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Chapter 648 Instructor Liu Is Beaten Up Again

“Dahei, Little Hei, what are you doing here Go back now!”

With her left hand on her hip, Zhou Fei pointed at the two spiritual beasts with her right hand.



Little Hei shouted and jumped down in an instant.

It ran around the two and then quickly darted to the pet area.

It wanted to leave a long time ago.

After all, no one was happy to be the third wheel.

Dahei sat on the tree and looked down at the two, its eyes rolling fast.

“Woof, woof!”

It howled to catch the attention of the two.

Dahei gave a thumbs-up gesture with its two paws.

Then, it clenched its left paw, and stretched out an index finger.

Then, it held an empty fist with its right paw and put the left index finger in it.

After that, it took the index finger out and put it in again and again.

After it repeated such actions five or six times, Chen Changqings face darkened, while Zhou Feis face turned red in an instant, like a ripe apple.

It was rare to see Zhou Feis shyness.

“Dahei, get out of here now!”

“Woof, woof, woof!” Dahei ignored the warning, barked a few times, then clapped its paws and laughed.

However, the next moment, it stopped laughing abruptly.


Chen Changqing slapped it with his right hand, and its body flew out and fell on the lawn more than 20 meters away from the two.


Dahei turned its head and grinned at Chen Changqing.

It knew that he was not a man to be trifled with, so it just stuck out its middle finger and walked slowly to the pet area while swaying its big ass.

Chen Changqing was both amused and annoyed.

“That pet is just…”

“They are Mengmengs playmates and always stay by Mengmengs side.

Nobody else can order them to do anything as theyre particularly loyal to Mengmeng,” Zhou Fei explained as she stroked the bangs on her forehead.

Chen Changqing kept his eyes on Zhou Fei without a word.

He could faintly make out her appearance that year.

It was just that she looked even more beautiful now.

Although she didnt look as stunning as Zi Yan, Chen Changqing still loved her.

Just as Chen Changqing wanted to say something, he heard some noise.


Zhou Feis stomach grumbled.

Obviously, she was hungry.

Chen Changqing was stunned for a few seconds.

Then, he apologized, “Sorry, I was too involved in our conversation and forgot that you havent had dinner yet.

Lets go back for dinner first.”

“All right.” Zhou Fei nodded.

“Im really hungry.

Lets go.

The hot pot will be eaten up soon.

The food here is very delicious.

I bet you wont be willing to leave here after dining here a few more times.”

“Now that both you and Brother Han are here, I dont doubt that.” Chen Changqing smiled.

“You call him Brother Han all the time.

It seems that he is very important to you.

Did you grow up together” Zhou Fei asked curiously.

Chen Changqing shook his head slightly.

“No, I started hanging out with Brother Han only when I was in the sixth grade of primary school.

You know what, I could always have big meals when hanging out with him.

Later, our relationship got better and better, and I felt like he was my own brother.

I thought that I could help Brother Han have a better life when I entered the martial arts world and finished my cultivation in seclusion.

Unexpectedly, Brother Han is still Brother Han.

Alas, he doesnt need my help at all.

So I still follow him and enjoy the big meals.

This kind of relationship makes me feel more comfortable.

In short, I like to hang out with him.”

“Whoa, what a coincidence.

My relationship with Sister Yan is also super good,” Zhou Fei added happily.

“Thats good.

I was a little excited before and tentatively asked you such a question.

I meant no harm.

I just followed my own heart and hope you dont mind.”

“All right, all right.

Dont worry.

I have a very good relationship with Sister Yan and her husband.

To put it bluntly, you are an outsider now.

So, stop nagging me,” Zhou Fei said in a relaxed and casual tone.

Once she felt relaxed, she would be easy-going.

Chen Changqing appreciated this part of her character.

In fact, this was related to Chen Changqings life experiences in his youth.

Before the age of seven, his character was formed.

He was a little dull and weak, and he didnt like to talk much.

Only that popular kid, Zhang Han gave him a sense of security.

“Yes.” Chen Changqing nodded with a smile.

“How long have you worked as Zi Yans agent”

“Well, ten years.

I have been her agent since she made her first debut ten years ago,” Zhou Fei said casually.

“With Brother Hans personality, he should have done many romantic things, right” Chen Changqing said, full of smiles in his eyes.

“Didnt he tell you about that”

“No, he didnt.”

“How could you not know That time when fireworks lit up the whole New Moon Bay was even on the news.

He even prepared a love song, balloons and petals.

Yan was so stunned back then.” Zhou Fei was in high spirits, speaking of the topic.

