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When the first ray of sunlight lit up the whole earth, Wang Zhanpeng couldnt help asking in a whisper, “How many formations have you figured out, First Elder You have mastered the Hundred-Formation Image, havent you”

Closely after him, Wang Zhanhong flattered, “It should be like that.

He can study the Hundred-Formation Image for a few hours at a time, so he is really amazing.

I feel that First Elder can start studying the Thousand-Formation Image today.”

“When a mans formation skill is at First Elders level, we need to look up to him.” Wang Ming sighed lightly with emotion.

They had just been with First Elder for a short time, but they had learned a lot of knowledge from what he said.

Indeed, he knew a lot.

More importantly, they could understand what First Elder talked about because it was not so incomprehensible as what Zhang Han said, though his formation skill was not so amazing as Zhang Hans.

Besides, the Hundred-Formation Image was a formation image at the lowest level in Zhang Hans eyes, so they thought that First Elder was sure to figure it out.

When First Elder heard Wang Zhanpeng and his companions asking questions, his expression suddenly froze, showing that he seemed to have come back to reality, and his eyes became clear, but then he remembered their questions.

First, the look in his eyes was dazed, then solidified a bit, but finally lost focus.

“Uh, ahem, ahem, how many have you figured out”

First Elder suddenly looked at Wang Zhanpeng.

“Its shameful to say it.

After spending so much time, I only figured out 37.”

“How many”

First Elders voice sounded a little strange.


Whats wrong with that Is this… too little” Wang Zhanpeng asked with a little hesitant expression.

“What about you” First Elder turned to Wang Zhanhong.

“I only figured out 28.”

First Elders eyelids trembled.

At this time, these people felt that something seemed wrong.

Wang Ming thought about it and asked, “How many have you figured out, First Elder”

“I, I… this—is mainly decided by a persons power of understanding.” The look in the depths of his eyes showed that he wanted to avoid this question, but not after a second, he said firmly, “Not many, more than half.

Its late, and go to sleep.”

First Elder just said this.

Before they got the chance to ask questions, he had turned and walked away.

“More than half…”

Wang Zhanpengs mouth trembled a few times, and he finally said, “First Elder is amazing because he can even figure out more than half of it with his first try.”

As they talked, they looked at First Elders back, seeing that he seemed to have stopped for a moment when Wang Zhanpeng said this and then walked much faster.

If he were someone else, he might have given them the feeling that he was fleeing away, but since he was First Elder, his steps looked steady.

The fact was like that, but when he returned to the villa with a calm face, his calmness disappeared as soon as he entered his room.

He leaned against the door and let out a long breath.

“Whats wrong with me”

“How come I dont understand more than half of it”

“I only figured out 36.

It is so shameful!”

“Is my formation skill really so low”

“Why am I not even better than Wang Zhanpeng”


For an instant, First Elder somewhat felt that he had no future.

He stood in front of the door, like a little girl suffering from a broken relationship.

He said these words painfully.

What he didnt know was that every learner could only figure out a few formations with his first try like him.

On the second day, all the formations the person understood might be more than 60, and on the third day, the number might be 80 or 90.

Since he had a good foundation, Zhang Han estimated that he could fully understand the Hundred-Formation Image in ten days or so.

But First Elder didnt know about it now.

It was just 6 oclock at this time, and Zhang Han, covered in sweat, stood up from the bedroom next door and walked toward the bathroom.


“Its a long way to go to gain the undead body.”

“The pain of cultivating the Heavenly Demon Skin is probably the most severe one in history.

It is torture.”

“I will try to finish the cultivation of my legs tonight.”

Zhang Han was taking a quick shower as he muttered to himself.

What could make Zhang Han feel unbearable was truly not ordinary.

Success is not accidental.

If you want to be stronger than others, you have to endure more pain and work harder.

Of course, it is important to have luck.

Surely, the exceedingly amazing things like Ten Inches Dantian, Soul Sense Sea, and Sound of Thunder couldnt be obtained merely with hard work.

After taking a shower, Zhang Han walked back to the bedroom slowly and quietly, but he opened the door to find that Zi Yan was awake.


She seemed to be depressed.

Her eyes were red, and the look deep in her eyes showed that she felt sorry.

Seeing Zhang Han come in, she pursed her lips, ready to cry.

“Oh, whats wrong, honey”

Zhang Han was startled.

He quickly walked over, bent down, hugged her, put her head to his neck, and stroked her gently.

