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Chapter 734 The Elder Was Coming

In this world, no sect was purely on the side of justice.

There was neither absolute good nor absolute evil, but the Heavenly Knights Sect was an outstanding sect with a good reputation, and its disciples preferred the way of doing things like a hero, who would not cause any unreasonable disturbance.

There were even some disciples who would like to offer a hand when they saw an injustice.

Since the battle with the Wind Snow School, the power of the Heavenly Knights Sect had stopped rising.

Until then, the once domineering Heavenly Knights Sect had also declined to become one of the top sects, instead of being the one at the peak.

What made Su Long feel things were troublesome was that the people of the Heavenly Knights Sect were united.

There were also disputes within the sect, such as the constant struggles between the south and north mountain, but they were always united when facing outside enemies.

This was also the reason why the Heavenly Knights Sect was still unmoved after decades of wars.

Perhaps it had been the hatred among the senior leaders at the beginning, but it had completely transformed into the hatred of all the sect members; they would definitely fight whenever they met.

The prospect of facing this kind of force that could not be defeated after decades of battle, Su Long couldnt help feeling worried.

“Why did they provoke the Heavenly Knights Sect”

After Su Long got in the car and left, he looked out through the window and while he struggled to calm down.

“Just because it is far from the center of power The Heavenly Knights Sect is located in the Kunxu World.

With the existence of the Wind Snow School, they do not dare to act recklessly.

But this isnt an excuse to provoke the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Is it…”

Suddenly, he thought of a possibility and narrowed his eyes in astonishment.

“The Lyu family wants to join hands with the Wind Snow School”


Su Longs face darkened.

He had once heard that there was a talented man among the relatives of the Lyu family, who became a protector disciple of the Wind Snow School.

They contacted each other every few years.

Moreover, an old man of the Lyu family once said that there would be a day when they might be able to find a place in the Wind Snow School!

But at that time, Lyu Kong was only at the Peak-stage of the God realm and he would became a disciple when he joined the Wind Snow School.

He had finally reached the Heaven Realm and would surely find a good position there!

At the thought of this, Su Long said seriously, “I think… If thats the case, Lyu Kong will surely kill them! As a green-hand warrior at the Heaven Realm, it would be a great achievement for him to kill an Earth-Peak-Stage disciple of the Heavenly Knights Sect.”


Su Long couldnt stop gasping in fear.

He quickly said to the copilot, “Issue the red realm order quickly.

Before 22 oclock, evacuate all the citizens within one kilometer radius near the Zi family!”


His words scared the two Divine-Realm martial artists riding the car.

“What is he doing”

They were at a loss when they learned what Su Long was thinking.

“Go and ask Lord Wang to come out and look for help! We have to guard against this and prevent them from making too much trouble in the city!” one of them said seriously.

If it were a fight between the sects in the mountain, they would act as onlookers or even ignore the situation altogether.

But the battle would take place in the urban area, and their nerves were straining by the mere thought.

“When I go back, I will go and invite Lord Wang myself.”

The Lord Wang they mentioned was an official martial artist at the Middle Heaven Realm.

With the opening of the worldlet, some of the truly strong martial artists had joined their Spirit Group.

Although they couldnt compete with the first-line sect, they had the right to determine some things at the moment.

As a matter of fact, the situation was similar to what Su Long had imagined.

As a group leader, Su Long did not make a blind guess, but drew a conclusion based on various factors.

Obviously, his conclusions were correct.

After the Lyus returned to their mansion, they went to the hall.

It was a bit depressing.

Their patriarch died, and seven senior officials had been seriously injured.

The other party was still intact, except for the loss of a manor gate.

They were reluctant to accept it.

They felt quite subdued.

Lyu Kong could see that, but he didnt say anything and his face was darkened.

One minute later, the dark-skinned old man asked, “Elder brother, what shall we do about this Do we have to swallow our anger since were dealing with a disciple of the Heavenly Knights Sect”

“He he, when did I say we should bear this” Lyu Kong suddenly sneered, “Do you know who fought with me today”

As soon as this statement was made, the others were excited yet puzzled.

Another aged man asked in confusion, “Isnt he Zhang Guangyou, the famous lord of battle in the Hua nation from more than ten years ago At that time, even the Grand Masters were rarely seen, and his strength didnt match his current reputation.

Although his strength has improved a little faster now, he still cant defeat our elder brother.”

“I have to say that all of us have indeed heard of Zhang Guangyous name, the lord of battle.

He has been very successful.”


A lot of people said what they thought.

Lyu Kong sat in his seat and listened without interrupting them.

It was not until all the people had stopped talking to look at him that he laughed.

“Zhang Guangyou, hes not only a disciple of the Heavenly Knights Sect, but also… He is the Young Master of the Heavenly Knights Sect! His father is Zhang Shenwang! It can be said that the whole Heavenly Knights Sect belongs to him!”


A thunderous sound reverberated in everyones mind.

Many martial arts masters were trembling.

They didnt expect to hear such shocking news.

“My God, he is the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect, and we cant afford to offend him.

He said we must leave before midnight.

What are we waiting for We have to run away! Or it will be too late when someone from the Heavenly Knights Sect come to punish us,” a Martial Arts Grand Master said in horror.

Many people from the Lyu family were flustered.

Lyu Kong frowned and snorted.

“A bunch of rubbish!”

His swearing voice instantly shocked those who were in a panic.

