suddenly felt cold because the background of the video seemed to be the corridor of the hotel.

So many people were kneeling there, and it looked so real.

After Zhang Han said those three words, the screen flashed, and then Zhang Han hung up the video call.

But other people couldnt get the scene out of their minds.

Qiao Fei and Lin Jie were really scared!

They invited Qiao Zhan and Lin Hui there, because Qiao Zhan was the hope of the Qiao Clans rejuvenation, and Lin Hui was believed to have the chance to become a Grand Master in three years.

They wondered if the two still had the chance to come back alive.

“No! Thats impossible! I dont believe it!”

Qiao Feis body went limp and he collapsed on the sofa.

His face was pale and cold sweat was dripping down his face.

Lin Jies eyes were wide open.

He still needed some time to process and to accept what just happened.

He was thinking whether this could be fake, but he couldnt come up with any possibilities.

The video call didnt seem fake at all.

Not just the two of them…

Those beside Qiao Fei, the beautiful girl sitting next to Lin Jie, and Ma Liang, the rich man from Lin Hai City, were all shocked.

“Kill them all.”

The three cold and calm words made him felt stunningly cold, as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

Zhang Han said it so casually, as if he were asking someone to kill a chicken.

Some of the people present didnt hear it clearly, but they had seen Qiao Fei and Lin Jies astonished faces.

They were confused after seeing how the two were reacting.

Some people had heard the three words, but they couldnt stop asking each other, “Did you hear what he said Did he just saykill”

“Why are they collapsing on the sofa Why do Childe Qiao and Childe Lin seem to be paralyzed Are they scared Unbelievable!”

They were all shocked.

Upon their first glance at Zhang Han, they thought Lin Jie would trample on his dignity.

However, within five minutes, Lin Jie and Qiao Fei both slumped on the sofa.

That was a little scary.

After all, the two used to be two of the most influential young masters.

Dong Hu was the most frightened one at this moment.

He sat on the edge of the sofa, looking at Zhang Han who remained calm.

He couldnt get the three words out of his mind.


Dong Hu shivered and didnt feel very well.

Zhang Han was no longer the sorehead guy he used to be.

Dong Hu suddenly remembered the strange smile hanging on Zhang Hans mouth when they were racing in Mount Lang Xing.

That was exactly the same smile he had on his mouth right then!

Dong Hu wondered if Zhang Han was going to win again this time, even if it was Qiao Zhan the one he was facing.

Those singers stopped singing altogether.

They gathered and discussed, knowing their work for the night had ended.

The man in charge of the control panel even turned off the backing tracks of the song.

The whole room was so quiet that people could hear the slightest things dropping on the ground.

Nobody dared to talk.

They were all looking at what was going on among Zhang Han and the others.

Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu stood up and walked to the door.

They looked around with their grim eyes and seemed to be ready to fight.

They had all known before that even if Zhang Han came to the party in person, these people still had a chance to survive, although the chance could be quite slim.

But when they decided to attack those people in the hotel, they had already made an announcement.

That was why the two of them made their moves.

Seeing their actions, Qiao Fei seemed to have realized something.

His face was twisted out of anger.

He pointed at Zhang Han and shouted, “Go, go! Kill him!”


Those strong bodyguards behind him turned grim and rushed over to Zhang Han.


Many people gasped.

The fight began!

Under many peoples nervous gazes, the poker-face man moved and confronted Qiao Feis bodyguards.

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

The sound of snapping bones came.

Before everyone could see where those strong bodyguards had been struck, their bodies softened and their eyes rolled.

No one knew whether they were dead or alive.


People were stunned by what they just saw.

They never thought that Zhang Hans followers could be this powerful.

Many peoples faces changed and the two words slipped out of their mouths, “Martial artist!”

Only martial artists could be so powerful.

“Are Qiao Fei and Lin Jie going to lose today”

Many people thought that the powerful man would make another move, but he walked slowly back after he clapped his hand.

Those people couldnt move their eyes away from Zhang Hans face.

The young man still seemed carefree, with a relaxed smile on his face which looked more like a mocking gesture.

“How should I deal with you guys”

Zhang Han glanced at Lin Jie, Qiao Fei, and Dong Hu.


Lin Jie swallowed and braced himself to say, “What do you want We invited you here only to talk about our good old days.”

Lin Jie seemed to have recovered a little.

He thought for a moment and continued, “I dont know whats your video call was for, but if that was real, youd better stop it now.”

“Stop” Zhang Han laughed out.

Then he shook his head with the relaxed smile and looked at Lin Jie, saying, “Fine, Ill give you a chance.

Its 7:20 p.m.

now and I still have time for some games with you.”

Everyone thought Zhang Han was really going to play some party games first, but this would only make his next words shock them even more.

“The game will begin before 9:00 p.m., and only the winner can survive,” Zhang Han said.


