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Chapter 698 A Leisurely Weekend

This activity was for the junior classes of the kindergarten.

As for the middle classes and senior classes, their activities were not on the same day.

It would be July soon and this activity would be the last activity for the junior classes.

A total of nearly 100 stoves had been set up in a large circle.

According to the location of each class, Class Five was on the right.

On this day, the internal parking lot of the kindergarten was open to the public.

Though many teachers came by subway today, there were still all kinds of cars on both sides of the road in front of the kindergarten.

No one would envy any parents luxury cars, because everyone here was rich.

Wang Yihans family drove their Bentley today, which was normal.

Of course, there were also some low-cost cars for family use among the luxurious ones.

Judging from the appearance, the cheapest one was Zhang Hans small panda car.

But some people knew that the most important person here was the owner of the car.

“Lets go.” Zhang Han got out of the car and opened the back seat door.

Under Zhang Hans watchful eyes, Mengmeng jumped down by herself.

Zi Yan got out from the other side.

After closing the door, Zhang Han opened the trunk and carried out all the bags of food ingredients.

Their car was parked at the right side of the gate.

They walked all the way to the gate of the kindergarten and saw some people carrying the same food bags on both sides.

It seemed as if they had just left a vegetable market.

Among them, there were two couples who were noticeably not in a good mood.

They were carrying the food a little reluctantly and appeared to be irritated with each other.

“Here we are.

Lets go with the flow.” More people thought so and there were few parents who were as excited and happy as Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

“Well, MaMa, someone over there is taking pictures of us.”

Mengmeng held her PaPa and MaMas hands in her two small hands.

Looking left and right, she suddenly found that several people with cameras were taking photos not far from the entrance of the school gate.

Most people were familiar with this scene.

Many practical media editors would go to various shopping malls, press conferences and other places to look for news.

This kindergarten was one of the places they often visited.

“Nothing serious.

Let them do it,” Zi Yan said casually.

If Zhou Fei and the others heard her words, they would think that Zi Yan was accepting the reality of the situation and did not want to hide anything at all.

Zi Yan also thought the same.

She was enjoying the feeling of being with her family and did not want to hide the fact that she had a husband and a daughter.

In fact, sometimes circumstances changed and so too with her pursuit of fame.

Zi Yan did not care so much about retaining the title of movie queen, but she knew that with the help of the successful movie Pirates of the Caribbean, they would be nominated at least.

“Lets go.

Ill try your dishes today.” Zhang Han smiled.

The family of three entered the school and found Class Five in the playground.

Lu Guo and the other two teachers were making arrangements respectively.

“Mengmengs father and mother.” Lu Guo smiled and said hello to them, “It seems that you have come fully prepared.”

“Yes, Ill take this opportunity to show my cooking skills.” Zi Yan answered confidently.

“This way, please.

Your seats today are arranged according to the seats the students sat in last week.

You are seated a little to the right.” Lu Guo showed them the way to their seats.

The names of the students were written on the side of each stove.

They soon saw Mengmengs name: Zhang Yumeng.

Coincidentally, Li Kai was on Mengmengs left, while Wang Yihan was on her right.



Both Li Kai and Wang Jiawen said hello to Zhang Han after seeing them.


Mengmeng was surrounded by Wang Yihan, Li Muen, Martin and other familiar friends.

They soon began playing behind the parents.

When Zi Yan put the ingredients and food materials on the board, Su Yu came to her and asked with a smile, “We can see Zhangs cooking skills today.”

“No, its me.” Zi Yan replied, “I am going to cook today.”

“Wow!” Su Yu was surprised, “You can also cook”

“Of course.” Zi Yan pursed her mouth.

She was a little unsure, but she said it firmly.

“Great!” Li Kai, who liked to flatter others, clapped repeatedly.

Zi Yan was amused and burst out laughing and even Zhang Han could not help smiling.

He had seen Zi Yans performance in the kitchen.

When cooking, her arms were raised while slicing vegetables and the distance between herself and the cooking pot was at least one meter…

It was impossible for Zhang Han to tease Zi Yan and he even nodded in agreement with her.

While they were chatting, the temporary stage set up in the center was being fitted out with sound facilities, because the school had also organized some performances.

After chatting with each other for a short time, they saw Luo Shan, who was dressed formally, stepping onto the stage accompanied by the president, deputy director and other senior officials.

