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Chapter 627 Brother Han

Jinyun Mountains stretched for more than three miles, with pleasant scenery.

There were many trees and luxuriant grasses in the mountains.

There was a hill full of red maple trees deep in the mountains.

The whole mountain seemed to be painted with a layer of red clouds in autumn, so it was called Mount Red Leaf.

Two people were now standing on the edge of a cliff at the back of Mount Red Leaf.

The aged man was Master Wang, who sat in front of Emperor Qings door yesterday.

The other was a young man with a pretty face and long hair—he seemed to come out of a fairy tale.

He was looking at the beautiful scenery of the mountains ahead with some melancholy in his eyes.

He was Emperor Qing.

The cliff was at the height of 100 meters, and the cold wind blew all the year-round.

“Young Master, you have reached the Divine Realm, and your Qing Dragon Blood is stronger.

Now that you are almost invincible, it will be easy for you to kill Zhang Hanyang.”

He had great confidence in Emperor Qing and believed that Emperor Qing was the real Invincible Grand Master before he made the breakthrough, let alone that now he was a Divine-Realm Master.

Emperor Qing didnt say anything or change his facial expression after hearing Master Wangs words.

Ten seconds later, he said, “Im not interested in Zhang Hanyang, though there may be a big secret in him.

But he doesnt know what my trump card is, either.”

“Why did you promise to help the Qiao family” asked Master Wang in confusion.

“Because…” Emperor Qing shook his head slightly.

“I feel bored.”

Emperor Qing walked tens of meters in the air as if stepping on the solid ground.

The second step, the third step… He walked in the air like an immortal.

Master Wang looked at him excitedly and murmured, “Fly to the sky, dive to the ground—this is the Divine Realm!” Master Wang looked at him excitedly and murmured, “Fly to the sky, dive to the ground.

This is the Divine Realm!”


Mount Five Flowers was bustling now.

Half an hour before noon, many people were standing in the center of Mount Five Flowers, waiting for a good position.

When the two sides began to fight, they would step back to both sides.

They had noticed that there were too many people around, and tens of thousands of martial artists should be in the end!

It was not a concert with a super clear screen and a big stereo.

If they stood back, they might not see anything.

As a result, more and more people crowded into the central area.

They discussed with each other while walking.

“Its less than half an hour before noon.

Will Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing arrive on time”

“The battle between these two strong men will be very fierce, and may even reduce the altitude of Mount Five Flowers by half!”

“Is this the most remarkable battle of talents in the Martial Arts World in China”

While they were talking about it, several warnings suddenly rang out in the central area.

“Step back!”

Many people gasped in fear when they saw the speaker.

“They are Azure Dragon Detachment of National Security Agency! I never expected them to come here for the battle!”

All the martial artists knew that the National Security Agency usually sent ordinary members, Supervisors, Chief Supervisors, and Protectors to handle affairs, while the core staff was rarely seen.

If the trouble were not easy to solve, they would send Elder Masters or Directors there.

Though there were no Directors in Shang Jing, the four detachments, including Azure Dragon, were superior to Directors.

“Wait, are those girls from Vermilion Bird Detachment They came here too”

In their opinion, most of the members of Vermilion Bird Detachment were female.

Therefore, when they talked about Vermilion Bird, their tone changed—it was full of interest in beautiful women.

“White Tiger Detachment, who have the power to execute, are also there.”

“I see Black Tortoise Detachment.

My gosh, all the four detachments are here today.”

“Not only that!” A middle-aged man in the crowd found four people standing on several tall old trees in the central area.

He said in a deep voice, “Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise.

All four captains are here.”

“Whoa! Its hard to see the four captains together.

It seems that they are also very concerned about this battle!” “Whoa! Its hard to see the four captains together.

It seems that they are also very concerned about this battle!”

“Of course, the battle between Merciless Zhang and Emperor Qing would be the most dazzling battle in the world!”

When everyone was discussing about it…

The crowd in the center of Mount Five Flowers retreated to both sides because each of the four detachments had sent 40 or 50 people to drive them in four directions.

