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“Hes a smart man.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

He stretched out his right index finger and a drop of blood appeared.

Seeing the blood, Chen Changqings face changed slightly.

What a strong energy!

Prince Vere!

He was far more powerful than Halan Prince.

However, in the face of Zhang Hans Star Map Thunder Sea and secret refining skills, he also ended up dead.

That was why John Dawson was shocked.

It was a pleasant surprise to find that those princes could be killed so easily.

As for Zhang Han, he also felt a little emotional about this holy son John.

This hypocritical smiling tiger was powerful.

At least, he had 12 Heaven Peak Stage subordinates.

“This… I can feel that in terms of the purity of energy, it can be considered a top-grade Deity treasure, right” Chen Changqing said.

“Well, however, the energy in it is mottled and it is not suitable for human beings.

If the spirit beast absorbs this thing, the effect will be much better.” Zhang Han smiled.

“It seems that Dahei will get a breakthrough again Cant it be promoted to the Earth Realm if it absorbs this thing”


“Brother Han, you should be impartial.

Little Hei doesnt have any treasures.”

“It already has.”

Zhang Han shook his head and couldnt help laughing.

Little Hei did not sneeze so much now, instead, it had a very sensitive nose.

“I didnt expect to run into trouble again in North America.

Im afraid those guys will retaliate in the future,” Chen Changqing grinned and said, “Incidentally, my sword hasnt been stained with blood for a long time.”

“This is just a warning.

They wont dare to make trouble in such a short period of time,” Zhang Han said calmly.

Indeed, some vampires went to Xiangjiang, which was the reason Zhang Han started the fight.

“Since you tried to attack Mengmeng while I was away, Ill destroy your lineage.”

It didnt matter if it was true or not, or if it was just a scheme.

Zhang Han would not reason with them.

It was a little boring on the way home, because Mengmeng, the Little Cutie, was not there.

After nearly 20 hours of flight, the plane landed in Xiangjiang.

At this time, it was 7:30.

Many people, led by Sun Ming from Purple Moon Entertainment Company, came to pick them up.

All of them were excited because they knew they had won so many awards this time.

There were a lot of benefits for the company.


There were a lot of people.

It would take 10 or 20 minutes for them to make some polite conversation.

However, Zhang Han directly waved his hand.

“Lets go back and send Mengmeng to school first.”

He led Zi Yan to the car and headed back to Mount New Moon.

He couldnt wait to get back.

However, this did not stop the other people from carrying on with their conversation.

The director and the rest, who were also the winners, were all laughing and chatting among themselves.

When they went back to the mountain, everything was just as Zhang Han thought.

When they arrived at the outside of the castle and alighted, they saw Zhang Guangyou, Rong Jiali, and Mengmeng standing at the gate.

“Papa! MaMa!”

Mengmengs big shining eyes sparkled with delight.

She ran over to them quickly, with her small steps.

Looking at Mengmeng, who was running toward him, Zhang Han felt as if his heart was about to melt.

He had never thought that being a father would make him so happy.

He had never thought that his daughter could be so bewitching as she ran across to him.

At this time, Zhang Hans eyes were full of tenderness.

He did not go forward to welcome her, but squatted and stretched out his arms as Mengmeng threw herself into his arms.

Then, he burst into laughter.

“Mwah, mwah, mwah.”

Mengmeng kept kissing Zhang Hans cheek.

“Did you miss Dad”

“Miss you very much.”

“Did you miss MaMa” Zi Yan asked with a smile.

“Miss! Miss! Miss!”

“PaPa misses you very much, too.” Zhang Han kissed Mengmengs pink cheeks gently and said, “Its Friday today, or…”

As he spoke, Zhang Han glanced at Zi Yan.

“You can skip your classes in the morning and ask for leave to go out for fun instead of attending the classes”

When she heard this, Zi Yan pursed her lips and hesitated.

At this time, Zhang Guangyou smiled.

“Mengmeng will get a little red flower today.”

“Yes, teacher Lu left some homework yesterday.

I wrote a short text and will be giving a speech today.

However, I still want to be with PaPa and MaMa,” Mengmeng pouted and said.

“Anyway, its just in the morning.

PaPa will take you out to play in the afternoon,” Zhang Han smiled and said.

“Thats great!”

Mengmeng was in Zhang Hans arms.

After glancing at her, Zhang Han laughed and said, “My baby, youve grown taller again.”

“Im the third tallest among all the classmates and some of them are even taller than me,” Mengmeng said.


Mengmeng had taken her breakfast, so Zhang Han and Zi Yan did not eat and accompanied Mengmeng until eight oclock, to drive her to school.

After returning to the mountain, Zhang Han came to the back hill.

Dahei was lying lazily on the lawn, snoring.


Zhang Han did not say anything, but the drop of blood popped up from his right index finger.

It fell into Daheis mouth in an instant.

“Whirr… whirr… whirr…”

It did not affect Daheis snoring at all.


Just two minutes later, Dahei started feeling hotter and hotter.

It couldnt stand it, so it sat up directly.

After seeing Zhang Han, it ran to him, feeling very embarrassed.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.”

“Host, Im hot!”

“You just need a beating, then youll be fine.”

Zhang Guangyou, who was next to him, was aware of what was happening.

He grabbed Dahei and ran to the seaside without giving any explanation.

