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At the entrance of Dark Abyss, Zhang Han suddenly found that a figure had quickly entered.

That figure, which was as indistinct as a shadow, looked a little strange.

Was it his father

Zhang Han didnt know.

His vision in the gem changed and went down to a water hole.

The hole was so narrow that it seemed to be only one meter in diameter.

Gradually, Zhang Hans vision became dark, but with the support of his spiritual force, he could still see some light.

He kept going down, he didnt know how long it would take.

All of a sudden, his vision shook and the surrounding environment turned into a huge cave, which was vertically down with a diameter of thousands of meters.

The whole cave was very majestic, rippling with a kind of dim light, giving Zhang Han a very strange feeling.

Suddenly, there were countless light-colored figures rising from the bottom one after another.

The magical scene soon disappeared.

Zhang Han slightly narrowed his eyes in surprise.

“Is it a ghost cave”

They were not ghosts but apparitions.

In the face of such a large number of apparitions, even the martial arts at the Divine Realm might not be able to break into the cave.

It mainly depended on the strength of the apparitions.

While a group of newly born apparitions had no threat to martial artists in the Divine Realm, they would turn the cave into a Dangerous Land when they grew up.

Most importantly, Zhang Han still looked down when his vision turned black, which showed that the people who sealed the news had explored in that direction.

It seemed to be dangerous since that man had a message saying “Entry is not allowed without the Divine Realm”.

Zhang Han didnt know what was down there.

But the scene was not enough to surprise Zhang Han.

He pondered and then said, “Make some preparations.

Its in the northern ice field of Russia, and well set out for the northern ice field three days later.”

“Okay,” Chen Changqing nodded.

He didnt ask about more details, just like when he was hanging out with Zhang Han many years ago.

He didnt have to think about anything at that time except for how to follow Zhang Han.

Chen Changqing didnt need to make preparation at all.

He had been practicing all eight drought demonic dragon recently and made great improvement.

Besides, the divine weapon unpredictable shadow sword and other treasures in his Space Ring were enough for him, and any extra preparation was unnecessary.

Yet Zhang Han had to prepare for this exploration.

He didnt know the current situation of that area, but he was confident that he could get rid of all those apparitions safely.

After making up his mind, Zhang Han began to think about some other things.

Then he dialed Gai Xingkongs number.

Anyway, Gai Xingkong and Ji Wushuang could safeguard Mount New Moon, and then Zhang Han could rest assured.

Gai Xingkong promised Zhang Han as soon as he got the news, saying that he would go to Hong Kong the next morning by air and arrive at Mount New Moon at noon.

Everything was being prepared in an orderly way.

Instructor Liu stopped shouting when the discussion ended, and then Jiang Yanlan came back in high spirits.

She said, “Ill cripple you the next time you dare to show off in front of me.”

In the end, Instructor Liu didnt come back.

Maybe he went back to concocting medicine for himself.

All the martial artists talked for another a while and then left for a rest.

Jiang Yanlan went back to the hotel she had booked.

Chen Changqing chatted with the Warlord of Chan Clan on the way to Zhou Feis residence.

Instead of persuading Chen Changqing from taking the risk and following Zhang Han, the Warlord of Chan Clan hoped that Chen Changqing could cultivate himself in this adventure.

There were many dangers in the process of practice, and long term greenhouse life was not suitable for cultivators.

The happy hours of the afternoon soon passed.

Martin and his friends, as well as their parents, stayed to have a good dinner and were full of praise at the table.

After saying goodbye to her friends, Mengmeng, tired of playing, went back to the castle to watch cartoons for a while.

At nine oclock, she fell asleep while listening to Zhang Hans story.

Zi Yan hadnt gone to sleep.

She noticed Zhang Hans emotion through his eyes and knew he wanted to tell her something.

Zhang Han sat up carefully and left the bed from the right side after Zi Yan.

He transferred Mengmeng to her small bed, gently covered her with the quilt, and then went to the chair on the big balcony with Zi Yan.

Zhang Han waved his hand and the precious red wine in the restaurant on the fifth floor floated to them with two glasses.

After pouring a little red wine for himself, Zhang Han handed Zi Yan another glass.

Zi Yan took it with a smile.

“Why are you so romantic today Anything special to tell me”

“Well, yes,” Zhang Han chuckled.

Zhang Han knew how to start a conversation in many ways and from various aspects.

Hearing Zi Yans words, he took the opportunity to say, “I feel that our wedding day is much closer.

I said before that we would hold a grand wedding.”

Zi Yan was surprised and then burst out laughing with her hand covering her mouth.

After a while, she blinked her beautiful eyes and said, “You are so naughty.

You always like to say what I love to hear.”

But Zi Yans smile was soon replaced by a worried look.

