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Chapter 711 Setting off

“How long will it fully open” Zhang Han asked.

“Violent energy waves have come out from the five worldlet entrances in Hua nation at the same time.

It is estimated that it will open in about five hours, and all the people in it will get out! Youve got to be prepared.

I will go back to the Mystical Martial World as fast as I can.

Captain Xuanwu will contact you later,” Jiang Yanlan said.

Her tone was different from usual, which was a little excited.

She had not been like this for ages.

Because perhaps another golden age of martial arts was about to arrive.

Before hanging up, Jiang Yanlan hesitated for a moment and added, “Please send this message to Instructor Liu.

Next time I come out, Ill use only one finger to beat him so hard that he wont be able to take care of himself!”


Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

He accepted the requirement and hung up the phone.

It seemed that Jiang Yanlan would reach the Divine Realm the next time she came out.

Nonetheless, Instructor Lius strength would also improve a lot.

Last night, Zhang Han refined the divine object—the serene world stone, and some other holy objects, into medicinal pellets.

He prepared to give the pellets to Zhao Feng and the others this morning.

It was expected that more members of the security group would become Wu Dao Grand Masters, and the Five Generals and Leng Yue would also make great progress.

They would be able to withstand a lot of beating as they reached the Middle-Stage.

In the face of a martial artist in the Divine Realm, Instructor Liu still had no way to fight back and could only endure the blows.

“Are you going there” Zi Yan put down her chopsticks and asked.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded and said, “If they are safe, I should wait for a few days before I set off because they will definitely come to me and Lili immediately.

But I am afraid that there is something wrong with the Heavenly Knights Sect, so I have to go there as soon as possible.”

“Stay safe.

Set off now and come back as soon as possible.

Mengmeng and I will wait for you at home.” Zi Yan bit her lower lip, a little reluctant to let him go.


Mengmeng pouted and said, “You must come back soon with grandpa and grandma, and then we can hold the wedding ceremony.

Mengmeng will pass the bouquet to PaPa and MaMa.”

The little princess looked a little wronged.

She also felt like going there and didnt want to be separated from her PaPa.

“Dont worry, Mengmeng.

PaPa will be back soon.”

Zhang Han made a series of promises to placate Mengmeng before leaving the castle.

When he walked to the edge of the square in front of the castle, Chen Changqing, Zhang Li, Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Zhanhong, Wang Ming, Rong Jiaxin, and Zhao Feng were all there.

“Master, the flight is arranged.

Well take off in half an hour.”


“Brother Han, Ill take care of everything here.

Start the journey at ease.

As long as Im here, there wont be any problems,” Chen Changqing said with a smile.

The underlying meaning of his words was that if something had gone wrong here, it meant that Chen Changqing would have died.

“If anything unexpected happens, just follow the previous plan,” Zhang Han said, nodding.

“Boss, Ive made an agreement with my uncle, and the No.11 Army has already set off to carry out a military exercise on Mount New Moon for a week,” Instructor Liu said.

With the presence of the army, even 10 martial art artists in the Divine Realm could not break in.

Even for those in the Earth Realm, it was difficult to fight against an army.

No Martial Superiors would dare to battle with an army head-on.

“Han, why dont you ask Grandpa Zhang and the elders to accompany you” Rong Jiaxin suggested.

“No need.

Ill leave by myself this time.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“Auntie, Brother Han is very powerful.

Its safer and more efficient for him to go on this journey alone.

He will come back in a few days,” Chen Changqing said with a smile.

“Brother!” Zhang Li walked to Zhang Han and said with a complicated expression, “Be careful.”

“I will.”

Zhang Han rubbed Zhang Lis head and then looked around.

He still saw concern in the eyes of some people around him.

After all, the place he was heading for was a worldlet, where practitioners in the Earth Realm were the backbone force.

There were also many practitioners in the Heaven Realm.

Zhang Hans pressure was too great.

Noticing their expressions, Zhang Han thought about it for a while and then said casually, “The last time I came back, I crossed more than half of the Earth.

Of course, that was a journey in the world of the Bone Cave, one of the three Deadlands.

I traveled across it as if I was walking on flat ground, so it wont be a challenge for me at all to go to the worldlet.”


His words struck many of them dumb.

“Crossed more than half of Earth.

Been to the Bone Cave” Chen Changqing couldnt help but gasp.

The others looked even more astounded.

They started to picture Zhang Han in the Bone Cave, one of the three Deadlands, going through all the obstacles and killing anyone in his way before he got out.

But what they did not know was that in the Bone Cave, Zhang Han kept escaping here and there, for he was beaten by many creatures.

