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Once again, they came to the forest located at the outskirts behind Wind Snow School.

They were very experienced.

This was a safe area, some distance from Wind Snow School.

Dong Chen only said, “Be careful, do not be in a rush and take your safety seriously.

If something goes wrong and you are able to run away from the Mountain-protection Array of Wind Snow School, we will be able to save you.

But if you cant get out, there is nothing we can do about it.”

“Son, Dad believes in you.” Zhang Guangyou patted Zhang Han on the shoulder with a smile, even though he was still worried.

Although there was no problem for him to go in, Zhang Han still wanted to cultivate, otherwise his Qi would be sensed by the First Elder of Wind Snow School.

“Im going in.

Ill be back in one to five hours.”

Zhang Han waved his hand to create a formation.

This was a real battle and it was necessary to absorb energy and prevent fluctuations.

Zhang Han formed a new array in the original one with his set of cards and gradually disappeared.

He entered Wind Snow School through the formation without causing any fluctuation.

But when he came to the dark clouds, Zhang Han sensed a strong Qi, which surrounded the clouds.

When he looked closely at this dark area, he could see countless tiny lightning flashes in the clouds.

“Not enough.”

Zhang Han took a look and could immediately assess the energy situation in the dark cloud.

He was quite close to it and could feel it completely.

He looked down from the edge of the cloud.

There were more people there.

There were more than 30 people.

Zhang Han did not use his soul sense, but he made a guess.

There were only those people from before who were at Heaven Realm and the others were about at Earth Realm.

These people were collectively controlling an array, refining many divine objects and holy objects, echoing with the dark clouds in the sky, forming an array communicating with Thunder Stone and finally gathering energy for the battleax.

Through the continuous refining of lightning strikes, the impurities would be removed and its level would be fundamentally improved.

“There are five divine objects and 15 holy objects.

It seems that they are using more treasures in their first attempt.

The foundation of Wind Snow School is very good.”

Zhang Han took a look and knew that when they finished refining these, they would attract lightning!

Zhang Han hid himself at the edge quietly.

At the top of the mountain, Zhan San looked at his axe with excitement.

He had been preparing for this moment for ten years!

Ten years!

He had already known about this method and had been preparing all kinds of materials.

But he did not want to disturb the Grand Elder of Wind Snow School and the others, fearing that his achievements would be taken away by them.

However, after the worldlet was closed, Heavenly Knights Sect came across aggressively and beat up Wind Snow School.

It was a horrible scene.

He did not have much resources, so he could only turn to the First Elder for help.

The price he had to pay was that he very likely had to give up the position of sect chief and serve Wind Snow School all his life.

He really did not want to be inferior to the First Elder.

Normally, if he had made great achievements, he could exchange his blood and a wisp of his soul for their help.

Now, there was no hope and they would not let him go.

“But… The sixth level, Im still at the top of Wind Snow School.”

While Zhan Sans eyes glowed with anticipation, the First Elder beside him remained silent and said nothing.

Half an hour later…

The last holy fruit was refined into a mist and gathered in the array.

“Start.” The First Elder said lightly.


The shining array was activated by more than ten people and a very complicated ancient character floated above it.

Only Zhang Han knew the exact meaning of this character, but the First Elder and the others knew that this array could gather energy into the lightning.

“Is this the Mara Seal A small move to transmit energy.”

Zhang Han looked at it for a while and began to make a gesture to cast spell with his hands.

The cards around him kept changing.

At the same time, another five medium-grade crystals appeared and the magic array around his body had changed.

The mysterious and profound aura enveloped him and the rays of light seemed to form a whirlpool, which seemed to absorb the energy from the outside world.

Even the small lightning flashes that covered an area of more than ten meters around started to tremble.

The inner part of the array changed immensely, but the outer part of the array was as motionless as a mountain, isolated from everything.

The First Elder and the others were not totally on their guard, because they were in their Main Mount.


Accompanied by the glowing marks, the overwhelming energy swept into the air.


Suddenly, a lightning bolt about a thousand feet long, flashed.

It seemed to have opened a chapter!

