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Chapter 678 Here They Are!

The Wu Dao World in China was invincible over the whole martial arts world.

About a hundred years ago, the most tragic battle in history took place in the Eastern and Western worlds.

At the very start, it was only a conflict in the worldly martial arts world.

Yet, as both sides kept contacting their helpers, the detached sects and powerful sects from the worldlet gradually emerged in succession.

Those at Grand Master Peak were just hard-core members, and the martial artists at the Divine Realm Stage became ordinary, while the people at the Earth Realm also showed up.

The two sides beat to a frazzle in that world-shaking battle.

The uninhabited region of the South Sea, as the main battlefield, witnessed countless casualties.

The later generation considered that war as the Battle of Era.

The Chinese martial artists killed their enemies at the expense of great injuries and deaths, leading to a hundred-year countermarch of the Wu Dao World in China.

As for those Western countries involved, they were pushed back for at least 70 years.

Now, they did not expect that history would repeat itself after a hundred years.

The gate of the small world was about to open.

Similarly, the dispute of the martial arts world was about to begin on a large scale.

The people of the secular world shared a complicated relationship with the seats of the worldlet.

Some people speculated that another war of the new era would break out if they kept holding fire.

“Damn it!” Instructor Liu cursed in a rage after hanging up the phone.

“Hows it going Did he refuse to your proposal” Ah Hu, among the more than a dozen members of the security group standing next to him, asked in a hurry.

“No, he didnt!” Instructor Liu put on a ferocious expression, “Bomb any invaders.


The No.10 army group should set off now.

Mount New Moon must be impregnable!”

“Great!” Ah Hu burst into laughter and said, “Theyll suffer the formidable force of the cannon!”

Considering that the war would be great chaos, Instructor Liu was worried that something would go wrong on the mountain.

For the sake of absolute security, he begged his uncle.

Generally speaking, the army was not allowed to be deployed.

Fortunately, Zhang Han was titled as general, so Instructor Liu eventually mobilized the well-known No.10 army group.

In the face of such army groups, even ten martial artists at the Divine Realm Stage would be bombarded into pieces.

His uncle, however, also reminded him to maintain vigilance, because the army might be forced to withdraw under the pressure of the external world.

After hearing that, Instructor Liu promised that the battle would come to an end in three days.

Since they had received exact information that the Western alliance had been mustering helpers, he deemed that the enemies would come on Friday, no later than Saturday.

Therefore, three days was enough.

It was a great idea, but unfortunately, the case was more serious than Leading Cadre Liu had expected.

“Diruo Country of the Western world has dispatched ten aircraft carriers, directly aiming at the South Sea.”


The news quickly spread one after another in succession.

The government started an urgent and intense negotiation that lasted for five hours.

Finally, they reached an agreement that the martial arts world should solve the cases themselves, and other departments were not allowed to intervene.

Therefore, the No.10 army group retreated, which annoyed Instructor Liu.

Fortunately, he obtained a batch of high-tech weapons and gave them to those Heaven-stage Masters in the security group.

Time was limited, and only the group of people brought by Instructor Liu at that time could employ them.

Over the course of the day, the news spread all over the Wu Dao World in China.

Reactions appeared mixed.

“Divine objects I didnt expect that Zhang Hanyang possessed two divine objects.

My god, those who own one are capable of establishing a new sect.

I never thought that he would have two!”

“In addition to two divine objects, he owns various holy objects and countless Heaven-grade treasures, Mount New Moon in the possession of Zhang Hanyang is… simply a place where treasures gather!”

“The Westerners gathered so many troops for the purpose of looting divine objects!”

“Damn it, the divine objects should belong to the Wu Dao World in China since Zhang Hanyang is dead.

How can others grab them”

They looked at each other in silence.

Suddenly, the divine objects became much more attractive to them.

A majority of them were impressed by the divine objects.

In fact, they did not dare to covet these treasures as they heard the news and found that there were so many martial artists at the Divine Realm Stage protecting them.

Still, with the news of many Western families and martial artists at the Divine Realm Stage spreading, they were ready to make trouble.

In the courtyard of Shi Fenghous sect…

More than a dozen martial artists of Wind Snow School, who were in the same state as the two people killed by Zhang Han in Shang Jing, looked old but their hearts were leaping with youth.

“Leaving the two divine objects aside, we cant tolerate Zhang Hanyang killing two of our junior brothers!”

