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Chapter 691 The Halan Clan

Zhang Han, Chen Changqing, Gai Xingkong, the Warlord of Chan Clan, and Ji Wushuang slowly went down the mountain.

No one could have imagined that the five giants of Hong Kong, Hua nation, were going to the West together that night.

Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing were expected to go to the West together and someone had guessed that the Warlord of Chan Clan and Ga Xingkong might follow them.

But they never expected them to take action so quickly.

They had just destroyed seven local forces yesterday night and it was surprising for them to set off for the West without even taking a rest.

Were they ready

Their speed was beyond the imagination of most people.

But their rivals, the Man in Bamboo Hat and Luo Disi, were well prepared as well.

They remained at the Halan Clan and didnt plan to go out today.

Compared with Luo Disi, the Man in Bamboo Hat had more confidence because he had clones hidden in several secret places.

Even if Zhang Han killed the clone that he was using now, he could activate another one albeit at a high cost like the weakening of his strength and cultivation foundation.

Only the Man in Bamboo Hat himself knew his weakness.

As for the Halan Clan, they were not nervous at all.

On the contrary, they were looking forward to Zhang Hanyangs arrival.

In their eyes, the blood of the strong was the most charming.

“Our ancestor, who has been sleeping for a hundred years, is finally returning to the world.”

Many members of the Halan Clan were excited.

At the same time…

Zhang Han and his four companions went up to the front of the restaurant and took Zhao Feng and Xu Yong along with their cars to the companys airport.

Zhao Feng and Xu Yong looked at the plane slowly rising to the air with yearning in their eyes.

“When can we fight like them”

“Only by cultivating and practicing hard.” Zhao Feng slowly said, “What I care about more is when my Master will come back.”

“I heard their conversation today.” Xu Yong smiled, “He said that he would come back to pick up Mengmeng tomorrow.”

“Thats for sure.” Zhao Feng replied with confidence.

“Since my Master returned, Ive felt that he will not allow that to happen again.

So he must have a complete grasp of what he is going to do in the West this time.”

“Thats for sure.”

The members of the security group were all very confident.

They were not blindly confident because the Qi leaking from Zhang Han had been telling them about this fact.

Zhao Feng and Xu Yong recalled Zhang Hans calm voice and eyes when he talked about his expedition to the West, showing his confidence.

However, Zhang Hans companions, including the Warlord of Chan Clan, didnt know of Zhang Hans determination.

Therefore, they were not as confident as Zhang Han in this expedition to the West.

The plane took off in the middle of the night.

When it reached England, it was still late in the night, with a time difference of about eight hours.

This plane from Hong Kong represented the Mengmeng Group.

The local authorities were also nervous.

They didnt want to witness a war of Divine-Realm martial artists happen in England.

However, the Martial Arts World and officials complemented each other.

They had no reason to intervene in the war.

After all, they hadnt stopped the western martial artists when they went to Hong Kong.

The local official martial artist group had their headquarters in Birming in the south where Zhang Hans plane landed.

The government quickly sent seven Divine-Realm martial artists and tens of Grand Masters from all over the country as the official power.

Therefore, Zhang Hans group was greeted by a large number of martial artists after they got off the plane.

“Dear Oriental guests, welcome to Birming.” The leading aged martial artist at the Divine Realm greeted as he politely bowed to Zhang Han.

“Nice to meet you.” The others nodded with a smile.

It would look as if they were welcoming Zhang Han just like an honored guest, if there were no vigilance in their eyes.

Some Grand Masters were so nervous that they could barely keep calm.

Gradually, everyones eyes fixated on Zhang Han.

“Is he Merciless Zhang who killed two hundred Grand Masters He looks so fierce.”


Everyone was quietly evaluating Zhang Hans strength.

They dared not whisper to each other because Zhang Han would hear them clearly.

“Im sorry, but who are you” Ji Wushuang, the slippery fellow, asked with a smile.

“We are here to welcome you on behalf of the government and we know your purpose.” The aged Divine-Realm martial artist spoke to the point.

“We came here to supervise the battle, not to interfere in it.

We hope that you can choose a suitable place to fight and deal with your grievances.”


Zhang Han took a glance at them and then took the lead to fly towards the southwest.


Chen Changqing, the Warlord of Chan Clan, Gai Xingkong, and Ji Wushuang followed him.

Ji Wushuang was not averse to such an official meeting.

But, since the core figure of their topic, Zhang Han, didnt want to waste time, he had nothing more to say.

“Lets go,” said that aged martial artist.

The other seven Divine-Realm martial artists followed them.

As for the Grand Masters who were unable to fly, they all got on an armed helicopter.

Unexpectedly, after the helicopter took off, they could not see the figures of that group of people.

“They are so fast!”

Fortunately, there were positioning devices on the leading Divine-Realm masters, so the low-level martial artists were able to follow them closely.

“Who are we going to kill first” Gai Xinkong asked after half an hour.

Both, Ji Wushuang and the Warlord of Chan Clan, turned their gaze to Zhang Han.

They didnt know how Zhang Han would locate the enemies.

Although they could also use a locating method, it would be easily defused by opponents at the same level.

By contrast, Zhang Hans locating technology was too accurate.

