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Chapter 773 At Compound Interest

In the outer-ring assessment, if both sides had points, the loser would have half of their points awarded to the winner.

In this way, more and more points would be given to the strong and the weak would end up with lesser points.

This was the most basic assessment.

There were also some tests for alchemy, array and other talents.

If they qualified, they would be selected to be disciples of the eight peaks.

This was something the outer-ring disciples had been waiting for a long time and they certainly had prepared well for this opportunity.

However, no matter how much they tried, Zhang Han was not interested at all.

During the two days when he accompanied Mengmeng, Zhang Han would go to the Heaven Lake room to cultivate every night.

After two days, his meridians were completely stabilized and his Qi could be circulated slowly.

At noon on the third day, Mengmeng felt sleepy after lunch and took a nap.

Zhang Han was free, so he went toward the direction of the outer-ring competition.

On the left side of the front mountain was a wide area that belonged to the outer-ring.

In the arena square, there were already a lot of disciples.

More than 1000 outer-ring disciples had sharpened their swords and were displaying their skills.

The number of people in the challenge arena was 30 in total, so they had to queue to take part in the fight.

At the side of the challenge arenas, there was a long line of people, including Wang Xiaowu, Jiang Bing, the Third Elder, the Six Elder and Command Beast Peak Host, all of whom were talented disciples.

Some of the peak host or elders who were free would also come over to watch the competition.

They also attached great importance to the power of the new generation, but they did not need to be present.

Zhang Han glanced at them but did not greet any of them.

Instead, he walked toward the side from the periphery of the arena.

Within a challenge arena in the center, Zhao Feng and a young man were attracting a lot of attention.

Within three breaths, more than 40 people had gathered around.

“Oh It seems that Zhao Feng is good at fighting.”

“His ability to attract so many people to watch the competition shows that he is relatively powerful.”

Zhang Han thought so, but the comments that came to his ears were different from what he thought.

“Elder martial brother Yuan will abuse others again.

After two days of fighting, he has not lost a single battle.

And he is so lucky that he has not met those extremely powerful ones.

Now he has 49 points.

If he defeats this man, he will get 50 points.”

“You are wrong.

Thats Young Masters man, who is also very powerful and who has more than 30 points after losing once.

It seems that he will lose again and forfeit his points to martial brother Yuan.

But if brother Yuan meets those who have just broken into the Divine Realm, he will lose half of the points.

It depends on his luck.

Of course, luck is also part of our strength.

We just need to show ourselves well and the elders will be able to see it.”

“That is the truth but the points are related to our rewards.

Now the highest points seem to be reaching 200.

Today is the second day and there are still three days left.

Maybe someone can gain more than one thousand points and exchange that for a Divine Object.”


After listening to them, Zhang Han knew that they regarded Zhao Feng as a rookie.

“But there is still a slight chance for him to win.

Lets see how he will exert his Big Dark Devil Shadow.”

Zhang Han looked at Zhao Feng who was preparing to adjust his Qi.

He sensed the martial artist on the opposite side.

Zhao Feng was at Grand Master Middle-stage and was very close to Grand Master Peak.

The other side was at Grand Master Peak and there was only a small gap between them.

With his profound skills, Zhao Feng might be able to defeat his opponent.

However, Zhang Hans judgment was wrong.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

Zhao Feng and elder martial brother Yuan saluted each other, then moved and began to fight.

After watching for five seconds, Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

Zhao Feng was relatively lacking in terms of combat experience, while the one on the opposite side must have experienced many battles of life and death.

Yuans movements were very tricky and experienced.

Along with his Mountain Splitting Palm move, a terrible air wave swept from his palm.

Zhao Feng faced the possibility of defeat.

However, to everyones surprise, as he bent down, he turned into a shadow and made his escape from the right side.

During this time, a short blade suddenly appeared in his left hand, with which he sliced through the air toward martial brother Yuan.

Seeing this, Zhang Han could not help saying, “Good!”

In the face of danger, he did not panic but used the most suitable move to counterattack.

Zhao Feng had a good understanding of martial arts.

“But he will still lose.”

Suddenly, a soft voice came from the side.

It was a baby-faced girl in a long dress with her hair tied in two ponytails.

She stared at the arena and said, “Brother Yuan has gone through a lot of battles.

The young man brought by the Young Master seems to be inexperienced.”

“Oh” Zhang Han looked at the woman, who seemed to be at Grand Master Middle-stage and asked, “How do you know that”

“By using my eyes.” The girl seemed to be very lively.

She replied, “Im good in judging people.

For example, you give me the same feeling as he does.

You do not fight much, right”

Zhang Hans mouth quivered slightly.

He thought the girl had sharp eyes, but he was wrong.

Noticing that Zhang Han did not respond, she did not seem to mind and asked, “Where are you from I havent seen you before.”

“At this time, shouldnt you be nervous about the next fight” Zhang Han looked at her and shook his head.

“Im not going to fight.

Ive been admitted in advance.

Im very talented in alchemy.”

“I see.”

Zhang Han nodded and looked at the arena.

The girl also stopped talking, because Zhao Feng had been defeated in this hot fight against martial brother Yuan.

“You are great.” Elder martial brother Yuan calmly made an obeisance and then went to the front to draw lots.

Zhao Feng shook his head slightly.

Just as he was about to draw lots, he was stopped by someones shout.

