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Time passed by quickly.

In the blink of an eye, it was already the eve of the grand wedding.

That day, at noon, many big shots from Hongkong showed up.

Various forces from the grand families in Singapore, Liu Qingfeng, some forces in Shang Jing led by Warlord of Chan Clan, a few forces in Lin Hai City led by the Rong Clan, some forces in the northeast led by Gai Xingkong and even some powerful masters backing them in the worldlet, came with them as well.

They were there for only one purpose, which was to show their support and goodwill toward Heavenly Knights Sect.

For a sect like Heavenly Knights Sect, it was ranked at the top in the worldlet.

Although it was subject to perpetual war, its position had never been affected.

People from the martial arts world in Xiangjiang were not surprised at all at the arrival of these people.

It was because in recent days, everyone had heard about the sensational news.


Zhang Hanyang will be getting married.

His wife is Zi Yan, who is very beautiful.”

“His life cant be more successful.

He has an overwhelmingly beautiful wife as well as a lovely daughter, which is so enviable.

Its a pity that Merciless Zhang, who was well-known across the world in the beginning, is now obscure.

Now, when we mention his name, people in the martial world arent moved at all.

Hey, when we went out back then, they kept complimenting us in various ways, such asXiangjiang is amazing because there is a Merciless Zhang.

But now, those Divine Realm monsters coming from the worldlet are so scary, such as Yun Feiyang from Heavenly Knights Sect and the two people from Wind Snow School, who turned out to be the unstoppable Long Ye and the newly-risen master named Little Roc, Shi Fenghou.

As expected, Ye Longyuan has also become a Devil Incarnate.

I wonder if he will come to challenge Zhang Hanyang before his wedding day.

According to his personality, he is likely to do so.

“Youre only talking about the most prominent ones.

There are quite a few other talents, who are equally strong.

Before, the high-end martial artists in the martial arts world were as weak as stagnant water.

But now… Oh **, all the martial artists inside the worldlet are really strong!”

“I have a feeling that something might happen at Zhang Hanyangs wedding tomorrow.

Someone said that they saw quite a few powerful masters near Mount New Moon.

It seems like Zhang Guangyou is among the masters.

It is said that Zhang Guangyou is the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect.

Shh! If it turns out that he is Zhang Hanyangs backer, the situation will be a bit scary.

They have certainly made a lot of preparations!”

At this time, only a small number of people in the martial world knew that Zhang Han was Zhang Guangyous son.

The number of people who knew that Zhang Hanyang was Zhang Han were relatively high, while people who knew the actual truth were few and far in between.

Of course, the comparison was done against the entire martial world.

At the very least, everyone in the Wind Snow School knew who Zhang Hanyang was.

At this time, in the large restaurant at Mount New Moon, which was not open to the public, a large group of people including Zhang Han, Zi Yan and their parents were gathered there.

It was Friday today.

There was an hour to go before Mengmeng came back from her school.

The wedding preparations were ongoing.

On Mount New Moon, it was business as usual.

It seemed that nothing had been prepared.

But Zi Yan knew very well that they definitely would have prepared a lot of tricks.

“A grand wedding Or a very low-key wedding Whatever it is, I will be happy.”

Zi Yan snuggled up to Zhang Hans side, having some crazy thoughts.

She was wearing a purple dress today, which made her look really graceful and ladylike.

Seeing the happy smile on her face, Zi Qiang could not help laughing as well.

But then his face became serious as he said, “Zi Yan, if you have any requests, just bring them up now.

Why are you so accommodating toward Zhang Han The easier it is for him to get you, the less he will cherish you.”

His words made Zi Yans expression stiffen slightly.

She was silent for two seconds before she snorted, “So what”

“You… ” Zi Qiang was truly speechless as he sighed incessantly and said, “As expected, its hard to keep a woman at home.”

His words made the crowd burst out laughing.

Zhang Guangyou, in particular, grinned and said, “Hahaha, Zi Yans father, dont argue with me about this.

You have a granddaughter.

Even though this is a wedding, they are considered to have been married for a long time, which we are a bit ashamed of.

So if you have any ideas and requests, feel free to bring them up.”

“Hey, I dont need to bring up anything.” Zi Qiang sighed lightly, “I am also relieved that my daughter is marrying into your family.

After all, Zhang Hans excellence is obvious to everyone.

And what I value is not how Zhang Han is excellent in the martial world of yours.

Instead, it is the kind of attitude he has toward Zi Yan and Mengmeng that I value.

Forget it.

Forget it.

Lets not talk about it.

The wedding will be held tomorrow.

So we will bring Yan back with us later.

And we will wait for you at the Marco Polo Hotel where you can pick up the bride.


Other than that, the rest is up to the host,” Zhang Guangyou nodded.

After that, everyone began to chat with each other.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan sat at the side, whispering together.

Zi Yans big beautiful eyes blinked and she stared at Zhang Han as she said, “If Im not here tonight, will Mengmeng be alright Or should I just stay here”

Zi Yan wanted to stay in the castle.

She felt at ease only when the three of them were together.

With such an imminent wedding, Zi Yan felt a little nervous and excited as well.

But, the host had organized a set of itineraries, saying that they had to be separated.

Considering the convoys transportation, distance and time as well as other factors, it was finally decided that Zi Yan and the people from her natal family would stay at the Marco Polo Hotel in the Western South Island of Xiangjiang.

Therefore, Zi Yan made a such proposal.

After all, she did not like sleeping alone.

