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Zhang Han also let Mu Xue take days off returning to Luo Fu Sword sect.

Otherwise, Sect Leader Mu would have brought the entire family here to spend the new year.

As for others, while Liu Qingfeng would spend the new year in Lin Hai City, Ah Hu brought a few brothers there to have fun too.

Most of the others stayed at Mount New Moon.

They seemed to have heard about Zhang Hans family trip plan.

This afternoon, all the powerful families in Xiangjiang came to wish them a happy new year.


Zhang, Miss Zi, happy new year!”

Luo Shan, Luo Chengwen, and others were the first to arrive and offered two bottles of wine from their collections as gifts.

Then, Chu family, Ma family… Lei Tiannan, Ji Wushuang, Mo Chengfeng, Lu Xiong, Fang Rushan, and others who were close to him from the martial arts world all visited him.

It really baffled some people from New Moon Bay.

Why did so many big shots motorcades drove here today Some insider informed them: Its pretty normal.

Dont you know about Mount New Moon Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant is a large private manor there belonging to the present boss of Mengmeng Group.

Its pretty badass.

Many powerful figures have meals there every day.

A lot of people did not find such a scene strange.

It was on the Chinese New Years Eve.

Fireworks exploded in the sky of Mount New Moon and hundreds of firecrackers shot out.

The scene left many New Moon Bay residents in awe, making them take out their phones to record the beautiful moments.

For a small kid like Mengmeng, the fun was even greater.

Mengmeng lit up various firecrackers all by herself.

Every time she ignited one, Mengmeng would hurry back to Zhang Hans side.

“Im so scared.”

Then, she covered her ears and looked at the exploding firecrackers.

Mengmeng was giggling, and there were so many people around her.

The entire mountain was brightly lit, with people talking to each other.

It was such a lively scene.

The happy atmosphere permeated, leaving even some introverted people laughing and horsing around.

That made Zi Qiang and Wang Ming feel like they had gone back to the New Year when they were children.

It had not been lively like this in a long time.

At 11 oclock at night, a large group of people was having dinner in the dining room.

The main dishes were rice cakes and dumplings.

Moreover, there was also a table full of sumptuous and delicious cuisines.

After dinner, the exciting day also ended.

Zhang Hans family of three returned to the castle.

Mengmeng stilled looked pumped up.

“PaPa, I got so many presents this time.” Mengmeng looked at the gifts all over the table on her side and said while giggling.

“Of all those gifts, Mengmeng is the most adorable.” Zhang Han smiled and stroked the little girls head.

“Hmph, PaPa is adorable too.

I love you so much.”

“Then what about MaMa You only love him I guess youll almost forget about MaMa!” Zi Yan rolled her eyes, while a smile was lingering on her lips.

It was also the first time that she had had such a lively new year with so many people.

Back in the days at Zi Clan, though there were also many people and guests every year, basically every family would compare their connections with other people.

They would see who had powerful guests and judge their power thereby.

It was never harmonious like this year.

Of course, she also knew that it was all due to her super powerful husband.

She could never imagine living such a happy life.

When she got pregnant, her heart was also hurt more or less.

The childs dad was just an accident and she did not even know him.

She had even thought about finding a rich young master in Shang Jing while she raised her kid alone, refusing to look for Zhang Han.

Maybe she would find her fate in the future and have a home However, in the end, she heard about Zhang Hans downfall and Zhang Han was stubborn too.

Only then did Zi Yan start to change her mind and returned with Mengmeng.

Then, who would have known that she just grabbed her happiness like that

Zi Yan felt a little sentimental inside.

Only one year had passed, and she had been feeling somewhat desperate last year, but now, she felt so sweet.

The way she looked at Zhang Han was especially tender and delicate like her, directly leashing out a stream of electricity.

Sizzle sizzle.


Zhang Han gasped and lifted Mengmeng up to tumble down on the bed.


Little baby should go to sleep.

Its already past 12.”

“But, but Im not sleepy yet.

PaPa, I want to check out those gifts.”

“Tomorrow, okay Now its time to hear dads bedtime story.

Ahem, the King of Dwarves…”

Seeing Zhang Han got anxious, Zi Yan had a trace of pinkish color crawling onto her pretty face.


After a dozen minutes and Zhang Han had made Mengmeng go to sleep.

He held Zi Yan up and walked to the opposite bedroom.

The most precious time is priceless.

At three oclock in the morning, splashing sounds rang in the bathroom.

However, for some unknown reason, there were some vague groans.

Okay, they did it again.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan did not go back to the bedroom to sleep until it was five oclock.

It seemed that they were destined to oversleep the next day.

At around nine oclock, Mengmeng became the first one to wake up.

Zhang Han personally dressed the little princess up.

With the braiding skills he had learned, he made beautiful braids for Mengmeng.

“PaPa, Im going to check out those gifts.”


Then Ill stay with you too, and then Ill go make breakfast.

Mengmeng has to be quiet.

Dont wake Mom up.

You have to only wake Mom up after dad has made breakfast.”

“I got it.”

Zhang Han held Mengmengs little hand and rummaged through those gifts.

He picked out some toys for Mengmeng and let her play sitting on the sofa.

Then, Zhang Han came to the kitchen to start cooking.

It was too late for breakfast and too early for lunch.

Well, you could call it whatever you want.

At about 10 oclock, under Zhang Hans instructions, Mengmeng instantly put down toys and hopped on the bed.

