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Dong Chen knew very well that Zhang Han had made a great contribution.

“He could break through the Heaven-earth Formation and let Zhang Guangyou fight inside, but…”


All of a sudden, he felt that something was wrong.

“The Young Masters strength is barely at the Earth Peak Stage, but there must be at least a few cultivators at Earth Peak Stage or even Heaven Realm Stage left in those sects.

How could they be all destroyed”

“There are four sects in the northwest Seven Harmony World and the northeast Mystical Martial World and two sub-sects of the Wind Snow School!”

“The result seems to be too remarkable.

Considering the strength of the Young Master, he could not have caused such a sensation.”

“What is the reason”

“Anyway, they retreated and the Heavenly Knights Sect has won the war.”

“Thats enough.”

Thinking of this, Dong Chen also laughed.

The situation was similar to what Dong Chen had thought.

Of course, there were Heaven-Realm cultivators guarding his enemies sects.

In the Hongan Sect, southwest Witch Hidden World, looking at the more than 200 people in front of him led by a Heaven-Realm martial artist, Zhang Guangyou swallowed hard.

“How about passing up this sect” He messaged secretly to Zhang Han.

When he heard this, Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said frankly, “Just one cultivator at the Heaven Early-stage.”


“How arrogant you are!”

The Heaven-Early-stage middle-aged mans face darkened.

“I dont know how you came in, but I know how you are going out.”

As he spoke, his Qi rose wildly.

Along with his towering momentum, two men behind him at Earth Realm sneered.

“Zhang Guangyou, our eight sects are attacking the Heavenly Knights Sect.

How dare you come and make trouble Its amazing that you were able to come in quietly.

But you brought the wrong person with you.

If the Grand Elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect came here in person, we would be afraid of him.

But youre not qualified!”

“Youve chosen the wrong place.

You should not have come to Hongan Sect.

Instead, you should have gone to the weaker sects and perhaps you can get something valuable there.

But now you have only one way to die.

I recall that the head of the Young Master of the Heavenly Knights Sect is very valuable.”

“Ha ha ha…”

Their words made many people laugh.

They were not nervous at all.

No matter how powerful Zhang Guangyou was, he was just at the Earth Peak Stage.

Although they could not see the face of the man standing beside Zhang Guangyou, they knew that he was a young man without deterrence.”

“Zhang Guangyou, I heard that you have made rapid progress and killed countless enemies with your Wind Blade.

It will be interesting to see you using this skill with my own eyes today.

Ten years ago, I got an opportunity to learn a secret skill called Sky-shaking Leaves in Beibing relics.

Ive spent six years on cultivation but still could not understand it.

But in the seventh year, I suddenly realized the essence of it.

Sky-shaking Leaves is used to suppress the whole world, Finally, a few days ago, I mastered Sky-shaking Leaves.

The first one killed by this secret skill was a monster at the Heaven Realm Middle-Stage.

You will be the second one.”

The middle-aged man at the Heaven Early-stage approached Zhang Guangyou slowly and his Qi became more and more abundant, as if surrounded by a towering flame.


Suddenly, the sky seemed to tremble.

The waves came down continuously from the sky and the Qi increased in strength.

Zhang Guangyou looked up and his face changed slightly, “Retreat.”

He held Zhang Han and wanted to retreat.

Just by the fluctuation of the attack, Zhang Guangyou could feel the pressure.

He could not possibly defend the two of them!

“You cant escape.” The middle-aged man showed a trace of ridicule as he thrust his right hand forward.


Suddenly thousands of needles swept toward him from both sides like a hurricane.

Judging by the roaring sound, even a truck near that golden hurricane would be crushed to pieces by this powerful air stream.

In the face of this move, Zhang Han called out his cards.

“Four Symbols Formation, Flood Dragon!”

“Four Symbols Formation: Roaring Tiger.”

After the first attack, 30% of the gold needles were broken, while the other one, the soul of King Tiger with Two Wings, turned into a slight shadow and growled violently at the enemies.

The sound was deafening and a hurricane erupted in an instant, as it contended with the golden needles.

This scene did not attract much attention.

Even the two Earth-Realm cultivators at the rear side looked up at the sky and marveled, “Its a terrible soul sense skill.

Elder An is really powerful.”

“Thats right.

With such a secret skill, Elder An can defeat the cultivator at the Middle-Stage.

Oh, no, he has already killed the cultivator at that stage.

Its obvious that Elder An will break through to the Middle-Stage soon.”

Seeming to have heard their words, Elder An squinted and said arrogantly, “You cant escape from Shaking Leaves.

The only chance is to break it directly, but you cant break it at all.”

“Ha ha.”

Zhang Han could not help laughing at him.

“This guy seems a little too confident, right”

He looked up at the mass of green leaves that had formed about 100 meters up in the air, which were constantly shaking the space, filling it with a tremendous amount of pressure.

Zhang Han shook his head, “There is a trace of soul sense, but it is still too weak.

Since you want to fight with your soul sense, Ill show you the real soul sense.”

Although Zhang Hans tone was very steady, he almost laughed silently.

