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“Congratulations, Zi Yan.

Ive heard of you before.

It was… like five years ago.

Youre a great actress and you sing very well.

Too bad you seemed to have taken a hiatus back then and missed many awards.

Now that you came back, I get the feeling youve been practicing on your own.

Its awesome to shoot such a good film.

Do you want to say something”


Zi Yan suppressed her excitement inside and smiled in a little playful way.

Looking toward Zhang Han, she could feel his gentle gaze, so she slightly compressed her red lips and said, “Im married.”


The people present were dumbfounded.

“Gosh, you should make a speech instead of showing off your happiness and publicly displaying affection!”

Zi Yan smiled and continued, “I feel like that my husband is my lucky star, having made it possible for me to shoot the two films.

Im very thankful to him.

Its always been my dream to come to the Oscars.

Today, my dream came true and I couldnt feel happier.

I thank the Academy for giving me the chance and also thank you guys for appreciating my work.”


After the simple speech and while the others had mixed expressions, Zi Yan held her trophy and walked off the stage, chin up and chest out.

“Lets give another big round of applause to the winner, Zi Yan!”

The host took the lead to applaud and the others followed suit except for Edmond and his people.

Therefore, right after her finding the seat, Zhang Han heard the beauty beside him say in a both low and excited voice several times, “Hubby, I won an award!

“Hubby, its the Oscar for best actress!


Zhang Han seemed to think that this night was going to be another beautiful night he would enjoy.

On the other side, Edmond was livid with rage and his body was shaking.

However, he didnt expect that this was just the start of a nightmare.

“Next is the award for best leading actor.

The first nominee is Edmond Parker playing Green Man in Rage.


“The second nominee is the leading actor of our familiar Pirates of the Caribbean, Mr.


I think we can also call him Captain Jake.

Hes just great, playing two characters at the same time while we didnt tell that…”

“The third nominee…”

Edmond looked a little shocked and confused.

“The award goes to Mr.

Hanyang coming all the way from the east.

Please step forward and accept your award.”


Edmond looked as if he had been struck by lightning on a sunny day.

“What the heck”

Even Amois felt dazed.

“Was I wrong The Edmond family did act, but it didnt work

“No way! Doesnt the Edmond family have power”

Under the eyes of all the people present, the director got onto the stage to accept his award and offered a speech.

“Im the director of Pirates of the Caribbean.

I feel honored and also lucky.

Even now I feel like Im dreaming.

Ill accept this on behalf of my cast.

This is a glorious moment…”

Zi Yan didnt go there to accept the award because she was still lost in the excitement.

She had finally won the award she had always dreamed of.

The award acceptance ended.

Less than 10 minutes later—

“Best sound editing of the year goes to… Pirates of the Caribbean…”


Edmonds body quivered.

“Best visual effects of the year goes to Pirates of the…”

“Best makeup of the year goes to Pirates of the…”

“Best fantasy film of the year goes to Pirates of the Caribbean!”

The director got on the stage and his face reddened with excitement, as if he were drunk.

“Gosh, they got all those nominations and awards.”

“I cant freaking believe it!”

Even the dozen big shots in the front row had eyes as round as saucers.

“What is going on”

They immediately waved their hands to signal the staff over and said something.

Three staff members hurried and went to the backstage area.

Amois appeared to have seen a glimmer of hope.

“Did they make a mistake I can tell from their faces that they must have gotten something wrong! So, do I still have a chance”

In less than two minutes, the three people ran back and leaned over to say something in front of the group of leading figures.

Many people were paying attention to their actions.

Even though they were unable to hear what they said, they saw those prominent figures dazed and at a loss as to what to do.

Finally, Edmonds uncle and the other five people leaned on the chairs, looking defeated.

Everything was correct!

Everyone present knew that Purple Moon Entertainment Company became the biggest winner of the Oscars this time.

So many important awards went to them.

Best actor, best actress, best sound editing, best makeup, best fantasy picture…

Gosh, it was beyond their imagination, a ground-breaking feat.

Something like this had happened before, but it was a single movie having many nominations and winning only one award.

This time, they had won all of them, which was incredible in their eyes.

What was this all about

Many insiders were confused.

They should have taken the awards, and had even prepared their own speeches, but why did something wrong happen in the end

They looked sharply at the important figures in the front—who did not dare to make eye contact with anyone and bore cursing words and bitter feelings inside.

“He acted again.

How do we dare to refute Purple Moon Entertainment Company, hehe… Your backer is strong!”

They just felt awfully depressed.

When did an eastern film win that many Oscars

In the back, Zhou Fei, Zi Yan, the director, and all the others felt like they were dreaming.

They felt heavy as they carried the trophies in their hands.

Only Chen Changqing and Mu Xue looked toward Zhang Han.