They quickly lowered their heads and sat in silence.

Then they remembered that it was not the time to despair.

Lyu Kong, the Elder was still there, and they needed more suggestions.

“Elder brother, you knew that he was the Young Master of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Why do you want to fight with him” asked the old man who was slightly dark.

This question made the eyes of all the people present lock onto Lv Kong.

“Is there any secret in this”

“Ha ha.”

Lyu Kong laughed.

“The Heavenly Knights Sect is powerful, but Zhang Guangyou hasnt reached the Heaven Realm yet, and he cant cause a lot of trouble by himself.

Moreover, given his status as the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect, he still looked down on us and dares to go out to work alone.

I didnt expect that Zhang Hanyang was Zhang Guangyous son, and that he could invite Zhang Guangyou.

Its a great opportunity.

Did you forget the Wind Snow School Lyu Fang studies at the Wind Snow School.

With his leadership and my breakthrough in nature, our Lyu family will get a place in the Wind Snow School.

By then, we will have countless martial arts resources.

Most importantly, Zhang Guangyou will have to die.

Lyu Kongs eyes were covered with cold light, and his voice made people feel cold.

“With his head in our hands, we will be regarded as great meritorious officials in the Fengxue Pavilion!”



“You, go to Mount Nan and ask Lyu Kuang to come here for a talk.”


“Third brother!”


“You, go to Yunfeng lake and invite He Jiaxiong.”

“Lyu Zhanfeng, go to Dongxin manor and invite Bai Feng!”

“Lyu Mang, go to the Nanma slope and invite Gu Sanming.”


Several orders were issued, and the whole Lyu family was excited with the opportunity for their family to rise.

“Zhang Guangyou cant escape tonight!”

He was determined to fight.

His hands trembled with excitement.

After all, he was the Young Master of the Heavenly Knights Sect! As long as he gave the order, someone would make a move to destroy the Lyu family.

“But… Look at yourself now.”

“If you stay here alone and face me, you will only die!”

He believed that Zhang Guangyou didnt bring anyone with him.

Even if he brought the disciples of Heavenly Knights Sect with him, they wouldnt be very powerful.

Otherwise, Lyu Kong wouldnt have fought with Zhang Guangyou in person in the previous battle.

Lv Kong thought it was his chance.

He didnt want to delay.

It was dark and windy tonight, so he thought it was a good time to do it.

Perhaps he also knew that Zhang Guangyou might call for help, but his helpers were tens of thousands of miles away.

How could they come here in a few hours

“Im afraid that the Zi family is still celebrating.”

Lyu Kong burst out laughing.

The truth was almost the same as he said.

The gate of the Zi family was being urgently handled, and the atmosphere in the dining room had changed from depression at the beginning to happiness.

The thick dark clouds above dissipated.

Although there was a heavy rain, the atmosphere was still lively with the return of Zhang Guangyou.

Zhang Han secretly made a gesture of praise to his father, which made Zhang Guangyou laugh.

“Im a father.

Of course Im good at fighting.”

Thinking of this, the smile on his face deepened.

“Grandpa, why are you not wet It was raining heavily just now.” Mengmeng glanced at Zhang Guangyou and asked curiously.

“What Well, Grandpa was taking shelter from the rain just now, so I didnt get wet.

“With a smile, Zhang Guangyou reached out his hand and gently scratched Mengmengs pink face.

Mengmeng is so kind.

Grandpa went out for a while, and you began to worry about me.”

“Eh” The little princess was confused, “Im not worrying about you.”

Zhang Guangyou felt embarrassed.

He didnt know whether to cry or to laugh.


Sitting on the left side of Mengmeng, Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

She felt it improper, so she held back her laughter and blinked her big eyes, feeling it very interesting.

“Hahaha…” Zhang Han laughed brightly and said, “Dad, its a long way to go to make Mengmeng care about you.”


“Alas…” Zhang Guangyou smiled and sighed.

Somehow, he didnt feel disappointed when he knew that Hans and Stephanie couldnt have a second child.

Instead, he found that he had a better feeling for Mengmeng.

No matter whether Mengmeng liked him or not, he adored her.

As a result, after dinner, Zhang Guangyou didnt talk much with others, but concentrated on making fun of Mengmeng with Zhang Han.

Rong Jiali was chatting with Zi Yan.

It was not until eight oclock in the afternoon that the Liang family members said goodbye enthusiastically.

Zhang Guangyou, Rong Jiali and Zhang Li all came to the villa of Zhang Han.

Of course, there were also Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu who had just been forced to sober up.

They had a good time and chatted until 9:30 p.m.

Mengmeng was a little tired after playing all day.

Generally, when the child was sleepy, the husband would ask his wife to go to sleep with the child first, and then he continued to accompany the guests.

However, it was like this for Zhang Han.

“Mengmeng is sleepy.

We are going to sleep.

Shall we talk tomorrow”

“OK, tomorrow.”

Others, of course, had no objection.

Less than five minutes after the guests left, the family of three lay in the big bed.

Zhang Han gently told the story of the King of Dwarves adventure, and Mengmeng enjoyed it so much.

Before he fell asleep, Zhang Han turned his gaze to the outside.

Outside the window, four figures flashed past.

When his soul sense came out, Zhang Han could not help but smile.

Dong Chen was coming.

He was the leader, and there was no doubt about the results of their trip.

The Lyu family…

They were going to face the famous Grand Elder of Heavenly Knights Sect!

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