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Chapter 74 – Manager who wants to change a job

“Thats right! “That might be the case, but if thats the case, then isnt that too dramatic” Zhao Dahu said as he slapped his leg.

“Indeed, the boss is not like an ordinary person.

Have you ever seen a normal person not even look at the money when everyone is paying” He is definitely from a big family! ” Yu Qingqings eyes gradually lit up, and said: “Wow, that must be it.

For love, the boss gave up on his name, gave up on his status as a successor of an aristocratic family, and came out alone to be with the landlady.

Wow, so romantic, so touching!”

Little did Yu Qingqing know that her words had made a bad influence on Mengqis heart.

She unhappily rolled her eyes at Yu Qingqing and said: “Enough, arent you tired of saying so much”

“Eh …” Yu Qingqing reacted and laughed awkwardly: “Mengqi, handsome men are everywhere since the boss has been taken, then lets change targets.

I think that Zhao Feng is not bad.”

Yu Qingqings sudden words made Zhao Fengs body tighten.

His expression was very calm, but his body was straightened without being noticed.


Then you two should be together! Humph! Dont talk nonsense and just wait for the meal! ” Liang Mengqi was a little depressed.

Her good mood was completely wrecked by the news, Liang Mengqi pouted and became a little absent-minded.

Even when the food was ready, Liang Mengqi had almost forgotten to stood up to fill the bowl before Yu Qingqing reminded her.

It was just a small accident, and people ate as usual.

After Zhang Han and Mengmeng finished their meal, he carried Mengmeng to the sofa to watch an cartoon.

As soon as he turned on the TV, a handsome man, with a head full of black hair, wearing a suit jacket, white shirt and tie, and looking like an business elite, walked in.

His eyes were red and swollen, his face was slightly pale, he was Sun Dongheng.

“Boss, can I pack four servings of rice My parents are rather busy, so they cant come here.

I want to bring them food.

” Sun Donghengs voice was hoarse, his mental state terrible.

“Sure.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Thank you, boss.

Oh yes, this is a gift my father brought to Mengmeng.” Sun Dongheng picked up the bag in his hands, his eyes reddened slightly as he said: “Yesterday, after eating dinner here, my family was very happy, and my relationship with my father was also getting better.

Thank you, boss, if it wasnt for the fact that we were eating here, I really dont know when our relationship would be able to get better, thank you, thank you.”

If not for the fact that he ate here, if it wasnt for Sun Ming admitting to his fault, if it wasnt for the fact that Suns mother had told him the secret that was hidden in her heart, then Sun Dongheng felt that he would regret it for his entire life.

“Ugh…” What gift is it ” Mengmengs clear eyes looked at the package, which seemed to contain her favorite toys.

“Its a remote control car and a remote control plane.” Sun Dongheng revealed an ugly smile.

“Mm, no need to be polite.

Go and fill the bowl with food.” Zhang Han took the gift and handed it over to the happy Mengmeng.

Sun Dongheng nodded, and turned to fill the bowl with rice.

“Thank you, little big brother …” When Sun Dongheng was about to leave, Mengmeng waved her arms at him smilingly.

“PaPa, Mengmeng wants to play with the remote control car.” Mengmeng said somewhat anxiously.

“Dad put the battery on.” Zhang Han opened the remote control car and installed the battery of the car and the remoter.

After finishing this, he handed the remoterl over to Mengmeng.

“Beep Beep Beep …” Mmm mmm… “Be careful, I … Im going to turn around …”

In Yunyin Garden, Mengmeng had become very proficient at playing with the remote control cars, but because of receiving the new toy, Mengmeng was very happy anyway.

After Mengmeng played around for a while, the restaurants morning business ended.

Liang Mengqi, Yu Qingqing and Zhao Dahu greeted each other and left as usual.

Zhao Feng sat on the chair and waited for Zhang Han.

Half an hour later, Zhang Han finally stood up and walked towards Zhao Feng.

Without waiting for Zhang Han to speak, he said:

“Ive asked around about the fish seedlings.

According to the you, there are both freshwater fish and saltwater fish.

My friends have given me a detailed plan and have already made an order for the shrimp seedlings to be delivered to the mountain tomorrow.”

“Oh “So fast” Zhang Han was startled, he did not expect Zhao Fengs work to be so efficient.

“Of course, since I work for you, I will naturally do my best.

After all, Im also a glutton.” Zhao Feng shook his head and laughed.

“Yes.” Zhang Han laughed, then looked outside the window: “The car is ready ”

“What car” Zhao Feng turned his head suspiciously, his gaze sweeping the place before finally landing on the car parked slowly in front of the dining hall.

“Modified panda”

Zhao Feng could immediately tell that this car had been modified.

The front face of the car looked more like a panda, and on the front of the car was a drawing of a panda lying on the ground.

