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Chapter 700 Heavenly Treasure School

“King Kong”

Chen Changqing was surprised.

He had heard of these two words and they represented unparalleled strength and greatness.

It was said that King Kong appeared in ancient times and was called the Asian Giant Ape at that time.

But Chen Changqing remembered that the height of the giant apes described by others was between three and four meters and those who reached the height of five or six meters were very powerful.

However, Dahei was over 10 meters tall now.

“In this case, Dahei can also be called King Kong now.” Chen Changqing was still a little confused.

He did not know that his understanding of King Kong was different from that of Zhang Han.

After thinking it over, Chen Changqing asked, “Can Dahei, with its figure, height, strength and cultivation, be the leader of the King Kong clan”

“Leader” Zhang Han was amused and shook his head, “Hes not even a King Kong now.”

“Why” Chen Changqing looked at Zhang Han in confusion.

Zhou Fei was surprised too and she asked, “Tell us why, brother-in-law.”

“Just tell us briefly.” Zi Yan smiled and looked at Zhang Han with eyes that shone with adoration.

Sometimes she liked to watch Zhang Han talk, as he looked very knowledgeable, like a charming professor who knew everything.

While Zhang Han was handsome in Zi Yans eyes, his charm as a strong man was the attraction for others.

“Okay, Ill tell you about it.” Zhang Han shook his head with a smile and suggested everyone sat down in the pavilion.

After sitting down, Chen Changqing took out a few bottles of cold drinks and some fruits from his Space Ring, ready to listen carefully.

“The so-called ancient demonic beasts refer to those high-end beasts that have been living forever.

Their unique bloodline has been handed down from generation to generation, but their numbers are gradually decreasing.

They are all talented and some of them were born at Innateness stage.

It is so simple for them to cultivate by constantly awakening and absorbing external energy and they are even able to cultivate while sleeping.

It is because of this super great talent that their reproductive abilities have been gradually weakened, so these ancient demonic beasts are getting rarer.”

“Is Dahei an ancient demonic beast” Zhou Fei was stunned.

Though Zhou Fei never cared much about the martial arts world, she knew about the levels of Qi Strength Master, Martial Art Grand Master, Divine Realm and so on.

But she had never heard of these ancient demonic beasts mentioned by Zhang Han.

“Dahei is not.

It is just an ordinary gorilla now.

But its fitness will be greatly improved after it fully absorbs that drop of blood essence, and perhaps it will become a King Kong one day, step by step.

Even the youngest King Kong has the Elixir-stage strength.

If you dont know what Elixir-stage is, it is a stage above Heaven Realm.”

“A stage above Heaven Realm” Chen Changqing was surprised.

After thinking it over, he said, “Forget it, I just advanced to Divine Realm and that stage is a little far away for me.

Lets talk about it later.

Brother Han, tell me more about King Kong and the ancient demonic beasts.”

“Dahei is now a spirit beast, while the strength of ancient demonic beasts is passed down through their bloodlines.

There is still a long way to go for Dahei to become as powerful as an ancient King Kong.”

“Ancient demonic beast sounds so powerful,” Zhou Fei made a face, “This is a high-level name.”

“They can also look different,” Zi Yan smiled mischievously.

“Tiny Tot is an ancient demonic beast,” Zhang Han also smiled.

In fact, ancient demonic beasts were also graded according to their strength.

Instead of introducing the more complex relationship map, Zhang Han decided to tell them some relatively simple facts.

“Tiny Tot was born not too long ago.

During this period, the energy surrounding its body forms the boat of curse, which is one of the unique abilities of ancient demonic beasts.”

“I see.” Chen Changqing was stunned.

Though he knew that Tiny Tot had the boat of curse ability, he did not know that Tiny Tot was born with such immense strength.

After a while, Dahei came back just as Zhang Han finished his lecture.

It was swaggering.

It went by the side road and came back through the dense forest.

“My gosh, whats that”

Wang Ming and Wang Zhanpeng were carefully studying Hundred-formation Image and having a heated discussion.

Suddenly, they saw something black coming from the side.

When they turned their heads, they were instantly stunned.


“Whats going on Why are you so big now”

“You are taller than 10 meters, right”

They began to marvel at the sight.

“Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo.”

Daheis mouth curved upward, then he called out twice to them and posed again to show the muscles of his right arm, which frightened all the human beings on the scene.

“Thats enough.

Dont show off here.

Go back to the back mountain.

Well continue to study the array.” Wang Zhanpeng waved his hand.

“Woo Woo, woo, woo.” Dahei rolled its eyes.

“You dare look down on me”

“Whoa, whoa!”

Dahei roared and hit the ground with its right palm.


The ground more than 20 meters in diameter around them quaked several times.


