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He took Mengmeng as an excuse again.

Zi Yan couldnt help rolling her eyes and said, “You have so many gifts as alternatives, including natural precious materials.

I cant send one like that.

After considering for quite a long time, I finally come up with six gifts.”

“Haha, what Ive prepared are all treasures.

In fact, they dont lack anything.

Itll be nice if they understand our affection.” While speaking, Zhang Han held Zi Yan in his arms and let her lean against his chest.

He continued in a somewhat emotional tone, “Time flies.

My sister is about to hold a wedding.”

“Yes, maybe Mengmeng will grow up in a flash, and shell get married one day,” Zi Yan said in a gloomy tone.

However, as soon as Zhang Han heard that, his hair stood on end.

“Mengmengs marriage Are you kidding me If anyone dares to think of marrying Mengmeng, Ill kill him.”

“Pfft…” Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

“You said before that if anyone wanted to marry Mengmeng, he must defeat you.

The Cultivation World is so vast.

What if someone does beat you”

“Ha, those who both can beat me and are about the same age as Mengmeng dont exist.”

Zhang Han snorted, but then he remembered that there were still some incredible talents in the vast Cultivation World, so he added, “It doesnt matter even if they beat me.

I wont agree anyway.”

Zi Yan couldnt help laughing at his words.

She didnt expect Zhang Han to be so willful.

Zi Yan was not averse to this and said with a smile, “You cant ask Mengmeng to spend the rest of her life with you, can you”

However, Zhang Han was a little upset.

“Lets call it a day.

Its still early.”

In the Cultivation World, people who were 100 years old were considered young.

“Look at your wronged expression.”

Zi Yan found it pretty interesting.

She stretched out one finger of her right hand and stroked Zhang Hans nose and lips.

As a result, Zhang Han turned over and pressed her under him.

“Your words ignited something in me.

Shouldnt you be responsible for damping it down”

After that, Zhang Han picked Zi Yan up and strode to the second bedroom.

It was past 11 oclock after their lust drained away, and Zi Yan fell asleep soundly.

As for Zhang Han, he began to refine the energy in the Baihui acupoint.

The refinement lasted for five hours.

With the help of Athanasia Demon Gong, he refined the energy hidden in the acupoint entirely.


In his perception, his Baihui acupoint seemed to become a star, shining in his body and beginning to nourish it.

The first acupoint was lit up.

“Even if I light one acupoint up a day, itll take more than 700 days in total.

Furthermore… the resources I obtained from the Heavenly Knights Sect simply cant support my crazy cultivation.

It seems that I have to go to the Ancient Mine.

“Now there should be tons of treasures in the vault of the Heavenly Knights Sect, and I can continue to cultivate for a few days if I take most of them out.

I assume they dont absorb the energy of treasures too fast.

Last time, I told them that they can only continue to cultivate with treasures after completely absorbing the energy.

Otherwise, their foundation will be unsolid.

Fast improvement will cause them to end up like me in my last life—to be outwardly strong but inwardly weak.

“Im now practicing Athanasia Demon Gong, so I dont have to worry about it anymore.

Every time I make a breakthrough, I need to stay where I am for a while to enhance my cultivation.

“Theres still a long way to go.”

Zhang Han was a little emotional.

It would take a great many spirit treasures to light up all the 720 acupoints.

“I hope the Ancient Mine will surprise me.”

Zhang Han had an idea of going to the Ancient Mine.

After pondering for a while, he closed his eyes and took a nap.

At seven oclock in the morning, Mengmeng woke up first.

The little fellow sat up, and her bright eyes were a little confused.

She was at a loss for ten seconds before she turned her head and shouted, “PaPa, MaMa, were going to get up and attend the wedding of Aunty Lili, Uncle Feng, Uncle Chen, Aunty Liang, Uncle Liang, and Aunty Feifei.”

“Im getting up.” Zi Yan was in a daze.

After responding, she sat up and narrowed her eyes slightly.

After a moment of soberness, Zi Yan took Mengmeng to dress up.

Although they dressed simply, their beauty excelled no matter what they wore.

Zi Yan didnt want to steal the brides limelight, so she deliberately didnt dress up carefully.

“Lets go.”

After a simple breakfast, the family of three went out.

“PaPa, where are we going”

“To attend the wedding.”

“Well, isnt this where the wedding is going to hold”

“No.” Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

“Because its the wedding of six people.

Therell be so many guests that even Mengmengs Xanadu cant accommodate them all.”

“Oh, that many.” Mengmeng showed a thoughtful expression.

“This place isnt spacious enough.

How many guests will come”

The guests came in throngs.

When Zhang Han drove the panda car to the company, he saw a crowd of people standing in the square.

Most of them were staff members of the company, while some were members of the security group, the Zi Clan, and the Liang Clan.

“Han, youre here.” Lei Tiannan stood at one side and laughed when he saw Zhang Han.

He walked over and said, “Those who are in charge of picking the brides up will be here in a minute.

This time, the brides are on the 16th floor.

Those grooms will have to pass 16 tests, almost the same as you did when you got married.

Theyll have a headache.”

Lei Tiannan had wanted to say something to thank Zhang Han.

He was at the Divine Realm Middle-stage and was about to enter the Last-Stage.

Thanks to the treasure that Zhang Han gave him, he made a perfect breakthrough.

However, when he approached Zhang Han, he couldnt say anything for no reason.

He felt that some words of gratitude couldnt express his feelings.

“Alas, time reveals a mans heart.