Although the creatures there wanted to kill Zhang Han, they just couldnt catch him, who was as slippery as a loach.

Regardless of whether they misunderstood or not, Zhang Han was pleased to see that his remark was effective.

Then he nodded and said, “Take care of Zi Yan and Mengmeng for me.

Ill hit the road.”

With that, he got in the car.

Zhao Feng climbed to the drivers seat and started the engine.

Before taking off, Zhang Han rolled down the car window by his side.

He looked at Instructor Liu and said, “By the way, Captain Jiang asked me to pass you the message.

She said that the next time she gets out, she will beat you with one finger so badly that you cant take care of yourself.”

After he said that, the car slowly drove away with everyone gazing at it.

“Gee! That girl is too arrogant! Ill spank her hard next time!”

Instructor Lius call echoed in the mountain.

She was indeed arrogant!

Instructor Lius quirky behavior lightened the atmosphere.

“The worldlet is opening.

The martial arts world will once again enter a golden age.

With the emergence of many new talents and senior masters, Im afraid that it will take several years before the world quiets down again,” Wang Zhanpeng said with emotion.


Chen Changqing gave a mild laugh and remarked, “Since two years ago, the martial arts world has fallen into a dead silence, with nothing exciting occurring.

There were few witnesses to the big battles, for most people didnt get the news.

They could only hear snatches of battles afterward.

Up to last year, even Inward Strength martial artists and Peak Strength Warriors had been classified as the strong ones.

Theyve become the favorites of rich people.

Qi Strength Masters are ever rarer martial artists.

Even Chairman Liu only managed to invite one Peak Strength Warrior over.

Its conceivable that how stagnant the martial arts world has been.

In fact, we had all been waiting for the arrival of the worldlet.

Its just that with the appearance of Brother Han, this stagnant martial arts world starts to ripple and rage.

A persons rise will definitely involve many battles.

Brother Hans battles have intrigued the others and made them come out of their reclusive homes.

Then, the martial arts world grows active.

Now, the worldlet has come.

Its time to show them how strong Brother Han is! I believe he will dominate the worldlet just as he has dominated the martial arts world!”

His words made many peoples blood boil with passion.

It was the dream of many to follow their leader to conquer the world!

However, Wang Zhanpeng, a sophisticated man, quickly threw cold water on him.

“Well, I think that after Han brings his parents back, he will focus on raising his child, if nothing else.”


Chen Changqing gasped.

After giving some thoughts into it, he realized that it did seem quite likely!

“Thats fine.

Theres no point in fighting and killing!” Zhang Li said approvingly.

“Alright, alright.

Im going to play with Mengmeng,” Rong Jiaxin said with a smile.

“Ill go too!” Zhang Li nodded.

“Lets go.”

Zhou Fei and Wang Ya also led the way to the castle.

Seeing that the women had set off together, the others also went to other places in small groups.

“Changqing, do you fish” Wang Ming asked.

“Yes, I do.”

Like that, they went in different directions.

On the way to the airport, Zhang Han gave Zhao Feng bottles of medicinal pellets.

Each of the bottles was tagged with the name of a member of the security group, indicating which one was suitable for which member.

After chatting for a while, about 10 minutes later, Zhang Han got on the plane.

He flew to Sanmen…

Sanmen was a city by the Yellow River.

The entrance of Kun Xu World lay in the depths of the plains between Sanmen and Luoyang.

Zhang Han got off the plane.

“Hello, Mr.


Im here at the order of Captain Jiang to pick you up.

The helicopter is ready.”

A man in a suit came over and saluted him.


“Shes really thoughtful.”

Zhang Han followed him into a helicopter on the roadside.

It then rose into the air and headed for the destination.

“The entrance is heavy-guarded.

Because its location has been shifted, now its not bad.

Its near a small island in the center of the lake.

The lake will be a major military base in the future.

Its not open to the public.

The area of the small island will be expanded by three times, and then it can be a new stable entrance.


Zhang, that entrance is pretty like the ruins.

They are both white mist in an oval shape.

Its just that the entrance of the worldlet is more stable, and the mist is thinner.

Sometimes it changes and cant be clearly seen with the naked eye.

“There are already many martial artists waiting to get in, some of whom are talented disciples, and some from the sects in the worldlet…”

The man was talkative and filled Zhang Han in on what was going on there along the way.

Zhang Han had learned through his words that the opening of the worldlet had filled the secular martial arts world with tension.

Many unknown forces had gathered at the entrance of the worldlet.

Nevertheless, Zhang Han didnt care much about it.

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