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Chapter 80: Chapter : 80

Although he did not know what was inside the box, Mengmeng was especially happy and consecutively kissed Zi Yan on the face a few times.

Compared to other people's gifts, Mengmeng liked their gifts even more.

At this moment, the little princess was smiling so happily that her cherry lips couldn't even close.

"Open it and take a look" Zi Yan said with a smile.

Seeing Mengmeng being so happy, Zi Yan's heart was also greatly satisfied.

"Mama, open it for me …" Mengmeng chuckled.

"Come on, let's drive together.

See this ribbon Each of us will fight.

You grab this, I'll grab that! Come, one, two, three, open! "

Zi Yan and Mengmeng each held onto a side of a buckle, and with a light tug on the outside, the colored ribbons were untied.

This time, Mengmeng did not wait for Mama to speak and directly opened the box with her small hand.


Mengmeng looked at the black box that looked like a 10 inch laptop and was a little confused.

She blinked her large eyes and asked Zi Yan in her voice, "Mama, what is this"

"Mama, open it for you."

Zi Yan laughed and took out the colourful brush case.

After opening it, Mengmeng saw so many colourful brushes, and his eyes lit up.

"Wow, so many colored pens.

So pretty."

"Do you like it" Zi Yan laughed.

"If you like it, you like it.

It's so good to be numb, huh." Mengmeng pouted her cute golden fish mouth and ran towards Zi Yan's face, preparing to give him a smack.

"Cough cough, Mengmeng." Zhang Han, who was standing at the side of the sofa, opened his mouth and reminded: "Pastel."

They had already kissed several times, and seeing that Mengmeng still wanted to kiss her again, Zhang Han felt that it was time to remind him.

"Oh …" Mengmeng stopped in his tracks.

He looked at the PaPa, then at Mama, wanting to kiss but not being able to.

He didn't know what to do.

"You don't need to care I didn't wipe the foundation, it's fine, Mengmeng kiss.

" Zi Yan rolled his eyes at Zhang Han as he moved his left cheek closer to her.

"What" Mengmeng kissed it a few times.

"Come, give Aunty Feifei a kiss." Zhou Fei looked at his surroundings, then sat on the right side of Mengmeng and passed his own face belt over.

"En hmph, no, PaPa won't allow Mengmeng to kiss others." Mengmeng reached out her small palm, and gently pushed Zhou Fei's face as she refused.

"Humph!" Then Aunty Feifei doesn't like you.

" Zhou Fei snorted.

"Then I don't like you anymore." Mengmeng leaned her body into Zi Yan's embrace and pouted: "I'm not going to play with smelly Aunty Feifei.

Mama, let's draw.

Mengmeng suddenly remembered that the pictures she drew with PaPa a few days ago had not been shown to Mama, so she slipped out from Zi Yan's bosom and landed on the ground barefooted.

Her two small hands opened the drawer of the table, and from inside, she took out the drawing.

"Ugh …" Mengmeng pointed to the pig-headed being amongst them and said: "This is PaPa …"

"Puchi..." Zi Yan could not help but laugh.

"This, this is Mama." Mengmeng then pointed to the person at his side.

His face that was even longer than a donkey's and eyes the size of sesame seeds caused Zi Yan's expression to turn stiff on the spot.

"Hahahaha..." Zhou Fei held his stomach and laughed, then said: "It's too beautiful, so beautiful, so similar, Emma, I'm dying from laughter."

"What are you laughing at, shut up." Zi Yan rolled his eyes at her.


Mengmeng was startled, she did not know what was going on, thus she asked: "Mama, is Mengmeng's drawing good"

"Haha …" Seeing the twitching corner of Zi Yan's mouth, Zhou Fei laughed once again.

Even Zhang Han chuckled from behind as he shook his head.

"Very beautiful, Mengmeng is really amazing." Zi Yan laughed as he rubbed Mengmeng's little head.

The child needs to be encouraged and praised at such times, so that he can keep groping for it.

"Really" Mengmeng was very happy and asked again.

"Of course it's true." Zi Yan smiled and said: "Is the most beautiful and most cute Mengmeng"

"Yeah, yeah.

Is Mengmeng good-looking"

"Oh, the most beautiful one is Mengmeng."

"Hehe, Mengmeng was painted by PaPa, Mama and PaPa are the prettiest and prettiest to look at …"

"Then draw a Mengmeng."


Me and Mama and I will draw together."


Zi Yan and Mengmeng hadn't seen each other for a few days, and were so bored that they started playing enthusiastically on the sofa.

On the other hand, Zhou Fei would occasionally interrupt and interact on the side, and occasionally glance at his own phone.

Zhang Han watched them for a few minutes before he turned around and went into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Zhang Li stood by the counter and watched Zhang Han busy himself.

After cooking the rice, the first dish was a chicken stew with potatoes.

The main ingredient is chicken and potatoes, plus onion, ginger, garlic and other condiments, taste is mellow, the process is stewed, the meat of the chicken is tender, delicious, suitable for multiple cooking methods, and rich in nutrition, with the role of nourishing the body.

But in recent years, more and more chemical feed is being used to feed chickens, which makes the nutrition lost too much, and there are even many harmful substances to the body.

