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Zhang Han was a little surprised.

He didnt expect it to be this answer, but what she said seemed to make sense.

“Thats just one aspect.”

Zhang Han smiled and said, “The most important thing is that human cultivators can absorb the blood of other races.

For example, Changqing has the Qing Dragon blood, and Captain Jiang has the Fire Phoenix blood.

Though weak, theyre enough for them to cultivate faster and stronger.

This is the main reason why human cultivators suppress all races.”

“Yes!” Liang Hao responded quickly and thanked him in a hurry.

Mu Xue couldnt help but gasp, as if she had heard some secret.

She was a little excited.

“Master, doesnt that mean that the road we will take in the future is to absorb other powerful blood”

“This is one way.

Some cultivators can awaken their innate properties.

Its one way to absorb blood.

They can also get the martial arts heritage of predecessors and learn some secret techniques and supernatural power.

In my opinion, comprehension is also very important.

Humans can rely on their own comprehension to achieve the goal of improving their strength.

This is also a big foundation because peoples learning ability is very strong.”

Zhang Han sighed with emotion and said, “The knowledge is the most precious wealth, and its the same for the Cultivation World.”

“Then what should I do if I dont want to learn” Mu Xue was listless at once.

She was a little worried about the future.

She was not willing to learn!

“Theres still a difference between comprehension and learning.

Youll know in the future.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and did not continue.

It was still very far away from the Cultivation World.

“Dahei, Little Black, and Tiny Tot seem to have improved very quickly.

However, one day, when you suddenly comprehend something, perhaps you will improve even faster.

As for resources, they are far from enough.

You all have already absorbed enough, so you all need consolidation.”

Zhang Han also explained the reason why there were good resources for Dahei and the others.

To put it bluntly, it was a problem of digestion.

They could digest it, but if you couldnt digest it, then you couldnt gobble.

“Master, my father will come here in a few days.

He has comprehended some of his three sword movements and wants to compete with you,” Mu Xue said with some embarrassment, her face slightly red.

Her father was addicted to coming out.

In the past six months, he had fought with his master six times.

Every time he raised his head and came in a menacing manner, but when he left, he became dejected.

In terms of the Way of Sword, the difference between his father and his master was simply too great.

“Oh.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and didnt care about anything.

“Master, well, the titlenominal disciple doesnt sound good.

Can I change it todisciple Master, you will have other disciples in the future, and its inappropriate for them to call me Nominal Senior Sister.”

Hearing Mu Xues words, Zhang Han smiled and said nothing.

“You are so arrogant as a nominal disciple.

If the wordnominal is removed, with your bad character, youll dare to sweep away the whole martial arts world,” Zhang Han thought.

At the moment, Mu Xue was the most respectful to Zhang Han.

She was more respectful to Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

She was respectful to Zhang Guangyous and Zhang Hans relatives.

She was indifferent to Dong Chen, which made everyone laugh.

However, because Sect Leader Mu had the honor, they didnt say anything.


Seeing Zhao Feng, who was laughing, Mu Xue snorted and said, “Older Martial Brother, you are my senior brother.

How can your strength be so weak Lets go, lets go to the seaside to contest…”

Seeing that she looked like she was going to beat him to death, Zhao Feng quickly withdrew his smile.

“Are you kidding me I will be embarrassed.

“Finally, Dahei no longer beat me.

Now there came such a powerful Younger Martial Sister.

“Oh my God, even though my strength has increased so quickly, my life is getting worse and worse,” Zhao Feng thought.

“Im going to send Mengmeng to school.”

Zhang Han looked at the two of them with a funny smile and turned to leave.

Mengmeng had finished her training, and her kicking was very standard.

Zhang Han felt very interesting.

“Mengmeng, lets go to have breakfast.”


Zhang Han took Mengmengs little hand and went back to the third floor.

Zi Yan had just taken some clothes out of the washing machine.

“Lets go eat first.”

Zhang Han waved his hand with a smile.

Originally, Zi Yan wanted to dry the clothes first, but it seemed that there was not much time left.

After a while, Mengmeng would be late for school, so she followed them to the restaurant.

After breakfast, she found that the clothes had been dried, so she smiled and rolled her eyes at Zhang Han.

Today, Zhang Han would send Mengmeng to school by himself.

Zi Yan would go to the company later.

After more than a month of leisure, she would be busy with her work.

Therefore, Zhang Han returned to the castle alone.

“Its almost finished.”

Zhang Han looked at the Space Ring and found that it had expanded to 60 cubic meters, containing a lot of spirit treasures.

“I can cultivate the second level, Heavenly Devil Flesh.”

“The supernatural power of the Heavenly Devil Skin, the Air-shattering Hand, is a very useful move against an enemy.

If I cultivate the Heavenly Devil Flesh, my bodys defense will be improved dozens of times.

Ill have to spend a lot of spirit treasures.”

“I need to eat one bite at a time.

Fortunately, there is a holy object planet, which is good enough for me to practice the Athanasia Demon Gong.”

Zhang Han sat cross-legged in the practice room.

He waved his right hand to cover the room with a jet of energy.

Several Formation Stones were taken out.

After they were broken into pieces, they turned into balls of energy, which were connected into threads and turned into a magic formation.


Zhang Han took out all kinds of spiritual herbs.

In an instant, the energy in the room almost liquefied.