“Its finally about to begin.” Zhan San looked excited.

He had been looking forward to this moment for many years.

“Thunder Stone!”


In an instant, Thunder Stone emitted a faint light and the lightning in the air began to grow at a violent speed.

The small lightning hidden in the dark cloud gradually grew larger and each lightning had a majestic Qi.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!

In the eyes of Zhan San and others, the lightning in the dark clouds seemed to have increased at a crazy speed.

One, ten, fifty, a hundred, three hundred, seven hundred, one thousand… Until one thousand and seven hundred!

The lightning crackled violently as if it was going to destroy the world.

It was a frightening sight to behold.

The people of Wind Snow School were a little nervous and excited.

“Hiss… Puff…”

Zhan San took a deep breath and said, “Success or failure depends on this move!”

“It will work.” The First Elder replied calmly since he knew a lot.

Judging from the energy above, he knew that even if it was not a sixth-level treasure, it would be very close to that level.

“Thunder… Hmm”

Zhan San was about to attract the lightning to refine the axe.

All of a sudden, he saw that the lightning in the air had turned into a regular shape, like a semicircle of silk threads, condensing together and finally turning into a huge circle, which seemed to be constantly rotating.

“Whats going on” The First Elder frowned and said, “There are one hundred thunderbolts missing.”

“How could this… Be possible”

Zhan Sans expression froze and he wanted to say something.

The First Elder said, “Another one hundred is missing.”

“Is there something wrong with the array It shouldnt be!” While he analyzed the situation, Zhan San glanced specifically at the array and at the more than ten people who were maintaining it.

They were also confused.

“Even the First Elder doesnt understand it.

How can we understand it”

“Three hundred!”

The number of thunderbolts had dropped to one thousand and four hundred.

Zhan San could not sit still anymore since his Qi started surging.

He drew a circle with his hands and patted the Thunder Stone.



A muffled sound of thunder could be heard and then there was no other sound.

The thunders were still spinning, giving them a feeling that there was a vortex forming in the center.

“Whats going on”

“Whats this”

“Did he fail”


All the Heaven-Realm and Earth-Realm martial artists turned pale.

The expression on Zhan Sans face gradually darkened.

Once again he used his full strength to activate his magic and shouted, “Thunder!”



“Give me the lightning!”

However, nothing happened.

At this time, the First Elders face darkened.

“There are only one thousand left.”

“Ill go up and have a look!” Zhan San could not believe it and wanted to fly up to see what was going on.

The First Elder was staring at the center of the whirlpool and did not stop him.


Zhan San quickly soared into the air.

When he approached the dark clouds, the lightning flashed even more intensely and the situation over there could be seen with the naked eye.


He approached the center point again.

When he was only fifty meters away, the lightning trembled, as if it was trying to vent its anger on him.

“Damn it!”

Zhan San cursed angrily and retreated back to the platform.

His face darkened.

How did everything get so messed up

“The lightning seems to be condensing!” Zhan San said through gritted teeth.

As powerful as he was, he had been at Heaven Peak Stage for more than ten years and now he was feeling decidedly nervous.

“They are condensing.

Dont be impatient.” The Grand Elder of Wind Snow School had always been calm and composed.

He observed for a while and slowly replied, “Maybe this is an opportunity.

The energy wont disappear for no reason.

Lets wait and see.”

His words made Zhan San feel dumbfounded.

Zhan San was now looking at the scene in the air nervously.

“Seven hundred!”

“Five hundred!”

“There are only three hundred left.”

“Only fifty.

What should we do”

“Its all gone! All gone!”

Seeing all the lightning dissipating, Zhan San felt his heart pounding hard, as if his entire family had died!

At this moment, there was dead silence on the top of the mountain.

Even the lightning had subsided and except for a lot of thin dark clouds rolling in the air, everything else seemed to have stopped.

The silence made people feel depressed.

One second, two seconds, three seconds!


The First Elders face froze and his eyes blinked.

“There is something!”


He threw out a massive amount of spiritual sense energy, trying to lock it with his immense spiritual force.