He was now in the same position as patriarch Luo Chengwen and he had become one of the family leaders and an important helper of the patriarch.

He knew that Mr.

Zhang was responsible for all this.

After stepping onto the stage, Luo Shan took the microphone.

“Hello, everyone.

Im Luo Shan.

We welcome everyone to this activity held by this school and we are glad you are able to participate despite your busy schedule.

With the rapid development of society, sometimes we neglect our family members, so…”

His two minute speech was not too long or too short.

After he finished, all the parents and students clapped in succession.

Luo Shan kept looking at Zhang Han and he was happy to see the family of three applauding for him.

“Now the activity will begin.”

At the end of the presidents speech, melodious music began playing on the stage.

“Here we go, Mengmeng.

Lets go and cook!”

Zi Yan took Mengmengs hand and went to the chopping board.

After that, Zi Yan turned on the rice cooker and took out the small pot inside.

Then she took out a small bowl with a weighing scale from a small rice bag,

“Two bowls of rice.

How many bowls of water”

Zi Yan was a little confused.

She poured two bowls of rice into the pot, washed it twice with water and then added a bowl of water.

She felt the water might not be enough, so she slowly repeated the step several times.

“Is it enough”

It seemed OK from the outside, but Zi Yan was a little uncertain.

She looked back at Zhang Han, who was sitting at the small table five meters behind her.

Seeing Zhang Han nodding several times, Zi Yan withdrew her hand.

“The water must be enough.”

“MaMa, what can I do”

Zi Yan was so busy that she completely forgot about Mengmeng standing next to her.

“Oh, wait a minute.”

Zi Yan found some lettuces from a pile of ingredients and took out a small metal basin.

“Mengmeng, sit here and tear off the leaves one by one.

“All right.” Mengmeng happily took the basin, put it beside her feet and then began to work as she sat on a small stool.

After checking that Mengmeng was doing the right thing, Zi Yan began to deal with the ingredients herself.

“Cola chicken wings.

How many cuts should I make on the wings”

Zi Yan thought about it as she took out the chicken wings and put it on the small chopping board.

Then she took out a knife.

“Cut it horizontally, two cuts on the front and three cuts on the back.”

When she was focusing on the chicken wings, she suddenly found that many people were looking at her.


After Zi Yan hid her surprise, she suddenly remembered that she was not wearing her apron.

She took the apron out and put it on in her usual elegant style.

Then she began to cut the chicken wings with a knife.

From a distance, she looked like an experienced cook.

However if one was to watch her performance closely, he would find that she sawed her knife back and forth several times to make each cut on the wings.

There were only ten wings in all and she dealt with them quickly.

“Well make Mapo Tofu, scrambled eggs, cola chicken wings, mushroom and lettuces today.

Which one should we make first Lets try scrambled eggs.”

Zi Yan hesitated for a moment, then she cracked the eggs, poured them into a bowl and stirred them several times.

When the fire was lit, Zi Yan poured oil into the pot and then she was a little confused.



“Its hot!”

Different screams could be heard.

Zi Yan looked around and found that some parents had already started cooking and some of the mothers who could not cook had been splattered by hot oil.


Zi Yan frowned worriedly.

The oil was so hot that it would hurt her hands and face.

On her left, Li Kai was frying eggs.

He looked very skilled and even did a few difficult moves with his slicer.

When his second move succeeded, he chuckled and turned his head.

“How about it, Muen.

Your father is great, right”

The third time he tried to play with the slicer, whoosh, the eggs flew into the sky.

The trajectory of the eggs was fascinating to watch.


Li Kai brought the pot to the side but did not manage to catch them.

As he looked at the eggs on the ground, his face froze.

Some of the other parents burst out laughing.

Zi Yan was also amused and felt more relaxed.

At least she was serious about cooking and would not throw the food about.

“MaMa, Ive done it.

Is there anything else”

The little princess was very clever.

She asked what else she could do and wanted to share Zi Yans tasks.

But Mengmeng was still too young and Zi Yan did not let her do anything else.

Instead, she said, “Your PaPa has been sitting there alone for a long time.

Go and accompany him.

You can have lunch after MaMa finishes cooking.”

“No way.” Mengmeng raised her head and looked at Zi Yan with clear eyes, saying, “We agreed to cook for PaPa together.

I should also cook with my small slicer.”