Soon, the central area and the road to the Lin and Qiao families were cleared.

At the top of some old trees in the center…

Azure Dragon looked at the crowd below and said with a smile, “Its like a grand meeting of martial artists.”

“Id rather not see such a grand meeting.” Jiang Yanlan of Vermilion Bird snorted.

“Why must they fight against each other instead of staying in the south and north, respectively Its a big loss for either of them to die.”

“I dont think so.” The fat Captain Xuanwu shook his head.

“While Emperor Qing is supported by the Chan Clans Warlord, who is Zhang Hanyangs supporter I heard that Gai Xingkong reached the Divine Realm stage recently, and is now a competitive master with the help of Dragon-tiger spear.

Martial artists like them who rely on their strength to make breakthroughs are amazing.

Perhaps Emperor Qing and Zhang Hanyang just want to compete with each other”

“Do you believe it” White Tiger glanced at him and shook his head slightly.

“Now that they choose to fight, Im afraid they will fight to death.”

“Perhaps our elder brother can stop them if he comes back.

Although the list of dangerous people was made under his guidance and was very interested in their fight, he will not wait for them to fight death.” Azure Dragon faintly smiled when he saw that the central area was cleared.

“Its time to leave.”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The captains walked on the tip of the trees and soon came to the eastern edge area.

Behind them were the Zhang family and many prominent families.

Although this place was far from the battle circle, no one knew how destructive Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing were.

Therefore, this place also needed their key protection.

These prominent families couldnt afford to be in trouble.

In addition to the Zhangs, many members of the top families were in Shang Jing, including the Qiaos and the Lins, who were most concerned about who would win the battle.

Some patriarchs and core members of each family occupied the places with good vision at the front.

As for ordinary members, they were crowded together at the back.

Among them, Zhang Han knew Zhang Yuan, Zhang Chen, and Liu Feng.

“Zhang Han grew up so fast in such a short period.” Zhang Chen exclaimed, “He is worth looking up to by most martial artists now.

Even all the patriarchs are not as good as him.

It turns out that the influence of the talents in the martial arts world is so great.”

Zhang Chen sighed with emotion.

He had been pursuing fame and wealth all his life and finally got the position of patriarch.

But all his fame and wealth was worth nothing because any martial arts masters would kill him or prolong his life easily.

This understanding challenged Zhang Chens world view, and his pursuit had changed quietly.

“Hes a devil.” Liu Feng gasped in fear because he recalled the terrible experience from before.

Liu Feng remembered Zhang Han killing those people and turning to look at him.

Zhang Hans magical face and weird eyes made him tremble.

Liu Feng didnt know Emperor Qing very well.

He had come here just to witness this world-shaking battle.

The girls around were discussing about Zhang Han.

“We all came here to see Zhang Han.

Its said that the former young master of the Zhang family was very handsome.

How could he become so powerful in such a short time” “We all come here to see Zhang Han.

It is said that the former young master of Zhang family was very handsome.

How could he become so powerful in such a short time”

“We seem to be watching two generals fighting.

Both of them are marvelous.”

“Ive heard of Emperor Qing, but I havent seen him.

As for Zhang Han, I know him, and maybe, I can attract him when we meet again!”

The chubby girl who was speaking happened to be standing not far away from Liu Feng.

Turning around to take a glance at the girl, Liu Feng felt his mouth trembling slightly.

After two seconds of silence, he uttered a sentence, “Stop dreaming.

Do you know who is Zhang Hans wife”

“Who” Someone asked.

“Zi Yan.”

The crowd fell into silence.

They couldnt help but think of the image of Zi Yan in the screen and thought it was reasonable.

Only a strong man like Zhang Han could conquer such a beautiful woman!

90% of the tens of thousands of people there were martial artists.

Most of them were talking and expressing their ideas.

Suddenly, several exclamations came from the crowd, “Who is he”

“The one with a black robe, long hair and big body, who is flying in the air, this… is he Mu Qisha”

“My God! How did he come!”

