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Zhang Han sent his gifts first, and Zi Yan waited for him to finish before taking out her presents.

The couple gave away 12 presents in total.

Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali gave away 12 gifts too.

The one they gave Liang Hao was a pack of cultivation resources.

Zhang Guangyou turned his nose up at Liang Haos strength and hoped that he could improve faster.

The ingredients for the wedding were provided by Mount New Moon, so the guests ate to their hearts content.

At one oclock p.m., the wedding banquet was over, and the guests left one after another.

Zhang Guangyou was intoxicated.

When the group returned to Mount New Moon, only Zhao Feng and Liang Mengqi stayed.

Zhang Li and Liang Hao took a plane to Singapore with the Liang Clan and would stay there for a few days.

Chen Changqing took Zhou Fei back to Shang Jing.


Only God knew how many times Zhang Guangyou had sighed.

He was sitting in a pavilion in the back mountain, drinking with Gai Xingkong.

“Its normal for a grown girl to get married.

Look at me, I dont even have a female companion.” Gai Xingkong tried to comfort him.

“How is your situation the same as my daughters” Zhang Guangyou curled his lips.

“Whats different about mine”

“Its different in every way.”


Zhang Han glanced upstairs and then took Zi Yan and Mengmeng to play in the pet area.

While the mother and daughter were playing games with Dahei, Zhang Han walked up to Zhang Guangyou.

“Dad, there are some treasures in the vault of the Heavenly Knights Sect, right”

“Yes, its about seven times yours.”

“Bring them to me.

I shall make a trip to the Ancient Mine myself when I have used them up.”


Zhang Guangyou fixed his eyes on him and asked, “Youd like to get into the Ancient Mine.

Did I hear you right”

“The Ancient Mine…” Gai Xingkong was taken aback for a moment and then continued, “With Hans strength, it wont be a problem.

Nevertheless, he needs someone who is familiar with the Ancient Mine to lead the way for him.

Otherwise, hell die even if hes at the Heaven Peak Stage if he gets lost in it.”

“Uncle Dong and the others go into the Ancient Mine more often than we do.

You dont have to go there so early, do you” Zhang Guangyou frowned and added, “Anyone below the Heaven Peak Stage is more likely to die there.

If you really get lost in it… youll surely die.”

“I need to cultivate anyway,” Zhang Han continued with a smile, “too many resources are needed if I intend to break through to the next level.

Given the Heavenly Knights Sects speed of supply, I guess itll take me 20 or 30 years.

Thus, I have no choice but to find a way to get into the Ancient Mine by myself.”

Gai Xingkong gasped at his words and asked, “Han, can you still make a breakthrough Isnt that the realm above the Heaven Peak Stage”

“You think its slow to reach the next level in 20 or 30 years” Zhang Guangyou added grumpily, “The Heaven Peak Stage is not the end because your grandfather has taken that step.

Do you know how long he has cultivated More than 60 years! He got a great opportunity that enabled him to make that breakthrough.

How long have you been cultivating for”

“Because Im kinda stressed.” Zhang Han told the truth.

“The Patriarch of the Ross Clan should be mightier than those at the Heaven Peak Stage.

To make a breakthrough, he gave out 10 drops of blood essence and trained 10 princes.

They have the blood of the Patriarch and are hard to kill, but I can kill them.

I killed Halan Prince and another one from North America.

If the Ross Clan wakes up, they wont let it go so easily.

Hence, I have to speed up my cultivation and make an early breakthrough, so that I can set my mind at rest as soon as possible.”

“Is, is that true” Fear clouded Zhang Guangyous face.

All the top martial artists in the world knew how powerful the Ross Clan was.

The Patriarch was an old monster who had fought with the Holy King of the Radiant Sect for hundreds of years.

The two had broken through to the Heaven Peak Stage long before.

The most powerful force in the Hua nations martial arts world was the Black White Palace.

