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Chapter 666 In the Pit

Hearing Verns words, all his men moved forward more than ten meters to surround Zhang Han and Chen Changqing.

Among the nearly one hundred werewolves, there were three Divine-Realm martial artists, who could defeat all the other explorers with Vern, the king of Ice Wolf.

Local people dared not to provoke the Ice Wolves.

Even if they knew they were not strong enough, these werewolves would fight against their enemies fearlessly.

They also held grudges and would take revenge for their clan members at all costs.

Once upon a time, three young werewolves of the Ice Wolf Clan were killed by a martial master at Grand Master Late-stage, who was from another force.

The next day, 3000 Ice Wolf soldiers surrounded that mans sect.

The sect refused to give them an explanation and acted in an indifferent way.

They even called someone for help, who dared not appear upon seeing the scene.

The Ice Wolf Clan was not the only force surrounding that sect.

There were Blood Wolf Clan, Shadow Wolf Clan, Demon Wolf Clan…

It was so scary, but all the werewolves of the other clans didnt intend to take actions.

Instead, they were there to prevent others from getting involved in the conflict.

Vern, along with all his 3000 Ice Wolves, attacked the sect in the mountain.

And the battle lasted for three days and three nights.

The Ice Wolf Clan destroyed that sect at the cost of half of their members.

The whole Russian martial arts world was shocked, and even many martial artists in Hua nation were attracted by the battle.

Ice Wolf Clan was well-known from then on, but they had suffered a lot from that battle.

The birth cycle of werewolves was long, and they had not recovered yet after more than ten years.

Vern had been making progress, and now he was at God Realm Late-stage.

The Ice Wolf Clan brought pressure to everyone present, including the seven men at Divine Realm, who dared not to provoke the werewolves.

Even that one-eyed man gave up making a move.

Compared with Emperor Qings provocation, the treasure in the pit was more attractive.

Moreover, he knew that if both of them were injured in the battle, they would lose the qualification to seek treasures.

“Ha ha.” Chen Changqing smiled.

He had intended to fight for brother Han just now.

Though his Brother Han hadnt reached Divine Realm yet, Chen Changqing had never regarded him as merely at Grand Master Peak.

Gai Xingkong, Warlord of Chan Clan, Ji Wushuang, Mo Chengfeng, Lei Tiannan… All those who knew Zhang Han had never regarded him as a low-level martial artist, either.

It was impossible.

Zhang Han killed Gu Donglai in Lin Hai City and then fought against Chen Changqing in Shang Jing, which proved his strength, and there was even someone who misjudged him as at Divine Realm.

Chen Changqings attitude offended many people who were present.

While those low-level martial artists dared not to say anything, those at Divine Realm were afraid of Vern, the king of Ice Wolf, and decided to go down the pit first.

That one-eyed man took a glance at Chen Changqing and then said in a husky voice, “Be careful when you head down.”

He didnt hide his malice at all.

He planned to make trouble for the two new comers when he had the opportunity in the pit.

Just at this time…


A wave came from the bottom of the pit.

Verns pupils looked like snowflakes now.

Everyone else was excited when they felt the wave.

They came to the edge of the pit and looked down, finding that the entrance of the space boundary was shaking.

“Its the weakest time for the border.

Lets move in order.” Vern said and then took a glance at Chen Changqing, “You two foreigners should be the last to enter the pit.”


“Buzz, buzz, buzz.”

The seven men at Divine Realm were all shocked by Vern.

“They are the last to enter it”

“Is Vern going to let them face the unknown risk”

“Did Vern meet them before and is he now flattering them”

They wanted to question, but the Ice Wolf king had already led two men at the Divine Realm into the pit by this time.

The other God State Strongs thought about it and followed them into the pit.

That one-eyed man turned to take a glance at Chen Changqing and said, “Bang.”

He made the shape of the gun with his hands along with a sound, and then jumped into the pit.

“Ha.” Chen Changqing sneered and ignored that man.

Chen Changqing wanted to kill all those people like One Eye.

But he didnt get the opportunity, and Brother Han was with him.

“Lets go” Chen Changqing asked Zhang Han.

Zhang Han nodded, went to the edge of the pit and looked into it.

Zhang Han saw that the Ice Wolf king and others had reached the bottom.

Vern took a glance at the glowing entrance and jumped into it suddenly.