Wang Zhanpeng sensed Daheis Qi, his expression suddenly froze, “Whats this Dahei, are you at Grand Master Peak now”

“Woo, woo, woo, woo.” Dahei cheered several times.

“Of course…”

Wang Ming, Wang Zhanhong and the others were all stunned.

“Woo, woo.”

Dahei jumped up toward the hillside and took two steps forward.

Then it stopped with both legs apart, bent down and looked at Wang Zhanpeng from between its legs.

“What is it doing” Wang Ming was confused.

Then they heard a “puff” sound.

It was not until a stench came to their noses that they realized that Dahei had farted blatantly at them.

“Atishoo, atishoo.”

Dahei burst out laughing as he ran into the forest.


Little Hei followed it.

“Coo.” Half a minute later, Tiny Tot slowly ran toward them.

Wang Zhanpeng and the others were all amused by its clumsy appearance.

If they had heard Zhang Hans narration earlier, their attitude toward Tiny Tot would be different.

The three naughty guys ran all the way to the back mountain and played in front of Zhang Han and the others.

Two minutes later, Dahei, at the request of Zi Yan, changed back to the height of over two meters.

As soon as Dahei became smaller, a cry came from the front mountain.

“Ouch, stop!”

Then they saw Instructor Liu on the top of the mountain.

He ran to Zhang Han crazily, looking flustered.

Everyone, including Zhang Han and Chen Changqing, knew that it must be Jiang Yanlan coming again.

They guessed right.

Behind Instructor Liu was Jiang Yanlan, who was chasing him with a willow branchlet in her hand.

When she came to the back mountain and saw Zhang Han and Chen Changqing, Jiang Yanlan finally stopped.

“Ill catch you the next time.”

“Ha ha ha.” Instructor Liu laughed, “Thats impossible.”

“Stand aside.

Im here for business today.” Jiang Yanlan rolled her eyes at Instructor Liu, quickly went to Zhang Han and sat down beside Zhou Fei.

Then she helped herself to a cold drink.

“Slurp, slurp…”

After downing half a bottle, Jiang Yanlan wiped her lips, looked at Zhang Han and Chen Changqing, and said, “Good vacation, isnt it Youll be busy soon.”

“Is the gate of the small world open” Chen Changqing was surprised.

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly in excitement.

Has the day he was looking forward to finally come

“Its not about that.” Instead of letting them guess, Jiang Yanlan said directly, “Its a good thing I think.

The worldlet is about to open in seven to ten days.

But we learned about something before that.”

“Heavenly Treasure School will be opening before the worldlet.

It is located in Cloud Sea City in the northwest this time! Five days later, on Saturday, there will be a treasure gathering held by Heavenly Treasure School on the top of Cloud Mountain at the western suburb of Cloud Sea City.

It will last for only one day and most of the martial artists in the worldlet are unable to go there.

Zhang Hanyang, you have a lot of treasures and you can exchange them for something useful, so that you can face the coming forces in the worldlet with more confidence.”

“Heavenly Treasure School” Zhang Han smiled, “Their chief is No Action Immortal, right”

“Yes, their chief is No Action Immortal.

Our eldest brother had the honor to meet him once, but his face could not be seen clearly.

No Action Immortal is very powerful and he is said to be the only one at Heaven Realm living in this world.”

Jiang Yanlan was serious when he was introducing No Action Immortal.

The first person Zhang Han remembered was Yue Wuwei.

So he looked at Chen Changqing and said, “It is said that you are the supporter of the Qingfeng Sect in Xihang.

Are you familiar with Yue Wuwei, their chief”

“Who” Chen Changqing was confused, “I have not heard of such a person.

Yue Wuwei Qingfeng Sect… Oh, Brother Han, are you talking about Stander-by Sect”


“I see.

I dont know Yue Wuwei.

Im only familiar with two of their elders.”

“Havent you heard of their chief” Zhang Han asked casually.

He always felt that Yue Wuwei had some secrets.

“Yes, its said that their chief likes to travel around the world and doesnt go back to the sect often.” Chen Changqing asked curiously, “Whats wrong Brother Han, do you know him Yue Wuwei and No Action Immortal are not necessarily the same person.

Its a big world and there are too many people with the same name and surname.”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded his head slightly and smiled without saying anything more.

He thought maybe Yue Wuwei was No Action Immortal.

Whether it was true or not, he would find out when he went to Cloud Sea City.

“There are five days to go and we can make some preparations.” Chen Changqing grinned, “Every time Heavenly Treasure School opens, there will be a grand gathering of unusual treasures, including many kinds of natural precious materials.

Im going back to Shang Jing to get some treasures from my grandfather…”

If the Warlord of Chan Clan heard this, he will probably scold Chen Changqing again.

Which naughty boy would take friendship more seriously than family

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