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Chapter 735 Who Were They Trying to Kill

Zhang Han did not care much about the outcome of the Lv family and any other matters.

In fact, he had found that almost all the people living within kilometers of the Zi family had been evacuated.

There must have been a lot of complaints.

However, the official announcement about the gas leakage was effective as everyone cherished their lives.

But there would always be someone who was keen to walk on the road of death.

They thought they were smart, but they were not aware just how powerful their enemy was.

Was the ignorant not guilty They could be innocent, but there would always be a price, which might be their lives.

Zhang Guangyous return made Zhang Han an idle man.

“It seems that I dont have to handle anything for the time being.”

Zhang Han thought, smiling and looking at Zi Yan tenderly and finally fixed his gaze on Mengmengs delicate face.

“After the beginning of the new semester, she will go to the middle class.

Without thinking about it, a year has passed and Mengmeng will soon be five years old.

How fast time flies…”

“If there is no dispute, its good to accompany Mengmeng and watch her grow up peacefully and happily.”

Both mother and daughter were asleep and breathing steadily.

Zhang Han turned to look at Mengmeng and could not seem to get enough of her.

He did not care about the Lv family, but what should happen will eventually happen.

Just like what happened before, when Zhang Han found that the officials had dispersed the residents nearby, he expected that the Lv family would attack them again tonight and Lv Kong would not be alone.

He told Zhang Guangyou and his father replied with a confident smile.

Oh, it turned out that he had already informed Grand Elder.

The martial artists at Heaven Peak Stage were the most powerful fighters in the world and it was difficult for them to die.

Normally, every martial artist at Heaven Peak Stage had their own trump card and they even had some secret methods to escape.

In this world, few people could kill their opponents at Heaven Peak Stage during a one-on-one battle.

For example, Zhang Shenwang of Heavenly Knights Sect and the leader of Wind Snow School had experienced dozens of fierce battles, but no one was the victor each time.

Now, Zhang Han knew that they might have gone to the Kunlun Immortal World for further competition, which was so funny.

It was eleven oclock in the evening and the Lv familys manor was bustling with activity.

On the circular square in front of the main house, there were tables surrounded by several grills.

The Lvs were enjoying roasted whole sheep, wine and other delicious dishes.

All the martial artists from the Lv clan were here, eating meat and drinking wine.

After all, they were going to fight soon and many family members below the level of Qi Strength Master were discussing about it.

“Our Elder once said that he wanted to destroy the Zi family.

It has been many years since we did such a big thing.

We have the strength to become the most important family, but we have not achieved this goal yet, which is due to the closed gate of the small world.

Now the gate is open and its time for us to show off.

Its so awesome.

I have goosebumps all over my body just thinking about it.”

“I heard that our opponent is also very powerful.

There is a cultivator at Earth Realm and it seems that we will be facing a fierce battle tonight.”

“Bull**! Our Elder is invincible and Heaven Realm is invincible.

Why should we be afraid of someone at Earth Realm And I heard that the Elder has called in several old friends.

Hiss! Look, Lu Kuang is coming from Mount Fengnan!”

Suddenly, the people looked over and saw a group of five striding toward them from the edge of the square.

The head of the group was a tall and strong man.

When he saw Lv Kong, he laughed and said, “The worldlet has opened and brother Lv is back.

I have been so busy recently that I have not visited you yet.

I did not expect that brother Lv would contact me.

Im really ashamed.”

“It doesnt matter.” With a smile, Lv Kong said, “You are my friend, so we do not need to be so polite to each other.

Please take your seat.”

Lu Kuang and the other four sat at the table.

Apart from them, there were only Lv Kong and the other two elders of the Lv clan.

On the table, there were two roast mutton legs which had been marinated with chili sauce and some liquor and gave off an aromatic flavor.

These were all very simple food.

Without any hesitation, Lu Kuang directly tore off a large piece of meat, took a few bites, swallowed and then drank a large mouthful of liquor.

After a habitual “ah”, he laughed and said, “Im also interested in what brother Lv said.

Its said that Wind Snow School will give…”

This sentence had an underlying reminder.

There was no one who would work for nothing, not to mention the risk of offending Heavenly Knights Sect.

Lv Kong heard these words and a trace of unhappiness flashed through his eyes, but he was still smiling outwardly.

“Brother Lu, dont worry.

You will have a share of the reward.” He said.

“Brother Lv, you are welcome.

Ha ha ha.” Lu Kuang burst out laughing.

While they were chatting, the younger members of the Lv family were talking about it, one after another.

“Lu Kuang of Mount Fengnan has reached Earth Peak Stage at the same time as our Elder.

Now it is our Elder who has taken the first step to become a Heaven-Realm master.”

“This time, we not only invited Master Lu, but also He Jiaxiong from Lake Yunfeng, who is also a strong man at Earth Peak Stage.

My elder brother Lu Zhanfeng went to Dongxin manor to invite Bai Feng, who has been in Earth Peak Stage for 30 years.

The last one, Gu Sanming of Manan Hill, is also a famous martial artist who has been in Heaven Early-stage for more than ten years.

He is especially strong.

Now we have two Heaven State Strongs and three masters at Earth Peak Stage and together they must be invincible!”

“Yes, they are all strong men and we have never seen them before because we are not qualified.

But now, they all came to cooperate with the Lv family, because our Elder has reached Heaven Realm.”