There were many legends about it in the martial arts world, but hardly had anyone seen any member of it.

Even the Radiant Sect knew that the Black White Palace was more powerful than them.

In the Eastern martial arts world, although there were very few people who had broken through to that level on the surface, the Black White Palace in the dark was too frightening.

Even John Dawson had talked to Zhang Han about it.

But now, after hearing what Zhang Han had said, Zhang Guangyou couldnt sit still.

“The Ross Clan is extremely insidious and cunning.

If thats the case, the Patriarch will definitely take revenge.” Zhang Guangyou hesitated for a long while and sighed softly.

“Later, Ill send someone to ask Uncle Dong to take out those resources, but Ill at least keep 10% of them.”

“Well, thats enough for the time being.”

Zhang Han nodded and continued, “Ill wait for Changqing for a few days and take him to the Ancient Mine.”

Chen Changqing was talented and had never been to the Ancient Mine.

Zhang Han wanted to take him on this trip, but he had to wait for a few days since the latter was newly married.

“Ask Uncle Dong to lead the team if you go into the Ancient Mine.

Its perilous inside.

You dont know where the safe zone is since its your first time there.” Zhang Guangyou added in a low voice, “Son, now that youre at the Heaven Peak Stage, there wont be much problem if youre careful.”

“Got it.” Zhang Han smiled.

In fact, in his opinion, the Ancient Mine was a place that revealed the nature of the Saint Warrior Planet.

There must be tons of resources inside.

“PaPa, why dont you come over”

Mengmengs voice sounded in the distance.

Hearing that, Zhang Han got up and walked over.

Looking at his back, Gai Xingkong sighed with emotion.

“I didnt expect him to grow so fast.

Guangyou, you have a good son.”

“Get lost…”

Zhang Guangyous face darkened.

Every time he heard such words, he felt that the other party was going to mock him.

This was what Uncle Dong, the First Elder, and the others did every single time.

Recently, it was a little better.

Uncle Dong went into the Ancient Mine frequently, and the First Elder lived in the Thousand-formation Image.

Zhang Guangyou felt delighted to have peace and quiet, yet Gai bothered him with these things.

The time he spent with Mengmeng passed very quickly.

Dong Chen came and brought loads of resources with him the next day.

“You want to go into the Ancient Mine”

Dong Chen was a bit confused too.

“Didnt you say that the number of natural precious materials absorbed must be limited and all the energy must be absorbed Have you consumed all the previous resources”


“Why are you more prodigal than Tiny Tot Well, its good that you can break through.

Hurry up and cultivate,” Dong Chen complained.

“Tiny Tot isnt as prodigal as youre.

“But since this bloke could break through to the Heaven Peak Stage, will he really grow into someone comparable to Brother Mu” Dong Chen thought.

He was looking forward to it as well.

He didnt leave this time.

He planned to wait for Zhang Han for a few days, and then they would go into the Ancient Mine together.

On the fifth day, Zhang Han lit up five acupoints.

He had lit up a total of six acupoints plus the previous Baihui acupoint.

The speed was good, but he had exhausted the resources again.

Luckily, Chen Changqing arrived on this day.

“Brother Han, when are we going to get into the Ancient Mine”

Chen Changqing was somewhat excited.

It had always been his dream to fight side by side with Brother Han, but it had never come true before.

Now they were heading for the dangerous Ancient Mine where battles were unavoidable.

“Master, Id like to go there too!”

Mu Xue came over happily.

She knew that her master, known as a devil, was going to do it himself.

She didnt want to miss any wonderful scenes, so she hurried over.

Zhao Feng did the same.

“Master, I, together with brothers of the security group, plan to go there and have a look, too.”


Seeing this, Zhang Han felt a bit helpless.

He went there to rob resources, yet they all wanted to go there to join in the fun.

Many hands didnt provide great strength in the Ancient Mine.

“I dont know about the situation in the Ancient Mine either.

