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Chapter 749 Irrefutable Evidence

After the fifth Elder returned to the North Mountain, he went directly to the Command Beast Peak.

At Command Beast Peak, many spirit beasts were ambling about on the mountainside.

At the back of the main hall on the top of the mountain, there was a huge white haired tiger, which was more than three meters tall and its Qi was strong.

The white tiger was at the early stage of Earth Realm and it was cultivated by the manager of Command Beast Peak from the stage of Grand Master Peak.

“Fifth Elder, do you have any news”

In the backyard of the hall at the peak, the manager, several disciples and the six people who lost their spirit beasts were all there.

Seeing the fifth Elder coming in, the manager of Command Beast Peak Host raised his question.

“Er, this…”

The fifth Elder was reluctant to speak.

He was wondering if he should tell the truth.

Telling the truth would make the disciples of Command Beast Peak more flustered.

If they knew that the Grand Elder liked to eat spirit beasts now, they would not dare to walk them.

“It seems that the Grand Elder is conducting some studies now.

He met your spirit beasts and took them away to be the objects of observation.

I have not inquired about the details.

Ill ask him when he comes back.” The fifth Elder whispered.

In fact, he was right, but the subject of the so-called study was whether the meat of the spirit beast tasted good or not.

“Study what” The manager of Command Beast Peak Host frowned since he did not know the reason, “What does this mean He can tell me if he wants any spirit beasts.

Why does he have to be so furtive about it”

“He is not being furtive.

Maybe its just a temporary interest.

The Grand Elder is now in the beast mountain and hell probably bring some spirit beasts back.

Then you can let the disciples who lost their spirit animals choose from them.

Ah, lets stop here and Ill go and see Dahei.” The fifth Elder was about to leave.

He had not seen Daheis magnificent figure for several days and he missed it.

The fifth elder was also thinking about how to get Dahei.

“Is Dahei the gorilla that Young Master brought back” the manager of Command Beast Peak Host asked.

“Yes, that guy is very good.

It has abundant Qi and blood, good strength and great potential for growth.” The fifth Elder nodded.

“The last time I passed by, I found that the gorilla was about to break through the level of the divine realm.

It is talented and likely to advance to a higher level.”

The Command Beast Peak Host had not quite finished speaking when a figure quickly ran toward them.

It was Xiaojiu, the one that he just mentioned.

Master! My cold bear is missing! Master, please ask Grand Elder to give it back to me, or it will be late.”


The fifth Elder suddenly felt that this was a little strange.

“Hasnt the Grand Elder gone”

“Whats going on”

“What if…”

“You stay here.

Ill go and check.” The fifth Elder left in a hurry, flew into the air and went straight to the place where Zhang Han lived in the South Mountain.

When he got to the mountain forest, he vaguely smelled a fragrance.


When he came to the edge of the woods, he saw the three beasts heartily eating a cold bear.

“Its you!”

The fifth Elder could not decide whether to cry or to laugh.

Looking at Dahei, who was eating the meat, he was surprised.

“Its Qi… It seems that Dahei can break through in two days.

Has he eaten several spirit beasts Isnt it amazing”

He did not know that Dahei was actually absorbing that drop of blood, which would increase its strength every day, not to mention the spirit beast meat, which had more energy.

“Good, good.”

The fifth Elder was surprised.

After watching for more than ten minutes, he turned pale and quickly retreated.

When the fifth Elder appeared again in Beast Peak, his face was a little stiff and he said in a low voice, “Xiaojius cold bear has indeed been eaten by the Grand Elder… No, didnt you hear anything”

“What are you talking about The Grand Elder is beginning to eat spirit beasts”

“My God, its the Grand Elder.”


The expressions on the faces of the people at the scene changed greatly and even the Command Beast Peak Host was shocked.

“Didnt the Grand Elder say that anyone who steals a spirit animal to eat will be severely punished”

“Maybe its what the Grand Elder is studying.

Dont worry about it.

We cant really argue with him, right Moreover, the Grand Elder will go to the beast mountain personally to catch more spirit beasts and the quantity he brings back will make up for those eaten by him.”

The fifth Elder was tired.

It was really difficult to tell lies, but there was no way.

After all, it was the Grand Elder who decided to suffer on behalf of others.

“Well, we dont have to worry too much.

Dont make a fuss even if more spirit beasts are missing.

Anyway, the Grand Elder will catch better beasts for us.

Well, thats it.

Ill go first.”

The fifth Elder left in a flash.

He was fond of Dahei and decided to hide the truth after seeing that it was about to break through to Divine Realm.

He was not worried at all since there was someone who would be taking the responsibility.

“The seventh beast…”

The Command Beast Peak Host was very depressed.

He could only hope that the First Elder could bring more spiritual beasts back this time.

Otherwise, Command Beast Peak would close down sooner or later.

But on the other side was the Grand Elder, so what could he do

Dong Chen was not aware of this.

He just wanted to make the fifth Elder believe him, but he did not expect that the whole Command Beast Peak was told that he had eaten the spiritual beasts.

With the “irrefutable evidence” from the fifth Elder, Dong Chen was now recognized as the culprit.

But he was not too bothered about it.

