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“Zhang Hanyang! How did you do it”

Qing Zhenzis face turned pale and his voice trembled uncontrollably.

“When you fight head-on, you can destroy more than 200 Grand Masters with one move.

At that time, you were at Grand Master Peak.

You fought alone and killed Gu Donglai at Divine Realm.

There was a great gap between you and you were also at Grand Master Peak.

You fought with Gai Xingkong and Emperor Qing at Grand Master Peak.

When you went to the west and killed Halan Prince and other 12 martial artists at Divine Realm, you were at Divine Realm.

Not long ago, you went to our sub-sect In the Kunxu World and absorbed the energy of 69 kinds of divine objects.

However, you are still at Grand Master Peak!”

After he spoke, his face became even paler and big droplets of cold sweat flowed down his back.

He said dryly, “Grand Master Peak, you always show the world that you are at Grand Master Peak.

But no matter what enemy you face, fighting alone or fighting in groups, you always have various methods!”

“No! Youre not at Grand Master Peak! Not Divine Realm! You have always been a Heaven State Strong hidden in the secular world!”

“You have deceived the world! Cheated everyone! Zhang Hanyang, you are at Heaven Realm, but why do you pretend to be at Grand Master Peak How were you able to break the Heaven-earth Formation Why”

Qing Zhenzi looked very excited and had lost control of his mood.


However, Zhang Han sneered, “Dont think about resistance.

Its no use.”


For a moment, Qing Zhenzis face became even more pale and his soul seemed to have been attacked by the unknown.


He spat out a mouthful of blood and a feather fell from his right hand.

He had been pretending! Pretending to be crazy and foolish, pretending to be excited, but furtively using secret methods.

“How did you see through it” Qing Zhenzi felt confused.

He knew that he would die today, because Zhang Han had seen through all his cards.

When he heard what he said, Zhang Han replied faintly, “You are so young.”


“Im young.

Ha ha ha ha ha…”

Qing Zhenzi laughed bitterly, “Im 75 years old and have been in contact with martial arts for 60 years.

Do you think I am young Even your father is a junior compared to me.”

“Really Do you want to know who I am”

Zhang Han stretched out his right hand to the side and said playfully, “Its OK to tell you.

Ive lived for more than 500 years.”


His words made Qing Zhenzi turn pale.

The aged mans eyes were full of panic.

He could not help going down on his knees and begging for mercy.

“Immortal, forgive me!”

“Is there an old monster in his body”

“Oh, my God!”

“Over 500 years, what is the level”

“This is a monster!”

“Doesnt that mean… He is not Zhang Guangyous son at all!”

In a flash, Qing Zhenzi felt that there was hope.

He did not even dare to lift his head and said in a low voice, “Please spare my life and I will be your slave forever.

The enmity between Fengxue Pavilion and Tianxia mountain has been handed down from the previous generation and we did not mean to provoke you.

I would like to lead the Wind Snow School to submit to you and take you as our master!”

Whether it was true or not, it was the best way to survive.

Qing Zhenzi had no choice but to beg for mercy.

Moreover, he felt that Zhang Hanyang, who had endless means, might really have an old monster taking over his being.

He believed it.

But Zhang Hans answer made his face turn pale.

Zhang Han said indifferently, “Slaves, I dont need.

I wont spare your life.”

“Ah! Why” Qing Zhenzi raised his head slowly, with resentment in his eyes!

“Because you know too much.”

With a wave of Zhang Hans right hand, a small and bright thunderbolt flashed by.

It took away the soul of Qing Zhenzi.


With his soul being taken away, Qing Zhenzi was really dead this time, but his whole body remained intact.


“Number one.” Zhang Hans face was very calm, his eyes flickered and Qing Zhenzis body was covered with layers of ripples, giving people the illusion that he was cultivating.

After doing all of that, Zhang Han left the room with Qing Zhenzis Space Ring in his pocket.

Qing Zhenqi seemed to be rather poor.

He did not have many martial arts resources.

Before he came, Zhang Han explored ten mountain peaks.

There were 11 martial artists at Earth Realm in seclusion.

They were Zhang Hans targets.

The second peak, in the house at the back mountain…

Suddenly there was a dull sound.


Then a figure flashed by.

The third peak.

“Who are you”

The fourth, the fifth…

In this way, the protectors of the Wind Snow School were killed one after another, but the Heaven-Realm cultivators of their sect were not aware of it.

However, Zhang Han was quite alert.

He looked at the direction of the 11th protector at Earth Realm and then at the main mountain.

He shook his head slightly and said, “You are lucky.”

Time was running out.

He also found that the three martial artists at the Middle-Stage of Heaven Realm were searching the area of the sect.

He was afraid that they would soon find out that something unusual was happening.

They started from the western peak and it would take them more than ten minutes to get here.

Even if Zhang Han continued, he still had enough time.

But he felt that the life of an Earth-Realm cultivator was far less attractive than the medicine field of Wind Snow School.

It was impossible for Zhang Han to go to the treasure house.

If it was an empty mountain, it did not matter.

But all the treasures were hidden in the main mountain.