After a while, Daheis cry could be heard.

“Whoa, whoa!”

“I feel pain!”

“It wont be hurt by Dad, will it Zi Yan asked in a slightly worried tone.

“It will suffer a little, which will help speed up its absorption of energy.

If it doesnt digest at the first burst of energy, it will be harmful.” Zhang Han smiled, but then he thought of something and said, “Mengmeng can starting learning martial arts now.

I think its better not to wait until she is ten years old.

Its good to practice early cultivation.”

“Its, its not appropriate now.” Zi Yan was a little uncertain.

“Lets talk about it after a few years.

Mengmeng will learn martial arts from Dad.

Its like a transitional stage.

It doesnt matter if the transition period is a little longer.

When Mengmengs older, you can teach her.”


Zhang Han smiled and said, “I thought that when I reached the Innate Realm, I would have a peaceful life.

I didnt expect that the enemy was so strong.

If it is necessary, I have to go down to the Ancient Mine.

Uncle Dongs skills are not strong enough and they did not get enough treasures.”

“Will there be any danger” Zi Yan paused and stared at him.


“When will you be leaving”

“Maybe one or two years later.

Now the resources Uncle Dong brought back will last for a while.” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“I, I am very useless I cant help you at all,” Zi Yan suddenly said with some disappointment.

Zhang Han was shocked.

He quickly held Zi Yans waist and said, “How is that possible Dont think like that.

Youre of great use to me.”

“What sort of skills”

“Youre graceful in the drawing room and skillful in bed.”

“I hate it.

Im being serious.” Zi Yan pouted, no longer feeling disappointed.

“Ha, ha, ha.” Zhang Han laughed and said, “Youre also very powerful.

If it werent for you, I would not be so powerful.

When you are able to show your cultivation, maybe youll be more powerful than me.

Also, Tiny Tot is the ancient demonic beast, the Cursed Roc.

Hes very powerful.

Even Uncle Dong likes it and he wants it to be the mountain-protecting divine beast of the Heavenly Knights Sect in the future.”

“Tiny Tot…”

Half an hour later, when Zhang Guangyou came back, Daheis face was filled with grievance.

Tiny Tot and Little Black followed by its side.

“Tiny Tot, come here.”

Zi Yan quickly waved her hand.

“Koo-chee, koo-chee.”

Tiny Tot ran over buoyantly.

The master was calling me.

“Koo-chee, koo-chee.”

As it approached, Tiny Tot stood in front of Zi Yan and looked up at her.


This attracted Daheis and Little Heis attention.

Even Zhang Guangyou, who came close to them, said with a smile, “This little thing seems to have eaten a lot of spirit beasts recently.

It seems that it can understand human language.”

“Oh.” Zi Yan nodded slightly and said, “Tiny Tot, they all say that youre very awesome.

What can you do”

“Koo-chee, koo-chee.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she felt embarrassing.

Because Tiny Tot looked as if it did not understand anything at all.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.”

“The hostess is asking what you can do Show her right now.”

Dahei was standing beside, gesticulating to it.


“Whirr, whirr…”

Tiny Tot moved its wings and a cluster of flames rose up.

“Aside from this” Zi Yan asked again.


With a slip, Tiny Tot turned into a stream of light and entered Zi Yans wrist.

A small tadpole-like mark appeared on Zi Yans wrist.

“Whoa Whoa, whoa, whoa”

“Whats going on Why is it gone”

“Is there anything else” Zi Yan asked helplessly.


A stream of light flew out.

This time, it did not turn into a penguin.

Instead, it was like a whale that had become several sizes smaller.

“Koo-chee, koo-chee.”

This was Tiny Tots true body.

It floated a meter above the ground.

“The Cursed Roc…” Zhang Guangyou turned to look at it.

This was the first time he saw Tiny Tots true form.

“Im asking you; do you know any powerful moves Just like what you used to be, a big ship.

Very powerful,” Zi Yan said.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa…”

Dahei worked as an interpreter on the side.

“A big ship”

Tiny Tots body swayed back and forth, continuously expanding like a balloon.

It became twice as big as before and with a puff, it was deflated.

It couldnt change.

“Hey, look at you.

Youre so awesome that you cant do anything now.” Zi Yan rubbed her forehead.

“Ha, ha.”

Zhang Han could not help laughing.

“Its just a newborn.

It takes some time to grow up.

Maybe in three or five years, it can show some of its abilities.”

“Thats right.

Three or five years will pass quickly,” Zhang Guangyou said with emotion, “I think that when Mengmeng is still young, the little guy may become stronger.

You dont have to think too much.

Nowadays, the overall strength of the Tianxia Mountain has improved greatly, so its possible for it to reproduce its former glory.

As for the ancient mine, Uncle Dong and the elders can lead the team down there.

The disciples of the sect need to undergo the test.

As for you guys, just live a good life and tell me what you need.

During these two days when you are not here, even Mengmeng is listless.

Youd better accompany her.”

Zhang Guangyou was very kind to his granddaughter now.

He couldnt bear to see the depressed look on the little fellows face.

“Then you must accompany her well.” Zhang Han burst out laughing.

That was Zhang Hans plan.

At noon, Zhang Han drove to pick up Mengmeng.

After returning to the mountain for lunch, they went to Disney.

As for the amusement park, Mengmeng did not resist and did not get tired at all.

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