“As soon as you reach Heaven Stage, you will be a lord.

This is true.

Just like the land gods, the Heaven State Strongs…are all extremely terrifying.”

“Theres someone at Heaven Realm in the Lv family.

Shh, keep it down.

Master He and master Bai are here.”

Among them, many ordinary senior leaders of the Lv family were talking about these things.

For them, it was a great proof that the Lv family would surely rise since there were so many giants here this night.

Under their gazes, He Jiaxiong and Bai Feng came in together.

They were both alone without their men following them.

They met at the door and entered together.

“Congratulations, Elder Lv.”

“Elder brother Lv, you are the first one among us to break through.

I, Bai Feng, admire you so much.”

“Brother He and brother Bai, you are welcome.

Please take your seat.”


Both of them sat at the dining table.

While He Jiaxiong started eating mutton with his hands, Bai Feng just drank and had no intention of eating meat.

“Why are you not eating the meat”

“Dont you want a piece of the pie”

Lv Kong looked at Bai Feng meaningfully.

The others also turned their gazes on Bai Feng.

“Brother Bai…” Lv Kong was about to say something.

Suddenly a chuckle came from the air in the distance

“Its so noisy here.”


The three men at Earth Peak Stage, including Lu Kuang, He Jiaxiong and Bai Feng and the other two men at Divine Realm in the Lv family, stood up to welcome the new guest.

Gu Sanming of Manan Hill, the famous Heaven-State-Strong martial artist had arrived!

“Welcome, brother Gu.”

Looking at the white haired yet childlike man falling from the air, Lv Kong warmly welcomed him.

“Brother Gu, please have a seat.”

“Master Gu!”

Several other martial artists also greeted him.

Although Lv Kong had made a breakthrough, there was still a little distance between him and the top-level circle of the Singapore martial arts world.

Gu Sanming was different.

He was in a really high position and knew the two aged monsters at the Last-Stage of Heaven Realm.

It was amazing.

“You really broke through.”

Gu Sanming looked at Lv Kong casually.

Then he sat down and waved his hand, “Please sit down.”

Judging from his tone and manner, it seemed as if he was at home.

Lv Kong did not have the slightest dissatisfaction and just nodded.

After taking a seat, Gu Sanming picked up a fork and cut off a piece of meat from the lamb leg.

Instead of eating the meat, he just looked at it.

Three seconds later, he looked at Lv Kong and said with a smile, “I have considered what you said.

While you want fame, I want profit, that is, 90% of Wind Snow Schools reward.”

Treasures were attractive to most people, including Gu Sanming.

As soon as this was said, the faces of the others darkened, but they soon calmed down.

Gu Sanming was always greedy and no one would not get more benefit when cooperating with him.

But it was better than none, because it was Wind Snow Schools reward after all.”


Lv Kong agreed very happily, without any hesitation.

But no one knew what he was thinking about.

He was going to lead his family to Wind Snow School and Gu Sanming would soon be of no use.

Gu Sanming did not know this.

He had never heard of the deal between the Lv family and Wind Snow School.

He thought that Lv Kong would be afraid of him.

“Seven days ago, I fought with someone in Nanou and was seriously hurt.”

Bai Feng stood up with a glass of wine in his hand and said calmly, “This time, I just want to visit brother Lv and Elder Gu.

Now I am satisfied.

As for this matter, there is no difference whether Im here or not.

So I will leave first.

When my injury is healed, I will come back and help you as long as you need me.”

Bai Feng drank a glass of white wine.

Lv Kong did not care.

He waved his hand, “Since you are injured, go back and have a rest.”

“Okay.” Gu Sanming nodded lightly.

The others did not really care if he was there or not.

Bai Feng smiled and turned to leave.

His injury was real, but not serious.

The main reason was that the 10% reward was not attractive to him.

Furthermore, he was tired of the intrigue between these aged guys.

Bai Feng left.

The rest of the crowd chatted together.

With the arrival of the giants, all the low-level martial artists and some high-level officials of the Lv family did not dare to speak loudly.

Their voices were very low, for fear of disturbing the conversation of the giants..

In less than five minutes, it was almost 11:20 in the evening.

Gu Sanming put down his fork and casually took the handkerchief on the table.

As he wiped his hands, he said, “After my business is over, Ill have a meal.”

“Thats good.” Lv Kong immediately nodded and said with a smile, “I sent someone to check out the situation.

They are all in the Zi familys manor.

I think that after today, the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect, Zhang Hanyang, Emperor Qing, Gai Xingkong and even the Zi familys manor will not exist anymore.”

He was going to cut their roots!

He wanted to destroy them totally.


Gu Sanming raised his eyebrows.

“Youre a little savage… But I like it!”

He deliberately paused in the middle of his speech to make He Jiaxiong and Lu Kuang laugh.

Lu Kuang said, “It should be.

They think that they can do whatever they want since they have the backing from Hua nation.

They are all fools.

What can several Divine-Realm helpers do”

He Jiaxiong shook his head slightly, “We must kill Zhang Guangyou, the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect.

His head is valuable and the Zi family is only incidental.

We can use it to warn the family that the great power is still within our grasp.”

Everyone in the Lv family was very excited with the feeling that the Lv family would rise and become the peak force after today.

However, when they were celebrating in advance, a sentence uttered in a very cold tone seemed to echo from the distant sky.

“Who are you going to kill”

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