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“Take me for a ride.” Zhang Han was pale.

But his condition made others feel that he was quite good.

Zhang Guangyou and Dong Chen werent in too much of a hurry.

But before Zhang Han could stand in front of them, he said something as his body shook slightly.

His breath was uncontrollable and extremely fluttering.

The expressions on their faces changed slightly.

Flashing to Zhang Hans side, they lifted him and left quickly.

At the same time, within the Main Mount at the front, there were dozens of people standing on the massive platform at the top of the mountain.

Most of them had somewhat confused expressions on their faces.

“Weve added another twenty-three divine objects.

How come we still havent drawn out the lightning A total of thirty-nine divine objects have been used, not to mention the holy objects.

How come such a large number of divine objects havent worked at all”

“Its a bottomless pit! If I put more in, the Wind Snow Schools reserves wont be enough.”


A confrontation with the Heavenly Knights Sect is imminent.

All these resources can be used to refine hundreds of pellets, which could become the fundamentals of a long-lasting war.

With all due respect, this broken ax has absorbed too many resources, is it worth it If theres a problem in the battle, First Elder, Zhan San, the responsibility you have to shoulder will be too massive.”


Some people among the crowd were even questioning them.

But most of the words came from the two old men next to the First Elder.

Their words made Zhan Sans face turn ugly.

He retorted, “How would I know it would consume so many resources And as you saw just now, that 100-feet thunderbolt is quite powerful.

It must be evolving to become the Attribute Thunder.

And if it succeeds, then the battle-ax would definitely be elevated to the sixth rank.

If so, it would be a piece of cake to fight Dong Chen, wouldnt it And starting from the moment the resources were sent here, First Elder has also been watching, it.

I would not pocket any of them.

It is for the greater good that Ive made such a decision.

Now to put it bluntly, if I terminate it, the rank of my battle-ax will not rise but fall.

Based on my situation and the fact that the Attribute Thunder has appeared, I think it is necessary for us to persist.

Once the Spiritual Treasure has risen to the Six-Rank, we can certainly extinguish the Heavenly Knights Sect and endless resources will be available.

I believe that I will bring more revenue and benefits to the sect.

It is even possible for us to level the world.”

The Second and Third Elders were standing next to the First Elder, who were in high positions and were powerhouses on their own right.

They looked dubious and dissatisfied.

And for those behind them, they also felt that the price was too high.

The majority of items brought over this time were of the poisonous kind, which were of little use.

It indicated that the Clan was impatient.

After seeing that the consumption was too much, they could only shoulder it.

At this time, Zhan San didnt want to give up.

He could only fight for it.

The good thing was that the First Elder always looked calm; he looked up at the rolling clouds and was silent for a long time.

He was Zhan Sans last hope.

And if he consented, this matter could still be accomplished.

At the same time, Zhan San felt rather bitter in secret.

He didnt expect that the refining method he had obtained would demand so many resources.

Zhan San thought, “Its so damn strange.

According to the secret method, twenty-five ranks would have been enough.

And now its almost forty.

Whats going on”

He looked up at the dark clouds in the sky, looking dazed.

“Could it be that the fifth ranks referred to other things Why is it absorbing resources so fiercely Its too exaggerated.”

Eventually, he looked at the First Elder.

So did the others.

They gradually converged.

“Hugh!” The First Elder suddenly sighed and said, “We have made small progress in refining Attribute Thunder.

If we discard it, it would be something to regret.

Lets go back and prepare a new batch of resources, it feels like… it should almost be there.”

As soon as he spoke, the Second Elder and the Third Elder beside him also nodded helplessly.

They could only make such a decision.

They were going to start in the next few days and didnt want to delay any longer.

They had been kept in the dark on and on, and felt tired.

Zhang Han also sensed their attitude.

After he returned to the Heavenly Knights Sect, he prepared to refine the extra seven hundred thunderclouds without stopping.

He was also rather worried that the refinement would take too long and he wouldnt make it to the Wind Snow School in time.

But that was okay.

“Son, lets go.

Dad will take you to a nice place,” Zhang Guangyou said as he smiled mysteriously.

He took Zhang Han up the mountain.

Near the top, there was a place that looked like a canyon, in which fog lingered.

“Hot springs” Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Thats right.

It is actually called Heaven Lake.

The water here can provide pure energy, which has been nurtured and cultivated by eighteen divine objects for many years.

This is a place where you can perfectly make a breakthrough to the Divine Realm.

And it is also a very important place in the Heavenly Knights Sect.”

Heading inwards, Zhang Han saw that there was a wooden dwelling that resembled a private clubhouse.

It was classical and yet somewhat luxurious.

“The periphery here is used when you are breaking through to the Divine Realm, which will require fewer crystals.

The worldlet trades with lower quality crystals and there are few medium quality ones.

Crystals can help people practice.

But the effect here is better.

You need to consume divine objects to maintain it.

Usually, disciples will come here when they make a breakthrough.”

“Are crystals used to trade here”

Zhang Han was also a bit surprised.

It seemed that the worldlet had quite a few crystals in reserve and could be said to have shaped a miniature version of an immortal Cultivation World, except for its relatively low strength.

Saint Warrior Planet was still somewhat powerful.

“Crystals are not rare in the worldlet.

Its also a bit strange that when it comes to the structure of this world, relics will show up in the main continent, which we all have to fight for.

Moreover, they are also places for disciples to practice.

But every worldlet, even the smallest one in Singapore, has quite a few crystals.

Do you know why”

Zhang Guangyou slowly led the way while explaining, “Its because of the Ancient Mine.

The Ancient Mine area is very large.

And some people suspect that it implicates all the worldlets connected to this world.

