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Chapter 707 Going up to the Seventh Floor

Zhang Han would rather exchange 20,573 points for some useful Divine-grade treasures than various low-grade ones.

These treasures, though not small in number, brought different benefits to diverse people.

There were too many treasures of great use, but Zhang Han had planned to choose two of them that were the most suitable for himself at present.

Actually, since Zhang Han possessed Eight-thousand Thunderclouds after absorbing the thunder spirit, he felt somewhat uncomfortable.

He had to separate the clouds from time to time, for the Taiyi Wood Thunder would make trouble once the clouds got closer.

That was to say, the Eight-thousand Thunderclouds and the Taiyi Wood Thunder did not truly belong to Zhang Han as they would often cause trouble.

Zhang Han obviously knew that.

But he was also aware that all these would belong to him after he entered the Innateness Stage.

Though he needed a variety of treasures, he still intended to take a look at them in person.

When he walked to the sixth floor, he found that there were five people.

Four elders and a man seemingly in his early thirties were watching the display boxes carefully.

Catching sight of Zhang Han, they all glanced at him with calm expressions.

It was normal for masters to reach the sixth floor when the gate of the small world opened.

“Therere a lot of treasures on this floor.”

Zhang Han glanced around and found that there were a considerable number of divine objects displayed here, accounting for one-tenth of the total number of the Heaven-grade treasures on the fifth floor.

There were hundreds of Heaven-grade treasures, fifty or sixty Divine-grade treasures in the display cabinets, which were indeed invaluable.

“The materials stored by the Heavenly Treasure School are undoubtedly remarkable in this world.” Zhang Han gasped in admiration inwardly.

Now that the spirit treasures exhibited in public were quite amazing, Zhang Han believed that the number of spirit treasures collected by the Heavenly Treasure School would be definitely beyond imagination.

“I wonder if theres any sixth-stage spirit treasure.”

Zhang Han looked through the cabinets, finding that the puppet standing at the stairs was no longer in a black robe, but in a purple robe.

A puppet at the last stage of Innateness

Zhang Han could not figure out its true strength with his soul sense, so he just guessed.

He deemed that it would be too impolite to detect in other sects territory.

In fact, it was indeed a provocative behavior in the Cultivation World.

After sizing it up, Zhang Han looked away.

He looked at the five divine objects on a platform ahead.

Every time he probed one of them with his soul sense, he could hear a series of introductions.

Certainly, they were delivered by the Secret Voice Transmission.

If the sound was as loud as the one which was transmitted through the loudspeaker, the chaos would possibly make peoples scalp numb.

“The Dark Bone Lotus, as the main ingredient for refining the Evil-leading Pills, is able to mobilize the evil spirit within a hundred-mile radius and help masters to improve greatly.

However, its a treasure of no use, which isnt worth 5,300 points at all and is even less valuable than some holy objects.

“The Nuolan Rock is counted as a special treasure that is beneficial to improve the power of weapons.

Since people may have a chance to obtain the elemental power from it, it values 6,000 points, but it isnt suitable for me.”

Zhang Han slightly shook his head.

This piece of Nuolan Rock was about 20 centimeters in length and width.

As long as it came into play, it was capable of upgrading the spirit treasures from the fourth-stage to the fifth-stage.

Moreover, like the Roaring flame saber with the fire attribute, it could provide martial artists with the elementary power sometimes.

There were too many attributes, including not only the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, but also Wind and Thunder Sand, corrosion, illusion, soul, suppression, gravity, and so on.

Nevertheless, no matter what attributes a treasure possessed, it would be more powerful than the one without any attributes.

As for this Nuolan Rock, it was a worthy treasure.

Were the treasures here very affordable

Of course not.

As Zhang Han looked at the next treasure, his mouth trembled slightly.

“The Three-flame Flower Petal is so useless that it can only improve the strength of soul sense a little and is not even as helpful as many other holy objects.

How could it value 7,300 points

“The Sea Branch is somewhat serviceable for cultivators specializing in methods relating to water, but it isnt worth 7,500 points.”

Zhang Han shook his head while staring at them.

Of course, he only made comments inwardly and would not speak out.

The next showcase stored five divine objects as well.

In this way, Zhang Han checked 20 divine objects in succession and finally came to a conclusion.

“The leader of the Heavenly Treasure School is seemingly a marvelous person.”

It was somewhat difficult to make out the real value of many of these treasures, that was to say, some of them were cost-effective, while some others were more value for points.

Of course, most of them were of excellent quality and reasonable points.

Three of the five people chose a treasure respectively in succession.

Judging by the points they spent from afar, Zhang Han found that only one person used moderate points in exchange for a treasure, while the other two paid more for the treasures.

Although many people were aware of such tricks, they still respected the Heavenly Treasure School, because they could only get these “fair and just” treasures by right of this platform.

There were only over 50 fifth-stage spirit treasures here, so Zhang Han finished checking them within about half an hour.

Zhang Han frown slightly at this point.

“The Cyan-yang Dewdrop labeled 5,300 points is worth at least tens of thousands of points.

I dont know whether its a gift or No Action Immortal did not figure out its true value.

Unfortunately, the Cyan-yang Dewdrop is merely capable of improving the spiritual sense mind trick.

If it were the Cyan-thunder Dewdrop, it may help increase my thunderclouds to 8,500.” Zhang Han signed while pondering.