“Well… ” Zhang Han was somewhat silent, then he smiled and shook Zi Yans palm as he said, “Wed better stick to the arrangements.

I will coax Mengmeng at night, which should not be too much of a problem.

Shes quite excited about the task of holding the bridal bouquet tomorrow.”

Hearing his words, Zi Yan involuntarily smiled, recalling how Mengmeng had muttered words like the bridal bouquet in the big bed last night.

It was still relatively rare for a child to attend his or her biological parents wedding.

“Humph.” Zi Yan snorted softly, “Mengmeng is so attached to you.

She is never that close to me.

You two are in the same boat now.”

When she thought of this, Zi Yan wanted to complain.

Sometimes, if she didnt let Mengmeng do anything, Mengmeng, who was very smart, would sit earnestly for a while and then she would go to her father.

As a result, the two of them whispered for a long time.

In the end, Mengmeng had her way and did whatever she wanted, such as sneakily eating ice cream and snacks…

“Hey, I met my daughter somewhat late, didnt I” Zhang Han laughed and shook his head.


“Okay, stop humming.

Lets go.

You should wait for them to pick you up tomorrow.” After saying so, Zi Yan pouted and stood up.

Xu Xinyu, Zi Long and the others also got up as quickly as they could and prepared to leave.

“Then Ill go over first.” Zi Yan made a gesture of making a call to Zhang Han, indicating that they should call each other.

Thus, a large group of people walked out of the restaurant and got into various cars, which then drove slowly out of Mount New Moon.

Zhang Guangyou and the others stood at the entrance of the restaurant, seeing the convoy off.

Only after the convoy was out of sight did Dong Chen look at Zhang Han and said lightly, “The day before yesterday, First Elder finished studying the Hundred-Formation Image and you went over to him in the middle of the night to set up the Thousand-Formation Image.

Hes got his hands full.

What about us”

The tone of his voice was calm.

But Zhang Guangyou, the three elders and the three peak heads who were familiar with him, could tell that he was jealous.

What Dong Chens words meant that Zhang Han had promised to give them the practicing methods.

However, it turned out that Zhang Han seemed to have forgotten about his promise, which was not right!

“In a few days,” Zhang Han nodded his head lightly.

There were many practicing methods.

But Zhang Han did not just give them a random one each.

He had chosen practicing methods for these people which even though it suited them well, were still somewhat flawed, which led him to have to make some changes.

Those practicing methods were equivalent to the methods using micro-innovation, which were of superior difficulty.

Based on Zhang Hans level of understanding, they would not be able to progress that fast.

But the others were not aware of this!

Dong Chen narrowed his eyes, “In a few days Youve got a big problem, kid.

Should I talk to you some other time”

His attitude indicated his displeasure.

And he implied that if Zhang Han continued to beat around the bush, he was going to beat him up.


Anyway, you have to wait until the wedding is over,” Zhang Guangyou coughed lightly.

“Fine, Ill wait.” After Dong Chen said that, he looked at the Third Elder.

The two of them moved, but then nothing happened.

Several people around them could not help smirking at the situation.

It was clear that both Dong Chen and the Third Elder had just tried to fly.

However, it was a no-fly zone here!

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The two of them shifted their bodies and quickly ran away.

They ran in the direction of the area down the mountain.

It had not been peaceful recently and the two of them were responsible for ensuring the safety of the people from the Zi Clan.

Although the hotel where the people from the Zi Clan were staying was in the downtown area, they had to take precautions as well.

At noon, Zhang Han went to pick up Mengmeng.

After Mengmeng came home, she was asking where her mother was.

Fortunately, Zhang Han, who was eloquent and talkative, managed to pacify the little girl in a short while.

Of course, the best way to pacify Mengmeng was to make her look forward to seeing the bridal bouquet and her mother tomorrow, who would be the most beautiful bride then.

As such, Mengmeng was full of expectations and her other emotions slowly dissipated.

That day, the martial arts world in Xiangjiang was very active.

Those who had not known about the forthcoming event learned the exact news on the actual day.

“What did you say Zhang Hanyang and Zi Yan are getting married Bull**.

Didnt she have a kid What What What Its true.


Im gotta go see the fun!”

“If you want to watch the fun, you should at least have an invitation card, right To have an invitation card, you have to get to know them.

To know them, you have to have the strength of a Grand Master.

And to have the strength of a Grand Master, you should f*cking go to sleep.”


People across the entire martial arts world in Xiangjiang were talking about this matter.

The news spread rapidly.

“Oh Is he having a wedding” Ye Longyuan, who had just fought a battle with the other sects, wiped a strand of blood from his hand and laughed, “As for this kind of hilarity, I have to go see it.

Other than me, he has also offended many people.

The current Invincible Grand Master is a joke.

As for the Grand Master Peak, I can kill him at will.”

On the other end, Shi Fenghou was informed of the news and his gaze was cold.

Then he withdrew the energy feathers he was refining as he said, “Hey! Ill personally go there.

But if hes less prepared and falls into my hands, he can then rest in peace.”

“Zhang Hanyangs wedding” Long Ye from Wind Snow School gazed at the south and slowly said, “He is in the mood to have a wedding at this time.

Well, he is very powerful.

Heavenly Knights Sect will be well guarded and it is not the best time to do it tomorrow.

But some people will think its the best time to go watch the fun and kill Zhang Hanyang, if ever there is a chance then!”

A lot of people were planning to watch the fun, either maliciously or in good faith.

This wedding was one of the most highly anticipated events.

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