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Chapter 637 How Do You Know So Much

Chen Changqing was Gods favored one.

He had the rare Qing Dragon blood, as well as many other trump cards.

Today, he had used half of his trump cards to fight with Zhang Han who was just a Grand Master, but he still lost.

Chen Changqing was now doubting himself.

However, that also made him respect Zhang Han even more.

Zhang Han was, and would always be his big brother.

When he looked at this vivid dark lotus, he almost couldnt believe that it was formed by exquisite sword Qi.

He wondered what kind of exquisite sword skills could be so perfect.

Chen Changqing raised his head and watched the dark lotus flower falling.

For a short moment, he was a little absent-minded.

Even Chen Changqing was shocked, not to mention the others there.

The Warlord of Chan Clan and Gai Xingkong could no longer stand by and watch.

They flew over 10 meters above the ground and observed the falling lotus.

They didnt seem very happy.

“Its like a real lotus, and it is still rotating.

This move is extremely complicated.

Whats Zhang Hans background Is he really possessed by some ancient powerhouse” the Warlord of Chan Clan was murmuring to himself.

He had no idea that what he had imagined was very similar to the truth.

Zhang Han had cultivated for 500 years and had reached the ninth level of the Tribulation Realm.

When he was about to gain immortality, divine thunder over the sky fell on him.

That was called “thunder tribulation”.

The dark clouds rolled above the ground and in the sky.

Some of those who had been struck by the thunder would be reincarnated.

Zhang Han found not only his mind, but also his physical strength had returned.

He felt as if he had grown as strong as he was in the old days.

However, God seemed to have missed something, which was the thunder yang tree that had taken Zhang Han 18 years to refine.

It was being hidden in his ear.

It was the reason why Zhang Han was making so much progress within such a short time, or he would never be able to grow so fast in cultivation.

“This…” said Ye Tianlang who suddenly rose more than ten meters higher and looked grim.

He said in a deep voice, “Im really impressed by how much progress Zhang Hanyang has made.

If he advanced into the Divine Realm someday, he would definitely become another Immortal King.”

“Immortal King!” the Warlord of Chan Clan gasped as soon as he heard the two words.

Because he was the only one there who knew what the two words really meant.

Even Gai Xingkong asked in confusion, “What doesImmortal King mean”

The Warlord of Chan Clan looked at the slowly rotating dark lotus and answered, “TheImmortal King is a very noble title.

It means that the man is the most powerful martial artist among those in the Divine Realm.

In the past 100 years, there was only one Immortal King, which was, Zhang Shenwang in the Heavenly Knights Sect.

He defeated all his opponents and was granted with this title.

The competition for the title is held once every 100 years.

Only the one with the greatest talent can be the winner.

Zhang Han is already so powerful, and its possible he can be the Immortal King if he advances into the Divine Realm.

Then there will be two Immortal Kings in the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Thats formidable!”

“Alas…” Ye Tianlang suddenly sighed.

“It has taken us decades to reach that realm, while it has only taken Zhang Hanyang half a year to achieve that.

I wondered how he could kill all his enemies no matter how powerful they were.

Is it because hes making progress really fast, or just because hes literally a monster”

“Well, Zhang Hanyang himself should be the only one who knows the answer,” the Warlord of Chan Clan said and gave a bitter smile.

“Hes coming!”

Gai Xingkongs eyes narrowed, because this attack had already quietly fallen onto him.

These people had been talking for almost 30 seconds.

It had taken the dark lotus more than half a minute to fell down on the opponents head, which might seem too slow for the two powerhouses.

However, that was not because the dark lotus flower was slow, but because Zhang Han had slowed it down on purpose.

When the lotus flower fell on his head, Chen Changqing slowly closed his eyes.


He violently flung the Roaring flame saber forward.

Then he spread out his arms and shook his body.


A deafening dragon roar came out his body.

He then radiated rays of green light.

The green light neutralized the power of the dark lotus flower.

At that moment, Chen Changqing unleashed the full power of his bloodline.

Then he destroyed Zhang Hanyangs fierce sword Qi easily.

His noble bloodline brought him many advantages, some of which could never be exceeded by swords moves.

Zhang Han spared no effort to fight with him, but he would never be able to kill Chen Changqing.

Chen Changqing had used more than half of his trump cards, but he was only at a tie with Zhang Han.

He didnt use his ultimate skill because he was afraid that he could not control the power very well.

However, he did not know that Zhang Han had a way to avoid danger even if he used his ultimate skill.

“Can you feel it” asked Zhang Han when he saw Chen Changqing neutralizing the attack.

“Yes, I can,” Chen Changqing said with his eyes closed.

“Thats the power of domination.

It doesnt belong to this world.”

“Youre wrong!” Zhang Han said and seemed exasperated at Chen Changqings wrong answer.

“Thats my power!”

Zhang Hans words stunned all the people around.

They did not understand what Zhang Han was talking about.

What Zhang Han said next made their hearts trembled.

He said calmly, “Power is destined to be controlled by people.

The power I used just now followed my heart.

It exists only when I want it to.

It died out when I want it to die out.

You certainly know about sword skills, but they dont belong to you.

It will be yours as long as you can force it to follow your heart.

You should practice harder.

It was only at this moment that Jiang Yanlan and the others finally knew that Zhang Hanyang was teaching Emperor Qing a lesson.

They couldnt believe their eyes, because they knew Emperor Qing was a powerhouse in the Divine Realm.

Judging by Emperor Qings posture, he seemed to be listening to Zhang Hanyang very modestly.

People wondered if this was really the Emperor Qing that they knew.

“I got it.

I can feel it now!” Chen Changqing yelled.

He opened his eyes and dazzling light were shooting out of it.

