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Chapter 68 – Mengmeng loves Panda

That year, Han Yang Immortals usual vehicle was rode the Nine Dragons Chariot when he wanted to go out.

The Nine Dragons Chariot was a high-end treasure in the Cultivation World, how could ordinary cars compare to it.

With different perspectives, the goal would be different as well.

even if a Lamborghini and a Jetta were placed together, in Zhang Hans eyes, they are the same, just cars.

“Mengmeng, lets go buy a car first, then buy a photo frame, okay”

Zhang Han was always rather casual, doing whatever he wanted to do, looking at Mengmeng from the rearview mirror and asking.

“Ugh…” Buy a toy car ” Mengmengs eyes lit up.

“Thats not it.” Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or cry, and said: “Its a car, like the one that Daddy is driving now.”

“Oh.” Mengmeng thought for a while, then answered with her childish voice, “Eh … Listen to PaPa.

The little princess was not very interested in driving a car, but was very happy to be with PaPa.

“Then lets go buy a car first.” While Zhang Han was waiting for a red light, he took out his phone and checked the location of the Automobile City.

Automobile City is a kind of car market that collects many car dealers and car brands in the same site and forms a centralized and diversified trading place.

It includes various brands and types, which is convenient to buy a car, with such advantages as wide choice, convenient to serve, standard of management, a combination of consultation, car selection, loan, insurance, trading, acquisition and service.

After finding the location, Zhang Han rushed towards the direction of the car city.

The Hong Kong was a paradise for the rich, and a hell for the workers.

At the front desk behind the main gate of the car city stood more than a dozen of buyers.

They were all waiting to receive guests, and also according to the way they queued to keep them serve the customers orderly.

Every time after they served a customer and returned to line to queue, they would also get a moment to rest.

“Achoo …”

The woman ranking the first suddenly sneezed.

From the looks of her face, she seemed to have caught a cold.

“Lili, how did you catch a cold” a man at the back said.

“Dont mention it, it was a bit cold when I accompanied a customer taking the test drive yesterday.” Lili sighed lightly.

“Hehe, its because youre wearing too little, arent you trying to seduce the customer and failed” Another man quipped.

“piss off.” Lili rolled his eyes in annoyance.

“Guests are coming.

Its a Jeep Wrangler.” The man who spoke had sharp eyes.

After staring at the blue paint on the car license plate and tires, he said: “Rented car, this person might have casually driven here to buy a car, Lili, so this deal will probably work.”

“Achoo …” Lili snorted lightly, looked at the other pony-tail girl behind him and said: “Xiao Yun, why dont you take this one I want to rest for a while.

“Oh, okay.” The girl called Xiao Yun nodded and stood up to welcome the customer.

“well, how could the person who rented the car be a rich person” Lili shook her head and sighed.

The men behind shook their heads and silently smiled.

As a professional sealer, naturally she had a good eyesight.

The man could tell that Zhang Han had rented a car with a glance, and also checked Zhang Han for a few times, his outfits was also above average, but the little girl in his arms, who seemed to be dressed in jeans, was rather fashionable.

These news made Old Saler feel that Zhang Han was not a wealthy person, he might not necessarily come here to buy a car, it was possible for him to buy some parts, or even some other things after sale.

Lili was a little tired from the cold and did not want to be busy in vain, so she sent the Xiao Yun behind to receive him.

Xiao Yun was a newbie, so she did not understand the various rules and directly agreed.

After going over to greet them, she had a warm smile on her face:

“Hello sir, welcome to Wheelley City.

Would you like to see a car or”

“We came to see the car.” Mengmeng raised her small hand and answered.

“What a beautiful little girl.” Xiao Yun could not help but praise her.

Facing such praise, Mengmeng was more or less immune to it.

“Sir, do you have any models that you like” The Xiao Yun asked with a smile.

“No, just take a look.” Zhang Han replied indifferently.

“Alright sir, this way please.”

The Xiao Yun said with a smile.

He was slightly faster than Zhang Han and took the lead to walk towards the right side of the carriage.

“Sir, our city has a total of thirty-six brands, with all kinds of low, medium, and high-end cars.

Look, this car over here is the latest generation of mass Meteng.

Its very cost-effective and also quite a popular car.”

Seeing Zhang Han turn his head slightly, Xiao Yun immediately took the lead and walked a few steps forward.

He pointed to the car at the side and said: “This carriage is meant for the volkswagen …”

Zhang Han carried Mengmeng and kept walking forward, passing through the area filled with Volkswagen and arriving at the Buick section.

After a while, they headed to the Ford section.

“Mengmeng, did you see those cars that you liked just now” Zhang Han smiled and asked.

“Ugh…” I cant remember what it looks like, so many, many … ” Mengmeng pouted.

“Then lets take a look at the SUVs, only the higher end.” Zhang Han nodded, and said while looking at Xiao Yun.

“Alright sir, this way please.” Xiao Yuns eyes lit up.

