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As soon as Zhang Han was 50 meters away, a martial artist at the Heaven Middle Stage moved and stood in front of him.

He kept silent and looked at Zhang Han coldly.

“Ive got something important to report to the City Lord.”

Zhang Han quickly lowered his head with a respectful expression.

“Say it.”

The leader was aloof, as if it was a waste of breath to say one more word.

“Its a secret.

I need to meet the City Lord.”

“Fall back!”

The black-armored leaders face darkened.

Seeing this, Zhang Han didnt say anything but cupped his hands and retreated.

“Thats unreasonable,” he thought.

It seemed that he had to come up with other ways to enter the City Lords Mansion.

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

It could be imagined that someone at the Grand Master Middle-stage was like a nonentity to the City Lords Mansion, which was quite real.


There was a prosperous area around the City Lords Mansion, which was the place of the rich.

All the mansions were luxuriously and meticulously decorated.

In fact, Zhang Han had the intention of robbing them, but the treasures in the City Lords Mansion turned out to be the biggest temptation to him.

While Zhang Han was in a daze, there were fewer pedestrians on the street.

Looking up, he found that it was an overcast sky, but with a few pale black clouds.

If he didnt watch carefully, he wouldnt be able to find it out.

“Its the night in the Ancient Mine” he thought.

The light bulb in his head got turned on.

He guessed that it should be night in the Dragon Scale City, for there were not many people on the street.

No wonder the leader gave him such a cold shoulder.

“Ill look for an inn first.”

Zhang Han walked back for 10 minutes and came to an inn.

It was a two-story building, which covered a large area and had at least 100 rooms.

An ordinary room cost Zhang Han 10 low-grade crystal stones.

This was a bit extravagant for those in the secular martial arts world.

The room was rather simple, which was almost the same as the standard room of hotels.

It had only one bed and one practice room.

Zhang Han sat in the practice room, and his soul sense turned into several threads to explore the area with the City Lords Mansion at the center.

Finally, two hours later, Zhang Han saw an opportunity.

A batch of people sent 10 carriages of spirit beast meat into the City Lords Mansion.

An hour later, this group of people came out.

Zhang Han quietly left through the window of the room and followed them from a distance.

There were 13 people in this group, led by a middle-aged man with a brush cut.

Beside him was a martial artist in the God Realm with the highest height.

The tallest martial artist asked with a smile, “Master Nan Mu, weve got 750 crystal stones this time.

Would you like to go to the Doxy House and have a good time”

“Ryan, I refuse your proposal.”

The leader, Nan Mu, shook his head.

Ryans face changed slightly when he heard that.

“Damn it, I, Ryan, have worn myself out, and yet I get nothing for it”

Even the others were a little upset.

However, what Nan Mu said next immediately surprised them.

“How could the Doxy House possibly satisfy us Lets go to the Hottie House this time.

We must spend all the 750 crystal stones! Hahaha, in return, you guys must remember one thing; keep your spirits up on tomorrows trip.

No mistakes are allowed! Understand”

“Got it! Master Nan Mu is generous!”

The group of people quickened their pace, drove the carriage back to a small hall, and then headed to the periphery of the city.

There were a lot of pedestrians on the street here.

This group of people came to a quaint building—the Hottie House.

At the door stood three women in sexy outfits.

Of course, they were hot in their eyes.

After having fun there for five hours, the group finally walked out, with satisfaction written all over their faces.

After walking for half an hour, they arrived at a small mansion.

The daytime in the Ancient Mine didnt come until the few wisps of black light in the sky dispersed.

Nan Mu got up and went to the center of the yard.

He took out a bell from his chest pocket and shook it.

Meanwhile, the bells hanging at the doors of the houses on both sides rang constantly.

In less than a minute, a group of people gathered together.

There were 35 people in total.

Except for Nan Mu, all of them were martial artists.

Ryans cultivation was the best, and he was at the God Realm Peak-stage.

Apart from him, there were eight people in the God Realm, including three in the Last-Stage, three in the Middle-Stage, and two in the Early-Stage.

The rest were all at the Grand Master Peak.

“Ryan, you had a great time yesterday, so you have to make great contributions today.

Ill give you a bigger reward.”


Ryan nodded.

This made Nan Mu feel a bit strange, for Ryan usually answered him with a snort.

Why was he so polite today


“He must be deeply grateful to me since I enabled him to have a great time last night.


Nan Mu sneered secretly, waved his hand, and led the team to the city gate.

They left the city and headed east.

Three hours later, Zhang Han knew what they were going to do.

They were doing the dirty on another group of villains!

There were more than 40 people standing on the edge of a small jungle.

They were foreign martial artists.

“Wherere the goods”

Nan Mu was closer to Ryan.

He was just an ordinary businessman.

When they were engaged in a fight later, he would run to the back.

Although he possessed a defensive treasure, he still had to be cautious.

“Theyre all here.”

The leader of the other side spread out his right hand, and in his palm was a Space Ring.

“As usual, inspect the goods first.”

In the Ancient Mine, secular martial artists were viewed as external martial artists.

Those in the Ancient Mine were contemptuous of trading with them, but Nan Mu saw a business opportunity.

In the Ancient Mine, the crystal stone was currency and was not very precious, but for those foreigners, it was like a piece of jewelry.

Those foreigners fought for martial arts resources in the fierce beasts place and slaughtered them in exchange for crystal stones with him.

He could sell the meat of fierce beasts at a higher price.

Yes, he was buying and selling on speculation.

He had already traded with the other party five times and made a fortune.

However, an outsider recently found out what he was doing, and he felt he could not do it for long, so he planned to pocket this batch of goods of the other party today.