“Little girl, admit defeat as soon as possible.

The hammer in my hand will not be merciful.”

He saw the challenge arena not far away from the side.

Instructor Liu, carrying a Divine Object, a huge hammer which he had just received, strode onto the arena.

After going up, he patted the bottom of the hammer happily and two slapping sounds could be heard.

The others doubted whether his hands were hurt.

“Is it worth it to show off”

As for Instructor Liu himself…

“Yes, of course.

I begged Uncle Zhang for a long time before he gave me this hammer.”

The woman on the other side was so angry that she took out her sword and said in a cold voice, “Dont talk nonsense.”

Waving her sword, she rushed toward Instructor Liu.

“Wow, such a temper.”

Instructor Liu sneered and quickly waved the hammer, which was bigger than his head.

Then he smashed at the girl with his hammer.

Clang, clang…

The sounds of metals clashing rang out frequently.

Although the girl was at Grand Master Late-stage, while Instructor Liu was at Middle-Stage, the hammer shrunk the gap between them.

Instructor Liu soon smashed the girl down onto the arena without hesitation.

“Tut, Ill accept your points.”

Clap, clap!

Instructor Liu glanced at the people around and patted the bottom of the hammer with a complacent look.

But all of a sudden, he saw the boss.


Liu was startled.

Then he stopped showing off and went out of the arena.

36 points.

It was not a low score.

For the security group members, their fighting frequency was not so high and they did not need to prove themselves in this way.

They were here to participate in a few battles and enrich their experience.

On the other side, seeing the two of them off the arena, Xu Yong stepped onto the arena at the urging of the other side.

He had seen his boss and wanted to show off in front of him.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Hans face altered slightly when Xu Yong started fighting.

“I almost forgot about them.”


He turned away and came to Heaven Lake again.

Both protectors were afraid when they saw him.

“Young Lord, why are you here again”

“Every time he is here, he absorbs too much energy.

If he comes every day at this rate, it wont take him a year to drain Heaven Lake.”


Zhang Han was also a little speechless.

He waved and left two kinds of divine objects and two thousand low-grade crystals.

He was too rich.

As soon as he entered the chamber, Zhang Guangyou came in.

“Oh, you are so diligent.” Zhang Guangyou laughed, “Try your best in cultivation.

Uncle Dong will change his opinion of you when he sees this scene.”

“Im not cultivating.” Zhang Han replied, “Some time ago, I cast a spell on the three little guys, but they all broke through today.”

This showed that Mu Xue the female demon, Shi Fenghou the Little Roc and Ye Longyuan the Devil Incarnate, had similar qualifications and belonged to the high-end martial artists of the world.

“Incantation” Zhang Guangyou asked, “Who”

“Mu Xue, Ye Longyuan and Shi Fenghou.”

“Huh” Zhang Guangyous face changed slightly, “All three of them But they are all the leaders of the younger generation.

Even Yun Feiyang could not defeat them.

But they stayed in the secular world.

After more than five years, Yun Feiyang is already at Earth Realm, while they are about to break through to the Divine Realm.

However, how could they have anything to do with you What spell did you cast on them If there is a chance, Shi Fenghou… ”

As he spoke, Zhang Guangyous eyes flashed with a cold light.

That boys blood is a fusion and he will grew up to be a powerful opponent in the future.

“Its a kind of incantation that puts people in debt.

The spell has a huge limitation.

It can only cause them to have inner demons, nothing more.

Its a weak spell.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

The spell was not invincible.

At least, those at Heaven Peak Stage behind them would be able to erase the mark “owe” on their foreheads, but it is only temporary.

“Its time to deepen it.”

With a faint smile and lifting both hands, Zhang Han adjusted his Qi and whispered to himself.

“Demons Curse, Demons Seal, Demons Skill, Demons Spell…”

With his ethereal voice, a wisp of black light curled around Zhang Han, brewing and waiting.

After half an hour, the black awns suddenly trembled, showing a complex mark.

Zhang Han also said calmly, “At compound interest.”


Three wisps of Qi flashed by.

Zhang Guangyou was stunned.

“Isnt the spell very mysterious How did you finally master this one”

Seeing this, Zhang Han laughed.

“Theyll feel it later.”

“How much do they owe you before interest”

“Mu Xue and Ye Longyuan owes me ten thousand crystals each.

Shi Fenghou owes twenty thousand crystals.

Now the number has doubled.”

“That is to say, Mu Xue and Ye Longyuan owes you twenty thousand each and Shi Fenghou forty thousand Can they pay it back”

“They will come to me to pay me back.” Zhang Han smiled mysteriously.


Zhang Guangyou was a little speechless, “Eighty thousand crystals is equivalent to a sects annual income.

Well, son, to be honest, the Luo Fu Sword sect is also very powerful and Leader Mu dotes on Mu Xue.

The Witch Hidden World in the Lihun Sect is similar to them…”

“Nothing serious.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and his face suddenly changed.

“Oh no! Its time for me to go back.

Mengmeng will be waking up soon.”


Before Zhang Guangyou could open his mouth, Zhang Han disappeared.

He went back to the residence as quickly as he could.

Mengmeng was standing in the yard with Zi Yan and had an unhappy look on her face.

She put her hands on her waist and asked, “Zhang Han! Where… Where did you go You went out for fun while I was sleeping, didnt you”

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