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Chapter 78 - Zi Yan returned

"Fine, fine, fine.

Your dad is the best."

Zhang Li could not help but saying this.

But when they got on the car, Zhang Li looked around and said in surprise: "Brother, you have modified this car"

From the various details, Zhang Li could tell that the items inside were worth a lot.

The driver's seat, navigation equipment, air conditioning, seats, skylights, etc.

These were not some common car could have.

"Yes, it's been modified."

Zhang Han started up the car, and the sound of the engine was very soft as well.

When he drove the car out, Zhang Han continued: "I bought some Audi A8L pieces, and spent two million."

"God…" Zhang Li laughed and shook her head.

Because Mengmeng was on the car, Zhang Han's speed was not fast, it was very smooth.

If he slowed down, he won't get to the airport too early.

At the same time, at Xiang Jiang's International Airport.

The flight from Lin Hai City had arrived.

Wearing a thin overcoat and a mask, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei got off the plane and walked towards the exit.

"Where's Zhang Han"

Zi Yan's gaze swept back and forth a few times, but she did not find any trace of Zhang Han within the crowd.

"It can't be that guy isn't here, right" Zhou Fei said suspiciously: "He only has Mengmeng in his eyes, no places left for you, he definitely did not come, that’s really not cool"

With just one sentence, it made Zi Yan somewhat speechless.

What a nice saying, 'He only had Mengmeng his eyes.

Even if it's the truth, how can you be so straightforward

Zi Yan was a little distracted at this moment.

She felt that that bastard seemed to be really like that.

"This bastard!" I’m calling him right now! "

Zi Yan snorted.

Facing Zhang Han, she sometimes suspected that her charm had dropped.

Why was that fellow always staring at Mengmeng He only glanced at her a few times when he was checking her out.

But this time … Humph.

Zi Yan tightened her outer garment, a look of confidence appearing in her eyes.

This time, Zi Yan had purposely dressed up, believing that she would be able to blown that bastard’s mind!

Very quickly, the phone connected.

Zi Yan immediately asked in a questioning tone:

"Why didn't you come Where are you Didn't you promise to come and pick me up You don't keep your word ….

"Oh, okay, I know.

I just got off the plane.

I'm going to the parking lot now."

"Elder Sister Yan, why are you not gentle suddenly hahaha, is there a problem between you and that guy " Zhou Fei said with a mischievous smile.

"Don't be ridiculous, I am as usual." Zi Yan spat lightly.

Elder Sister Yan, you are usually keeping a distance from others, and you are normal to me, but you are abnormal to that guy.

Didn't you notice that the time you two talk over the phone has gotten longer and longer Zhou Fei curled his lips and said.

"Is that so" Zi Yan was slightly taken aback.

Seems like it's true.

At first it was only one minute, then two minutes … Fifteen minutes.

Could it be … did she really treat him differently

Zi Yan didn't know what kind of feelings he had towards Zhang Han, but it was possible that she had thoughts of letting nature take its course.

"Zi Yan, you're back."

While Zi Yan was deep in thought, a voice suddenly came from the front.

Raising her head, she saw Li Cheng, who was dressed in expensive formal attire with a jade-like appearance, Young Master Li, welcoming her with a smile.

"Sorry, my father had urgent matters which needed me to handle a few days ago.

That's why I left Lin Hai without saying goodbye.

I have a guilty conscience, so I specially prepared a banquet for you at the Incense Pavilion today."

Li Cheng's words were very straightforward, and carried a warm smile on his face.

His words and actions were truly flawless.

However, when Zi Yan faced Li Cheng, that cold expression once again overflowed onto her exquisite face.

"Young Master Li, I'm sorry, I still have things to do tonight." Zi Yan slightly shook her head and tactfully rejected.

"What's the matter" Zi Yan, you're on vacation tomorrow, so we can celebrate as much as we can tonight.

Furthermore, I have specially prepared this for you, and I have some other friends here tonight as well.

I told them that I would definitely be able to invite you over, Zi Yan.

Li Cheng said with a light smile.

Under normal circumstances, if it was any other artist in the company who agreed with Li Cheng's words, as long as there was a start to such things, it would be certain that he would get his woman into bed.

It's just that Zi Yan was not an ordinary person.

"I'm sorry, I have an appointment tonight, and my friend is here to pick me up." Zi Yan shook her head again.

"Oh Is that so How about calling your friends over Isn't it more lively with more people " Li Cheng was a little unhappy in his heart, but he still maintained a smile on his face as he said that.

"My friend doesn't like liveliness.

Young Master Li, he's still waiting for me.

I should go."

After Zi Yan finished speaking, she wanted to walk to the gate of the airport.