“When they got to know each other, his living conditions were very poor.

Moreover, he had a bad temper and was very stubborn, which irritated Yan so much.

But then, Mengmeng spent a few days with him.

Guess what happened He came to Hong Kong and lived in a five-star hotel.

At the beginning, he was like a stone that had no feelings for Yan and only treated Mengmeng well, but later he seemed to realize his true feelings for Yan and did a lot of super romantic things for her.”

“Really” Chen Changqing was stunned and then burst out laughing.

“Thats because he didnt care at first.”

Chen Changqing made that comment because he and Zhang Han knew each other very well.

As Cheng Changqing and Zhou Fei walked to the restaurant, they were talking about Zhang Han, Zi Yan, and Mengmeng.

This was a topic that both of them were familiar with, so they both felt comfortable to talk about it.

After some time, they would gradually be more familiar with each other and have more common topics.

Of course, Zhang Han would help them.

As soon as the two reached the door of the restaurant, they saw Zhang Han and his family walking out.

“Hum Why did you get back so quickly Tsk-tsk,” Zi Yan grumbled with a smile, with deep meaning in her eyes.

Catching Zi Yans meaning, Zhou Fei became a little embarrassed.

“I arranged a dining hall for you two at the fifth floor of the castle.

You two can have a quiet dinner there,” Zhang Han added.

“Alright.” Chen Changqing nodded.

So the group of people walked into the castle.

Seeing the decoration inside, Chen Changqing kept nodding approvingly.

“Wow, very magnificent, generous.

Brother Han, the castle should have been built according to your plan, right As for the exquisite decorations, I bet it should have been arranged by Yan,” Chen Changqing said firmly.

But then, he heard a crisp denial.


The little fellow Mengmeng was unhappy.

She raised her head, looked at Chen Changqing and pouted.

“Its done by me, PaPa and MaMa.”

“Oh, right, Mengmeng, you also made contribution.

Youre really good at decorating,” Chen Changqing comforted the little girl at once.

“Yes.” The little fellow nodded seriously.

‘I was there, although I was held by PaPa.”

The group walked to the fifth floor.

There was no elevator.

The stairs looked grand, gently sloping and longer than the usual ones.

The fifth floor was also a cylindrical building.

When they arrived at the hall, a candlelit dinner had been prepared on the table, and two pieces of Kobe steak, which were much larger than the usual ones, were placed neatly.

However, Zhou Fei was not happy with the arrangement.

“Why give me a piece of steak only Its not enough at all,” Zhou Fei protested.

“Dont worry.

Later, they will serve some side dishes and spaghetti,” Zi Yan replied instantly.

“What a foodie!” Zi Yan exclaimed in her mind.

In fact, Zhou Fei was not the kind of person who would easily change her mind.

The reason why she changed her attitude towards Zhang Han so quickly was not only because Zhang Han was outstanding in all aspects, but also because the food cooked by Zhang Han had completely conquered Zhou Feis stomach.

It was out of expectations that the food there was very attractive to a foodie like Zhou Fei.

There was even a news report that several young men did two part-time jobs a day in order to have the egg fried rice at Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant.

It could be said that Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant was well-known across the whole of Hong Kong.

When people talked about the Mengmeng Group, they would always say that it was one of the biggest enterprises in Hong Kong and the background of its founder was very mysterious and strong.

It was rumored that an enterprise tried to suppress Mengmeng Group.

As soon the news was leaked from inside, a dozen high-level groups in Hong Kong, including the Luo Clan and the other two major clans and families, took action to suppress the enterprise together.

Within just one day, the enterprise declared bankruptcy.

Only then did people realize the transcendent status of Mengmeng Group in Hong Kong.

The group could be as influential and authoritative as the emperor.

They even knew that officials of the government departments would be very cordial when conducting their regular checks on the group.

Gradually, Mengmeng Group became more well-known.

Those with higher identities all kept in contact with Mengmengs Security Group.

They knew what the Five-Tiger General represented, and the 100% completion rate of their missions.

Those with higher status knew many more details about the group.

It was not hard to imagine how powerful Zhang Hanyangs people were.

However, only a small number of people knew and attached great importance to the arrival of Emperor Qing.

Obviously, his arrival meant his alliance with Zhang Han.

Even Patriarch Luo and the others, who were just about to leave after dinner, caught a glimpse of Emperor Qing and Zhou Fei who were at the fifth floor restaurant of the castle.

“I dont know when we will have the privilege to dine there.

If that happens, it will be our proud boast for many years.”