“Hiss! Mu Qisha!”

They turned their gaze and saw a man with long hair and a black robe standing on the west side of the sky.

He stepped on a three-meter-long black silk scarf with a gourd containing wine in his hand, drinking while flying towards the crowd.

Many people who had never seen Divine-Realm martial artists, such as Zhang Chen, Zhang Yuan, Liu Feng, and many others, were astonished.

“He can fly.

Is he still human”

They felt it was incredible, and their world view was broken at this moment.

Human beings had conquered the sky by science and technology, but this was the first time they had seen someone who could move freely in the air and underground by virtue of their own strength.

The expression of other experienced martial artists changed.

When someone around them was confused, they gave the answer.

“Mu Qisha became famous 50 years ago when he was at Grand Master Late-stage.

He emerged from the desert in the north and killed all the way from the north to the south.

It took him five years to advance from Grand Master Late-stage to Divine Realm through fighting with other martial artists, which was amazing.”

“It was said that he took a kind of elixir and could cultivate and make breakthroughs through fighting.”

“He disappeared again when he reached the Divine Realm.

Someone recently saw him in a desert relic, killing ten martial artists at Grand Master Peak as soon as he appeared.

It was terrible!”

“I didnt expect to see him here! The battle today is unpredictable.”

The experienced martial artists explanation shocked the younger generation.

They didnt expect Mu Qisha to be so fierce!

He attracted the attention of all the onlookers.

Under everyones gaze, Mu Qisha, stepping on his silk scarf, slowly drifted to Mount Five Flowers.

He took a big drink and burped.


Hearing his thundering hiccups, many people blocked their ears.

Mu Qisha turned his gaze, which was like a sharp arrow, at a place on the east side of Mount Five Flowers.

He thundered, “Old Chen, come to fight with me.”


A lot of people turned around and looked at the east side of Mount Five Flowers.

“Old Chen”

Only a few people knew who old Chen was.


A man, who looked like an ordinary older adult dressed in a suit of cloth, quickly rose into the air from an old forest on the east side.

However, he had a very powerful nickname—Warlord of the Chan Clan!

He was so famous that it was said that he had been very close to the Earth Realm 15 years ago.

No one knew whether he had advanced to the next stage or not, but there were few competitors at the Divine Realm who had the strength to compete with him.

Warlord replied calmly, “Mu Qisha, you are drunk.”

“Im drunk Haha, Im not.” Mu Qisha laughed and threw the wine-containing gourd forward with his right hand.


With a thundering sound, the wine-containing gourd suddenly turned huge in front of the Warlord of the Chan Clan.

With a thundering sound, the wine-containing gourd suddenly turned huge in front of the Warlord of Chan Clan.

It seemed as if this wine-containing gourd could suck him in as described in the legend.

Obviously, the wine-containing gourd was a powerful divine weapon.

Under everyones gaze, the wine-containing gourd emitted green light and began to absorb the air.

What suction force!

The Chan Clans Warlord smiled when he saw the wine-containing gourd.

“Arent you drunk”

Then he waved his right hand.


The wine-containing gourd was beaten and flew back.

It gradually became smaller before it arrived at Mu Qishas hand.

The Chan Clans Warlord said, “Its not our game.

Wake up.”


Mu Qisha belched again.

Then he took another sip of the wine and praised, “The wine tastes better after being beaten by you.”

After that, he stopped talking and began to drink wine.

The Chan Clans Warlord no longer hid but faced Mu Qisha in the air.

“Where is Ye Tianlang Ill fight with him.” Mu Qisha turned his gaze to Azure Dragon and his friends.

The four captains felt great pressure.

“Hes on a business trip.” The chubby Captain Xuanwu replied in a muffled voice.

He even dared not to speak loudly.

“Its so boring.

When will the gate of the worldlet be opened There are few Divine-Realm martial artists in the world to be killed by me.” Mu Qisha sighed and continued drinking.

His words shocked a lot of people and arose a new round of discussion.

“Mu Qisha is so powerful.”

“My gosh.