Zhou Fei followed behind her without saying anything.

Upon seeing this, Li Cheng frowned, and secretly clenched his teeth.

When Zi Yan and Zi Yan had walked forward five meters, Li Cheng sneered, and quickly followed.

When he was talking to Zi Yan, a hypocritical smile appeared on his face, and he said:

A few years ago, I was a fan of yours, but when I was studying abroad, I was unable to get acquainted with you.

Now that I have the chance to get to know you, I made repeated invitations to you, but you … It seems like there are some misunderstandings between us "


Zhou Fei sneered in her heart.

In the Royal Entertainment Company, who doesn't know that Li Cheng is a playboy He still had the nerve to say that he didn't have any malicious intentions, why was he so faceless

Zhou Fei mocked Li Cheng in her heart, but these words would never come out of her mouth.

"I don't have any misunderstandings towards you.

I don't like liveliness, and I already have an appointment." Zi Yan replied coldly.

After Li Cheng heard this, the corner of his mouth twitched twice.

Resisting the unhappiness in his heart, he said: "Zi Yan, you promised me a banquet last time, and I didn't say anything even if you broke your promise.

Now that you've rejected me like this, aren't you being a little too disrespectful

Li Cheng was already on the verge of breaking down.

He had always been a bad temper person, and when it came to flirting with beauties, he liked to have a gentle and graceful tune, but here with Zi Yan, got rejected thrice, it made him want to conquer Zi Yan even more.

Every time he thought of Zi Yan being suppressed and casually ravaged by him, the excitement in his heart couldn't be stopped.

But it seemed that Zi Yan had never faked it when facing him.

"Don't forget, you are an artist from the Royal Entertainment Company.

I have my own ways to deal with you!"

Li Cheng thought in his heart.

Zi Yan was already somewhat impatient, but Zhou Fei had also noticed Li Cheng's expression.

Even though she did not want to get involved, because she still worked under him.

“Just that, this time, Elder Sister Yan really has an appointment with us, next time when we have the chance, we will definitely come.

Young master Li, look, we have already signed a 3 year contract in Royal Entertainment Company, there's still a long time left for us to meet.”

Zhou Fei's words made Li Cheng's expression change a little bit, then he laughed and shook his head, and said:

"Little Fei, I like what you said.

Since Zi Yan has an appointment this time, I won't force you.

Little Fei is right, there's still a long time left."

"Yes, thank you for your understanding, Young Master Li." Zi Yan said indifferently as she led the way out of the airport's front door.

Li Cheng had also drove here, and the place where he had stopped was in the same direction as the place where Zhang Han would stop, so the three of them walked towards the right together.

Seeing Li Cheng following beside her, Zi Yan could not help but frown.

Li Cheng was full of himself.

"I heard that your MV shot was pretty successful.

congratulations, and will soon be released.

I think Zi Yan is going to get popular again."

"The quality of the MV is not bad." Zhou Fei smiled and nodded, then said: "I hope this time will allow Elder Sister Yan to attract a wave of fans, and it will be enough for everyone to see Zi Yan has returned."

The corner of Li Cheng's mouth curled into a cold smile, and continued to speak passionately:

"I believe that Zi Yan can definitely do it.

There aren't many people who work as hard as her right now."

Just as Li Cheng finished speaking, the eyes of Zi Yan, who was looking to the side, lit up, and she walked forward faster.

A dozen of meters in front, Zhang Han was walking over from the side.

"You are back." After arriving near, Zhang Han said while nodding his head.

"Yes." Zi Yan replied.

Although it was only the word "yes", the tone of this word made Li Cheng feel unhappy, because this "yes" answer was not stiff at all.

In fact, even the aura of coldness had lessened by a lot.

Who was this person

Li Cheng was unhappy, he checked Zhang Han out and felt that his words and actions were nothing more than ordinary.

He laughed lightly, then took out an cigarette, and lit up one by himself, and after taking a deep breath, he casually took one out and handed it over to Zhang Han, and said lazily: "Little brother, do you smoke Zi Yan said that she had an appointment, and I thought that it was someone from her circle.

Heh, seeing that little brother is a little unfamiliar, so you are "

Li Cheng's tone was superior, and her words held the initiative.

Usually, at times like this, people will be led by him.

But then, Zhang Han just turned his head and looked at the cigarette, and then raised his head and looked at Li Cheng, and then Zhang Han turned and said:

"Let's go."

After he finished speaking, he took the lead and walked towards the side, leaving Li Cheng who was still holding onto his cigarette, with a stiff face.

Don't say anything Ignoring him What do you mean

Li Cheng was so confused that he almost exploded with anger at the same time.

He was a dignified young master Li, when had he ever been treated like this


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