Those spectators discussed with longing in their eyes.

Then, they took their car and left the Cold Immortal School slowly.

Mengmeng Group was famous, but the Cold Immortal School was even more famous in the upper-class society.

Anyone who went there would be the heavyweights of all circles.

Many middle-level clans had spent a huge amount of money to buy the lottery draw quotas of the restaurant.

Those clans who won the lottery draw could have dinner at the schools restaurant, and during their dinner time, they even won the chances to cooperate with some large clans.

Thus, many people envied those who won such chances.

They all made up their mind to buy a membership card of the restaurant no matter the cost next time!

At the restaurant on the fifth floor of the castle.

Taking a sip of wine from time to time, Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei chatted with each other.

Their topics gradually changed to the things that had happened to them over the years.

They were still in high spirits when it came to ten at night.

However, aware that Mengmengs bedtime was around the corner, Zhou Fei proposed ending the conversation.

After the two walked out of the restaurant, they saw Zhao Feng sitting there and immersed in his mobile phone.

He was actually making an appointment with Liang Mengqi.

“Its still early for bed.

Nightlife had just begun, and the two of them just established their love relationship.

Of course, they need to spend more time together.”

“Finished your dinner” Zhao Feng stood up and asked.

“Brother Qing, Ill take you to your accommodation, next to Zhou Fei and Lilis villa.”

“Really Thats great.

Thank you.” Chen Changqing was in a good mood.

He looked at Zhou Fei and suggested, “I secretly took some tea from my grandfather.

I gave some to Brother Han, and kept some for myself.

Would you like to have some tea now”

Chen Changqing didnt tell his grandfather, because he took too much tea from his grandfather.

He felt that his grandfather might not give him that much, so he took it secretly.

It turned out Chen Changqings guess was right.

When the Warlord of Chan Clan went back to his hut and looked at his almost emptied tea box, he was so angry that he trembled for a minute.

“Well…” Zhou Fei looked at her watch and hesitated.

“All right.

But I dont have much time.

Tomorrow, Yan and I have to go to work.

Recently, we received too many cooperation proposals.

After our careful selection, we chose some good ones.

We have to check them one by one and compare them.”

“I see.”

Chen Changqing nodded, and the three of them went downstairs.

When they reached the third floor, Chen Changqing didnt stop to greet as he knew Mengmeng and her parents should have fallen asleep.

So they left the castle without a stop.

Zhang Han, Zi Yan and Mengmeng were lying in bed.

Listening to Zhang Hans bedtime story, the other two soon fell asleep.

Zhang Han was lying in between them, while Zi Yan placed her slender legs on his.

Mengmengs little head was leaning on Zhang Hans chest, and her small palm was put on it.

She felt at ease with her arms around her father.

Therefore, Zhang Han kept that gesture all night.

He could stay still like this for one year, let alone a night.

After his family was in a sound sleep, Zhang Han began cultivating the clouds in his soul sense sea, just as he did every day.

The 4,000 clouds were stretched to their limit.

When they retracted again, each cloud would grow a decimillimeter larger.

That was a hardly visible improvement.

However, as the saying went, “A long journey can be covered only by taking one step at a time”.

Making progress every day was very encouraging.

Meanwhile, Zhang Han found that the thunderbolt wandering in the clouds was constantly flashing and its energy fluctuations were getting stronger and stronger.

The Taiyi Wood Thunder was growing increasingly stronger as well.

“Its a pity that it doesnt have a soul until now!”

Everything had its soul, including a human being, grass, wood and even a thunderbolt.

It didnt mean that everything had to have its own consciousness, but it meant a kind of intelligence.

A thing without intelligence was like being dead.

If there was a trace of intelligence, its power would increase by a great extent.

Moreover, the real Taiyi Wood Thunder required intelligence as well.

For example, when a warrior was passing the thunder tribulation, the thunder only aimed at you.

If others werent too close, then they wouldnt be affected by the thunder.

This was one of the functions of intelligence.

However, this was one of Zhang Hans fantasies.

He could only come by it with luck but not by searching for it.

“After breaking through to the Innateness level, Ill try my best to transform the clouds into 10,000.

Then, I can enter the worldlet safely.”

After Zhang Han finished cultivating, he had more considerations about his further cultivation.

With regard to his current lifes cultivation, the starting point was far beyond his own expectations.

After having a good time to consider all the recent matters, Zhang Han also went to rest.

It was not yet eleven oclock, and Star-Moon Bar was just opened.

The atmosphere in the bar was very lively.

