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“Even if we dont assemble a large army, we can still send out eight or ten of those at the Heaven Peak Stage, right”

Zhang Han asked casually.

“Were not ruling out that possibility.” Dong Chen nodded and then shook his head.

“But you are in the urban area.

Unless they are crazy enough, they would not bring the fight into the urban area.

The battle between those in the Heaven Peak Stage will cause a big commotion.

If they fight without concerns, they will probably destroy many buildings.

It happened before.

Two sub-sects were engaged in a fight in a small town.

The whole town became ruins.

The police issued warnings dozens of times but they were to no avail.

In the end… after that big fight, no one survived.

No one knew what happened.

They did not perish together, so the only possibility is that official forces have been mobilized.”

“Someone once said that the master of the Black White Palace led a team to the battle.

Because someone saw that the disciples of the Black White Palace were talking and laughing in a group of more than 20 people.”

“Rumor has it that the most mysterious sect in the world the Mystical Martial World in the northeast.

However, no one can locate them at all.

The authorities might know, but they would never tell anyone else.

So from then on, no other sect dared to do the same, including the Wind Snow School.

They would not dare to.

So even if they appear in the urban area, we can still escape.”

Dong Chen said those things at one go in order to tell Zhang Han that it would be safer if they accompanied him.

He was also warning Zhang Han that his potential was not low anymore, and he should not cause great chaos in the city.

Otherwise, it would be difficult to end it.


Zhang Han responded, indicating that he knew what to do.

How many times had he heard of the Black White Palace It seemed that they had a transcendent status in the martial arts world.

“Is the Black White Palace in the Kunlun Immortal World”

Zhang Han was doubting if only those in the higher level would have the power to suppress the world.

“I used to doubt it as well.” Dong Chen shook his head slightly.

“However, Kunlun Immortal World used to be just a legend.

200 years ago, it was said that there were immortals emerged there and swept everything.

Brother Mu and the Wind Snow School Master seemed to have mixed in by mistake.

I think the Kunlun Immortal World exists, and it is just difficult to enter.

It is even harder for them to come out.

If there was a stable tunnel, the people inside would have taken action.

So, everyone thinks that the Black White Palace is not Kunlun Immortal World.

As for its exact location, it still remains a mystery.”

“Forget it.

Lets stop talking about this.” Zhang Guangyou took over and said, “Well stay in the Heavenly Knights Sect for a few days.

After the battle between the sects is over, we will go to Hong Kong together.

You can accompany your daughter, and I have to accompany my granddaughter.

Shes not close to me anymore.

We have to re-bond.”

“Haha, indeed, you have to,” Zhang Han burst out laughing.

The three flew back to Heavenly Knights Sect.

During this period, the Wind Snow School incident did not spread.

The people in the worldlet were still shocked by the fact that the Heaven-earth Formation could be broken, so no one knew about this even more shocking news.

After returning to the sect, the three of them walked to Zhang Guangyous house which was halfway up the mountain.

“By the way, control your spirit beasts.

They eat too much! Even the Command Beast Peak has discovered them and now everyone wants to beat them.

Dont let your ace cards be your shortfall!” Dong Chen glanced at Zhang Han and said, “The Command Beast Peak Host has ordered the elite disciples spirit beasts to patrol at the foot of the mountain.

Those spirit beasts are all at the Divine Realm, and some of them are even at the Earth Realm.

Dont blame me for not reminding you when Dahei and the others are killed by them.”

“Ahem…” The corners of Zhang Hans lips trembled slightly.

“How much did they eat”

“About 40.”

Very well! While they were fighting outside, Dahei and the others were eating delicious food!

However, the effects were not that bad.

Dahei was at the Divine Realm, Little Hei was almost going to reach the peak.

Meanwhile, Tiny Tot was still the same.

“Ill remind them,” Zhang Han replied seriously.

“Good.” First Elder nodded and left.

Zhang Guangyou said emotionally, “You should remind them.

Otherwise, if they continue to eat, the Command Beast Peak will run out of food.”

“I mean… I will remind them to be careful,” Zhang Han added lightly.

Zhang Guangyou said, “What”

He was a little confused, but Zhang Hans aura changed and his vibes felt out of the ordinary.

He looked at the Heavenly Knights Sect and said.

“The Heavenly Knights Sect used to be a top sect, but life was too comfortable for them.

There is a huge Beast Mountain in the worldlet.

Our disciples can go there to train.

I heard that the Ancient Mine is full of dangers.

It seems to be more suitable for training.

We can assess the dangers before sending them there.

They can go to Beast Mountain more often.”

“There are many Beast Kings in the depth of Beast Mountain, and there are even Black Warriors in the Ancient Mine.

They have countless disciples in the Divine Realm stage and many who are in the Heaven Peak Stage.

Some are in even more powerful stages too.