“Heavenly Devil Flesh, why does it sound like food”

Zhang Han shook his head with a smile and slowly closed his eyes.

He ran the Athanasia Demon Gong, constantly refined the energy, and absorbed it into his body.

The energy continuously poured into Zhang Hans acupoints.

In this regard, Zhang Han was very familiar with it.

When he used the Blood Shock Pluto Incantation for the first time, he used acupoints to carry a lot of energy, which consumed one-third of the energy of the crystal stone mine.

Otherwise, the crystal stone mine would have more reserves.

The second level of the Athanasia Demon Gong was to absorb the energy into the acupoints.

There were a total of 729 acupoints hidden in the human body.

After being refined by the Athanasia Demon Gong, the energy in the acupoints turned into wisps of property energy and began to strengthen the human body from the acupoints.

“Whir! Whir! Whir!”

Zhang Han kept taking out all kinds of spirit treasures and transferred the energy into the Baihui acupoint.

The choice of the acupoint was also up to him.

He planned to start from the top of his head, so he chose the Baihui acupoint.

One kind of divine object, two kinds, three kinds…

After using 16 kinds of divine objects, he began to use holy objects… It was not until more than half of the treasures in Zhang Hans Space Ring were used up that he stopped using them.

The Baihui acupoint on his head seemed to have become a bottomless pit, which had been absorbing a lot of energy.

Just like that, a day passed.

At half past three oclock in the afternoon, Zhang Han stopped refining the energy.


“I didnt even light one of my acupoints up.

“But it wont take long.

By consuming these resources, I can barely light up the Baihui acupoint.

“This is the first one.

To reach the second level—Heavenly Devil Flesh, 720 acupoints need to be lit up.

A load of resources will be needed.”

To consume these resources, the energy was hidden in the Baihui acupoint.

Zhang Han needed to constantly run the Athanasia Demon Gong to refine it.

Originally, he thought that he could light up one of the acupoints today, but he failed to make it.

Even if it was just one acupoint per day, it would take 720 days, which was very close to two years.

If he could light one acupoint up in two days, he would need four years.

This was very short for cultivation, but for the current Zhang Han, he felt that it would be too time-consuming and energy-consuming.

This was just the beginning.

To refine the internal organs of the body, namely the skin, flesh, tendon, bones, and blood, was the first level.

To refine Dantian and soul sense sea was the second level.

After he reached the second level, he would have an immortal body.

This road was destined to be difficult.

“The Pluto Inheritance, the Pluto Incantation, and the Pluto Seal.

“Now, Im cultivating the Athanasia Demon Gong again.

“How am I so close to these dark forces after my return

“In the past, the Treasure-searching Formulas, the Secret Disappearance Trick, and the Divine Walking Trick that I cultivated were all rather positive techniques and supernatural power.

“Ive made considerable progress in the dark cultivation method.

Could it be that my physical condition has also changed”

Zhang Han was a little confused.

These seemed to be subconsciously used and cultivated by him, and they were getting more and more like this.

Could it be because of these that could bring him greater strength in the early stage

Maybe that was the case.

“Im going to pick Mengmeng up from school.”

After thinking for a while, Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

“God or devil, no matter what, they all provide me with the strength to protect Mengmeng.”

The fathers idea was very serious.

As long as it wouldnt waste his time looking after the baby, he didnt care about anything else.

After picking Mengmeng up from school, they went back to the castle to play for a while before Zi Yan and Zhou Fei came back.

Zi Yan had been busy with her work for a week.

When it was almost May 21st, she took Zhou Fei to relax, waiting for the day of the wedding to come.

During this period, many people came one after another, including the Chen Clan, Gai Xingkong, the Rong Clan in Lin Hai City, Liu Qingfeng, Dong Chen, who had refined the soul of Blazing Eagle King, the Shuiyun Sect, and a few other sects in the worldlet, and even the Heavenly Talisman Sect.

There was a loud noise.

A hotel near Mengmeng Group was booked, which was especially used to receive these people.

Zhao Feng, Liang Mengqi, Liang Hao, Zhang Li, Chen Changqing, and Zhou Fei.

The three couples were about to get married.

The grand wedding of the Immortal King Chen had attracted countless people from the secular martial arts world.

Zhang Li was the daughter of the Young Master of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Her wedding attracted the Shuiyun Sect and a few other sects.

This was also because the Wind Snow School was still strong.

If it werent for the matter of the Wind Snow School, it was likely that more people would come.

The weddings of the Liang brother and sister attracted many business families and people in the martial arts world of Singapore here.

There were also many people who came for Zhang Hans sake.

Lei Tiannan, who had reached the God Realm, and Ji Wushuang, Mo Chengfeng, and the others, who were about to reach the Earth Realm, lived in Xiangjiang.

They planned to go there on the wedding date.

It seemed to be a grand event.

That night, Zi Yan lay next to Zhang Han, breathing seductively.

“Honey, what are the gifts you prepared”

“I wont tell you.”

“Humph, narrow-minded!”

Zi Yan twitched her nose.

“Then, are you going to prepare six gifts” Zi Yan asked again.

“Yes, havent you prepared six gifts” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Aye How do you know You, you actually peeked at me!” Zi Yan widened her eyes, reached out her right hand with a murderous look, and grabbed Zhang Hans waist.

“No, no, I just saw six gift boxes.

Lets keep a low voice and dont wake Mengmeng up.” Zhang Han begged for mercy in a hurry.

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