The body of the car was crystal white, while the two goggles were black, their shapes were slightly adjusted, like the ears of a panda.

However, overall, the cars appearance was a bit more cute and beautiful than before, but there wasnt anything special about her either.

She was simple, clean, and cute, and that was her appearances characteristic.

However, if one did not enter the car, they would definitely not be able to discover the luxurious arrangement inside.

The car stopped, and a middle-aged man got off.

This man was the technical master who had previously talked with Zhang Han, and when the tip is good enough, the man had modified the car over nights and had personally it delivered.


Zhang.” The technician smiled warmly as he came in.

He handed over the folder in his hand and said, “This is the cars documents and this is the cars key.


Zhang, please check it out to see if there is any problems.”

“Theres no need to check, you can go back.” Zhang Han casually waved his hand.

“Alright sir, then.

If you have any problems with the car, please feel free to contact me.” The craftsman said politely, then turned around and left.

“Boss, why did you buy a Panda” Zhao Feng was a little puzzled as he replied, “I think that only a luxurious car can match your identity.”

“Because Mengmeng likes it.” Zhang Han replied indifferently.

Zhao Fengs expression froze for a moment, then he lightly shook his head and said: “Boss, you are really the kindest father.”

“Im not afraid that she is spoiled” Zhang Han laughed.

With these words, Zhao Feng didnt know what to say, and could only praise and admire him from the bottom of his heart.

“Get someone to help me get the Wrangler back.” Zhang Han pointed to the Wrangler which had been driven for a few days.

“Ill send it off.

I have nothing else to do, where can I send it off to” Zhao Feng stood up and asked.

“The rental contract is on the car.

The exact address is on it.” Zhang Han handed over the car keys.


Zhao Feng took the car keys and turned to leave.

After about an hour, Zhao Feng returned with a taxi and chatted with Zhang Han for a while.

It was already noon.

As usual, the people lining up more and more for lunch, also attracting the gazes of the people in the surrounding restaurants.

They didnt understand why Mengmengs casual restaurant would be so popular.

They definitely couldnt stop feeling envy in their hearts, but there was nothing they could do about the food.

After all, they couldnt interfere with the customers choice.

During lunch, Sun Dongheng came over and packaged four more meals.

Liang Mengqis mood had also eased up and she was chatting happily with Zhang Han.

Since he had a family, she would do nothing and hide her feelings.

In the afternoon, Zhang Han brought Mengmeng to the Mount New Moon.

Today, not only did Zhang Li come over, Zi Yan returned as well.

Zhang Han was very straightforward, he caught two hens, and picked beans, potatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, chives and chillies.

Prepare chicken stewed potatoes, beans and eggplant, fried chili with eggs, and pull cucumber skins.

Two chickens were obviously the main dish, while the others were equivalent to side dishes.

Zhang Han did not doubt the taste of the Mount New Moons chickens at all.

If it was a common chicken that was usually bought, then it would be more than sufficient to make one, because although the chicken was tasty, it would not cause anyone to be enchanted with it.

But, how could the chickens from Mount New Moon be ordinary Whats more, its the chicken which had drunk Pure Yang Water before.

The taste was unquestionable, so Zhang Han took two chickens, other than himself and Mengmeng, the other people who would be eating dinner at night would also be Zi Yan, Zhang Li and maybe Zhou Fei would come over too.

If that was the case, four adults and one child, one chicken would definitely not be enough.

Returning to the dining hall, Mengmeng sat on the sofa as she played with the remote control car.

And Zhang Han went to the restaurant next door.

“oh! Boss Why are you here “Hurry, hurry, please come in.”

When the manager saw Zhang Han, his body moved, he immediately rushed to the door and personally welcomed Zhang Han in, that kind of attitude, it could be said that he was extremely passionate, to the point that it made Xiao Mei feel that even when the managers good brother came, he was not this enthusiastic!

“Boss, you …” The manager looked at the bag in Zhang Hans hands.

“Can you clean the chickens I have two live chickens that I want to clean up.

” Zhang Han waved the bag in his hand.

“Sure, leave it to me.” The manager nodded with a smile, he received the bag from Zhang Han and handed it over to Xiao Mei: “Tell the kitchen to clean it up.”

“Alright.” Xiao Mei looked at Zhang Han strangely a few times before carrying the bag to the kitchen.

“How much is it” Zhang Han took out his wallet and asked.

“Hey, clean up two chickens, isnt that a simple task! Boss, come over here, how can I have the nerve to ask you to pay If you are embarrassed, then that … ” The manager was a little embarrassed, he looked around at his surroundings, then moved in front of Zhang Han and whispered: “What do you think of me How about I go to your restaurant and be the reception manager ”

After Zhang Han heard this, he could not help but chuckle.


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