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Chapter 635 An Amazing Battle

What Chen Changqing said was true.

Only when martial artists advanced to the Divine Realm could they understand the gap between the Divine Realm and the Martial Art Grand Master.

They could feel that Qi Strength Master and Martial Arts Grand Master were just the entry levels.

When they advanced to the Divine Realm, there would be changes within them.

The most distinctive change was that their perception of heaven and earth would become deeper, as if they could use the power of heaven and earth at will.

They would have the spiritual sense mind trick, and the ability to know what they should do before they made a plan.

Besides, they could use the minimum amount of energy while forming the most powerful attack.

Whether it was their sustained combat capability or other abilities, they would change a lot.

They were just mortals before they reached the Divine Realm, and after that they would be reborn.

This was a new starting point.

As Zhang Han said, they would always be mortal if they failed to reach the Innateness stage.

In some aspects, Innateness stage was equal to the Divine Realm.

They were essentially the same, but there were still some subtle differences.

Everyone knew that there was a big gap between Zhang Han and Chen Changqings stage.

But they didnt expect Zhang Han to remain resolute in the face of this situation.

“Changqing, dont be too proud of yourself at the Divine Realm.

In fact, the Divine Realm is just a beginning.” Zhang Han sighed.

“Really” There seemed to be a rolling thunder in Chen Changqings body.

He stretched his right hand and immediately felt the invisible energy converging on his arm.

He said, “I not only have made a perfect breakthrough to the Divine Realm, but also have got the Qing Dragon blood.

To put it simply, I can punch a hole in a mountain with the power of Azure Dragon.”


Ill show you real strength.” Zhang Han replied.

Zhang Hans eyes glittered as he was drawing circles in the air with his hand.

At this moment, the others present clearly sensed the miraculous power converging on Zhang Hans right hand.

Zhang Han was glowing as he activated the miraculous power, which was actually his spiritual force, with his Ten Inches Dantian.

“Bang”, Zhang Han rushed at Chen Changqing with supersonic speed.

With Zhang Hans fist, there was a terrifying sound of thunder in the air.

At this moment, everyone around was a little surprised.

They didnt expect Zhang Han to be the first to make a move.

But what happened later shocked them.

“Great!” Chen Changqing laughed loudly, and he gathered the strength of Azure Dragon with his right arm.

In the minds of all people, there seemed to be a faint shadow of a dragon around Chen Changqings right arm.

He rushed forward and punched Zhang Han head-on.

He only used 50% of his strength in order not to hurt Zhang Han.


At the intersection of the two fists…

A crackling and shocking sound erupted.

The sound rolled and spread in all directions, as if the heaven and the earth were shaking.

The fists of Zhang Han and Chen Changqing were opposite each other.

There was a distance of ten meters between, and their fists did not actually touch each other.

However, the energy of their fists was converging, spinning around them and turning into a gale.

The clothes of the two of them were rattling.

“I only gave it 50% of my effort, and you” Chen Changqing had a small smile on his lips.

“Thirty percent.” Zhang Hans eyes narrowed slightly.

Chen Changqing, who was proud, was frozen by Zhang Hans words.

He wanted to refute this, but he knew that Zhang Han never bothered to lie about these things.

But others didnt think so.

“30% Is that a little low” Lei Tiannan wiped his forehead and thought that 70% was more reasonable.

“Its a little exaggerated.” The Warlord of Chan Clan sighed and doubted silently, “Is Zhang Han a man with a strong sense of vanity…”

Before he had finished thinking, there was a convenient change, which made him speechless and widened his eyes.

“Whats this move”

The Warlord of Chan Clan was astonished.


Gai Xingkong gasped in fear and cried out, “Its beyond logic and above reason! How far has Han come”

The other martial artists were all stunned.

Obviously, they saw something incredible.

At the moment when Zhang Han finished speaking, he pushed his left hand up and then down.


It sounded like rain.

For a moment, within a radius of 100 meters around Zhang Han and Chen Changqing, beautiful lights flickered, as if they were in the starry sky, but the starry vision was made by Zhang Han.

Its as if the whole starry sky belonged to Zhang Han.

The starry vision was full of the power of starlight, which was the power deposited in heaven and earth.