It was impossible to rob the treasure house, which was no different from seeking death.

The medicine field was located in a flat low mountain behind the main mountain, which could also be called medicine mountain.

There were a lot of spiritual herbs there.

However, the guard, a man at Heaven Early-stage, was not very strong and he could not block Zhang Han.

Zhang Han explored the foot of the main mountain and other peaks with his soul sense.

It was too simple for an experienced man.


Zhang Han went quickly to the medicine mountain.

But as soon as he arrived near the main mountain, an elder flew over his head.

He was the third Elder of Wind Snow School, who was at the Heaven Peak Stage.

“Its terrible.”

Zhang Han frowned.

In an instant, his body was still, his Qi dissipated and he dropped by the side of a huge stone, as if he had integrated into it and became a part of it.

Even so, the third Elder still turned to look toward his direction.


His Qi was circulating, showing he was still vigilant, but he vaguely sensed that there was something hidden there.


He flew over quickly, however…


A big fat mouse ran by quickly.


The third Elders eyebrows unfurrowed and he lifted his right hand to turn the mouse into dead meat.

Then he set out toward the east, as if he was heading to the peak where Qing Zhenzi was.

After he left, Zhang Han took a breath, “I dont have much time.”


Although his spiritual sense energy could be hidden, he could not hide it from the martial artists at the Heaven Peak Stage.

Zhang Han swiftly arrived at the medicine mountain.

“I cant take them on a large scale or cause too much fluctuation.

Fifth-level spiritual herbs… In five minutes, I will take as many as I can.”

Although he had a plan, there were only more than 30 fifth-level spiritual herbs in the whole mountain.

It took Zhang Han a few seconds to take one of them and five minutes was enough for him.

However, the others might be alerted when he did this.

But Zhang Han had a lot of experience.

He started with the fourth-level spiritual herbs at the back of the mountain.

Swish, swish, swish!

Like an aged farmer, Zhang Han kept collecting the fourth-level spiritual herbs.

After collecting about 100 types of herbs on the mountainside, he focused on the fifth-level herbs on the top of the mountain.

One, two…

Taking most of it, Zhang Han looked up toward the east side.

“Havent they found out yet”

It seemed that he could take all the spiritual herbs away.


Zhang Han quickened his actions, as he kept on collecting.

No one had discovered his presence yet.

He continued.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!”

Zhang Hans actions changed from that of an old farmer into a harvester, when it came to the third-level spirit herbs.

He harvested them in batches.

The hilltop on this side had become bare.

The herbs disappeared quickly.

Finally, more than 40 seconds later, a roar sounded from the east.

“Ah! Enemy attack! Be on the alert!”


In a flash, Zhang Han quickly crossed three mountain peaks to the edge.

At this time, the rear side was in chaos and all the Heaven-Realm and Earth-Realm cultivators were in the air!

A huge amount of soul sense was fast approaching.

The sect array was constantly flashing, emitting terrifying energy.

But this was not enough for Zhang Han, who was well-prepared.


When the complex array appeared and continuously integrated with the Heaven-earth Formation, a gap appeared in three seconds.

But during these three seconds, he was discovered by several cultivators at Grand Master Peak.

“Where are you trying to escape to!”

Swish, swish, swish!

Three figures came very quickly.

Zhang Han dodged and flashed away from the gap.

When the three powerful Elders came and left the array directly, after scanning with their soul senses, no one seemed to be in the area.

“Damn it.”

The first Elder was very angry and laughed.

“Heavenly Knights Sect!”


He clapped more than ten times in a row, demolishing the mountains located at the back.

“Lets go back first!” The second Elder was a little shocked and said.

“Just now, I thought I saw that our medicine mountain… is bare!”

“What did you say” The third Elder shouted.

After they returned quickly to the sect, their faces turned ghastly pale when they saw that only a few of the third-level spiritual herbs and some relatively useless things were left.

At this time, the other elders came back with pale faces and had news to report.

“Qing Zhenzi is dead.”

“Protector Ma, protector Lu and protector Pang have been killed.”

“Liuyun, protector Dong… They too were killed.”

“Ten Earth-Realm protectors died in the chamber.

They were still cultivating and the enemy was well prepared.”

“The Main Sect of the Wind Snow School… Is it not safe”

The First Elder spat out a mouthful of blood and his breath became disordered.

The other elders and protectors were even more confused.

“What happened”

“How could the Wind Snow School become a sect that was bullied like this”

“The enemy has gone too far.”

“What should we do If it goes on like this, we will be too worn out!”

One of the elders said angrily, “We cant be indifferent anymore.”

“What do you think we should do What do you want to do Do we abandon the sect Ah”


The first Elder gritted his teeth and said, “Enhance the Heaven-earth Formation and add all the blockade arrays to it!”

“From now on, the Wind Snow School will do a daily investigation, led by disciples at the Heaven Peak Stage!”

“No! Not only that, but also arrange people to patrol the area within a hundred miles of the Wind Snow School!”

“Contact the seven sects including the Caprice Mo Sect and ask them to come over within a month.

We will discuss and fight against the Heavenly Knights Sect together!”

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