If they had won one, they would have thought it was normal, but with so many awards…

“Did you do something”

Zhang Han smiled wryly.

He really did nothing this time.

At first, he had decided that he would definitely get Zi Yan one of those awards next year if she really liked them.

At the moment he wasnt that powerful.

Even though he was on par with a Heaven Peak Stage expert, his supreme inner strength could not make up for the insufficient cultivation time.

However, he did not expect the Heaven Peak Stage expert present to offer kindness.

“Who is he”

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes and looked in the direction of the backstage area.

In a room, there was someone with long golden hair… er, relatively long hair among men.

He was a man who seemed to be in his forties.

He looked like he had gone through many things; he carried himself elegantly and looked kind of handsome.

It was he who was controlling the award ceremony this time.

They had won all those awards because of him.

Zhang Han had decided not to act, but someone presented them with trophies, which was kind of confusing to him.

Nevertheless, it didnt matter whether he had any intentions.

If something really came up, he would only approach Zhang Han.

Slightly shaking his head, Zhang Han let those matters rest.

The award ceremony continued but the best part had passed.

It was kind of boring afterward, and the elicited applause was quite meager, much less than before.

Edmond Parker couldnt stand being seated there anymore.

Livid with rage, he left halfway through the ceremony and Amois quickly followed him.

As if on cue, one by one, more than 20 people left.

The nominees who had the inside information that they were going to win decided to leave.

However, Zi Yan and the others left in a shuttle until the ceremony was over.

“Wahhh! Weve won so many awards! Im so happy!”

The moment Zhou Fei sat down, she started cheering.

“Im so lucky! So lucky! Thank you, Mr.

Zhang and Miss Zi.

We wouldnt have won the honor if it hadnt been for you.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.”

The director and the others were both excited and happy.

They started thanking Zhang Han as soon as they got into the car.

“Youre welcome.

I told you, you deserve this.”

Zi Yan smiled brightly and happily.

Just for that, Zhang Han decided that if the other party demanded something small, he would be willing to oblige.

In their MPV, the atmosphere was good and laughter was often heard.

In another MPV, it was deadly silent.

Edmond Parker looked furious, sitting there without saying a word and looking like he would explode at any time.

Sitting beside him, Amois was looking out of the window.

She didnt try to talk to Edmond at that time.

As for Edmonds other two friends, they were even more afraid of saying something.

They didnt want any awards, at all.

They only watched the fun.

They did not want to upset Edmond while he was seething.

It was silent all the way.

Once they arrived at the hotel, Edmond said to Amois coldly, “Go to my room in ten minutes.

Dont follow me right now.”

After that, Edmond walked into a room on his own.

In less than five seconds, vague sounds of breaking things were heard.

“Ah! Damn! Why was it like that Damn it!”

After breaking things, Edmond made a call.

“Uncle, why did things went wrong like that Why did they win the awards”

“Why do you ask such a thing All the Oscars were settled this time.

Dont ask something you shouldnt.

Even if I told you, you wouldnt understand.”

After that, his uncle hung up.

“I wouldnt understand”

Rage bubbled up even higher in Edmonds confused eyes.

He made another call.

“Lillas, I want you to do it today.

Ill transfer half of the fee to you now and Ill give you the other half when the mission is completed!”

“As you wish, dear Mr.


This time, it was he who hung up.

Then, he glanced at the messy living room but didnt care too much about it.

Instead, he opened the door and waved at Amois who was nearby.

“Come in!”

Amois walked in after hearing him.

Once she entered the room, she hurried to ask, “What happened today Why did they win so many awards”

“Because they also have a backer.

I underestimated them.”

Edmond sneered.

“But my uncle said theyve got ahead of themselves.

Tonight something fun will happen.

And even though you didnt win, will you lack opportunities with me by your side Hehe…”

He just said the first couple of things that came to mind.

After saying that, Edmond held Amoiss shoulder with his right hand and slightly pressed down.

She knew what he meant and slowly got down.

It was past four oclock when they got back to the hotel, after the ceremony was over.

After a very lively conversation in one of the rooms, they all went to rest on one of their own, to later get ready to attend the dinner party at six oclock.

Zi Yan was in a very very good mood and Zhang Han could enjoy her company again while they had an hour to take a break…

At six oclock, Zi Yan changed into a blue gown; Zhou Fei was wearing a blue dress, while the director and others were still in suits.

Zhang Han and Chen Changqing dressed casually, and Mu Xue was still in black, looking cool.

She didnt even bother talking to anyone and simply trailed behind them.

The dinner party was held on the restaurants 12th floor.

When Zhang Han and the others arrived, a middle-aged man in a suit said very politely, “Miss Zi, Mr.

Edmond wants to talk with all of you about something.”

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