Smacking her lips, she put down her red wine glass and leaned beside Zhang Han, whispering, “Is the place you are going to be dangerous this time”

“Yes,” Zhang Han replied frankly.

Before Zi Yan got more nervous, he smiled and said with a gentle voice, “Ive explored many places much more dangerous than this one.

However frightening it may be for the other explorers, it is only a treasury land in your husbands eyes.”

“Be careful.

Mengmeng and I are waiting for you at home,” Zi Yan pouted, “I cant cultivate, otherwise I would share your burden.

You said that there was a big secret hiding within my body, but I never feel it.”

“Haha.” Zhang Han was amused and shook his head, “Youll know it later.

Dont worry, because Changqing will go with me this time.

Nothing is difficult for us.”

In fact, Zhang Han would be safer if he went to that place himself because he was experienced in predicting danger and escaping.

After all, he had wandered in another Cultivation World for 500 years.

Zhang Han took Chen Changqing with him this time because of Changqings hard power.

Changqing was now at the God Realm Medium-stage and could even challenge a martial artist at the God Realm Late-stage with the method known as all eight drought demonic dragon.

Zhang Han needed Changqings help this time in case they found some special treasures.

Zi Yan also knew how powerful Chen Changqing was.

Therefore she slightly nodded after hearing Zhang Hans words and then said, “I know youll be safe and Im not worried.

But Mengmeng wont let you go easily, and you must give her an explanation tomorrow.”

Zhang Han slightly frowned and then shook his head helplessly.

He was afraid that Mengmeng would cry again.

Usually, Zhang Han would promise Mengmeng whatever she asked for, but he must leave home for several days this time.

Seeing Zhang Hans facial expression, Zi Yan was more curious about how Zhang Han would negotiate with Mengmeng.

After two glasses of red wine, they went back to the bedroom, hugged each other and fell asleep.

The next morning, Zi Yan started to actively communicate with Mengmeng, trying to make her ready to accept the news.

The method didnt work.

Gai Xingkong and the others came to visit Zhang Han in the afternoon and they had lunch in the hall.

Chen Changqing, Zhou Fei, and Zhang Li all knew that Zhang Han and Chen Changqing would go out for several days.

Gai Xingkong said at the table, “Han, I would go with you to the ice field if you hadnt made this decision in a hurry.”

“Ah” Mengmeng heard their conversation.

She turned around and looked at Zhang Han without blinking her big eyes, “PaPa, where are you going”

“Im going to a place and it will take me… several days,” Zhang Han looked at Mengmengs expression and said slowly.

Gai Xingkongs lips quivered.

It wasnt until this moment that he remembered that Zhang Han adored his daughter so much that their exploration would even be canceled if he couldnt deal with this matter.

To everyones surprise, Mengmeng seemed to be happy after getting the news.

“Great!” She was overjoyed and cheered while waving her little arms, “Were going out to have fun again.”

Upon hearing her words, everyone on the scene did not know whether they should laugh or cry.

“Well,” Zhang Han felt helpless, but he had to tell the truth.

So he smiled at Mengmeng and said, “Mengmeng, you cant go with me this time.

Im leaving home for my own business, and you should stay at home with MaMa.”

“Why” Mengmeng was stunned.

She raised her head and even forgot to blink her eyes.

Seeing Mengmengs expression, Zhang Han knew that she would burst into tears if he said something improper.

“Mengmeng, you want to see your grandparents, right” Zhang Han changed his method.

“Grandparents Yes, I want to see them.” Mengmeng was attracted by this topic.

“Im going to bring your grandparents home.

They will be happy to see Mengmeng staying at home and waiting for PaPa as an obedient girl,” Zhang Han said in a soft voice.

“No, I dont want to see them now.

I want to stay with PaPa,” Mengmeng pouted again.

Zi Yan came to help Zhang Han in a hurry, “Do you still want to hold beautiful flowers at the wedding of PaPa and MaMa Well hold a wedding after your grandparents come back.”

“Really” Mengmeng was stunned again and began to think about it.

Obviously, she still didnt want to let her PaPa go.

“Yes, Mengmeng will be well-dressed that day and many people will attend our wedding,” Zhang Han echoed, “It will only take me several days and Ill be back soon.”

“I want to go with you.” Mengmeng looked at Zhang Han with expectation in her eyes.

Zhang Han wavered and even wanted to promise Mengmeng.

Yet he didnt know if he could guarantee Mengmengs safety in that dangerous place.

Zhang Han sighed silently and then touched Mengmengs head with a gentle expression, “Ill be back soon.

MaMa will feel lonely if you go with me and leave her at home.

Do you want to see that”

“Yes,” Zi Yan took over the topic, “Ill be sad if Im left lonely at home…”

It took Zhang Han more than half an hour to cooperate with Zi Yan and persuade Mengmeng.

The others at the table couldnt help but sigh silently, “Its hard to coax children sometimes!”

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