“Even if Emperor Qing and other masters help him, Zhang Hanyangs force is about to collapse.

Its an irreversible trend.

Moreover, this is not a battle between the Wu Dao World in China and the Western world, but one involves all of Zhang Hanyangs enemies!”

They defined themselves as Zhang Hanyangs enemies because of the general trend.

Considering that the foreign enemies were really powerful, they wanted to have a finger in the pie as well.

In fact, it was reasonable for them to do so without being criticized by others, and the Wind Snow School did not need to explain to others before taking action by the right of their powerful strength.

“Wed better go to consult with Fenghou about this matter.”

So, a dozen or so people rushed to the Back Hill.

When they arrived at the place where Shi Fenghou meditated in seclusion, they received a cold response, “What am I going to do without Zhang Han”

Regardless of Shi Fenghous thought, those people booked their tickets and set off for Hong Kong that night.

Actually, they did not see Shi Fenghou putting on a conflicted expression.

The two divine objects were also attractive to him, but he had his own pride.

Although they were tempting, he disdained to take advantage of loopholes in the face of powerful enemies.

Ye Longyuan and Mu Xue shared the same thought, refusing to go there after learning of the situation.

Nevertheless, many other people insisted on taking a share.

Did pride and arrogance make sense

Outside the Xiang Qitians main hall of the Mystical Fog Sect in Xihang City stood ten Grand Masters and dozens of Heaven-stage Masters.

They were all waiting for the chief Xiang Qitian in the room.

When Xiang Qitian learned the news, he sat alone in the room, with his legs crossed.

Two hours later, he suddenly opened his eyes, which were filled with determination and resolution.

He stood up calmly and slowly walked out of the room, then sat on the old-fashioned wooden armchair.

After glancing at the disciples of the sect, he said in a low voice, “Zhang Hanyang killing Master Mie Shashi and the rest of his clan is the cause.

Now, hes dead in the northern icy plains, leaving behind two divine objects and other treasures.

In the face of powerful Western opponents, they wont be able to hold on.

His treasures have belonged to the world, so were qualified to fight for them.

This is the effect.

Every one of the Mystical Fog Sect, go to Hong Kong with me tonight to fight for our opportunities.”

“Yes sir!” Feeling both nervous and excited, everyone in the room roared.

They knew that he did not need to fight against God State Strongs, such as Emperor Qing and the Warlord of Chan Clan, but prepared to compete with those they were capable of defeating.

Furthermore, in the face of powerful Western enemies, Emperor Qing and his companions would get into trouble and might not be able to figure out what was going on.

In addition, as a well-known saying goes, “Everyone gives a shove to a falling wall”!

The battle for the treasures on Mount New Moon was about to ravage the mountain.

Moreover, they had a chance to obtain a large number of holy objects on the mountain even if the divine objects were grabbed by others.

Apart from holy objects, there were various Heaven-grade treasures.

Those treasures were attractive enough for many people to take action.

The members of the Li family and the He family in Shenzhen went to Hong Kong as soon as possible in a high-profile manner!

How could Zhang Hanyang, a dead person, suppress us

They did not merely chase after treasures, because they were aware that they were not qualified to acquire divine objects.

Perhaps they might be able to compete for holy objects.

Meanwhile, in the remote mountains of the Central Plains, there was a Xanadu with beautiful scenery, where water flowed beneath a small bridge.

Also, all the waterfalls flowed around a sect.

At the very front was a huge square, on which laid a variety of stalls.

It looked like a snack street from afar.

Heavenly Elixir Sect!

This was the Heavenly Elixir Sect, and that square was where the Annual Medicinal Pellet Auction of the sect was held.

Many people in the martial arts world were familiar with the Heavenly Elixir Sect, for they all came here to buy medicinal pellets.

It was a sect mainly for refining elixirs, with less than 100 disciples in total who focused on refining elixirs in ordinary times.

They were intimately connected with the outside world, so they learned the news of the divine objects and holy objects at once.

The leader of the Heavenly Elixir Sect, with a long beard, was dressed in an azure robe that contained the aura of an Immortal.

Still, his triangular eyes left a cunning expression on others.

He walked out of the sect, looked at the dozen people in front of him, and said, “Lets go.

Contact Emperor Qing in advance and ask him to hand over a divine object since Zhang Han killed the senior masters of the Heavenly Elixir Sect.