“A game of life and death”

Many people were stunned and confused.

“The winner gets to survive Zhang Han, you are so arrogant!” Qiao Fei gritted his teeth and stood up.

Then he yelled, “Youre not as powerful as you think, and this is Shang Jing! Dont you dare touch me, or I swear youll never be able to leave here alive!”

“Sit down.”

Zhang Han shook his head and waved his right hand calmly.


Qiao Fei felt a strong pressure fall on him, forcing him to sit back.


Qiao Fei was so frightened because an idea just crossed his mind.

He looked at Zhang Han and called out, “You are a Grand Master”

Those words were like a tossed stone that created a thousand ripples.

Those who knew what that title meant were all shocked by the invisible pressure.

They stared at Zhang Han in fear.

“Are you kidding me”

Lin Jie was also frightened by Qiao Feis question.

He wanted to stand up and say something, only to find that he couldnt move his body.

This feeling was the answer to Qiao Feis question.

Lin Jie was extremely scared.

Dong Hu also shared their feelings.

It had taken Dong Hu a long time before he realized what was really going on.

Before that, he thought he was unable to move his body just because he was too scared.

“The game is very simple,” said Zhang Han after he thought for a moment.

Then he raised his right hand.


A herb popped out and was immediately shattered into some light green mist.

“This is a poisonous herb, and Ill show you how dangerous it can be.”

As soon as he finished speaking, one-third of the mist fell down on a fruit plate.


People could see the fruits on it darkening and rotting.

One second, two seconds…

Within three seconds, all the fruits in the plate decomposed into some black stains.

“What are you doing”

Qiao Fei and Lin Jie were so nervous because they could assume what Zhang Han was going to do.

Their faces turned pale out of fear.

Seeing this creepy scene, the beautiful girl sitting next to Lin Jie screamed.

She didnt want to stay there any longer.

She stood up and tried to run away, only to find the creeping monster on her right side.

She climbed over to the back of the sofa.

When she landed on the floor, she twisted her ankle.

She then took off her high heels and ran to the place where the most people were gathered.

Ma Liang didnt care about Lin Jie anymore because his own life mattered the most.

He followed the beautiful girl and rushed over to the crowd.

When Qiao Feis followers saw this…


In only a few seconds, there were only four people left on the sofa.

Zhang Han, Qiao Fei, and the other two people who couldnt move.

Zhang Han ignored those people.

He activated his soul sense and two more herbs popped out.

They then turned into clouds of mist that converged together.

At last, they became a black gas.

Under the three peoples horrified gazes, the gas was divided into three strands and dissolved in the red wine in front of the three.

It was getting creepier.

As the black gas dissolved, the red wine became as transparent as water.

the others were trembling because they had no idea what poison had been mixed in this water-like liquid.

“Take a sip,” Zhang Han said as he looked at Lin Jie and the other two.

Then he smiled and made a “please” gesture with his right hand.

Then, under the confused gazes of the people around them, the three slowly picked up their glasses and drank up the wine.

“Thats fierce.”

“Did they just drink all of it”

“They go on undeterred by the dangers ahead.”

Everyone was confused because they didnt know what had been driving the three to do that.

Neither could they move, nor could they control their own bodies.

To drink it or not wasnt their own decision to make.

After they finished the tree glasses, they heard Zhang Hans faint voice…

“Youre right.

The wine is poisonous.

The three of you only have 90 minutes to call your backers for help.

Ill give the anti-dose to the one whose backer is powerful enough to beat me.”

“Oh, by the way, Dong Hu doesnt seem to have a supporter.

Then Ill just boost the effects of the poison in him so you know what youll face.”

Zhang Han nodded his head.

In an instant, Qiao Fei, Lin Jie, and Dong Hu felt their bodies being lifted.

Qiao Fei and Lin Jie stood up immediately and looked at Dong Hu.


Dong Hu screamed and stood up, only to find that he was fine.

He then laughed out loud and said, “Haha! Im fine! Hes lying! Hah… Uh!”

Before he finished speaking, his expression suddenly froze.

He turned grey from head to toe, standing there like a stone.

Within just five seconds, Dong Hu was turned into a stone.

After a gentle breeze, Zhang Hans subordinate, Dong Hu, collapsed into ashes.




All the people around them were scared out of their wits.

They stood up and wanted to run away.

Zhao Feng, the poker face, was checking around and trying to hide.

He squeezed into the crowd like a frozen chicken in winter.


Qiao Fei and Su Mos faces turned pale.

They were too shocked by what they saw.

Lin Jie reacted quickly.

He didnt care much about Qiao Fei at this moment.

He only wanted to protect himself.

He took out his mobile phone with a trembling hand and dialed a number.

“Uncle Bo, something happened to me.

Please come and save me.

Im in Room 601 of the Hantai Entertainment Club…”

Qiao Fei realized what he should do, too.