The leader of the other party was at the early stage of the Earth Realm.

Normally, they were no match for him at all.

Nonetheless, who would have thought that his guardian, Ryan, had already been replaced

“Oh Theyre from the Wind Snow School” Zhang Han muttered in his heart.

His eyes narrowed slightly the moment he saw them.

They came here in a throng, and dozens of them gathered simply to earn some extra money.

If the earned crystal stones were divided, no one could get many.

“Lets do the inspection.”

The leader of the Wind Snow School took out many corpses of spirit beasts from his Space Ring.

Most people referred to the spirit beasts in the Ancient Mine as vicious beasts because they were too savage compared to secular spirit beasts.

The corpses of spirit beasts were taken out one by one.

In a short while, they occupied the whole area.

There were hundreds of spirit beasts of different sizes.

“Check it out.”

Nan Mu waved his right hand.

Three men on his side went to check the goods and finalized the amount half an hour later.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh!”

Soon, the leading martial artist of the Wind Snow School took back the spirit beasts and personally came over to exchange for the Space Ring.

When he took the ring from Ryans hand, his face changed drastically.

“Are you kidding me”

He looked daggers at Nan Mu.


In an instant, the people of the Wind Snow School surrounded him.

“Hahaha, so what Do you external martial artists want to cooperate with me formally You must be daydreaming! You guys, who are of a lower social status than common people, simply cant earn money from me.

Take action!”

Nan Mu spoke pretty fast, which made the other party unable to get him, but they knew very well that what he said was certainly not nice.


The leading martial artist of the Wind Snow School waved his hand, and all kinds of energy balls were hurled at Nan Mu.

“Protect me!”

Nan Mu screamed.

After pondering for a while, Zhang Han walked up to him but didnt make a move.

The rest of Nan Mus men fought vigorously but were no match for the other party.

There were casualties in no time.

One, two… When more than 10 people were killed in the battle, cold sweat began to trickle down Nan Mus forehead.

“Run, run! That boy has made a breakthrough!”

“F*ck, he was in the God Realm before, but now hes so powerful.

He must have made a breakthrough!” Nan Mu thought.

“Ill kill him!” Zhang Han said in the Dark Shadow Clans language, reached out his right hand, and made a horizontal sweep.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Muffled sounds came from all directions, as if a large wall was moving horizontally, crushing every obstacle on its path.

In just three breaths, all the people of the Wind Snow School, except for the martial artist who had just reached the Earth Realm, had died.

With a pale face, the martial artist looked at Zhang Han in horror.

“You, you…”

“Isnt he in the God Realm

“How could this be” the martial artist murmured in his heart.

“You didnt expect that, did you”

Zhang Han smiled faintly.

With a flash, he appeared in front of him, and his face flickered.

The martial artists eyes widened the moment he saw Zhang Hans real face.

“Zhang, Zhang Han…”


He died after taking a punch from Zhang Han.

There seemed to be dead silence in the field.

Nan Mu and the remaining dozen or so people stood there dumbfounded and couldnt believe their eyes.

“Oh my God, is this Ryan”

“How did you become so powerful, Ryan”

“Oh, I was enlightened last night, so I naturally made a breakthrough.

Its very rare for martial artists like us to be enlightened.

Even the City Lord said that the higher the realm we reach, the more benefits well get,” Zhang Han answered seriously.

“So thats how it is!”

Nan Mu looked pleasantly surprised and was a bit nervous too.

“Ryan, will you still work with me to make money”

He was realistic.

Ryan wasnt someone if he was just in the God Realm, but he was able to work in the City Lords Mansion now that he had reached the Earth Realm.

“Ill think about it.

However, when I deliver the goods today, Im going to visit a big shot in the City Lords Mansion.”

“Oh, okay, lets go back first.

Ill reward you according to your contributions.

Half of the bounty this time belongs to Ryan.”

Nan Mu sacrificed a lot.

He had to pay to keep Ryan, who had broken through.

At the very least, he had to pay more than what the City Lords Mansion would offer.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be able to keep Ryan.

“Ryan” didnt care so much because he was Zhang Han.

After returning to the Dragon Scale City, the group of brothers sorted out the prime ingredients among the spirit beasts before sending them to the City Lords Mansion.

That night, when the sky was about to be dotted with thin black clouds, Nan Mu led his men to the City Lords Mansion, took out the token, and entered it smoothly.

The City Lords Mansion resembled a city.

It covered a large area, and the road there was wide.

After walking for an hour, they turned to the right and arrived at a mansion.

“Oh, Nan Mu, youve got a load of goods this time.

It seems that youre going to make a fortune again.”

There were 12 people in total for the inspection.

The man in the lead smiled.

After the inspection, he paid Nan Mu 2,000 crystal stones.

“Bring them in, clean them, and prepare to send them to the City Lords Palace.”

At this point, Zhang Hans eyes were fixated on a man on the right.

“Ah My stomach hurts a little.

Master Wright, Im gonna relieve myself.”


The man hurried to the path on the right.

Zhang Han darted him a look and followed Nan Mu and the rest out of the mansion.

“Im going to visit a big shot.

Ill go and see you in a few days,” said Zhang Han.


Hope we can make a pile together.

This is your reward.”

In the end, Nan Mu gave “Ryan” 1,000 crystal stones, his heart bleeding.

As the saying goes, you cant make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

Nan Mu and the others bade “Ryan” farewell enthusiastically and then left.

Zhang Han stepped to the side and climbed over the wall.

Moments later, the man who had gone to relieve himself returned.

“Hurry up.

Pack up and send them to the palace as soon as possible.

If the 320 noblest princesses are starved, well all be in great trouble!”

Soon, Zhang Han followed them to the room.

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