He then looked at Zhang Han and said in a loud and clear voice, “The true meaning of those skills need to be well versed in before I use it.

I still have a long way to go before I can really understand those skills!”

“Thats right.” Zhang Han agreed and nodded with satisfaction.

He waved his hand and took back the Roaring flame saber.

At the same time, he threw the unpredictable shadow sword over and said, “I checked on you just now and found your Qing Dragon blood, which was great, but you havent brought out its best yet.

So Im sure youve made big mistakes using your skills.”

As soon as he said that, the facial expression froze on the face of the Warlord of Chan Clan.

Gai Xingkong and Ye Tianlang paused for a second.

They were also surprised to see what was happening.

And they wondered what was the next thing Zhang Hanyang was going to say.

“What do you mean” asked Chen Changqing.

The light in his eyes was fading.

He grabbed the unpredictable shadow sword and asked curiously, “Why dont I realize if Ive made a mistake”

“Thats a huge mistake,” Zhang Han nodded and said.

“Your cultivation method might be an incomplete one.

It threatens your life and limits your power.

Judging by all your moves, your cultivation stresses on those skills with the soul attribute, but you missed one critical thing… or, I have to say, your way of cultivation is wrong.”

The Warlord of Chan Clan was stunned upon hearing those words, but Ye Tianlang started cackling.

Black Tortoise was also laughing.

“How could he tell That made him look like a charlatan!” Jiang Yanlan thought to herself with a smile on her face.

She found this very intriguing.

“Brother Han, how can you tell” Chen Changqing asked.

“Because there are a lot of loopholes in your moves, which were quite obvious to me,” Zhang Han waved his hand and answered.

“I can help you fix all your mistakes in cultivating methods.”

The Warlord of Chan Clan opened his eyes widely after he heard those words.

“Really I knew that there was something wrong with my cultivation method, but wouldnt it be too hard to fix” Chen Changqing asked suspiciously.

“Its not hard at all.

I could tell your cultivation method was wrong as soon as I saw you.

Ive got better ways, but it comes at a price… I wonder if you…” said Zhang Han as he looked at Chen Changqing up and down.

He was already considering how to get a better cultivation method for this young man.

Just then, the pupils of the Warlord of Chan Clan shrank.

He grew nervous and yelled, “Stop! Thats enough!”

He didnt want them to continue because there were too many people watching, and they should be more cautious about that.

Zhang Han glanced at the Warlord of Chan Clan and stopped talking.

Zhang Han actually didnt care if other people heard the conversation because cultivation methods werent that important.

The method used for Chen Changqing wouldnt apply to everyone.

Moreover, Zhang Han was sure that nobody would be able to understand it even if he said it out aloud.

But the Warlord of Chan Clan took it as if it was a treasure.

He still felt Zhang Han was suspicious and he didnt want to discuss this in public, He then said, “You should go to the Mount Red Leaf and wait for me, Ill be there right away.”

“You sneaky old man…” Ye Tianlang said and smiled meaningfully.

Other people thought they were going to discuss the cultivation method in private.

To everyones surprise, Zhang Han took out his phone.

He took a peep at the time.

Then he shook his head and said, “How about arranging it for some other time Its late now and I think I should go back home and spend some time with my wife.

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhang Han turned around and left, leaving those dumbfounded people behind.

He left without delay.

That was very quick.

“Humph, Vermillion Bird, look at him! What a family-oriented guy! Hes going back home to spend time with his wife!” said Black Tortoise.

He was definitely implying something.

He had a feeling that Jiang Yanlans attitude towards Zhang Han was different.

Maybe she had a crush on Zhang Han.

So Black Tortoise teased her from time to time.

“Why would I care Whats your problem” Jiang Yanlan scolded and glared at him.

Just then, somebody greeted him in the distance.

“Hi, gorgeous, we meet again.

Did you miss me”


Jiang Yanlan looked at Instructor Liu with flaming anger in her eyes.

The cheeky man was waving to her.

“Say that once again and Ill send you to the bottom of the lake,” warned Jiang Yanlan, clenching her teeth.

“I cant wait! Its so hot today and I want to cool down in there,” Instructor Liu answered with a cheeky smile.


Jiang Yanlans body suddenly moved.

She was so mad and looked as if she would kill Instructor Liu immediately.

“Ouch! Mr.

Gai, help!” Instructor Liu screamed and ran to Gai Xingkong for help.

“Well… Mr.

Tianlang, you have very interesting subordinates,” Gai Xingkong laughed.

“Ahem,” Ye Tianlang coughed and waved his hand.

“Thats enough, Yanlan.

Dont be so hot-tempered.

Hes just joking.

Act like a lady, or you wont be able to get married in the future.”

Jiang Yanlan suddenly blushed out of anger.

She looked at Ye Tianlang and was about to say something, but just by then, she saw Ye Tianlang already move and fly away.

“Humph!” Jiang Yanlan snorted and glared at Instructor Liu.

“Ill definitely beat the hell out of you someday!”

After that, she moved her body and left quickly.

“Ha, ha.” Tortoise laughed and gave Instructor Liu a thumbs-up.

He didnt say it out loud, but he seemed to approve of what Instructor Liu had done.

He found it interesting to see Jiang Yanlan get annoyed.

The three of them left in a hurry after that.

Other people also left the North Sea after they said goodbye to each other.

On their way back, they were still discussing it.

The fight today was so formidable.

None of them knew that there were mistakes in Emperor Qings cultivation method.

Zhang Han promised to give Emperor Qing a better cultivation method, people were wondering if he would do it, and if he would, how much would Emperor Qing power increase

There was no doubt that he would grow even stronger than he was now.

People were wondering why Zhang Hanyang knew almost everything

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