Looking at Zhang Hans indifferent attitude, it seemed as if he was really here to buy a car.

Xiao Yun took the lead and walked towards the SUV area, and started introducing it very professionally:

“Its a high-end SUV.

Look at this one, its a Babos M grade …”

“This is the Cadillac Khaled…” Sir, how about the new BMW X5… And BMW X6 … “Thats Audi Q7 …”

Xiao Yun introduced a lot while she sized up Zhang Hans expression, but Zhang Han had a calm expression the entire time, which made Xiao Yun unable to guess what Zhang Han was thinking.

After he had seen enough, Zhang Han asked Mengmeng again, “Mengmeng, did you like the ones that you saw just now”

“Ugh …” “Everythings fine, it looks like its about the same …” Mengmeng thought about it and replied.

Of the father and daughter pair, Zhang Han was very casual, he could buy any kind of car he wanted.

Mengmeng was not very interested in the big car, so this time, buying a car was bound to be a waste of time.

Even the Xiao Yun beside him felt her mouth going dry.

“Lets go take a look at the sports car.” Zhang Han said indifferently.

“Alright sir, this way please.” Xiao Yun smiled and nodded.

“This BMW Z4 is a classic … This is Porsche 911… Theres a Porsche 458 over there, this Maserati GT what do you think… “And that Lamborghini …”

After looking around, Zhang Han looked at Mengmeng again, and asked: “Is there a car you like”

Under the Xiao Yuns anticipating gaze, Mengmeng thought for a while, then pouted her lips and replied, “No.”

Mengmengs answer couldnt help but cause Xiao Yun to feel somewhat discouraged.

they had already walked more than half of the car city and had pretty much seen enough cars.

If they are not interested in any of them, then they would probably be blown away.

Xiao Yun even suspected that if Zhang Han really came to buy a car.

But in the next moment, Mengmengs words gave her hope.

Mengmeng looked around with her clear and large eyes, suddenly raised her arm, and pointed forward, saying:

“PaPa, PaPa, that car looks really good …”


Zhang Han and Xiao Yuns gaze followed the direction that the small palm was pointing at.

When Xiao Yun saw the carriage, her heart jumped and she became excited again.

“Lets go take a look.” Zhang Han said, and took the lead to walk towards the carriage.

Xiao Yun quickly followed and said with a warm smile:

“Sir, this car is the extended version of the Peak Creation of the Land-Rover, its capacity is 5.0 mechanical engine, its maximum horsepower is 550HP, and the 100km acceleration is 5.2 seconds.

This is a car that was recently produced, it is also the most luxurious car in the Land-Rover series, we all call it the most luxurious SUV in the world, and judging from its overbearing strength, it really suits you.”

“Hmm, not bad, not bad.” Zhang Hans gaze was still calm, but it was also the first time that he had said something to praise her.

“Yes, sir.

The interior of this car is also very luxurious.

There are …”

Seeing that there was hope, Xiao Yun was prepared to properly introduce this carriage, but the little princess childish voice ruthlessly interrupted her:

“En, no, no.

Its not this.

Its … its that.

Thats the one thats pretty.”

Mengmeng pointed to a spot not far away from the Land-Rover.

When Xiao Yun looked over, her expression froze.

Parked there was a very cute looking Geely Panda.

“Lets go take a look.” Zhang Han smiled lightly.

The Xiao Yuns mood dropped from the peak to the bottom, and she felt unspeakably uncomfortable.

However, she still said respectfully: “This car is a Geely Panda, its front face is designed with a large mouth, and the entire face gives off a very cute feeling.

This car is a cute version, and its price is thirty-five thousand nine hundred and nine hundred and fifty …”

The Xiao Yun began to explain the information she told him, which Zhang Han naturally understood.

In the past, Zhang Han had studied cars before, and there were a dozen or so super sports cars.

Although he was a little casual about cars now, it seemed that the cars configuration was still a little low.

“PaPa, this looks nice, dont you think it looks like a giant panda Its so cute, so cute.” Mengmeng chuckled.

“Then buy this one.” Zhang Han smiled lightly and said to the Xiao Yun.

“Alright.” The Xiao Yun smiled and said: “Sir, this way please, I will bring you to pay.”


Zhang Han followed Xiao Yun to the trading hall.

When he was about to sign the bill, Zhang Han suddenly raised his head and asked: “Can I change the car here”

“Refit” Xiao Yun was startled, he did not understand much about this matter and subconsciously looked at the old employee in charge of this transaction.

“Yes, it can be modified.

I will call the master over.

Sir, can you help me with that” The old employee said with a smile.


After waiting for five minutes, a man in his forties wearing a blue uniform walked over.

He nodded to the old employee and looked at Zhang Han: “Mister bought a Geely Panda “May I know how sir wishes to change it”

“refit it to the best.”

Zhang Hans words caused the few people present to be slightly stunned.

“Sir, theres no limit to how much you can modify.” He did not know how much the buyer of the Geely Panda would be willing to spend to modify it.


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