Dancing along with the heavy metal music, many people expressed their wildness and pressure.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Lets cheer up!”

Following the rhythm of the DJ, Instructor Liu shook his body and raised his hands among a group of people on the side of the corridor.

Zhao Feng and Liang Mengqi were sitting at the table in the back, while Zhang Li and Liang Hao were next to them.

The others also went to the dance floor after a while as they were not willing to be third wheels.

“Instructor… Instructor Liu!”

Ah Hu came to the dancing floor with Liu Jiaran.

Seeing Instructor Liu, he laughed and teased, “I heard that you were beaten so hard in Shang Jing that you couldnt take care of yourself.”


Instructor Liu glared at him.

“Who said that When did I get beaten”

“Oh, just knock it off.” Liu Jiaran snorted.

“We all knew that you flirted with a beautiful woman, but the rim of your eyes were beaten black and blue by her!”

“Its definitely not like that!”

Instructor Liu curled his lips and hummed, “Who leaked the news If I find out who the leaker is, Ill teach him a good lesson!”

Then, Instructor Liu became serious and began to make up his own version.

“I am telling you that the news spreading around is wrong.

In fact, I let her win on purpose.

I cant be serious in any fight with women!”

Hearing those words, Ah Hu and Liu Jiaran were stunned and looked at Instructor Liu in confusion.

Then, as if he had realized something, Ah Hu winked his eyes twice.

However, Instructor Liu was still in his feverish speech.

“Whats more, that woman Jiang can never defeat me! I just wanted her to give me a massage.

Her strength was just right and I felt very comfortable.

Later, she accidentally touched my eye sockets.

It was just a misunderstanding.

If you dont believe me, lets wait and see.

The next time I see her, I will beat her up if she dares to challenge me…”

When he was about to finish speaking, Instructor Liu suddenly felt a hot wave coming from his back, and his buttocks seemed to be a little hot.


Instructor Liu realized something in an instant and slowly turned his head.

Then he saw the woman in leather with a murderous look on her face.

“Oh, my god!”

Instructor Liu looked as if he had been struck by lightning; his expression was stiff and his eyes gradually widened.

Two seconds later, he forced a smile and waved his hand.

“Hi! What a coincidence to see you here, Captain Jiang.”

“Really” Jiang Yanlans eyes narrowed again.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Zhao Feng took Liang Mengqi, Liang Hao took Zhang Li, Ah Hu took Liu Jiaran, and several members of the security group around all retreated quickly.

They had to run as they heard the two words “Captain Jiang” clearly from Instructor Liu.

Also, they saw that Instructor Liu was in a panic!


Zhao Feng felt that if Jiang Yanlan lost her temper, she would tear this place down.

Theyd better get out of there and leave enough space for Jiang Yanlan to beat Instructor Liu up!

“Well, Captain Jiang, please dont misunderstand…”

Under Instructor Lius gaze, Jiang Yanlans fist was getting closer and closer to his eye socket.

Before he could finish his words, he screamed painfully, “Aargh!”.

The sound even overwhelmed the DJs music.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Many people nearby turned their heads instantly and looked over.

They found Instructor Liu was being kicked so hard by a beauty in leather.

“Theres a fight!”

“Oh, my God.

She created a disturbance in the Star-Moon Bar! Is she tired of living or what”


Suddenly, many people were taken aback.

“Brother Feng, Brother Hu, and Xu Yong are all watching the fight from afar.

Whats going on”

“Oh, my god.

Does that woman actually have a strong background She kicked Instructor Liu here, but security just sat back and watched!”

Even many members of the security group were stunned for a while.

Seeing Instructor Liu being beaten, they gathered around to offer help.

However, Zhao Feng and other insiders motioned them not to meddle in.

At the same time, he explained to them, “Dont panic, everyone! Its our internal affair.”

Hearing his explanation, many people realized what was happening and stared at Instructor Lius and Jiang Yanlans back with a different mood.

“It turned out that they are a couple.

The husband must be goofing around and was caught by his wife on the spot.

Gosh, but the husband is being beaten so violently!”


“Such a beautiful woman could be so brutal.

Oh, my god, how dare the man goof around with other women after having such a girlfriend”

For a moment, people were in an uproar.

Obviously, they misunderstood the situation.

But when Jiang Yanlan heard the gossip around, she started beating Instructor Liu even harder.

As a result, Instructor Lius screams became even louder.

Then, the surrounding discussions became louder than ever.

The ensuing moment, the poor Instructor Liu was being beaten harder and screamed more painfully…

It seemed the whole thing formed a weird cycle.

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