To Wang Zhanpengs question, Zhang Han replied, “The two of them are together.”

“They are together” The Warlord of Chan Clan frowned slightly, “They have made preparations.”

“Regardless of the outcome of this battle.” Ji Wushuang pondered and said, “It cant be forced.

We can retreat if the other side is too strong.

There is a saying that it is not too late for a gentleman to take revenge after ten years.

Even if we are not gentlemen, we can wait for a few years before we come here again.”

Now that the other side had made preparations for this battle, Ji Wushuang was worried that they might not succeed this time and might even be in danger.

Fortunately, they were all in the Divine Realm, the highest level of martial artists in the main world before those at the Earth Realm came out from the gate of the small world.

And they were confident of safely retreating from England.

“You make sense.” The Warlord of Chan Clan echoed.

He agreed with Ji Wushuang since he had seen such things a lot.

If there was life, there was hope.

“Unless the Earth Realm martial artists came back to the main world,” Zhang Han whispered.

“Earth Realm…” The Warlord of Chan Clan slightly shook his head, “Thats impossible.”

“None of them can escape.” Zhang Han looked at the Warlord of Chan Clan and replied.

They didnt know why Zhang Han was so confident.

Had he learned some powerful moves

Before Ji Wushuang could raise his question, Zhang Han looked ahead and said, “Were almost there.”

“Are we finally here”

Everyone was ready for the upcoming battle.

Ten minutes later, they heard the aged Divine-Realm martial artist behind them saying, “The Halan Clan, one of the vampire branches, is not far away.

The Halan Prince is there and I wish you reconsider it.”

“The Halan Clan”

Ji Wushuangs face slightly changed in surprise as he asked, “Are they hidden there”

“It seems we are in for a hard battle.” The Warlord of Chan Clan shook his head.

“We should try before praising our enemies.” Chen Changqing said.

He was an excited young man looking forward to the battle.

Another ten minutes later, they entered a mountainous area and saw six men above the jungle far away in front of them.

They were Luo Disi, the Man in Bamboo Hat, and four disciples of the Halan Clan, all at the Divine Realm.

The Halan Prince was not there.


The Man in Bamboo Hat said from afar, “You are doomed to be killed here.” They heard that disgusting voice again.

“No, we are here to kill you.” Gai Xingkong said and grasped the Dragon-tiger spear with his right hand.

“Ha ha.” Luo Disi burst out laughing, “You are too brave to provoke me here.”

Then he turned his gaze at Zhang Han and Chen Changqing before slightly shaking his head.

“Zhang Hanyang, you are a promising young man and its possible for you to reach the Divine Realm and gain a high position one day.

Emperor Qing, you are a talent and your fighting style is also fierce.

I can imagine that both of you would have been the giants in the Martial Arts World one day, if you hadnt made the decision to come here and challenge me.

You are powerful in Hua nation, but only in the Hua nation.”

“Stop talking nonsense,” Chen Changqing said.

As soon as the unpredictable shadow sword appeared in Chen Changqings right hand, he swept the sword forward and sent out a one-hundred-meter sword made of Qi, despite the distance of one thousand meters between them.

Due to the distance though, the invisible sword didnt injure their enemies.

A martial artist at the Divine Realm of the Halan Clan waved his hand to block Chen Changqings sword.

Then he said unhappily, “Oriental guests, youre so rude that Im tired of it.

I have decided to absorb all the blood in your bodies later.”

“Who do you think you are” Ji Wushuang sneered.

As for Zhang Han, he rushed towards the six men with his teammates in tow without saying anything.

They met the Man in Bamboo Hat half way and began fighting with various skills and moves.

Far away, in the castle where the Halan Clan was located, there were dozens of people sitting on the roof of the castle watching the scene quietly.

For them, they were sure to win the battle today.

“Its unnecessary for our ancestor to take action today.”

“Yes, there are too few of them.

How can five martial artists at the Divine Realm win against the Halan Clan They will die today.”

“They should finish the battle in ten minutes.”


After chatting for a while, they saw unexpected changes on the battlefield.


Everyone sensed the terrifying fluctuations.

Zhang Han was fighting against a pale-faced Divine Realm master from the Halan Clan, who was soon finding it difficult to resist Zhang Hans attack after exchanging a few moves.

Regardless of the many skills and methods he had mastered, he had no choice but to retreat in front of Zhang Han.

It seemed as if he was attacking the air while each of Zhang Hans moves was injuring him.

Another martial artist at the Divine Realm from the Halan Clan came to help his fellow and they still struggled to resist Zhang Hans attack.

“Zhang Hanyang is really powerful.” That aged martial artist slightly narrowed his eyes to hide his complex emotion.

No one knew what he was thinking about.

While the Warlord of Chan Clan gained the upper hand fighting against Luo Disi, Gai Xingkong was challenging the Man in Bamboo Hat and they seemed to be evenly matched.

As for Ji Wushuang and Chen Changqing, both of them would soon be defeating their rivals.

There were no rules in the fierce battle.

Zhang Han and his companions kept forcing Luo Disi, the Man in Bamboo Hat, and the four Divine Realm martial artists to retreat.

Those who were sitting on the old castle roof and watching the battle were surprised.

“How could the six of them be defeated by those five guys”

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