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“In front of us is the sub-sect of Wind Snow School in Seven Harmony World.”

While looking at the front mountain range, Zhang Guangyou said slowly, “This was Magic Sword Villa.

Because the leader of the villa had a feud with the Ninth Elder of Wind Snow School, they were soon destroyed by Wind Snow School and replaced by a Heaven-Earth Formation as a sub-sect of Wind Snow School.

The expansion of Wind Snow School is extremely rapid, but there was a defect because the strength of their high-level martial artists is not enough.

If all the people in the sub-sects went to the main sect, their high-level martial artists will be powerful, but their sub-sects will be weak.”

“Its normal.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“The strength of a sect will increase with time.

Their sub-sects cover the other four worldlets, and for a long time, the number of their disciples will double.

The growth of generations is bound to double the overall strength and improve the strength of Wind Snow School.

Given 30 or 50 more years, they are likely to become the strongest sect.

Unfortunately, they met me.”

Zhang Guangyou was stunned and amused.

“Son, dont be too proud.

No matter how well you break through, you are at the God Realm Peak-Stage.

You have not grown up yet.”

After reminding him, Zhang Guangyou said with a smile, “Your secret method that can break the heaven and earth array is really powerful.

This time, lets go in that way, right”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded without explanation.

When he reached the Heaven-Earth Formation of Wind Snow School, he took out 18 crystal stones, combined them with 18 cards, and turned them into a magic array.

Then, he began to drill the Heaven-Earth Formation.

There were five peaks in the front sect with a high mountain in the center and four lower peaks in the other four directions.

There were many buildings on the peaks, and lots of people were gathering to discuss.

“Did you hear that We, Wind Snow School, launched a general attack on Heavenly Knights Sect.

The First Elder found seven sects, and they are attacking at the gate of Heavenly Knights Sect.”

“Ive also heard that eight sects have joined hands.

Our First Elder has spent a lot of energy on it.

This time Heavenly Knights Sect will die!”

“The war that has lasted for decades is finally coming to an end.

Unfortunately, it will not be so easy for us to earn mission points in the future.

After all, anyone who kills a disciple of Heavenly Knights Sect will get some rewards.”

“Heavenly Knights Sect has also attacked us several times, but they didnt even enter the gate.



It could be imagined that the topics they talked about were all about Wind Snow Schools launching the attack.

Most of these disciples were at Grand Master Late-Stage or peak, and almost all the Divine Realm cultivators had gone to the Kun Xu World.

There were not many masters left behind, and all the disciples were relaxed in their own sect.

They felt stressful when going out to complete missions or to the ancient mines, while the Heaven-Earth Formation in their own sect set their mind at rest.

They were in the dark about the upcoming crisis.

It didnt take long to break the array.

In about one minute, a gap appeared in the Heaven-Earth Formation.

Zhang Guangyous face became more and more dignified.

“Its just a gap! That means that after we enter it, the Heaven-Earth Formation will recover and make a loud noise.

Then it will be difficult for me to come out.

But for the honor of Heavenly Knights Sect, I must take the risk this time.

Im shouldering the whole Heavenly Knights Sect, and I cant fail.

Qing Zhen Zi should be here, along with some of his protectors… Hiss, its difficult.”

Zhang Guangyous eyes flickered slightly, as if he was calculating something.

When the gap appeared, he said, “Son, you stay here, and Ill go in and kill the enemies.

I dont want to destroy this place, but I want to wreak havoc here.

Time… Half an hour.

After half an hour, you can cast a spell to open the Heaven-Earth Formation, and then hide somewhere.

If I come out, you can take me to escape.

If I cant come out…”

When speaking of this, Zhang Guangyou was somewhat sad, but more resolute.

“If I cant come out, I believe Heavenly Knights Sect will get better and better under your leadership.

Remember to avenge your father.”


After that, Zhang Guangyou patted Zhang Han on the shoulder.

Though looking sad, he did not hesitate before entering the gap.

“This…” Zhang Han was amused and shood his head.

“Its not what you think, Dad.

You think too much.”


Zhang Han flashed into the gap.

Zhang Guangyous face changed.

“What are you doing! Get out of here!”

“Well, Dad, its time to show you my real strength.

Ive said that the ranking of martial arts stage is useless to me.”

Zhang Han said with a light smile, and then suddenly rose into the air.

Zhang Guangyou was a little angry, because Zhang Han didnt cherish his life.

However, he soon found that his sons expression was calm and indifferent.

“Five mountains.

Killing one by one is too complicated, so Ill kill one of them first,” Zhang Han said calmly.

At the same time, he made a heavy step with his right foot.


A faint shadow of the mountain was formed from the low mountain on the north side.

There was weak current on the shadow, which was constantly rotating to form a complex mark.

Soul-Swallowing Storm!

The coverage of his spiritual force was not enough to kill all the people in the mountain, but how could these people at the Grand Master stage resist his soul sense


A huge roar rang through the whole sect area.

The north mountain was smashed down, and the trees, buildings, and streams were all destroyed.

It seemed as if an energy storm was killing all things.


Zhang Guangyou was stunned.

The coverage of this attack was too great.

This was different from the script he had imagined.

It should be him sneaking in, assassinating someone, fighting in the last few minutes, and then running away.