The Ancient Mine is like a world and the Black Warriors are scattered all over the cities.

The monsters there are fierce, and there are many forbidden places.

The crystal stones in the worldlet are all from there.” Zhang Guangyou smiled bitterly and said, “The Ancient Mine is a place where people will die if they are careless.

Its too dangerous and its not suitable for training at all.

Only the periphery of the Beast Mountain and the secular ruins are suitable for training.”

“Dangers come with opportunities.” A dash of light flashed across Zhang Hans eyes.

“It seems that the Ancient Mine is a good place.

The overall atmosphere of the Heavenly Knights Sect is also not bad.

After the battle between the sects, we can arrange for training in Beast Mountain and catch some spirit beasts for Dahei and the others to eat.”

“Okay, Ill arrange it then.” Zhang Guangyou did not know whether to laugh or cry and nodded in agreement.

Here, Dahei and the others could catch the beasts by themselves.

After they went out, spirit beasts would not be that common.

It would be good if they could catch some.

“Mengmeng is about to start school soon.

When we go out, itll also be a good time for us to prepare you and Zi Yans wedding,” Zhang Guangyou reminded him.

At that moment, the two of them had already walked to the edge of the lawn.

Mengmeng and her friends were playing in the center.

There seemed to be no other places to play besides this place.

Hearing Zhang Guangyous words, Zhang Han smiled gently and looked at Zi Yan with a tender gaze.

“Yeah, its time to hold the wedding.”

As if having felt Zhang Hans gaze, Zi Yan also looked over, and her beautiful big eyes were suddenly filled with joy.

“Look whos back!” Zi Yan said to Mengmeng with a bright smile.

“Huh PaPa!”

Mengmeng turned her head and quickly ran over with her short legs.

“Baby girl!”

Zhang Han burst into laughter and carried Mengmeng in his arms.

After two minutes of being all lovey-dovey, he then took Zi Yans hand and walked a few steps inside.

He looked at Rong Jiali and said with a smile, “Mom, throw this damn hat away!”

Rong Jiali asked, “I can do that now”

“Throw it away,” Zhang Guangyou also said determinedly.

It was as if that bamboo hat was not a divine weapon at all.


Rong Jiali took off her bamboo hat and observed her skin.

One second, 10 seconds, one minute, five minutes…

“Im really fine! Im fine!” Rong Jiali was a little surprised.

She let down her hair that had been tied up.

Her long hair swayed in the wind.

“Eh Grandma, why did you throw away your hat” Mengmeng asked in confusion.

“I dont need it anymore! I already wanted to stop wearing that thing for a long time.

I wont wear it anymore.” Rong Jiali was in a very good mood.

She took Mengmeng from Zhang Hans arms and kissed her several times.

“Yes, Grandma is so beautiful.”

Mengmeng moved her head backward like an ostrich and said with a giggle.

“Mengmeng is the most beautiful.”

Rong Jiali reached out and pinched Mengmengs little cheeks.

“Today, its grandmas turn to cook delicious food for you.”


After saying a few polite words, Mengmeng twisted her body and said, “PaPa, carry me.”

“No, Grandma has only held you for a while.”

“Then I dont like Grandma anymore.

I want Papa to carry me.”

Seeing Mengmeng speaking so seriously, Rong Jiali retreated.

“Okay, fine, fine! Let your dad hold you.

Ill go cook for you all.”

She put Mengmeng in Zhang Hans arms and could not help rolling her eyes at him.

Zhang Han did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Why was she being jealous Wasnt it normal for Mengmeng to like him

Because of Rong Jialis happy mood, Zhang Han was also in a good mood.

“Brother Han, you made a breakthrough”

After playing for a while, Chen Changqing found an opportunity and came up to him to ask softly.


After getting a definite answer, Chen Changqings eyes lit up, “I have cultivated my All Eight Drought Demonic Dragon to the second level.

Do you want to battle it out tonight”

“You are not a match for me.”

Zhang Han did not reject him politely at all.

He said directly, “Its better for you to wait for the battle between the sects to show off your skills.

If you get a good ranking, the reward this time will be 10 times more than before.”

“Alas.” Chen Changqing sighed and said, “Once you breakthrough, you start looking down on us.

You dont even want to compete!”

Although it was a joke, Zhang Han still did not know whether to laugh or cry.

He shook his head and answered, “No, I have something on tonight.”

“Oh, thats why.

Then forget it.

Well have a chance next time.” Chen Changqing gave a look of understanding.

He just wants to be lovey-dovey with sister-in-law!

Zhang Han did not explain himself.

Maybe he did have that idea, but his main agenda was to cultivate.

He took a look at Little Hei.

He needed to change his skills and pass the Treasure-sniffing nose skill to Little Hei.

From now on, he could probably be called the Treasure-seeking Dog!

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