This Cyan-yang Dewdrop, with strong power, could bestow a Qi Strength Master with the spiritual sense mind trick or help him take the lead in cultivating the soul sense sea first.

Actually, it shared some effects with the method Zhang Han used before, though the result it brought was far worse than Zhang Hans.

Even so, it was still a very awesome treasure.

“The treasures here are quite many.

Except for the 21 divine weapons, there are 36 divine objects, but none of them are suitable for me.”

Zhang Han frowned as his eyes narrowed.

After thinking for a while, Zhang Han focused on the purple-robed puppet at the entrance of the stairs inside and walked straight over.

His movement immediately attracted the attention of the other five people.

They had been hesitating about what to exchange for with their remaining points before, for they took a fancy to plenty of treasures.

However, as they noticed Zhang Han, they changed their mind.

“What is he going to do Does he want to go up to the seventh floor”

“I guess youre wrong.” The man in his early thirties sneered and said, “Only Zhang Shenwang has been there for decades.

I remember that someone once said that only those with at least 100,000 points are accessible to the seventh floor.”

“It was just long ago.” One of the elders shook his head and said, “Even the people possessing 100,000 points failed to go up later and no one knows who is qualified.

I heard that there were five people whose points exceeded 100,000, but none of them were permitted to go upstairs.

To peoples surprise, only Zhang Shenwang, with 50,000 points, reached the seventh floor, leaving a much-told tale.

Maybe the requirements are related to the leader of the Heavenly Treasure Schools interests.

Considering that all of them were masters at the Heaven Peak Stage, I deem that Zhang Hanyang is not qualified even if he breaks through to the Divine Realm!”

In their view, Zhang Han was looking for trouble.

If he offended the puppet who guarded the floor without any reason, his points would probably be deducted, which had happened before.

As Zhang Han gradually approached the puppet, they chuckled.

“Someone wont turn back unless he hits the wall.”

Even the oldest master in the Divine Realm present said in a low voice, “Zhang Hanyang… Hes still too naive… Is it true”



When the five of them saw Zhang Han stop in front of the purple-robed puppet and continue to go upstairs in less than a second, they were all dumbfounded.

Their eyes widened and they stared at Zhang Han in disbelief.

“Did he go upstairs”

“What is going on”

After coming to their senses, they held their breath all of a sudden.

“Could it be that the requirement made by the Heavenly Treasure School for entering the seventh floor this time very low”

“It must be so.

Now that he can go upstairs, so can we!”

“Lets go!”

Therefore, they went to the stairs inside together.

“Your honor, we also want to go up to the seventh floor.”

The elder in the Divine Realm stared at the purple-robed puppet with eagerness and bowed to it.

But the puppet replied coldly, “Retreat now!”

“What” The elder in the Divine Realm was stunned.

“By virtue of my points, Im supposed to be qualified to go upstairs, right”

However, the purple-robed puppet was too lazy to give a response this time.

The old man in the Divine Realm felt a little suspicious, but he was so cautious that he did not speak anymore.

As for the man in his early thirties, he frowned and said, “Why could Zhang Hanyang go upstairs but we couldnt Its impossible for Zhang Hanyang to get more points than us, right Whats more…”

Before he finished his words, the purple-robed puppet suddenly raised its head slightly.


The five of them could not help trembling.

Their faces turned pale, which was not because of the purple-robed puppets movement.

In fact, he did not take any action at all…

Two thousand points were deducted from each person!

“Damn it!”

The five of them instantly retreated while cursing inwardly and trembling with anger.

But they were definitely all shocked.

Zhang Han seemed to be the second person who entered the seventh floor of the Heavenly Treasure School in the past hundred years.

Zhang Hanyang…

Their expressions changed, and no one knew what they were thinking.

As for Zhang Han, he was on the seventh floor at this moment.

The space, twice as large as that of the sixth floor, still stored fifth-stage treasures.

But their quality was much higher than that of those downstairs.

Moreover, the instant Zhang Han saw three of the five treasures on the counter in front of him, his eyes narrowed slightly.

“What good objects.

“Thats great.

But the points…”

The numbers made Zhang Hans face change slightly.

Each treasure valued no less than 20,000 points, and even the least valuable treasure on the counter was worth 20,800 points.

In other words, he could not afford them!

Zhang Han, however, was still confident.

Ignoring the points, he concentrated on sizing them up.

“Its actually a Yunfeng Stone.

Once its energy is absorbed by a martial artist, he could directly break through to the Innateness Stage from the Foundation Late-stage.

Its power is just slightly lower than that of the Thunder Yang Wood.

“The Desert Golden Bead, as the main object for cultivating the duplication technique, is of good quality.

“What Is there the thunder yang grass”

As Zhang Han looked at the one-square-meter crystal blue lawn in the center of the showcase, his expression changed slightly.

He owned the thunder yang tree and the Thunder Yang Flower on his mountain.

Once he got the thunder yang grass, the thunder yang crystal, and the thunder yang sand, he could create a real treasure land.

However, this was a long-term plan.

As a matter of fact, Zhang Han did not expect that the thunder yang grass that was difficult to find actually appeared here.

He was a little tempted for a moment.

But as he saw the points…


He was dumbfounded all of a sudden and thought of an old saying, “Much cry and little wool.”

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