Zhang Hans use of the power of heaven and earth, especially the power of such majestic starlight, was inconceivable in the eyes of the Warlord of Chan Clan.

All the star energy, like a super energy storm, constantly converged in Zhang Hans right arm, making the energy of his punch like that of the mighty sea!

Chen Changqings body was forced back by five meters.

He hurried to use the strength of Azure Dragon to resist.

He didnt dare to spare any effort at all, because even if he put it into full strength, he felt that he could not resist Zhang Hans attack for long.

He just expected that the energy storm would pass a little faster.

At the same time of resistance, Chen Changqing couldnt help asking, “Whats this move Its unheard of.”


This move seemed even inconceivable to the Warlord of Chan Clan.

Zhang Han smiled at Chen Changqing without saying anything.

Two seconds later, Zhang Han shook his right hand, turning all the star power into a light outline of fist and punched at Chen Changqing.


A dull sound came out, and Chen Changqing retreated uncontrollably for more than a hundred feet.

He heard Zhang Hans calm tone, “I call it Star Shaking Punch.”

Zhang Han paused, and then said something that made everyone uneasy.

“For now I can only use 10% to 20% of its power.

When I make a breakthrough and am able to activate more power of the stars, you wont be able to resist my punch anymore.”

“This…” Chen Changqing slightly narrowed his eyes in astonishment.

He was surprised at Zhang Hans strength.

As for the Warlord of Chan Clan and others at the edge of the island, they were all stunned.

“If he advances into the Divine Realm and uses this move again, its possible that he will defeat Changqing.” The Warlord of Chan Clan said seriously.

He never thought that Zhang Han could perform such an amazing move.

Lei Tiannan and Wang Zhanpengs face changed several times and finally they sighed with emotion, “Han knows so many unique skills.

Elder Chen, you will understand it if you have contact with him more frequently.

He is like a reborn immortal.

What he knows is amazing.”

“Yes.” Wang Zhanpeng added, “Elder Chen, you dont know that Hans array skills are amazing.

We havent understood the Hundred-formation Image that he made for us after several months of studying it.

Moreover, Han knows how to make pills, and his success rate is nearly 100%, while the number of cauldron failures are very few.

I really dont know if there is anything he cant do.”

“He accompanies Mengmeng every day.

At first, you may think he is short-sighted, but with in-depth contact, you will find that he is back to nature.” Wang Zhanzong said with emotion.

“Its not.” Zhao Feng couldnt help saying, “Last time I heard my Master said that he cultivated every day to suppress his strength, which was about the spiritual sense mind trick.”

‘What are you saying” The Warlord of Chan Clan was shocked.

He took a look at Zhao Feng and Zhang Han with astonishment in his eyes.

It seems that his spiritual sense mind trick has surpassed me and is likely to reach the level of Earth Realm.

Is his spiritual sense mind trick still being suppressed What is he waiting for”

The Warlord of Chan Clan was thinking about it.

He realized that Chen Changqing couldnt win the battle.

He began to doubt.

As for Emperor Qing, he was so excited now.

“Brother Han, I was so surprised by your fist.

I didnt expect that your strength was beyond my expectations.

You are the first one in the recent one hundred years to challenge a man at God Realm Medium-stage as a Grand Master.

I will try my best.

Do you think its ok”

He was worried that Zhang Han would be hurt by his poor control of his strength, so he asked Zhang Han for permission in advance.

“Why not” Zhang Han burst out laughing and everyone felt the frightening Qi surrounding him.

His voice seemed to come from the sky, “Changqing, I havent used all my strength since I became famous.

If you can force me to fight with all my strength, you can be proud of yourself in the martial arts world!”

Everyone felt Zhang Hans pride in this sentence.

They knew that this was Zhang Hans unique pride.

Even Chen Changqing felt it.

The green light in his eyes made him look like a god floating in the air.

“This is called Azure Dragon Wagging Tail.”

Chen Changqing made a gesture of casting with his hands and shouted.

The back flow of the North Sea under his feet, combined with the spirit within the radius of one hundred feet and the powerful spiritual force and soul sense in his body, then converged into a huge dragon with a length of one hundred feet under the effect of the secret method.


The heavy sound pressed on the heartstrings of onlookers, and the huge water dragon was like half of Mount Tai pressing against Zhang Han.