What an ambitious girl.

Zhang Han was amused because Mengmeng could not even reach the stove.

“Ha ha.” Zi Yan laughed and said, “You helped MaMa deal with the food ingredients and the lunch was made by both of us.”

“Huh” Mengmeng was surprised and then ran back to Zhang Han, “PaPa, I cooked today.”

“Yes, I saw Mengmeng helping MaMa with the lettuces.

You made the lunch together.” Zhang Han nodded and said.

“Yes.” Mengmeng cheered up and smiled, “It must be delicious.”

“Ha ha…”

While listening to the father and daughter chatting, Zi Yan began to scramble the eggs.


Hearing the sound of food and oil making contact, Zi Yan was a little nervous, worrying that the oil would splatter.

But she soon found that not only was there no oil, even the odor of the cooking oil did not come out of the pot.

Zi Yan looked back at Zhang Han.

Seeing his expression, she knew he was cheating again.

With a happy smile, she turned her head and concentrated on cooking.

Now that she did not have to worry about the oil and odor, Zi Yan showed an extraordinary performance that surprised many other parents.

“Wow, Mengmengs pretty mother is good at cooking.”

“She is Zi Yan, the other-worldly fairy.

How is it that she knows how to cook”

“Its amazing.

Her movements are so fluid that her cooking must definitely be excellent.”

“No matter what a beauty does, it is a pleasure to see it.

Her cooking moves are very artistic.”


Zi Yan could not hear the other parents comments as clearly as Lu Xiong, who was sweeping the floor behind her.

The aged man could not help laughing because he knew what Zhang Han had done.

“What a happy family.”

He found that Zhang Han was seriously preventing Zi Yans every mistake during the process of cooking.

When Zi Yan accidentally poured out excessive soy sauce, Zhang Han would help her make it right.

Fortunately, Zi Yan made four dishes and only had three minor problems.

For someone who seldom cooked, her performance was very good in Zhang Hans eyes.

The allotted cooking time soon passed.

When Zi Yan brought the meal to the table, she felt satisfied and proud that she had finished the task.

“Look, this is the lunch your dear wife and daughter made for you.”

“Great!” Zhang Han made a gesture of praise.

“Its delicious.” Mengmengs eyes lit up and stopped for two seconds on the dish.

Then she raised her head again, “MaMa, can I cook on my own with a slicer next time”

She still wanted to try it.

“Well, yes, just let PaPa accompany you.” Zi Yan smiled.

People around began to eat and there were people singing and dancing on the stage.

The activity lasted more than two hours.

After leaving school, the family of three were ready to have a good weekend.

They wanted to go out this afternoon.

But the little cursed roc was in Mount New Moon and Mengmeng wanted to introduce it to her good friends.

She invited Wang Yihan, Martin and Li Muen to go back to the mountain together.

“Its a new good friend.

Its called Tiny Tot.

You can see how small it is.” Mengmeng gave a brief introduction on the back mountain.

“Coo, coo…”

Tiny Tot spat a few things out of its mouth.

Two holy objects.

Zhang Han, “…”

He managed to control the quivering of his mouth and said, “Tiny Tots gifts for you.”

“Well, we should plant the gifts over there.” Mengmeng pointed to the direction of the medicine field.

Li Muen and Martin followed her obediently to plant the gifts.

Then they returned to the back mountain to play contentedly.

Zhang Han did not know what to say.

“It is better to call it an ancient treasure roc rather than an ancient cursed roc.”

However, Zhang Han knew that these treasures might not be absorbed by Tiny Tot or was temporarily stored by it.

Although Tiny Tot had recently taken out a lot of treasures to give away, the cost of raising this guy would still be high in the future.

Zhang Han glanced at Dahei and began to make a plan.

“Its time to help Dahei absorb that drop of divine-object-level blood refined from Halan Prince and his fellows.”

After a few days of rest, Zhang Hans injury gradually healed and Zi Yan felt more at ease.

Both of them were free during this time, and romantic things often happened in the castle.

When Mengmeng was at home during the weekend, they would behave themselves.

The group spent an afternoon on the mountain on Saturday.

After a sumptuous dinner, Li Kai and others politely expressed their thanks and left.

On Sunday, the family of three went to play in another childrens park.

Mengmeng was unable to resist the temptation of amusement parks.

She would never get bored of them.

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