The others followed him.

Instead of jumping into the pit, Zhang Han stood beside the pit and activated his soul sense secretly.

Everyone in the pit didnt notice this, the moment they jumped into that entrance, Zhang Hans soul sense was transformed into a silk thread and explored inward in the moment of fluctuation.

When everyone on the lower side entered the relic, Zhang Han withdrew his soul sense and shook his head slightly, “Lets go.”

“Okay.” Chen Changqing was surprised but nodded without hesitation.

Zhang Han took a step forward.


He directly crossed the pit, followed by Chen Changqing, and the two of them disappeared to the north.

All the Grand Master present were stunned.

“Why did they leave”

“Are they passing by Why did they leave Dont they want to enter Are they afraid of that one-eyed man”

“They are afraid.

Ha ha, they are just two boys from Hua nation, and Emperor Qing is not as powerful as he is said to be.

They are good at acting and even remained calm until they left.

Their acting skill is so good, its a pity that they are not movie stars.”

Everyone was discussing, and even some experienced elder martial artists sighed with emotion, “They are clever, and sometimes its better for them to give up.

At least they have the space to grow, otherwise they may be killed by One Eye, who is vindictive, in the pit.”

Everyone present believed that Zhang Han and Chen Changqing were afraid.

They did not talk too much about it.

Among them, there were nearly 20 martial artists at Grand Master Peak looking into the pit.

They were not here to play, but seeking an opportunity to reach the Divine Realm.

But none of them spoke at this time, and the crowd gradually quieted down.

Five minutes later…

All of a sudden, someone said, “Five minutes have passed.

Shall we go down”

“Arent we going to wait for them” Someone else hesitated.

There were a total of ten God State Strong ahead of them, and they intended to follow the high-level martial artists into the relic.

But they were worried that five minutes was not enough for those martial artists to clear the way for them.

So they happily reached a consensus, “Lets wait for them.”

Another five minutes later…

“Shall we go now” That man again took the lead to ask.

He was impatient.

Someone told him, “Its better to give them more time to go forward.”

They decided to continue waiting.

Half an hour later, they reached an agreement again, “Lets go!”


Many of them took action immediately.

They jumped into the pit one by one.

They slid down a ten degree ramp to the entrance.

Although they could not see what was inside, they rushed into it easily.

The entrance couldnt stop them now.

It was dark in the entrance, but they soon see a light in front.

However, they were astonished at what they saw and gasped in fear.

There are still huge openings that tilted down.

A hundred meters below, Vern, the Ice Wolf King, and the other nine Divine-Realm martial artists were fighting with countless things.

Those things were blue and translucent with indistinct outline, which could not be seen clearly.

Now they were slightly glowing.



Many people were surprised at the apparitions and the amount of them.

What was more, the ten powerful people at God State Strong, facing the countless apparitions, only covered a hundred meters in more than half an hour

It was so frightening.

“What can we do” These people in the back looked at each other a few times, intending to retreat.

They all knew that if they had come in first, they would have been devoured by these apparitions in an instant.

What was important was that this was just the entrance, and no one knew what dangers were further inside!

“I give up.” A middle-aged man in the crowd was afraid.

He turned to retreat, but found that the glowing entrance had disappeared!

“How is that possible” The man turned pale and began shaking.


All the people present turned their heads and saw the darkness behind them.


Some people took a few steps forward, but found that they could not go through.

All of them were cold in body and mind, as if they had fallen into an ice hole.

“When did the entrance disappear”

They couldnt believe this weird scene.

“Its not a kind of space or time relic, right Did it really degenerate into A-level relic”

“We cant go back.” Someone said desperately.

They looked terrified.

They had been confident before when they could go ahead and back at will.

They had planned to follow the ten Divine Realm martial artists and seek for some opportunity, and they didnt know how to go back now.

Just when they were at a loss…


A sound was heard throughout the cave.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!”

Under their terrified gazes, the bottomless cave in front of them was lit up.

It was like a little star, but gradually everyone was shocked when they saw its outline.

In front of them, just like the surging waves, there were countless apparitions!

“My gosh.

There are here!”

“We are blocked!”

“What can we do now”

All the Grand Masters were nervous.

At this moment, Vern, who was fighting in front, frowned and turned around, “Come help me.

The exit is 300 meters ahead, lets kill them as soon as possible.”

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