He knew the Uncle Bo Lin Jie had just spoken with.

The man was the only military general of the Lin Clan.

Even a Wu Dao Grand Master wouldnt dare to fight against him.

Qiao Fei thought for a moment, then he took out his phone and dialed a number.

“Uncle Hu, its Qiao Fei.

Im in trouble now and its a matter of life and death.

Im not joking.

One of us just got killed.

Were in Room 601 of Hantai Entertainment.”

After the two phone calls, the two people sat weakly on the sofa.

They lowered their heads and kept silent.

Neither of them dared to look at Zhang Han because they were afraid of being killed for no reason like Dong Hu.

Many people in the crowd closest to them heard the two make phone calls.

They suddenly felt hopeful knowing somebody would come to rescue them.

“Childe Qiao and Childe Lins backers will definitely take down that devil.

Well get out of here safe and sound!”

“Well be safe.

The two clans will work together.

No one is able to fight against two clans alone!”


All of them were waiting anxiously.

Zhao Feng was standing at the door.

He thought for a moment and walked back.

Then he stood in front of Zhang Han in peace.

Within ten minutes…


The door of the room opened.

A group of people armed with real loaded guns stormed in.

The leading one was a grim-faced man in his thirties.

Lin Jie stood up excitedly when he saw the man.

“Fourth Brother!”

The man looked at him and checked around.

He indeed had found something wrong, but he wasnt sure if it was about Zhang Han.

So he asked in a low voice, “Who did this”

Lin Jie stood up and ran to the man.

He pointed to Zhang Han and answered, “Its him! He gave us poisonous drinks.

Hes a Grand Master!”


The mans expression paused.

He looked at Lin Jie with resentful eyes.

He wished Lin Jie had told him that the opponent was a Grand Master.

If he had been told this earlier, he couldve prepared some explosive weapons.

At the moment he only had 20 people with pistols which might not do any harm to a Grand Master.

“Who are you”

Since he knew he couldnt beat the opponent, he would try to negotiate.

He took two steps forward and asked, “Do you have any idea what youre doing”

“I remember that theres a general named Lin Bo in the Lin Clan, right Why didnt he show up” Zhang Han directly asked.

“What did you say” The man frowned and said, “Be respectful or you will regret it! With all due respect, this is no place for you to act wildly, no matter if youre a Grand Master or not.”

“Thats bullsh*t!”

Instructor Liu interrupted him and walked over.

He poked the man on his chest, saying, “Be respectful to the general! You dont know who the man sitting there is Let me tell you… you shall call him General Zhang!”

His words made the crowd burst into an uproar.

“The guy is a psycho!”

He looked too young to be a general.

“Its impossible!” The man said and stared coldly at Zhang Han.

He then took a step back.

“Check out what this is!”

Instructor Liu took a black badge out of his pocket.

The Wolf Head Detachment

The mans face changed slightly.

Lin Jie and Qiao Fei felt their hearts had skipped a beat upon seeing that.

“Oh no, is he really a general”

The man thought for five seconds.

Then he looked at Zhang Han and said, “Well see about that.

The general from our clan will talk to you, but you have to hand Lin Jie over to me first.”

“Give him to you” Zhang Han shook his head and refused.

“I wont give him to you even if you were the general.”

His words provoked the man.

He suddenly laughed out of anger.

“I found that youre really…”


Instructor Liu kicked him away before he finished that sentence.

The squad of 20 or more raised their guns when they saw that.

“Get out of here!”

Zhang Han waved his left hand and lifted those people in the air.

Then he shove them toward the door like a flood streaming.

And they never came back.

Lin Jies backer was gone.

Many people were stunned.

Those who thought they had been rescued were then more than disappointed.

“Damn! He is a real devil!”

Lin Jie was dumbfounded.

He wondered if this was the Zhang Han he used to know and how he managed to become a general.

He didnt know what to do.

Qiao Fei was still confident.

However, as the saying goes, misfortunes never come alone.

Soon, another team got into the room.

The five people were led by a strong hairy man.

“Uncle Hu!”

Qiao Fei bounced off the sofa and took two steps forward, but he didnt dare to get any closer.

“Who made this mess How dare you touch… puff!”

When Uncle Hu saw Zhang Hans face, he almost puked blood.

the others were bewildered.

Uncle Hu jumped forward like a tiger out of its cage.

Everyone thought he was acting promptly and was going to attack Zhang Han like thunder.

However, to everyones surprise, he seemed to have stumbled and lost balance.

Then he kneeled on the ground and slid forward for three meters.

That stunned all the people present.

Later they knew that this wasnt an accident.

Uncle Hu greeted Zhang Han in a miserable voice, “Hail to Grand Master Zhang! Please forgive me for my offensive language! Please dont kill me!”


That scene struck Qiao Fei like thunder.

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