Therefore, this kind of chicken would only cost around twenty yuan each.

Thus, the price of a chicken would only be a hundred yuan.

It wasn't just a matter of nutrition.

The meat itself was much less fragrant, so no matter what the feed and meat chicken did, it wouldn't be able to produce the pure fragrance of a local chicken.

Not to mention the chickens raised in Mount New Moon.

Zhang Han boiled the chicken with water.

This was the step to remove the impurities, but Zhang Han did not understand it.

He only remembered that it was like this when he watched his mother cook in the past.

After boiling it for a few minutes, the meat on the outside of the chicken was slightly cooked.

At this moment, Zhang Han could smell the fragrance of the meat.

After that, he poured oil into the wok, put the chicken pieces into the wok, stir-fry a few times, add spring onion, garlic, soy sauce, stir-fry and then add water, add a little old color blending, add cooking wine, pepper ingredients, salt and fragrant wood, cover the wok, cook it for ten minutes, change the heat, and when the chicken was about to ripen, add potatoes.

This was the final process.

At this time, Zhang Han began to cook the second stew, the soy horned fried eggplant.

This was a common dish, and Zhang Han was familiar with the route.

He worked orderly and good at cooking, and after entering the wok, Zhang Han began to make cucumbers and peel.

Cucumber was a cucumber from Mount New Moon.

When it was flattened, a fresh fragrance wafted into his nose.

Cut the cucumber into small pieces, pull the skin and put it on a plate.

Sprinkle with a little salt, sugar and MSG.

After preparing all these, Zhang Han made some cucumber peel sauce, vinegar, cold sauce and a little sesame oil.

Ten minutes later, he poured the juice into the cucumber skin and the cold dish was done.

"My god."

Zhang Li had been watching by the side the entire time.

Seeing this, she was truly shocked in her heart as she said with wide eyes: "This dish looks pretty good.

Bro, you really know how to cook"

"Don't underestimate your brother." Zhang Han laughed indifferently.

As he spoke, he picked up the chicken pot with one hand and filled it to the brim with chicken stewed potatoes with a porcelain pot that looked like a small pot for soup.

He placed it at the edge of the counter.

Without the inhalation of the oil hood, a hot fragrance began to waft through the room.

"Wow, it smells that good" Zhang Li immediately looked over.

He saw that the plate of chicken porridge with potatoes was glistening with oil.

It was a light red and emitted a pure fragrance, causing Zhang Li to instantly gulp down two mouthfuls of saliva.

"Don't just stand there.

Serve the dishes, put them on the round table." Seeing Zhang Li's appearance, Zhang Han laughed lightly, and then turned and washed the wok clean.

He poured oil into it and prepared to fry the last egg, Stir-Fried Green Chili Pepper.

After Zhang Li heard this, he picked up the big plate and walked over to the round dining table.

During this time, his eyes never left the dining table, why did the pieces of chicken look so dazzling

What was going on

Zhang Li was a little stupefied.

She did not understand how the taste could be so fragrant, and when she looked at the piece of chicken leg meat in front of her, she felt an extreme urge to pick it up and eat a few bites.

However, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were still sitting on the sofa, so she would definitely not do such an impolite action.

'Well, if only they weren't again.'

Zhang Li's saliva flowed profusely, and he once again swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he lightly muttered in his heart.

The two of them were no longer together.

Zhang Li would not hesitate now and directly grab the chicken leg in his hands, opening his mouth wide and biting onto it in large bites.

Right, he wanted to take a big bite and eat the extremely fragrant chicken in large gulps!

However, this was only her imagination.

There were no ifs in the world, and the gazes of the three people on the sofa had already landed on Zhang Li's body.

Oh no, it was the dish Zhang Li was holding in her hand.

"Fuck" Are you for real " Zhou Fei did not care about her image at all, she took a few breaths and smelled the fragrance, and then said in a surprised tone: "Is it so fragrant Damn, the impoverished young master actually knew how to cook Zhang Han, are you serious You didn't put poison in the dish, did you How could it be so fragrant "That's impossible!"

"What's impossible" Zhang Li snorted and said: "If you think that you have already ingested the poison, then don't eat it.

We can all eat this."

"That won't do, my good sister …" That...

It wasn't easy to cook dinner for Mengmeng's father, so I have to properly try it out.

" Zhou Fei curled his lips and replied.

The two of them had similar personalities, it was just that Zhang Li was a little 'stronger' than her.

If it wasn't for her not knowing the situation and Zhang Li ridiculing her brother, she would have attacked them long ago.

At this moment, even Mengmeng had left Zi Yan's embrace.

He stood on the sofa and shouted while jumping:

"PaPa, PaPa, it smells so good, Mengmeng is so hungry, Mengmeng wants to eat it."

"Mengmeng, don't be anxious.

It's almost done." Zhang Han did not turn back as he chuckled and continued with his last dish.

Fried green peppers with eggs was also a common dish.

As a side dish, Zhang Han only used four eggs and two green peppers.

After they left the wok, Zhang Han waved his hands at Zhang Li and laughed: "Serve the dishes!"

With a tone that seemed to call for a waiter, Zhang Li snorted and walked over to bring the dishes over.


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