Is he a Divine-Realm martial artist He is so frightening!”

“Im afraid he can kill us whenever he wants.”

“Emperor Qing may be at the Divine Realm stage, too.

Zhang Hanyang will be at risk.”


When the crowd was discussing…

The Chan Clans Warlord turned his gaze to the south and said, “Here you are.”

When the other martial artists looked to the south, they saw a figure flying in the air from afar, changing from unreal to real.

Then it turned into a streamer and soon came near.

He was soon identified.

“Hong Kongs Ji Wushuang!”

“Another Divine-Realm martial artist.”

“Wow, there are three Divine-Realm martial artists here.

Its frightening.”

“I dont trust you, so I came,” replied Ji Wushuang.

“Would I interfere in the fight among the younger generation” He amused the Chan Clans Warlord.

“As long as it has something to do with Emperor Qing.” Ji Wushuang nodded.

“You two dont talk nonsense.

Old Ji, would you like to fight with me” asked Mu Qisha.

“No.” When Ji Wushuang finished answering, he closed his eyes and stopped talking.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and looked at the east side of the mountain.

A golden light came quickly from afar, bringing pressure to everyone.

This was a strong man standing on a long spear.

North Tiger, Gai Xingkong!

“Oh” The Chan Clans Warlord said in confusion, “You also took this step”

He knew that Gai Xingkong had reached the Divine Realm, but he did not expect Gai Xingkongs breakthrough to be so perfect.

Many Grand-Maste-Peak martial artists in the world could advance to the Divine Realm stage, but they had been struggling to suppress their cultivation and waiting for a chance to make a breakthrough in a worldlet.

Because breakthroughs were different.

Divine Realm was a vital watershed, and the breakthrough in this period was significant.

Therefore, Gai Xingkongs breakthrough surprised him.

“Elder Chen.” When Gai Xingkong arrived, he withdrew his Dragon-tiger spear and made obeisance to the Chan Clans Warlord.

“Thanks for taking care of Zhang Hanyang.

It was the chance encounter he found for me that helped me to make the breakthrough.”

Those words were like a tossed stone that created a thousand ripples.

“Why Zhang Hanyang helped Gai Xingkong to make the breakthrough How is this possible Is Zhang Hanyang so powerful” Many people didnt believe it.

The Chan Clans Warlord was surprised.

There were lots of things required to advance to the Divine Realm, and even the Chan Clans Warlord couldnt guarantee the success of breakthrough.

That was why Emperor Qing had stayed at Grand Master Peak for so long a time.

He wondered if Emperor Qing could defeat Zhang Hanyang.

The situation changed.

All those who were not optimistic about Zhang Hanyang were reminded of his strength.

“Wow, so many people here.” It was a woman.

Mu Xue, dressed in black, came from afar and stepped on the top of the tree, waving to them.

“Hello, Old Chen and Old Mu.”

“Hello, little girl.” Mu Qisha smiled and said, “I heard that Zhang Hanyang robbed you of your Demon Dancing Sword.

Shall I kill him for you”

“Okay.” Mu Xue narrowed her eyes and replied with a smile.

“Hahahaha.” All of a sudden, a loud laugh covered the whole Mount Five Flowers.

Gai Xingkong stared at Mu Qisha.

“My Dragon-tiger spear doesnt agree with you.”

The other martial artists were shocked by them.

“Will they have a fight before Emperor Qing and Zhang Han arrive”

“Well Do you want to fight with me” Mu Qisha looked at Gai Xingkong and said, “Dont be so arrogant after making the breakthrough.

Maybe the number of Divine-Realm martial artists will soon be reduced by one.”

The atmosphere was tense.

Suddenly, a faint voice sounded from afar.

“Ill send someone to tear down your family if you fight here.”

Under everyones gaze, a man in rags like a beggar was flying towards them.

Captain Xuanwu cheered.

“Eldest brother!”

Azure Dragon also secretly wiped his cold sweat because he could hardly control the scene.

Fortunately, his eldest brother came back in time.