Id better go there with a few people this time.”

In the end, Zhang Han only brought two people, Chen Changqing and Mu Xue, with him.

The departure date was set to be the day after tomorrow because it was Saturday today.

He cultivated because he wanted to protect Mengmeng.

On the weekend, he had to accompany her to have fun.

Otherwise, Mengmeng would make a scene again if she couldnt see him for a few days when he went out this time.

Zhang Han was quite helpless about this.

When he was at home, Mengmeng behaved obediently.

However, it would be tricky to soothe her if he left home for a few days.

He felt rather comfortable and cheerful inside.

“Look, Im a great father in my daughters heart.”

During the weekend, Zhang Han had talked several times about the trip.

Although Mengmeng felt displeased, she couldnt resist the joint persuasion of Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

At last, she nodded her agreement.

“PaPa, you must come back soon.”

Lying in Zhang Hans embrace, Mengmeng was reluctant to part with him when he sent her to school on Monday.

“I promise Ill be back in a week at most, okay”

“Itll take that long!”

Mengmeng was upset.

“Isnt it a week at most Maybe Dad will come back on the sixth day.”

“Six days.” Mengmeng looked at her fingers and finally understood the concept of six days.

She pouted and said, “Its still a long time!”


Mengmeng went to school only after Zhang Han soothed her for a good while.


Zhang Han returned to the car and sighed softly.

“Dear, why is Mengmeng so attached to me”

“Humph, dont show off before me.”

Zi Yan snorted.

As soon as she finished speaking, Zhang Han smiled.

“Youre right.

Im showing off,” Zhang Han muttered in his heart.

“Wait for me at home.

It took me a lot of effort to ask Mengmeng for a few days leave, so I have to gain more this time.

Otherwise, I shall be going to the Ancient Mine again before long.”

Zhang Han burst into laughter.

Zi Yans face darkened, and she said, pretending to be angry, “Youve gotten Mengmengs permission, but you havent gotten mine yet.”


Zhang Han said, smiling, “Then before I leave…”

Noticing that Zhang Han was about to pounce on her, Zi Yan couldnt maintain her feigned anger and hurriedly said, “Youre so naughty, not serious at all.

There are so many people here.

Go back quickly.”

“Okay, then wait for me to come back.”

Zhang Han got the car started with a broad smile and went straight to the company.

The plane was heading for Sanmen City, which was relatively close to the entrance of Kun Xu World.

There were fewer people taking the plane this time, with only Chen Changqing, Mu Xue, Zhang Han, and Dong Chen.

“Safety is the first priority.”

Zi Yan had a lot to say, but in the end, she only uttered these five words.

She had no intention of seeing a mighty Zhang Han, for she just hoped that he could come back safely.

Under the gaze of Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and the others, the plane slowly took off.

They didnt turn around and leave until they couldnt see it.

After three hours of flight, the plane arrived at Sanmen City.

The four of them flew into the air and entered Kun Xu World through the entrance of the small lake.

Dong Chen took the lead in flying forward and said, “The Ancient Mine is in the west of Kun Xu World.

Itll take about three hours for us to fly there from the Heavenly Knights Sect.

“I wont tell you more about the Ancient Mine.

Ill give you a detailed introduction when we go into it later.”

“Okay.” Chen Changqing said with a smile, “We know little about the Ancient Mine.

Anyway, its right to be careful.

I heard that Ye Longyun, Shi Fenghou, Su Beimu, and the others have also gone into the Ancient Mine to steel themselves.

Ive been thinking the same for a long time.

As the top one on the Divine List, itll be a disgrace if I break through to the Earth Realm later than they do.”

“Humph, dont you know why you are ranked first on the Divine List” Mu Xue snorted.

Chen Changqing had thought that she was talking about Zhang Hans credit, but he had guessed wrong.

“Isnt it because I didnt make a move If I took action, it wouldnt be something you should consider.”

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