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Anyway, Mengmeng accepted Zhang Hans arrangement and promised him.

She held Zhang Hans arm with both her arms and pouted.

“PaPa, when will you be back” asked Mengmeng.

“Well… Ten days maybe” Zhang Han tried to comfort her.

Mengmeng quickly released Zhang Hans arm and looked at her ten little fingers.

She felt unhappy again, “Tens days are too long.”

“Seven days” Zhang Han tried again.

“Seven days is still too long.”

“Five days! Ill be back five days later.” Zhang Han made up his mind.

Zi Yan was amused by Zhang Hans heroic utterance and giggled with her hand covering her month.

“Five days will pass quickly.”

She was very relaxed at this moment and didnt expect that Zhang Hans task wouldnt be completed in five days.

After coaxing Mengmeng, Zhang Han and Chen Changqing applied for the visa in the afternoon and arranged a flight to the northern ice field in Russias Sakha region at 1:00 p.m.

the next day.

Just as the largest desert in Hua nation, the ice field there was boundless with few people.

The ice field was cold all year round, so many places there had not been explored.

Many places in the ice field were regarded as Deadlands by ordinary people, which were easy to enter and difficult to get out.

They were going to Aossel by air, and there was some distance between the city and the south side of the northern ice field.

They had designed a route to get off the plane in Auxerre and travel 300 kilometers north to a small town where they could have a proper rest, and then travel north to the depths of the ice field.

It was a pity that the change of their plan couldnt keep up with the change of the actual situation.

At two oclock in the afternoon, Zhang Han and Zi Yan were sitting in the back mountain pet area, with Mengmeng playing beside them with Dahei and Little Hei.

Jiang Yanlan appeared under a thunder yang tree.

Seeing Emperor Qing and Zhou Fei sitting on another side of the tree, she went to chat with them.

After a while, Chen Changqing waved at Zhang Han.

“PaPa is going there,” Zhang Han said, touched Mengmengs cheek, and then went to Chen Changqing.

After everyone sat down, Jiang Yanlan said with a serious look, “I learned this morning that at 0:00 last night, that a huge boat of curse appeared again.

Last time, it disappeared in Bermuda, one of the three Deadlands.

This time, it appeared in the deep Arctic.

It is said that it only appears once in a decade, but we have heard of it three times in the past six months.”

Jiang Yanlan sighed to show her concern and nervousness about it.

Then he continued, “No matter what the reason for its appearance, it made a big incident as always.

From the Arctic all the way south, it bumped into a terrifying place, which was actually an A-level relic according to the Russian martial arts world report.

The fluctuation of the relic is extremely strange, sometimes strong and sometimes illusory.

And its location is in the northern Sakha ice field, which has been blocked.

Our special confessor told us the news.

Although the news has not spread, there will be many powerful martial artists gathering there.

Zhang Hanyang, you, and Emperor Qing are going to the northern ice field, and your destination may be that relic.”

When speaking, Jiang Yanlans expression was very dignified, because the Russian martial arts world was also very strong.

Nowadays, although there were few God State Strongs making trouble there, their overall strength could not be underestimated.

Zhang Han and Chen Changqing had to face not only this dangerous and terrifying place but also the local martial artists of Russia.

Chen Changqings expression was also serious.

To their surprise, Zhang Han smiled, “Isnt it better to have some cannon fodder”

Hearing his words, Jiang Yanlan said helplessly, “Its not good news.

There are not only martial artists but also werewolves in the northern Russian ice field.

Have you heard about them before They are usually seen in the northern ice field.

Ten years ago, Vern, the leader of the Ice Wolf tribe, tore up an army with hundreds of werewolves.

They are horrible, especially Vern, who is said to be able to tear God State Strongs with his sharp paws.”

“I see.” Zhang Han nodded.

He was very grateful to Jiang Yanlan for her kindness, and he was confident in his strength.

Sensing the frozen atmosphere, Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Werewolves are just humans with the blood of wolves of various attributes.

Changqings Qing Dragon blood can suppress them and no martial artists below the Earth Realm can harm us.”

Zhang Han was modest.

Neither Jiang Yanlan nor Zhou Fei dared to look down on him.

The land under an emperors feet was his, and all the people in his land obeyed him.

Everyone knew that Cheng Changqing was more powerful than Zhang Han in terms of strength, but they had been contacting Zhang Han for a long time and found this man more dazzling.

“He is so extraordinary.

What kind of person is he”

Jiang Yanlan looked at Zhang Han and sighed with admiration.

“The prince of the Heavenly Knights Sect is not ordinary.”

“Captain Jiang is right.

Ive failed in a battle with Vern, and he is really competitive.

If Vern blocks our way this time, Ill teach him a lesson with all eight drought demonic dragons.” Chen Changqing smiled with ambition and confidence.

He was looking forward to the second battle with Vern.