If not, our Heavenly Elixir Sect will take corresponding measures.”

After that, he moved and took the lead to go down the mountain.

The head of the Heavenly Elixir Sect was also a martial artist at the Divine Realm Stage.

He deemed that he would have got more kicks than halfpence if they dunned for treasures when Zhang Han was alive.

In view of Zhang Hans nature, his action would have backfired.

Yet now, these two divine objects were too appealing.

The sect head could not help but bring his men there in person.

There were still some masters as powerful as him.

Under such a circumstance, the martial arts world of Hong Kong apprehended danger in every sound.

Some martial artists had to be watchful and reverent in recent days because they regarded everyone as a foreign master.

At nine oclock in the morning on Friday, Chen Changqing sat on the roof of Mengmengs classroom and looked toward the horizon in the distance with depression, taking puffs constantly.


All of a sudden, a figure quickly rushed over him.

It was not Lu Xiong, but Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng said in a deep voice with anger, “Brother Qing, Ive just learned the news that the head of the Heavenly Elixir Sect asked us to take out a divine object to offset my Masters crime of killing their senior masters.

Otherwise, theyll hit us when were down.”

“Hmm” Coldness climbed up Chen Changqings eyes, “Where are they”

“They havent arrived in Hong Kong, but I heard that theyve already set off from the sect and may arrive this afternoon.” Zhao Fengs expression changed, “Theyre the third group.”

“Humph!” Chen Changqing snorted and said, “They are a group of cowards who only dare to have empty talk!”

Chen Changqing knew that this group of people planned to make trouble in the rear when the strong Western enemies fought against them.

They, however, actually did not dare to face them.

He intended to destroy one or two forces to boost morale, but they did not open a gate to him, which annoyed Chen Changqing greatly.

He had no alternative, leading to greater pressure.

In particular, Zi Yan was in a terrible state recently, being in a coma from time to time.

However, she always got up steam every day when Mengmeng went to school and took her to school in person.

When Mengmeng was about to come home, she also sat to wait with great difficulty.

She was in a coma during the day and lost all desire for food and drink, which made other people anxious.

Everyone was aware that she cried every day.

Rong Jiaxin and the others shared the same feeling.

Since their backbone had an accident, they were all in a mess.

Fortunately, the Warlord of Chan Clan and Gai Xingkong still assumed personal command there.

Time slowly passed.

At seven oclock the next morning, Mengmeng opened her eyes beside Zi Yan.

The little girl woke up.

“Uh” Mengmeng was stunned, rubbed her eyes in a daze, and opened them again, “Wheres PaPa”

Then she pushed Zi Yans shoulder gently with both hands and said, “MaMa, MaMa, will PaPa come back today Hes not here, MaMa.”

Hearing Mengmengs voice, Zi Yan slowly opened her eyes, feeling somewhat tired.

Her eyes were suffused with sadness, and she said in a hoarse voice, “Your PaPa… may return before nightfall.”

“Hum.” Mengmeng became upset all of a sudden, sitting on the bed with her mouth pouted at a loss.

At this moment, the door opened, and Rong Jiaxin, who was sleeping next door, rushed over on hearing Mengmengs words.

“Get up, Mengmeng.

Come on, Ill take you to wash your face.

Since your mother is sick, you should be obedient.” Rong Jiaxin sighed inwardly as she looked at Zi Yan and walked up to Mengmeng.

Mengmengs watery eyes were filled with tears as she heard what Rong Jiaxin said.

“MaMa, why are you sick MaMa, please recover quickly.

Why hasnt PaPa come back yet”

She burst out crying again.

Rong Jiaxin coaxed her in a hurry.

Yet, whatever she did, Mengmeng still kept crying until Zi Yan struggled to sit up and held Mengmeng in her arms.

In her mothers arms, listening to her soft tone, Mengmeng stopped crying.

Nonetheless, Rong Jiaxin felt somewhat surprised and bewildered at this point.

She saw something weird when Zi Yan sat up and stretched out her arms to Mengmeng.

A small piece of her pajamas was lifted and Zi Yans slender waist was exposed.

There seemed to be a flash of light that appeared in the position of her dantian, like the crescent moon hanging in the sky, leaving a mysterious impression.

What was it

Rong Jiaxins eyes narrowed and she approached Zi Yan to touch her pajamas.

After raising it, she did not find the shining mark but Zi Yans smooth skin.