He knew that Zhang Han would stay here for at most one month, because Mengmeng was about to start school in September and the little girl had to go to kindergarten.

He could afford to lose 60 spiritual beasts a month.

Although it was not difficult for him, a Heaven State Strong, to catch spirit beasts at Grand Master Peak, there were spirit beasts at Heaven Peak Stage in the beast mountain, which might pose a threat to him and even lead to a surge of beasts which would attack the sect.

That kind of thing had happened before.

In order to cultivate Tiny Tot, it was not a big deal to make an exception.

Dong Chen believed that he would not attract the other partys attention outside the beast mountain.

But time was limited.

He went out for a whole afternoon and brought back three spirit beasts at Grand Master Peak.

Knowing that they were going to lose money, the Command Beast Peak Hosts eyes trembled.

Another spirit beast went missing that night.

The Command Beast Peak Host could not wait any longer.

He came to the hall of the Grand Elder and was nearly in tears as he made his complaints.

The Grand Elder went to the beast mountain overnight.

He was tired too.

“How can they eat so much”

Dong Cheng finally understood what Zhang Han had said.

It was reasonable for him to say, “They are all money-losing goods.”

Therefore, Dong Chen was kept busy going to the beast mountain every night.

For seven days in a row, he caught 63 beasts and activated a strong Qi in the mountain.

It seemed that something was about to wake up, so he stopped when he got the warning signal.

These days, Zhang Han stayed with his wife and daughter.

Meanwhile, he kept refining the clouds above his soul sense sea.

It took time to remove impurities.

Until the tenth day…


All the impurities were removed and more than 9000 thunder clouds continued to drive the expansion of the whole soul sense sea.

“What will these clouds look like when it rains”

Zhang Han doubted whether he could really own 10000 clouds, which was ten times more than those of a cultivator at perfect Innateness stage.

Perhaps sensing the Qi of Zhang Han, Zhang Guangyou came to him with a smile and asked, “I think your Qi has been suppressed long enough.

Why not break through now”

“Not yet.” Zhang Han shook his head.

“Its time for you to do that.” Zhang Guangyou was amused.

“Its no use just accumulating now.

You can feel the difference between Heaven Realm and Earth Realm only when you advance to the Divine Realm.

Its OK for me to talk about it in advance since you are powerful enough.

Divine Realm not only means the promotion of spiritual force, but also the promotion of psychokinesis or soul sense, which is in your mind.

You can check on the surrounding situation and even those who are gifted can launch amazing attacks with the combination of their spiritual force and secret method.

There are lots of benefits you are not aware of.

Although your spiritual sense surprised me, you are still below Divine Realm.

Its not the same in essence.

“It makes sense.” The corners of Zhang Hans mouth quivered as he nodded his head in agreement.

“The so-called Divine Realm, I mean, for soul sense, is a process of accumulating clouds into rain.

Think about it.

Soul sense is like a lake, but there is no water in it.

You should keep refining and accumulating clouds through constant cultivation and then it will rain to form a small lake of soul sense.

Its the process to reach Divine Realm.

When the lake of spiritual sense mind trick is formed, it is the interpretation of soul senses breakthrough into Earth Realm.”

“I see.” Zhang Han nodded his head again and said with a smile, “Its quite right, but its not a lake, but a sea called sense sea, which means a sea of soul sense.”

“Soul sense sea” Zhang Guangyou was confused, “How can that small area be called the sea”


Zhang Han thought for a moment and asked, “Dad, how many clouds did you have in the process of reaching Divine Realm”

“Oh.” Zhang Guangyou chuckled, “A hero is silent about his past glories.”

Zhang Han, “”

He was a little confused and subconsciously asked, “You should remember the specific number, right”

“Well, forget it.

Ill tell you.

You are good enough now.

Dont feel too much pressure when you hear it.”

After all, Zhang Han was at a lower stage than Zhang Guangyou, who had been cultivating over the years.

Although Zhang Han had the amazing martial arts heritage of predecessors, it did not represent his strength.

In this regard, Zhang Guangyou was confident and proud.

So he slowly said, “Thinking back to the time when I accumulated clouds into rain, there were 721 clouds!”

“Ha ha…”

Zhang Han almost laughed.

After thinking about it, he remained calm and said, “Its really amazing and I must try harder.

At least I should keep up with my fathers cultivation.

Thats it.

Ill go to Wind Snow School again tomorrow.”

Zhang Guangyou wanted to say something else.

But when he heard that Zhang Han was going to Wind Snow School, his attention was immediately drawn to that.

“OK, Uncle Dong and I will accompany you this time.

Dont be careless just because you were that successful last time.”

Zhang Guangyou thought for a moment and warned, “The First Elder of Wind Snow School is very powerful.

Even Uncle Dong has suffered losses several times at his hands.

His moves are countless and fierce.

However, Zhan San, the Sky Dragon in Kunxu is not so powerful.

Although he is also at Heaven Peak Stage, he cant defeat Uncle Dong.

Only if he can really refine a sixth-level treasure, it will then be different.

Son, you can stop him and it is also a great achievement for you to get so many treasures of Wind Snow School.

Ask me for help if you need any resources.”

“I do need something in a few days.”

“What do you want”

“Is there a fifth-level alchemy furnace”

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