Perhaps the man in front of him could execute three or five moves with his spiritual force, but his soul sense was far from powerful enough to defeat Zhang Han.

For these people, they did not cultivate their soul sense until it reached the Divine Realm, which was not far away from the Divine Realm stage.

They did not know how to make the most of their soul sense and their spiritual force was not enough due to the rare inheritance of the soul sense method and their different spiritual force.

They started from the low stage and were more adaptable.

Zhang Han thought it would cost him some effort, but after seeing the other sides moves, he had a good idea.

But his words made Elder Ans face darken.

“Ignorant boy, what do you know”

He was proud of the secret method, so how could others laugh at it

“Ill kill you!”

Elder An executed the secret method with all his strength.

The leaf increased in size as it approached Zhang Han.

Zhang Han, however, closed his eyes in the face of this move.


All of a sudden, a light wind blew through the area, but nobody noticed it.


Zhang Guangyou saw that the other partys attack was approaching and it seemed that he had no time to resist.

He planned to take Zhang Han back.

Just at this moment…


Zhang Han suddenly opened his eyes which had gone totally dark.

“Star Map!”

All of a sudden, the sky and the earth changed color and everyone around them felt as if they were in the dark, including Zhang Guangyou.

Many people were shocked, but the changes that followed made them confused.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

The stars seemed to appear out of thin air and they finally realized that it was not the darkness, but the starry sky!

No one, including Elder An, noticed that his soul was continuously dissipating.

The secret Star Map was once Zhang Hans master trump card.

Now he was at the Innateness stage and could use this skill easily.

He simulated the vast starry sky, making people feel as if they were in the universe.

This was the embodiment of his soul sense, which could destroy the soul of his enemies, while switching between the virtual and the real.

But it cost…

“Too much.”

Zhang Han laughed bitterly to himself.

At the moment when the darkness appeared in the prelude to the Star Map, the other partys Sky-shaking Leaves had been shattered.

The enemys life and death depended on Zhang Han.

Elder An and the two protectors were struggling.

Given some time, they could eventually break free from the illusion.

But Zhang Han, who was more experienced, would not give them such a chance.

“The thunder mark I made with ten thousand rain clouds can only last ten seconds.”

Zhang Han was observing his own thunder mark, which he did not understand.

He only knew that his soul sense made a quick recovery, had a wide range and was not easily detected.

He thought of the Taiyi Wood Thunder.

Zhang Han pondered and communicated with the mark through his soul sense.


All of a sudden, there was a bright thunderbolt in the Star Map.

The Taiyi Wood Thunder flashed by.

Zhang Hans spiritual sense energy was overdrawn in an instant.


The Star Map dissipated.

Zhang Guangyou shook his head, feeling dizzy, “Whats this”

“Soul sense secret method.”

“Its so strong.

Standing beside you, I felt like my soul had been torn apart and I have a headache.

It seems that you have not fully mastered the secret method”

“Er…” Zhang Hans mouth trembled and he pondered for two seconds before he replied, “Its not that I have not mastered it.

The amount of my soul sense is not enough.”

“This…” Zhang Guangyou shook his head again, “OK, you are good.”

“Star Map, what an amazing method.

Can I learn it” Zhang Guangyous eyes lit up.

He envied his son very much.

But he should remain calm in front of his son.

“You can learn it later.” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

When he regained some of his soul sense, he looked toward the front and his eyes were bright, “Its time for us to get the booty.”

He did not expect the Taiyi Wood Thunder to be so powerful.

On the ground in front of him, the souls of the group of people, such as Elder An, were all wiped out and no one was alive.

He did not want to keep anyone alive to tell about the incident.


Zhang Han raised his right hand and his surging spiritual force turned into a fire and burned everything.

He took back the dozen Space Rings in front of him and then they went to the sect area, the treasure tower, the medicine field…

They had gained a lot.

Zhang Guangyou burst into laughter, “What a wonderful day! Ten forces, including seven sects and three sub-sects of the Wind Snow School, were destroyed by us… Now we can go back home!”

“Lets go.

Mengmeng is waiting anxiously for us.” Zhang Han smiled and left quickly with his father.

Of course, they knew that the other party might send someone back.

They flew all the way north and arrived at the exit.

They heard two faint growls.


“Heavenly Knights Sect!”

Looking at the deserted sect that did not even have a piece of low-grade crystal left…

The anger and killing intention of these people could no longer be suppressed.

At the same time, all the martial artists who lived in the nearby sects became disillusioned after seeing the situation.

“When was their sect destroyed”

These were just some of the snippets that Zhang Han and Zhang Guangyou heard.

In the Seven Harmony World and the Mystical Martial World…

The roars were numerous, one after another.

Compared with the others, their sects had turned into ruins.

Whose situation was worse

This was an open question.

They would have to contact each other in the near future to make comparisons.

The dialogue might go like this:

“I lost my sect.”

“Mine, too.

Its all in ruins.”

“Thats fine.

We all had bad luck.”

“Its time to go to the Heavenly Knights Sect to get our revenge.

Do you want to do it”


There was no doubt because they had no one left, which seemed like cutting off all means of retreat.

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