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Chapter 776 Cultivating the Skin of Demon

Along the way, they came to the room where they usually cultivated.

They sat cross legged in the center.

“The first level of Athanasia Demon Gong is to cultivate muscles, bones, flesh and blood.

On the ancient monument, there are three marks, but I cant leave any mark on it though Im at the ninth stage of pass tribulation.

The first mark is one foot deep, the second is half a foot and the third is close to half a foot.

Maybe it was left by a great immortal in the world of immortals with lesser information.

The sentence at the top reads, “There will be no immortal if the demon is not destroyed.”

“Who is the demon in this sentence Is the demon an obstacle to our cultivation The questions he left about the martial arts are just about some details.

The order should be flesh, bones, flesh and blood.

The second and third marks are about breaking away from shackles, referring to the dantian and injury.

Now I have Ten Inches Dantian and Sound of Thunder in my soul sense sea.

According to the order of flesh, muscle, bone and blood, there is no reason for me to fail.”

Zhang Han was confident.

He was so talented that there would not be any problem in his cultivation.

If there was a problem, it must be due to his lack of resources.

But now that he had these resources, he could firstly refine his skin.

“Athanasia Demon Gong…”

“It should be the self-made skills and body building skills of the demon.

After we get our immortal body, there may be a higher level for us to reach.

But now we dont know the status of the Cultivation World.

In the future, we will have a chance to check the stone tablet and read the sentence again.”

Zhang Han was not aware that 500 years before his own rebirth, the appearance of the Cultivation World was different from what he was familiar with.

If the Cultivation World was the same as it had been, many secret realms would be open to him and he could get many spirit treasures.

But he felt that it should not be the case.

Even the earth had some slight changes, let alone the Cultivation World.

“Dont think about it.

Its far away.

Im now cultivating to gain the demon skin.

My body can be divided into head, neck, trunk and limbs.

If I can cultivate behind closed doors, I will be able to cultivate all of them.

However, I can only cultivate every night, which cant support the whole body cultivation.”

“Start with the limbs, the legs.”

Zhang Han took out more than 20 kinds of divine objects, put them around his body, slowly closed his eyes and started to launch the Athanasia Demon Gong, starting from his feet.

But Zhang Han did not expect that the cultivation of the skin would be so painful.

Zhang Hans endurance was many times more than that of ordinary people.

But he was still sweating due to the pain and his feet seemed to be sizzling.

With the help of Athanasia Demon Gong, he slowly absorbed the energy of the divine objects around him and converged them into his feet.

He felt like his skin was being pricked continuously by numerous needles.

He couldnt even pretend to be numb.

In this way, the night passed.

Zhang Han opened his eyes just before dawn and a trace of fatigue flashed through his eyes.

“In one night, I did not even succeed with the feet and there is only a small circulation in my legs, which absorbed seven kinds of divine objects.”

“The cost is high, but the effect is good.

One night later, the feet cultivation should be finished.

When the whole body succeeds, it will be time for me to gain the demon skin.”

“There will also be a kind of gain of supernatural powers, I wonder what will awaken in me.”


Zhang Han meditated for two minutes, took back the other divine objects, stood up slowly, but suddenly he staggered.


He could not help gasping in pain.

“The tingling is getting stronger and stronger.

This skill is very torturous.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

Unable to walk normally, he could only use his spiritual force to lift his legs.

He could walk normally in this way, but there was a gap between his feet and the ground.

In this way, Zhang Han left Heaven Lake and returned to his residence.

Zi Yan was already awake.

She didnt see Zhang Han when she woke up and could not sleep.

She had been waiting for nearly an hour, but Zhang Han was not back yet.

At this time, when she saw Zhang Han, her red lips were pursed, “You are back late.”

“Well, Ive cultivated for a while, but I did not notice the time.

Why did you wake up” Zhang Han chuckled.

“I cant sleep without you.”

The beauty is the heros grave, which made sense.

It was Zhang Hans attitude that Dong Chen was not used to before.

He could guess what Zhang Hans next words were if he was here.

Sure enough.

Zhang Han took off his coat, went to bed and hugged Zi Yan.

“Now it is six oclock, shall we go back to sleep”


So Zhang Han went to bed with Zi Yan in his arms.

Compared with spiritual practice, Zhang Han preferred company.

If it were not for the crisis, Zhang Han would not have asked for so many spirit treasures for cultivation, or he would have let nature to take its course.

Nowadays, Zhang Han had no regrets and did not want to be king.

But it was not so easy to live an actual leisurely life.

At least, Heavenly Knights Sect was not strong enough to dominate everything in the world, so that he could still enjoy his leisure freely.

He was not forced to cultivate, but only accelerated his cultivation.

After a while, Mengmeng also woke up and the family got up.

When they got dressed, Rong Jiali started to prepare breakfast.

Breakfast was soon ready.

Today, there were fewer people here.

Even Zhang Guangyou was not here.

They had all gone to watch the sect competition.

In the past, there would not have been so many participants in the competition.

But this year, because there was a challenger, Chen Changqing, they all went to join in the fun.

In the afternoon, after being coaxed by Rong Jiali and Zi Yan, Mengmeng agreed to let her father go out to look for her grandfather.

During this period, she could not help mumbling, “Humph, I dont like grandpa…”

Zi Yan and Rong Jiali both smiled helplessly.

“The child is too attached to her father.”

“Yes, she only likes her father.”

They began to laugh and talk.

Zhang Han went to the outer door and came to the arena.

When he found that there was no one there, he patted his forehead, “Where is the competition held”


Zhang Hans body floated into the air and from a distance he could see the square on the side of the hall at the top of the mountain.

He moved and quickly flew over at a low altitude.

At the edge of the square, he stopped and walked inside the crowd, watching the battles on the challenge arena.

In dozens of arenas, there was one person standing on it based on the ranking from the last competition, waiting for the others challenges.

At present, there were about fifteen or sixteen contestants.

The defenders and the attackers were inseparable.

Each arena was surrounded by a layer of light to prevent the spread of the aftereffects of the battle.

At a low altitude of more than 10 meters, a huge board was suspended.

The Grand Elder Dong Chen, Zhang Guangyou, First Elder, as well as the leaders of the other peaks, were all sitting on the wooden chairs.

Gai XingKong was now at the God Realm Late-stage with flourishing Qi.

He sat beside Zhang Guangyou and nodded at the challenge arena.

Dong Chens disciple Yun Feiyang ranked first on the challenge arena.

Zhang Han did not know the second disciple, who might be from the north mountain.

Wang Xiaowu was the third and Jiang Bing ranked seventh.

The top five were all at Earth Realm and from the sixth disciple, they were all around God Realm Peak-stage.

The last one was at God Realm Late-stage.

Chen Changqing, who would be on the arena, was standing on the side with Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu with a huge hammer.

In the morning, he was not taking part in any competition.

They noticed Zhang Han.

Dong Chen tried to say something, but he finally turned his gaze on Zhang Guangyou.

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