In the middle of the air, the water dragon jerked its tail with extreme speed and stealthily broke through the sound barrier, forming a violent whistling sound.

“Eh Its a good move.” Zhang Han looked at Chen Changqings move and nodded his head, “But its still not enough to deal with me.

Ill resist your move with Four Symbols Formation and Black Tortoise Formation.”

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Zhang Han summoned all his 18 cards.

Then he began making the Four Symbols Formation with his spiritual sense energy.

The Four Symbols Formation were changeable, and Zhang Han had once used Black Tortoise Formation as a defensive method to resist spiritual force attacks.

Now that the Azure Dragon Wagging Tail was a kind of soul sense attack, Zhang Han decided to use the corresponding defensive methods.

That was the Black Tortoise Formation.


The 18 cards were linked with each other by an invisible force.

The Four Symbols Formation was formed.

The soul of the flood dragon turned into a green glow, which began surrounding the Golden Black Tortoise to form a Black Tortoise Formation.

A pale golden glow turned into a turtle shell with clear lines, and rushed at Chen Changqings Azure Dragon Wagging Tail.


There was a strong tremor throughout the island.

Everyones soul was shaking.

The duel of the two moves was also the duel of spiritual sense mind trick.

It seemed that no one won this round.

But when Chen Changqings Azure Dragon Wagging Tail disappeared, the others could still see Zhang Hans Four Symbols Formation.

Chen Changqing sighed, “I shouldnt have used Azure Dragon Wagging Tail because I forgot that your spiritual sense mind trick is amazing.

However, you cant perform more powerful moves with your spiritual sense mind trick, right”

“Maybe.” Zhang Han replied and quickly moved his fingers, “Youd better resist my Four Symbols Formation first.”

“Four Symbols Formation, Dragon in the Ice Sea.”


Everyone seemed to hear the sound of the current.

When they looked around, they found that the tortoise shell had changed in an instant.

It was now covered by a blue light and looked like a water source with a waterfall flowing down.

The souls of flood dragon seemed to be flying in the clouds and shuttling constantly.

Chen Changqing smiled when he saw this.

“Its so easy to break it!

“Dragon Roar!”

With Chen Changqing making a strange gesture with his hands, a huge amount of soul sense began to flow, and gathered to form the outline of a huge dragon head above his head.

The outline of this huge dragons head was very clear, Taking a look at the flood dragon scornfully, it suddenly opened its bloody mouth.


A dragon roar spread in all directions, and even Zhang Hans soul sense sea was shaken.


The Taiyi Wood Thunder above his soul sense sea was woken up, and Zhang Han hurriedly suppressed it.

Then he saw his flood dragon retreat like a mouse facing a cat.

It was almost shaken into pieces by the dragon roar.

Zhang Han took back his 18 cards.

In fact, he used the Divine Object, which was not fair for Chen Changqing with no weapon.

But Chen Changqing was at the Divine Realm stage, and it was more unfair for Zhang Han to fight against him.

Zhang Han was the dominant player in the two rounds of duels, which shocked everyone on the island, including the Warlord of Chan Clan.

“Zhang Han was just a Grand Master.

It is amazing for him to surpass Changqing with his ability and strength.” The Warlord of Chan Clan said slowly, “But there is still a large gap between the Divine Realm stage and Grand Master stage, and Changqing is sure to win the battle.

He hasnt used many of his skills.”

“Your words make sense.” Gai Xingkong was influenced by Elder Chens words, “But you dont know how many skills Han hasnt used yet.”

“Really” The Warlord of Chan Clan shook his head and smiled, “Lets wait and see.”

“Yes, lets wait and see.”

“Brother Han, Im going to be serious.” Chen Changqings hands suddenly moved forward.

Four outlines of dragons swam out of his hands and grew larger and larger.

“Qing Ming Seal!”

Zhang Han broke up all the four dragons formed by Chen Changqings spiritual sense mind trick with his Qing Ming Seal before they could grow to be 10 meters in length.

“All right.” Chen Changqing felt depressed, “I cant use my spiritual sense mind trick to deal with you.”

“Azure Dragon Shadow!”

Chen Changqing roared, and his figure was divided into four parts, attacking Zhang Han from the front.