The whole set of procedures flashed in Zhang Guangyous mind more than ten times, but…

Zhang Han destroyed a mountain at the beginning, and then he would face all the others.

In fact, it was so.

This scene made all the people who were chatting, eating, practicing in close quarters, and learning from each other, shocked.

Looking at the destroyed north mountain, they didnt know what had happened.

“No, somethings wrong.

Go to the Main Mount!”

“What is the situation Whats going on What happened”

A lot of people were in disarray, as they couldnt believe what was happening in their sect.

“Who am I Where am I” They thought.

But they still followed the crowd and made their way quickly to the Main Mount.

At the same time, Qing Zhen Zi, who was cultivating the backyard of the Main Mount hall, suddenly opened his eyes with a little doubt flashing in them.

Then, he was shocked and finally became angry.

“Gather in the Main Mount!”

His voice reverberated throughout the sect.

There were three Earth-Realm protectors, 30 Divine-Realm protectors, and countless Grand Masters here.

He knew that they might have encountered an enemy, but he could not understand it.

How could the enemy appear in the sect

He was worried about the unknown situation, but he still had to face it.

Thus, he planned to gather his disciples and check the situation first.

Many figures flew into the air on the north side of the main mountain.

On that mountain forest, more disciples gathered to watch the two men floating above the north mountain.

They were in the face of great enemies.

Qing Zhen Zi was stunned after seeing Zhang Guangyou, and then there was a cold flash in his eyes.

At this time, Zhang Guangyou felt a little dizzy.

He wanted to pull Zhang Han away, but Zhang Han didnt listen to him!

“Well, no matter how dangerous the situation is, we will have a try.”

Zhang Guangyou sighed, because he sensed the Heaven State Strongs.

“Thats enough,” Zhang Han said in a low voice.

He meant that the people on the other side were almost gathered.

Thus, he sped up, flew over, and floated in the air 500 meters away from those disciples.

Looking at hundreds of people in front of him, he said faintly, “Who is Qing Zhen Zi”


In a flash, everyone of Wind Snow School were angry.

Qing Zhen Zi sneered.

“Im Qing Zhen Zi.”

Then he gave Zhang Guangyou a cold look.

“Zhang Guangyou, Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect.

How dare you come here Youre really tired of living.

Cant you Heavenly Knights Sect resist us Were you sent here to disturb us Its a joke.”

Qing Zhen Zi said and waved to the disciples of the sect to surround them.

Zhang Guangyous face was dignified.

When he was about to say something, Zhang Han raised his hand and looked at Qing Zhen Zi with a cold look.

He said slowly, “Those who hurt my parents should be killed.”

Zhang Han raised his right hand up and then pressed down.

At this time, many people in Wind Snow School sneered.

The Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect didnt speak, and no one dared to interrupt him.

Qing Zhen Zi looked up and laughed.

“Do you deserve it… Eh”

He couldnt speak any more.

Even the smile on his face froze and his pupils shrank sharply.


In the highest sky, a sharp sound came out, like the sound of sharpening a knife, which made everyone tremble physically and mentally.

The power of countless stars were drawn by an unknown force and gathered into a giant silver palm.

The palm was very long, with dense lines on it.

A horrible force was shaking everything at its mercy.

It was Zhang Hans unique skill—Star Picking Palm!

It was not until Zhang Han reached the Innateness stage that he had the capital and strength to show this skill.

A trace of solemnity flashed in Qing Zhen Zis eyes, but his words were unforgiving.

“How dare you play the trick in front of me Look at me! I can break all your tricks with one move!”

Suddenly, a long sword appeared in his hand.

After two seconds, the attacking sword turned into sharp light rushing upwards.

This was one of the 32 secret methods of Wind Snow School, which ranked the top five in difficulty.

Few people could master it completely, but even beginners could make powerful moves and block high-level martial artists.

Seeing this move, many of the disciples were shocked.

“Protector Qi is amazing!”

“Protector Qing is so powerful.

He was among the top three talents in the last generation.

Now, he has grown to such a high level.”

“It seems that they cant defeat Protector Qing at all.”

Even the other Earth Realm protectors shook their heads slightly.

“Its amazing that Qing Zhen Zi has reached such a level.

Im afraid that in a few days, he will reach Heaven Realm.

Its very powerful.”

“He will be the Lord Earth Tiger in Seven Harmony World.

Maybe, he will make a breakthrough in this battle.

After all, Zhang Guangyou is powerful, and I feel that the probability is 80%.

Zhang Guangyou can help with the breakthrough of protector Qing in the battle!”

They were a little surprised.

They were of the same generation, but Qing Zhen Zis speed of cultivation was much faster.

However, they seemed to forget the huge palm that came from the sky.

Just when everyone thought that the sword could easily break the move…

“Go die.” Zhang Hans eyes lit up.

The original tall Star Picking Palm kept shrinking, and finally it was 33 meters in length.

But its energy had increased hundreds of times, and its speed had also been raised to the extreme.

The terrible pressure shocked everyone.


A loud sound echoed, and the sword light was crushed in a moment.

At the same time, the Star Picking Hand hit Qing Zhen Zi, who wanted to retreat, and pressed into the mountain, leaving a palm print of up to 100 meters in depth.

As for Qing Zhen Zi, he seemed to have disappeared.

In a flash, all the onlookers fell into a dead silence!

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