Although he knew that nothing would happen here, he subconsciously wanted to block it.

In this way, he could react immediately even if there was an accident.

Just as his energy rose…


A thunderous sound resounded through the Main Mount of Wind Snow School.

A thunderbolt of more than 40 feet long flashed by, which was much smaller than before.

However, the color of this lightning was extremely bright and the energy contained within it made the First Elder frown.

Zhan Sans eyes widened, “Whats that”

He couldnt confirm or believe it.

“Attribute lightning!”

The First Elder said this one word at a time, “The attribute lightning shows that the lightning has reached the critical point of promotion, but it is not perfect, since there is not enough energy for it to be promoted.

No matter what kind it is, the lightning can improve the level of your axe and enhance its combat effectiveness.

Before, I thought that your axe would advance to the sixth level.

But with the attribute lightning, it may be promoted to the sixth level.”

They all knew that things with attributes were very rare and high-ended.

For example, water, Yin, Yang, ice and so on were all extra attribute powers.

This kind of power was countless, such as illusion, speed, strength… In their eyes, what was related to attribute was something that could only be met but not sought.

Now the First Elder said that they had condensed the attribute thunder.

Zhan San was so excited.

“First Elder! What should we do” Zhan San clenched his fists and said excitedly, “If First Elder is willing to cultivate me, I will serve Wind Snow School all my life and be First Elders right-hand man!”

“I see.” The First Elder nodded, staring at the surging clouds, and said slowly, “There is no hurry.

Ill go back to the Main Sect again.”

What was he going to do Just take the treasures!

“Thank you, First Elder.” Zhan San cupped his hands.

He was really excited.

After all, sixth level and the level close to that were not the same.

Although the level close to the sixth level sounded pleasant to hear, it was actually the fifth level.

Without any expression showing on his face, the First Elder left the Main Mount.

At this time, Zhang Han, who was in the air, was slightly relieved.

If the First Elder kept searching this place carefully, the energy of the array would be used up and the change of the crystals would also cause a slight fluctuation, which would put him in danger of being discovered.

“The energy needs to be digested.

Its really a headache.”

Zhang Han had a splitting headache.

The eight thousand clouds above his soul sense sea were in the purest form and then the energy he absorbed formed the clouds which were very mottled, with more impurities and were in different shapes.

He needed to refine them himself.

“Nine thousand! This trip is really worth it!”

Although Zhang Han had a headache, in his heart, he felt very happy.

He was very clear how difficult it was to form the clouds above his soul sense sea.

He could accumulate clouds and rain at any time, but he had no choice but to suppress them all the time.

Now, he had one thousand more clouds than before, but their energy was mottled, making it difficult for him to suppress them.

But for Zhang Han, this pain was just a small storm.

“Its time to go out.”

Zhang Han did not look at the excited Zhan San.

After relaxing for a few minutes, he slowly retreated, merged into Heaven-earth Formation and left.

He went back to Zhang Guangyou and removed the array.

Nearly 20 pieces of medium-grade crystals had been consumed with little energy left.

Though the remains of them were still better than complete low-grade crystals, they were not enough to be coveted by Wind Snow School.

“My son.” Zhang Guangyous face changed.

He came close, looked at Zhang Han from head to toe for a few times and then smiled.

After taking a long breath, he said, “Its good that youre back! Did you make it”

Dong Chen also came close and looked at Zhang Han with eyes that shone brightly.

He never expected that Zhang Han could do such an impossible thing!

“Successful.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Wind Snow School has lost at least 15 kinds of fifth-stage spirit treasures and more than 30 kinds of fourth-stage spirit treasures.”

“Why are there so many of them” Dong Chen was surprised.

“Well, there should be more next time.”

“Next time” Dong Chens eyes widened.

“Maybe more than once.”

Zhang Han thought that if the energy of the attribute thunder was stronger next time, they would still put a lot of materials and energy into it.”

Dong Chens hand trembled.

“Young Master, you have a good boy! He is really the lucky star of Heavenly Knights Sect!”

“Ha ha, Uncle Dong, youre welcome.