“Did I misread it”

Rong Jiaxin was a little confused.

She could not figure out what was going on and guessed it might be the result of the inefficacy of the medicinal pellet Zi Yan had taken before.

Zi Yans state and Mengmeng, who had just stopped crying, were the priority.

She helped coax Mengmeng as well and eventually supported Zi Yan to wash up with the little girl.

When they had breakfast, Zi Yan just ate a little bit porridge as usual.

She was so sad that whoever saw her felt sorry for her.

It was not until noon that Zi Yan got better.

She sat on the back hill, staring at Mengmeng, who was sitting in the pet area.

Mengmeng was depressed, and Dahei and Little Hei also stopped barking.

They seemed to have discovered something strange.

The atmosphere of Mount New Moon changed.

Zi Yan, who was in a better state, received a phone call from her father, Zi Qiang.

He had already learned the news.

Zi Yan covered her mouth with her hand and burst into tears, almost fainting.

Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, martial artists of the Zi Clan, including Zi Long and Zi Hu, came over in the evening.

Mengmeng began to cry again.

“Didnt PaPa promise to return today Why hasnt he come back yet”

It seems that Zhang Han sensed their sadness and two beams of light suddenly appeared in a dark space.


They were radiated by Zhang Hans eyes.


He moved and stood up as soon as possible, spreading a huge amount of spiritual sense energy in all directions.

It reached a range of one li, two li… thirty li.

He soon discovered something.

Twenty-nine li to the front right appeared a boat of curse, which was swallowing a bulk of gloomy energy, and a densely packed pile of bones laid in front of the boat.

“The Dark Abyss The Dark World”

Zhang Hans eyes narrowed, and he said, “This is likely to be one of the three Deadlands, the Indonesian Bone Cave.”

“The Dark World always appears on a large scale in the north of Russia where ice covers.”

“The Dark Abyss was smashed by this ship, becoming a true worldlet.

However, by right of its speed, I came to the Deadland, Bone Cave.

Im so lucky to be here, or Ive been in trouble if I had stayed in the ruins.”

“Time is limited, and I need to return as soon as possible.”

Zhang Han looked at the boat of curse from afar.

Now that it could hit the Land of the Thunder Spirit, it was obvious that it was not formed by simple curses.

“Ill personally expose your disguise once I reach the Innateness Stage!”

After saying that, Zhang Han moved in another direction.

Facing the danger of the Bone Cave, which was known as one of the Deadlands, he began to move quickly and ignored all the treasures he encountered.

He was indeed in a Deadland and the treasures were beset with crises.

Zi Yan and Mengmeng were the only two who could ask Zhang Han to give up.

Saturday was a smooth day.

Many Western experts, however, did not come over.

It seemingly quieted down all of a sudden.

There was no news about them.

As for a few martial artists in Hua nation, containing the disciples of the Mystical Fog Sect, the Heavenly Elixir Sect, and other forces, were ready to take action and failed to hold back any more.

They did not dare to face Emperor Qing and other experts, for they would be wiped out by these people at the Divine Realm Stage if they were careless.

On this day, many people suddenly found that all the roads from the east of New Moon Bay to the Eastern District were blocked, in the name of road construction.

Nobody knew which part of the road was going to be repaired.

In addition, there were plenty of official ships on the sea.

Within the scope of a vast sea area, it was a vacuum.

Both fishermen and commercial ships were required to detour!

Yet the martial arts world was still in peace.

Sunday had passed, and Zi Yan was in a better state, while Mengmeng usually cried.

She refused to go to school on Monday, insisting on waiting for her PaPa.

Tuesday and Wednesday had passed… It was Saturday again.

Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, and others also realized that things went badly, feeling really upset.


The sky was overcast with dark clouds, and a think bolt of lightning stretched far from Mount New Moon to the sea in the south on Saturday.

The dim sky was lit up at this moment.

Many ships slowly approached from afar in a trance.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Less than ten minutes later, Chen Changqing, the Warlord of Chan Clan, Gai Xingkong, Ji Wushuang, Jiang Yanlan, Lei Tiannan, Zi Qiang, Zi Hu, Wang Zhanpeng, Zhao Feng and other people gathered at the edge of the cliff in the south.

Every one of the group took on a serious expression because Chen Changqing had already seen a group of people standing on top of the largest ship, led by the Man in Bamboo Hat!

“Theyre coming!”

“Here they are!”

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