Getting close to Zi Yan, she grabbed a strand of Zi Yans hair by her little hand and brushed it on Zi Yans nose.

“Emm… Mengmeng, stop it.”

Zi Yan mumbled.

“I dont want to either, but PaPa asked me to wake you up.

MaMa, get up.

Rise and shine.

PaPa has made breakfast.”

Mengmeng took the responsibility of waking Zi Yan up.

Less than five minutes later, Zi Yan also sat up and got up.

When she saw Zhang Han, she rolled her eyes too.

He really exhausted her!

She got up and quickly washed.

The family of three went to the dining table.

There were milk steamed buns which Mengmeng and Zi Yan both liked.

There were also stuffed buns, milk, eggs, bread slices, etc.

For three people, it was really sumptuous.

“Elder Sister Yan! Elder Sister Yan! Well get going soon.

You should get up now!”

Downstairs, Zhou Feis yelling rang.

“Yes, did you eat You want to grab some here”

Zhang Han was thoughtful and knew Zi Yan was not used to yelling so he quickly answered.

“Ive eaten.

Ill be waiting for you downstairs!”

Zhou Fei screamed weirdly again.


“Hmph, I guess shes eager to see her beloved husband.” Zi Yan smiled.

“Of course.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Zhang Han laughed.

“What isabsence makes the heart grow fonder” asked Mengmeng while drinking milk.

“Er… it means, when a couple dont see each other for days, they will get really close to each other when they see each other again” answered Zhang Han.


Mengmeng did not understand that and did not ask further.

Instead, she turned to bury herself in breakfast.

After breakfast, while Zhang Han cleaned the kitchen, Zi Yan went to dress herself up with Mengmeng.

Last night, they had not packed up, therefore, she took out suitcases and started packing with Mengmeng.

“These are the down jackets we bought last year.

We get to wear these this time.”

“MaMa, I want this toy.”

“Its too big for the suitcase.

If you really like that, well but another for you at Ice City.”



It was a pure blessing.

Hearing the child and mother pair talking made Zhang Hans lips curl up in happiness.

“Lets go!”

The family of three was ready to go.

They were probably the last ones to set off because most of the others had arrived at the company.

It was 10 minutes before the plane took off that Zhang Hans family of three and Zhou Fei arrived at the spot.

During this trip, both planes had been used due to a large number of people.

Luckily, Gai Clan was really powerful in northeast areas, so it was very easy to accommodate them.

Sitting on one of the three connected chairs in the front row, Zhang Han thought for a while before taking out his phone to dial a number.

“Xiaohui Ill probably arrive after 4 at Ice City.

We should meet tonight.”

Back then when Zhang Han and Zi Yan held a wedding, Zhang Hans friends at Ice City, Zhou Xiaohui, Chen Man, and Fu Hongshan, had all come.

Because there were many people, he had to make many preparations.

Therefore, Zhang Han had only greeted them.

Feeling that he had failed to receive them properly, he was thinking about buying a few drinks for them alone this time while at Ice City.

Hearing Zhang Hans words, Zhou Xiaohui sounded pleasantly surprised.

“Brother Han, youre coming here Great.

No problem.

Ill go tell Big Man and Elder Fu that well have a few rounds tonight.”


After he hung up, the plane was just about to take off.

At that time, Mengmeng asked, “PaPa, where are we going to have fun tonight”

“Er, well have dinner with the uncles youve met at Xiang Jiang last time.”


Mengmeng wanted to follow her PaPa to the meal, nevertheless, this time, Zi Yan did not agree.

She wanted to bring Mengmeng to Gai Clan to wish them a happy new year.

She thought that with her and Mengmeng, not to mention Zhang Han, even his three friends were a little reserved, and they did not seem able to say whatever they wanted.

On second thoughts, she decided not to go to the meal and just let them meet themselves.

The flight would take a few hours, so after chatting for a while, Zi Yan and Mengmeng fell asleep with blankets on their shoulders.

She was not a martial artist and did not go to sleep until 5 oclock a.m.

yesterday, so it was only natural that she felt sleepy now.

Waking up, she found herself at Ice City.

It was in February, and the temperature here was also very low.

Everyone changed into down jackets and cotton-padded coats.

Even Zi Yan went to the bedroom on the plane to get changed.

She put on a pair of flesh-color leggings, white boots, a sweater, and a thigh-high dress.

With a beige and fashionable down jacket on her, she looked stylish in another way.

Mengmeng got dressed nearly like her.

Zhang Han also put on a coat, though he did not feel cold.

Even before they got off the plane, a long line of cars had been waiting here.

In front of them, Gai Xingkong seemed odd in this weather by wearing only a thin long gown.

Beside him stood a group of Gai Clan seniors such as Gai Rulong.

“Guangyou! Jiali!”

“Hahaha, happy new year.”

“Han, Yan, Mengmeng, happy new year.”


After greeting each other, they got into the car while Zhang Han stayed.

A window was rolled down on an MPV in the middle, and Mengmengs small head popped out.

She waved her hand while looking at Zhang Han.

“PaPa, get home soon, or MaMa and I will both be missing you.”


After you have dinner, Ill be back.” Zhang Han smiled while waving his hand.

“Mwah mwah.”

Mengmeng sent a few air kisses and then rolled up the window.

That made Zi Yan a little upset.

“I just wanted to kiss him too.

That bratty kid.”

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