After all, he is my son and will definitely win honors for my father.” Zhang Guangyou laughed.

Dong Chens face froze slightly.

After staying silent for two seconds, he said, “I take back what I said before.

Zhang Han, you amaze me, but I still want to test you.

You are at the golden age.

Though your family is important, its not everything for you!”

“You are wrong.” The smile on Hans face suddenly faded and his eyes became cold.

He said in a low voice, “They are all I have.”


There seemed to be a thunderclap in Dong Chens mind.

At this moment, he felt that Zhang Han was a little profound and looked like an immortal.

He could not refute.

He wanted to say something, but found it difficult to say it.


Zhang Guangyou felt different.

His whole body seemed to be engulfed by warm currents.

He totally understood Zhang Hans attitude and state of mind.

“Good boy.” He was so touched that his eyes were much brighter than usual, because of the unshed tears.

Men dont cry.

Zhang Guangyou smiled and patted Zhang Han on the shoulder:

“Lets go home.”

“Okay, lets go home.”

If there were no relatives and no home, the house was merely a residence.

Besides, Zhang Han also wanted to go back early to accompany Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

“Alas.” Dong Chen sighed silently.

Perhaps he was right.

It was not wrong to be focused on martial arts, but practicing martial arts might also be a way to protect someone.

Just as he guarded Heavenly Knights Sect.

“Unfortunately, the Heaven Realm barrier was not that easy to break.”

Dong Chen fell silent and followed Zhang Han all the way back to Heavenly Knights Sect.

He seemed to be choked by words.

But when he looked at Tiny Tot, his depression lifted.

“At least there is increasing hope for Heavenly Knights Sect,”

Dong Chen smiled subconsciously and this was seen by the fifth Elder beside him.

“Are you smiling”

“What I dont think so.”

“I was not mistaken.

You seemed to be smiling just now.”




“You were smiling while looking at those spirit beasts.”

“Whats wrong”

Dong Chen looked at the fifth Elder in confusion.

He felt that the Elders eyes were somewhat… Meaningful

Under Dong Chens gaze, the fifth Elder touched his head and said, “Well, it seems that what my disciples said is true.”

“Whats true”

“It seems youve been fond of eating spirit beasts recently.

Up to now, weve lost six spirit beasts, two a day on average, which made the ordinary disciples of Command Beast Peak panic.

And you asked me to go to the beast mountain to catch spirit beasts…”

The fifth Elder did not continue, because his meaning was very clear.

“Grand Elder, you are the chief culprit.

Go out and catch the beasts yourself if you want to eat.

Why are you harming your own sect Whats more, he only took the spirit beasts from ordinary disciples.”


Dong Chen found that, this was the second time that he could not refute.

“Whats going on”

After all, he was a Grand Elder.

“Are you too idle recently” Dong Chen suddenly looked at Five Elder and asked.

“Im fine.” The fifth-Elder was confused.

“Why are you suddenly asking me this question”

However, when he knew the reason, his face darkened.

“Our sect has consumed a lot of crystals.

Since you are so free, why dont you go to the ancient mine” Dong Chen said lightly.

“What No, no, No.

Im not free at all.

I have something very important to do.

Alas, my two disciples just asked me to break through.

I forgot that I have to go first.

Im not going to the beast mountain.

Im too busy.


The fifth Elder ran away in a flash.

He didnt want to provoke Dong Chen.

Looking at his back, Dong Chen snorted and said, “If you gossip again, the whole Command Beast Peak will go to the beast mountain for the trial.”

The fifth Elder staggered.

“You have eaten the spirit beasts belonging to the others and you still want to close their mouths”

‘Okay, okay.

You are the boss and everything is determined by you.”

The fifth Elder fled the scene stiffly, afraid that if he was a little slower, he would really be sent to the ancient mine.

Dong Chen didnt know what he was feeling.

He looked at Tiny Tot before he turned around and flew out of Heavenly Knights Sect.

Two beasts a day.

If they stayed here for a month, at this rate, wouldnt they lose 60 beasts That would be a disaster for Command Beast Peak.

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