“Dont cry.

What happened Tell your husband…”

As soon as Zi Yan opened her mouth, her tears quickly fell and wetted Zhang Hans neck in just a few seconds.

“Dont cry, dont cry, be a good girl.

If you feel sad about anything, just tell your husband.

Is it that you are upset because I didnt sleep on the bed last night Then I will stay with you every night in the future, okay I…”

Zhang Han coaxed her softly, but she didnt get better.

It is said that women were made of water, and it was true.

Zi Yan cried for more than 3 minutes before saying in a sad tone, “I heard it.”

“Someone speaks ill of you” Zhang Han frowned.

Normally, no one would gossip about her.

As a daughter-in-law, she did an excellent job, and his parents were very satisfied.

And it was even less likely for his father- and mother-in-law to say anything about her because she was their daughter.

Then, as the mistress of Mount New Moon, she was kind to others, so who would say she was not good

If anyone was like that, Zhang Han dared to simply beat him to death.

But it was not what he thought.

Choking with sobs, Zi Yan said sadly, “I heard your voice, honey.

Is it very painful Dont suffer so much, okay Stop practicing.”

“Ah” Zhang Hans expression stiffened.


“It turns out she heard my voice when I was in practice

“The cry of pain I didnt cry in pain in the whole process, but it should be the situation that I cried in pain instinctively but unconsciously when I made quick efforts nearly at the end of the practice.

“But it happens that Zi Yan heard it.

It should be the situation that when she went to the washroom last night, she found I was not in the room.” Because only at that time did he have a little fuzzy mind, so he didnt notice what happened outside.

Seeing her sad look, Zhang Han knew that she did feel sorry for him.

But he felt helpless.

Strength was the fundamental factor in shooting trouble.

If he wanted his family to have a carefree life, getting strong was a must.

“Well, well, dont cry.”

Zhang Han was moved.

While gently patting Zi Yans arm, he said softly, “Im just practicing a difficult skill, and I experienced this today only when the practice was nearly over.

Dont worry, and it will end soon.

By then, I can hug you to sleep again, and Wind Snow Schools trouble will have been shot, right Just these few days…”

After being coaxed for a few more minutes, Zi Yan had a better mood.

She hugged Zhang Han and did not let him go.

When Zhang Han went to bed, the two of them whispered to each other in their ears.

Fortunately, Zhang Han was not an insensitive man, and he made Zi Yan chuckle in just more than ten minutes.

In the end, Zhang Han made an explanation, telling her the pain of doing the practice, but the pain in his words was much less than the real one, so she was more or less relieved.

He wanted to take a nap, but Mengmeng woke up in just a few minutes after he coaxed Zi Yan.

She sat up and pouted, saying, “Daddy, mommy.”

“I, I had a dream.”

“Haha.” Seeing his cute girls look, Zhang Han used his left hand to scratch the tip of her nose and finally put her in his arms.

He asked with a smile, “What is your dream about”

“I dreamed that we went to ride on that very very tall Ferris wheel, and Big Heihei, Little Heihei, and Tiny Tot were all on it.”

“Oh, it is like that.”

Thinking this was funny, Zhang Han said, “Then lets go to Ocean Park today Bring Big Heihei, Little Heihei, and Tiny Tot.”


Mengmeng was a little stunned.

“My beautiful dream will come true.”


Mengmeng danced for joy in Zhang Hans arms and said, “Daddy, you are the nicest.

Daddy, you are super nice! Muah, muah, muah…”

“Puff…” Zi Yan couldnt help laughing twice when she saw this, but then she put on a straight face.

“Huh, you just want to kiss your daddy but dont kiss your mommy.”

“Mommy, kiss.”

Mengmeng moved her pink little lips to Zi Yan and kissed her several times on the cheek.

So, todays schedule was made.

While he was cooking breakfast, Zhang Han called Zhao Feng, and Zhao Feng then called Luo Chengwen.

As a result, a group of five cars came to the Peak Paradise of Ocean Park at 9 oclock in the morning.

With Powerful Hei Trio present, this was the amusement park of their family, and they could play whatever they wanted.

Since they didnt need to queue up, they had a much faster speed.

At about 3 oclock in the afternoon, they had returned to Mount New Moon.

At this time, First Elder was already in the back mountain, standing in front of the Hundred-Formation Image.

He had been studying it and had fast progress, and then he regained a little confidence.

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