I, Lei Tiannan, am a grateful person.

Ill remember this in my heart.”

In the end, he didnt say it out loud, but his expression showed some emotions.

Zhang Han could tell it, so he smiled and said, “Even if they have to pass 100 tests, those blokes will do it with delight.”

“Yes, they can carry their wives away after they pass the tests.

I can even imagine their expressions.” Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

Mengmeng couldnt help giggling.

She found it amusing to attend the wedding.

As soon as she thought of the wedding, she had a question.

“PaPa, do I have to send bridal bouquets upstairs this time”

“You dont have to do that this time.

You only need to do that for Mama and Papa, not anyone else,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Well, okay.”

The little fellow liked the feeling of holding a bridal bouquet, but what PaPa said was reasonable.

She couldnt do that for others.

“Is my parents on the 16th floor” Zhang Han asked.

“Yes, they are on the 16th floor where the last test lies.

I dont know if Liang Hao can do it.” Lei Tiannan laughed.

“Of course he can,” Zi Yan said, “theyve already had their wedding, so Im sure hell pass the test.”

“Theres no doubt about it.

At least on the 16th floor, he should submit a satisfactory paper.

To be exact, he should satisfy the girls parents,” Lei Tiannan said with a smile.

The first 15 tests were just to liven things up.

The most difficult one was still on the 16th floor.

“Lets wait here for a while.

When the three grooms arrive, well follow them to join the fun,” Zi Yan said, smiling.

She planned to wait here.

About half an hour later, a group of cars arrived.

Zhao Feng, Liang Hao, and Chen Changqing alighted cars one after another.

They were all wearing custom-made suits, looking chic and handsome.

They strode to the first floor of the company, followed by a powerful best man group.

However, they saw nobody but Jiang Yanlan on the first floor.


Instructor Lius heart skipped a beat.

“Im screwed.

Im going to take a beating again.”

“Haha.” Jiang Yanlan sneered.

“You know the rules, dont you”

“Ahem, of course.” Chen Changqing glanced at Instructor Liu and said, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Then, as he waved his right hand, Instructor Liu felt an uncontrollable force, and his body flew toward Jiang Yanlan.

“Ouch, be gentle!”

Instructor Liu screamed before Jiang Yanlan could make a move.

He was a lousy actor.

“Your Majesty, be gentle!”

Instructor Liu shrieked.

Jiang Yanlan was pissed off.

Her face turned slightly red, and she said anxiously, “My dad is watching over there.”


“Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle…”

Instructor Liu was somewhat confused.

“Oh my God, my father-in-law is here”

If Sect Leader Jiang knew what was on Instructor Lius mind, he might fight Instructor Liu on Jiang Yanlans behalf.

After easily passing the first test, the three of them went to the second floor.

There were countless ways to place barriers.

It was the most basic operation to give out red packets.

There was even a test that required the three grooms to kiss each other on the face.


Though they felt awkward, they still kissed each other.

Seeing this, all the people around burst into laughter.

“Immortal King Chen, I suppose you have no idea that youll end up like this today!”

“Liang Hao, you seem to be kissing him pretty hard.”

“Zhao Feng, youre too perfunctory.

Do it again.”

After going through many difficulties, they all went up to the 16th floor.

Zhou Fei didnt have parents, so Rong Jiaxin acted as her relative.

The two elders of the Liang Clan couldnt help laughing.

In one day, they married a daughter-in-law and a daughter.

Everyone thought that Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali would be the most difficult ones to deal with.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Guangyou just said a little lonely, “Can you promise me that youll treat my daughter well”

“Yes, I promise.”

“Go in and have a good life.”

Zhang Guangyou stepped aside after these three short sentences were finished.

Everyone could see that he was in a low mood.

Nonetheless, when Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali saw Zhang Lis smile, they smiled too.

However, Zhang Li cried after she was carried into the car.

Liang Hao didnt know what to do, so he finally agreed outright to live in Singapore only for three days, and then Zhang Li gradually felt relieved.

“So am I a son-in-law who lives in the home of my wifes parents Alas, Im a Wu Dao Grand Master anyway, and Im affluent.

To my surprise, I became such a person in the end.

Dear, if you dont treat me well, Ill go back to my parents home.”

In Liang Haos joke, Zhang Lis spirits gradually soared.

A stream of luxury cars drove all the way to the Luo Mi Hotel in the Western District, without any obstruction.

This was, of course, an official action.

The banquet hall of the hotel was spacious, but it was also packed with people.

The gifts were piled up into hills.

“Im going to call you brother-in-law in the future.

Were family, so I wont stand on ceremony.

Focus on your cultivation.”

Zhang Han took out a gift box, handed it to Liang Hao, and then looked at Zhang Li.

“My little girl is finally married.

I, as your brother, dont have to worry about you anymore.

Ill give you a small gift.”

“Youre so annoying.”

“Changqing, its hard to choose a gift for you.

I chose a small gift that is of no use to you but pleasing to the eye.”

“Hahaha, thank you, Brother Han.”

“Feifei, congratulations.

Thank you for taking care of Zi Yan for so many years.”

“Xiaofeng, I wish your love lasts forever.

Im not worried about you.

Theres so much I want to say at the moment, but I just cant say it right now.

Remember one thing: take good care of your wife.”

“Mengqi, youre the first member of my restaurant.

Its still fresh in my memory.

I bet youll like this small gift a lot.

Its a set of cosmetics.

Ill ask Xiaofeng to help you put on the makeup later.”


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