Every worldlet has an entrance to the Ancient Mine, except for the mundane world.

So, more and more people are practicing in the worldlets and going to the relics in the mundane world to make their way there.

A worldlet is like a hub.”

Along the way, Zhang Guangyou chatted about some matters related to the worldlet.

Soon, they reached the innermost area, where there was a palace with an isolated room.

“The energy here is the purest.

Go ahead.” Zhang Guangyou patted Zhang Hans shoulder.

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded.

Under the watchful eyes of the two protectors, Zhang Han walked into one of the houses.

Zhang Guangyou also took out two types of divine objects.

“Add something to his room.”

Zhang Guangyou handed it to one of the guardians.

Then the guardian went to the door of the room and stepped in front of it.

A grid appeared.

After that, he placed the divine objects on the grid, which started to transform it into energy.

The room was plain and monotonous.

Aside from some formation patterns, there was only one cushion located at the center of the room.

Sitting on it, Zhang Han felt that the formation had been activated.

A stream of pure energy permeated the entire house.

Zhang Han slightly sensed it.

He smiled faintly and began to focus on refining the 700 clouds, whose majority was made up of poisonous things.

After practicing there for three hours in the afternoon, Zhang Han was in a better state.

Fearing that Mengmeng would have to wait, he terminated the refinement.

It wasnt until he finished coaxing Mengmeng to sleep, and chatted quietly with Zi Yan for a while in the evening, that he went to the Heaven Lake area again.

The next day, it dawned brightly.

Zhang Han suddenly opened his eyes.

The look he had was so deep that thunder seemed to be flickering in his eyes.


Zhang Han let out a breath of turbid air.

It seemed that the training had partially improved Zhang Hans physique.

“Its time to go to the Wind Snow School to check the situation.

There are still more than sixty crystals left, which should be enough.”

Zhang Han chanted slightly.

He went out again after having breakfast with his wife and daughter in the morning.

Each time, it was always Zhang Guangyou and Dong Chen who would accompany him.

This time, he was quicker.

And his counterpart wasnt ready yet.

They waited for another three days.

It was nine oclock in the morning.

Zhang Han entered the main mountain of the Wind Snow School and returned half an hour later with strong breathing.

“Nine thousand eight hundred and ninety.

The increase is getting slower.” After one failure, all the people in the Wind Snow School were completely anxious.

Zhang Han paid another visit the next day.

The First Elder seemed to have prepared more energy; he even took out three high-end divine objects of his own.

“Crack!” Thunder with a thousand feet in length flashed through the air.

And the power contained within it was palpable.

“Is it still not ready yet” Zhan Sans body shook.

His face looked somewhat pale.

So far, more than sixty divine objects had been used as well as countless holy objects.

Taking the Wind Snow School as an example, the divine objects they possessed were only close to a hundred, which they had accumulated over the years.

For some medium-sized sects, they only had thirty to fifty divine objects in total.

With such a calculation, they had consumed too many divine objects.

“Even if we successfully refine a treasure, will this battle-ax still belong only to me” Zhan San was frightened in secret.

Even the First Elder looked somewhat dull.

“What the heck is this” The Second and Third Elders were nearly spitting blood in anger.

The protectors were also confused.

“Are we going to fork out all the clan has for a battle-ax”

“Is it worth it”

There were many people who thought it was worth it.

“The consumption is too massive.

And the treasures refined out of it are bound to be extraordinary as well.”


If the clan is drained, with just one battle-ax, what is the point”

So the argument rang again.

First Elder touched his forehead with his right hand, feeling tired and conflicted.

Only after a moment did he slowly say, “Its true that the consumption is too great.

But whats done is done.

Lets prepare more for the last time.

If it works, thats it.

If not, lets… end it.”

He was also somewhat unable to handle it.

There were many people in the Wind Snow School, who would consume a lot as well.

If the consumption went on endlessly, the clans supply would be in trouble.

Although the Sixth Rank looked attractive, he believed that after the Head of the Sect went to the Kunxu World of Immortals and returned, the Sixth Rank might not be so high up.

At this moment, Zhang Hans face became even paler after he left the Wind Snow School and revealed his form.

Zhang Guangyou asked nervously, “How was it”

“Next time will be the last time,” Zhang Han responded and let Zhang Guangyou take him out of the Wind Snow School.

With nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine thunders, Zhang Han felt like his head was going to split up.

There was one more thunder to go!

Zhang Han only had to endure it for a while.

And all of it would pass.

After returning to the sect, Zhang Han once again went to the Heaven Lake area.

In order to refine the newborn clouds, he consumed no less.

The Heavenly Knights Sect had supported him with a total of thirteen divine objects.

This allowed Zhang Han to refine the clouds at a rapid pace.

And the spiritual energy of his meridians continued to increase.

The slightest mistake would bring about a breakthrough, Zhang Han had to suppress it rather bitterly.

He was even leaking some of his breath sometimes when he walked.

It made Chen Changqing smile repeatedly after seeing him like this.

“Brother Han is about to make a breakthrough!”

This was a good thing.

Finally, two more days passed.

More than fifty people had gathered at the gate of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

They were the Grand Elder Dong Chen, Zhang Guangyou, the First Elder, the Third Elder, and several others.

Many protectors were there as well.

All of them looked fierce.

The First Elders group was full of evil spirits.

Someone asked, “Are we going to fight against the Wind Snow School”

They didnt know what they were going to do on this trip yet.

But since the Grand Elder had called them over, apparently, they were going to do something huge!

However, nobody expected that the answer showed the opposite.

Dong Chen stiffened his face and was just about to reply.

Then, Zhang Hans voice came from not far away, “Why are there so many people here”

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