“Ye Tianlang, Im glad you are here.” Mu Qisha laughed and was about to raise his wine-containing gourd again.

“Stop! Emperor Qing is coming, and youd better stop fooling around.” Ye Tianlang waved his hand.

Mu Qisha stopped.

He didnt want to fight since the protagonists were here.

After all, this was a competition between the two individuals.

If he still dared to make trouble here, he would be jointly educated by the Chan Clans Warlord, Ye Tianlang, and Gai Xingkong.

Thus, everyone began to look in other directions.

In the end, they all focused on the southeast and were shocked by what they saw.

The outline of a ferocious Azure Dragon was flying in the clouds with great power, and all the martial artists who saw the dragon had a sense of suffocation.

It was very similar to Gai Xingkongs appearance.

But the appearance of Emperor Qing was even more amazing and attractive.

“I believe Emperor Qing will win the fight.”

“Yes, Emperor Qing is now at Divine Realm stage.

Hes amazing.”

“Let alone his Qing Dragon Blood.”

Even Gai Xingkong began to worry about Zhang Han after seeing this.

“His breakthrough is as perfect as mine.

It will be difficult for Han to win the battle.

What if Han is defeated I must save him.”

Gai Xingkong got nervous.

He was really worried about Zhang Han.

“Huh” Mu Qisha slightly narrowed his eyes.

“Warlord, congratulations.

Another marvelous martial artist was born in the Chan family.”

“This…” Ji Wushuangs facial expression froze as he sighed.

“I dont think the battle today is necessary.

I wonder if Brother Chen can spare Zhang Hanyangs life since Im here.”

“Please spare his life.” Gai Xingkong made obeisance to the Chan Clans Warlord.

Hearing their words, the crowd fell into silence.

Even Ye Longyuan and Shi Fenghou at the edge firmly believed that there was no suspense about the outcome of this battle.

However, the Chan Clans Warlord though about the entreaties of the two powerful God State Strongs and then shook his head.

“The confrontation between the warriors cannot be compromised.”

Both Gai Xingkong and Ji Wushuang were depressed.

“Han, why did you promise to fight with him” Gai Xingkong felt so sad, but he made up his mind to prevent Zhang Han from being killed.

Under everyones gaze…

That outline of dragon soon arrived at the mountain.

It was floating over Mount Five Flowers.

After the dragon disappeared, Emperor Qing was seen in a traditional Chinese long gown, which made him more like an immortal.

All the members of the Qiao family and Lin family burst out laughing.


Emperor Qing is sure to win the battle.”

“Where is Zhang Hanyang, the arrogant young man”

“Why is he not here”

“Is he too frightened to come here”

When everyone was discussing about it…

All of a sudden, a man came quickly from the far east.

“Its Zhang Hanyang.”

Several shouts rang from the crowd.

Everyone was looking at Zhang Hanyang except for Emperor Qing.

He was still facing the west.

Did he look down on Zhang Hanyang

Didnt he admit Zhang Hanyangs strength

Zhang Hanyang was approaching the mountain.

He was getting closer.

Until that moment, did everyone see clearly that Zhang Hanyang was walking in the air!

Every step he took, he went forward a hundred meters.

This was not the speed that normal martial artists could reach.

“He can also fly”

Many onlookers were confused and shocked.

“Zhang Hanyang! Today is your death! I will sacrifice the soul of my family members with your life!” said a Grand Master from the Qiao family.

He was like a dog threatening people on the strength of its masters power.

But what he said was very close to the fact recognized by others.

“Really” Zhang Han approached him and waved his right hand.


With a muffled sound, the martial artist of the Qiao family was turned into a blood mist!

Before everyone realized what had happened, they saw Zhang Han looking at Emperor Qings back in surprise

As for the immortal-like Emperor Qing, his body shivered violently when he heard Zhang Hans voice.

Then he turned around to look at Zhang Han in confusion and joy.

He said in a low, quivering voice, “Brother Han”


The others felt as if there were tens of thousands of thunders in their minds.

Almost everyone was stunned for the time being.

“What did you say”

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