Jiang Yanlan was surprised, “Have you fought with Vern before”

“Yes,” Chen Changqing nodded, “About two years ago, my grandfather took me to the Arctic and acquainted with Vern, who tried to block our way.

We exchanged three moves, and he dared not to challenge my grandfather.

He was at the Divine Realm at that time.”

“Vern couldnt defeat the Warlord of Chan Clan, and he also knew it.” Jiang Yanlan was amused and then took a glance at Zhang Han, “Take care of yourself, and remember to inform me when you are in need of help.”

She had been in Hong Kong for some days, but she hadnt made any friends yet.

She liked to go to Star-Moon Bar and was soon regarded as a female devil because she had beaten Instructor Liu so many times at Star-Moon Bar.

She soon became the eldest sister of the bar staff, and all the janitors, including Brother Long, dared not to offend her.

Jiang Yanlan wanted to leave after saying this.

Zhang Han, who had remained silent, stopped her and said, “I need your help now.

Please change our flight to 7 p.m.

if you can.”

“Okay, Ill arrange it for you,” Jiang Yanlan nodded and left.

“Are you leaving this afternoon, Brother-in-law What about Mengmeng” Zhou Fei looked at the little guy waiting not far behind them.

“Well…” Zhang Han shook his head, not knowing what to say.

He could do nothing but to coax Mengmeng again.

He had planned to explore that relic the next day, but he didnt expect to hear about the boat of curse.

Was it there to look for food again

Zhang Han thought that a place of that scale should be unique in the central area of the northern ice field.

As for the local martial artists, Vern, Ice Wolves and some other God State Strongs were likely to break into that relic.

The more danger there was, the more opportunities they might get.

Therefore, Zhang Han decided to start ahead of time.

He also considered whether he could coax Mengmeng to sleep and leave at night, but he knew that it would be more difficult to comfort Mengmeng if she couldnt find her father after waking up.

Therefore, Zhang Han decided to leave after supper.

“Alas,” Zhang Han sighed silently.

Though he felt said, it was a must for him.

Zhang Han stood up and went back to the pet area to spend the afternoon with Mengmeng.

They had dinner on the fifth floor of the castle that day.

Both Zhang Han and Zi Yan tried to comfort Mengmeng during supper.

Nevertheless, the little girl still felt depressed.

At 6:30 p.m., Rong Jiaxin, Wang Ya, Zhou Fei, and Zhang Li came to bid farewell to Zhang Han and Chen Changqing.

Mengmeng, staying in Zi Yans arms, pouted and waved her little hand.

There were tears in her eyes.

“PaPa, come back earlier.

You have five days and you must keep your promise of being back soon.”

Zhang Han turned his head slowly and said with a smile, “Okay, Ill be back soon.”

Though he was reluctant to say goodbye, he had to turn around and get on the car.

He sighed after the car was started.

‘Whats your feeling now” Chen Changqing, sitting beside him, asked with a smile.

“Im reluctant to leave them,” Zhang Han replied without hesitation, “When you have children, youll know… Its not a good feeling.”

“Well, Im happy to know youre in a bad mood.” Chen Changqing patted Zhang Han on the arm.

“Why” Zhang Han looked at Chen Changqing in confusion, not knowing what he was talking about.

Chen Changqing grinned and said, “Because I think Feifei and I are about to get married.”

“Thats good news.

You are not slow,” Zhang Han smiled.

“Congratulations, brother Qing,” Zhao Feng also smiled.

The atmosphere in the car was getting better.

At the same time, worried about Mengmeng, Zhang Li and a large group of people were playing with the little girl on the first floor of the castle.

Mengmengs emotions could even affect them because Zhang Han adored her.

If he didnt like Mengmeng, the others would not care so much about her.

More than 10 minutes later, Zhang Han and Chen Changqings arrived at the small airport behind the company.

Apart from the professional service staff, they were the only ones on the plane.

Zhao Feng, Xu Yong, Jiang Yanlan, and Instructor Liu were standing not far from the side of the plane.

She didnt beat Instructor Liu this time.

This was because Instructor Lius attitude was very good.

They watched the plane slowly lift off and disappear into the clouds.

Instructor Liu turned his head and asked flatteringly, “Beauty Lan, are you thirsty Would you like some red wine”

Get lost!” Jiang Yanlan replied without hesitation.

She didnt want to fight now, because Instructor Lius eyes had not recovered.

She preferred to beat him in his best condition.

Therefore, Jiang Yanlan ignored Instructor Liu and left him alone.

The others all smiled at Instructor Liu and encouraged him with their eyes.

In everyones opinion, the boss and Emperor Qings expedition was risk-free.

The overall strength of the Hua nations martial arts circle was in the leading position in the world, while the strength of Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing was at the top level of the Hua nation.

It was believed that they would be also very competitive abroad.

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