However, before he could touch Zhang Han…


Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

More than 100 Zhang Han appeared in front of Chen Changqing.

When he scanned them with his mind, he found that every figure seemed to be real.

Chen Changqing couldnt control his trembling eyelids.

The Warlord of Chan Clan was also trembling.

“Why are his moves so strange” The Warlord of Chan Clan was confused.

In his eyes, each of Zhang Hans moves could be regarded as the most powerful one by ordinary martial artists.

Chen Changqing was helpless and summoned a soft sword.

It was a divine weapon.

Of course, the divine weapon once belonged to the Warlord of Chan Clan.

“Brother Han, you even forced me to use my unpredictable shadow sword.

I have lost this battle, but I still want to try your limits!”

“Sky Crossing Sword!”

Chen Changqing swept his sword and it was shining in the sky, just like lightning, illuminating the nearby area instantly.

Chen Changqing used only 30% of his strength while making this move.

He was at the Divine Realm and felt that it was enough.

“Changqing, you made a mistake again by using a sword in front of me.”

Zhang Han sighed and laughed.

The 99 fake figures of him disappeared and the real Zhang Han jumped up to dodge the sword when it was about to approach him.

At the same time, a long black sword appeared in his right hand.

It was Demon Dancing Sword!

“The cultivator is drunk on the essence of flowers.

His sword can deter the whole world!”

Zhang Han swept his sword from sky to the ground.

What everyone on the ground saw was a huge green light falling from the sky.

“Ha ha ha, good! The Qi of Azure Dragon Sword!”

Chen Changqing waved his soft sword with 50% of his strength.

However, he only managed to resist Zhang Hans move with 50% strength, and couldnt fight back anymore.

The two attacks collided with each other, making a thunder-like noise.

There was an explosion in the sky, which caused a strong wind nearby and made the waves on the water roll.

“What a fierce sword move! Great!” Chen Changqing laughed and continued to attack with his sword.

Each of his moves was fiercer and more complicated than the last one.

At the same time, he made several unique moves of Qing Dragon blood.

Zhang Han was forced to step back.

It was not that Zhang Han didnt use all his strength, but even if he performed the most powerful sword move that he could use now, he would still be suppressed all the way by Emperor Qing who attacked with all his strength.

People on the beach side were stunned at their battle.

For them, it was a fierce battle.

They could learn a lot from it.

Emperor Qing was a powerful martial artist at God Realm Medium-stage.

While Zhang Han was at Grand Master Peak.

It was unbelievable that a Grand Master could fight in this way with someone at God Realm Medium-stage.

Zhang Han kept retreating under everyones gaze.

Chen Changqing kept using all his strength until Zhang Han had retreated several hundred meters.

Then he sighed with emotion, “Brother Han, I didnt expect your sword to be so fierce.”

“Really” Zhang Han remained calm while stepping back.

Hearing Chen Changqings words, he paused for a while and then said, “My sword is for killing people, and thats why I only perform simple but fierce moves with it.”

“Are you serious.” Chen Changqing slightly narrowed his eyes.

He always believed Zhang Han.

But Zhang Hans words were too shocking.

“Maybe you can see it one day in the future, not now.” Zhang Han took Demon Dancing Sword back and shook his head, “I didnt expect that I couldnt defeat you with these sword moves.”

When Chen Changqing saw this, he thought Zhang Han was going to stop, so he also stopped and looked at Zhang Han from ten meters away.

“With the power of Divine Realm and the help of unpredictable shadow sword, the divine weapon, I made a great effort to suppress you.

I can see how shocked my grandfather is from his facial expression.” Chen Changqing forced a smile.

“Ha ha, the battle is not over.” Zhang Han gave him a meaningful smile.

“I have another divine weapon called Roaring flame saber, and I got it after killing Gu Donglai.

One of his moves is called Water-cutting Saber, which means that this saber can even cut the water flow.

But he couldnt make the most of this move with his poor saber skills.”

All of a sudden, Roaring flame saber appeared in Zhang Hans right hand along with a hot wave.

Zhang Han said calmly, “I happen to know a saber move, with which I can cut a river.”

“Im going to show you the real Water-cutting Saber!”


A dazzling red light rushed at Chen Changqing through the sky.

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