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There were all kinds of chopping boards inside, and some special staff were there checking the meat quality.

The meat would only be sent away if it passed the test.

A set of procedures was quickly completed.

Zhang Han and the other four people delivered the goods.

From a distance, they could see that in the center of the City Lords Mansion, there was a glittering hall, which was pretty luxurious.

The buildings behind the hall were the same.

It was a pity that the memories of the Dark Shadow Clan couldnt be read through martial arts, otherwise, it wouldnt be so troublesome.

It all depended on Zhang Hans observation.

Fortunately, he was supported by rich experience.

He walked into the hall from the side door.

The kitchen occupied a lot of space, similar to the one at Mount New Moon.

There was a hubbub of voices.

“Leader, I want to go out of the mansion to deal with something later.”

“Hmm What else do you have to attend to”

“Some private affairs.”

“Oh, go ahead.

Its a hard-won job.

Come back as soon as possible.”


After exchanging a few words with the leader, Zhang Han changed his identity again into a waiter, who delivered food.

He changed himself into a very inconspicuous person.

He needed to change his identity once again to get close to the inner part of the mansion and the treasures.

“If men keep missing in the City Lords Mansion, Im afraid I wont be able to hide for a few days.”

Zhang Han thought for a while and walked into the backyard along the hall with dishes in his hands.

Along the way, he heard several colleagues chatting.

“Our lord didnt have any children over the years.

Lord of Lingxi City already has two sons and one daughter, and he mocks our lord every time they meet.

Even those of us in the kitchen are affected.

The wrath of the lord cannot be trifled with.

The quality of the meat of all first-class fierce beasts has been poor over the past few years.


“There are more and more princesses.

Recently, our lord has married five more.

The consumption keeps increasing.

We spend more and more crystal stones but get fewer and fewer benefits.”

“Theres nothing we can do.

If someone gets pregnant now, her status will surely rise.

If our lord is in a good mood, he might award us the Holy Spirit Water.”

“Come on, the Holy Spirit Water is the daily drink of the women that our lord dotes on most.

There isnt much of it.

Im not asking for this.

I wish the lord open the Top-grade Crystal Palace.

Then we can bath in the outbreak of the energy.”


“Ive learned some news.

It seems that Si Nan, Lord of Dragon Scale City, is doing good.

Its just that hes suffering from male infertility.

Seems that I have to help him with it,” Zhang Han thought.

If he did so, he could get more treasures.

Holy Spirit Water, Rank 6 Spiritual Herbs, and the core area of the crystal stone vein were what he wanted.

After talking for a while, his colleagues walked into a small palace.

In the middle of the palace sat a man with an angular face.

He was a martial artist at the Heaven Early-stage.

He looked handsome in the Dark Shadow Clan and appeared calm with a ledger in his hand.

There were 10 people standing beside him with respectful looks on their faces.

Could he be the director of the harem

Zhang Han observed them all and found that he was likely to take action in the guise of any of them, so he had to observe their expressions and behaviors.

He risked being seen through by others if he behaved abnormally.

That was not what he wanted of course.

Although he could escape, he couldnt get any of the treasures in the City Lords Mansion.

“Master Ling Mo.”

The group of people greeted him one after another.


The man took a look at the delicious food, which was of good quality, in their hands.

He waved his hand and said, “Send it to the Lanting Courtyard.”


“Wait, I havent greeted Concubine Lan for 10 days.

Come with me,” Ling Mo said lightly.

Then he got up and looked at the man behind him.

“You arrange it.”


Therefore, Zhang Han and the others carried delicious food and followed Ling Mo inside.

After walking for more than 10 minutes, they saw all kinds of manor-style buildings in the backyard, densely packed.

Every small manor was the residence of a concubine.

They entered the Lanting Courtyard.

The scenery inside was charming, dotted with small bridges and streams.

If ordinary people saw it, they would definitely consider it as a fairyland.

They could occasionally see two or three maids, who greeted Ling Mo one after another when they saw him.

Ling Mo nodded in response to them.

He passed through the servants house and came to the largest house, saying out loud, “Concubine Lan, dinner is ready.

I, Ling Mo, give my greetings to you.”

“Come in.” A soft voice came from the room.

Ling Mo motioned to Zhang Han and the others.

Then they entered the room.

Its layout was novel with quite a lot of decorations.

They put the dishes on the table and left.

Zhang Han hesitated for a moment.

Under a few stunned gazes, he left the team and walked up to Ling Mo.

“Master, I have something important to report.”

“Say it.”

“There are so many people here, why dont we…”


Ling Mo frowned slightly and finally led the way to the side of the house.

“Go ahead.”

When no one was around, Ling Mos expression became even more indifferent.

“Youre pretty good at pretending.”


Zhang Han approached Ling Mo with a respectful look, but when he got very close to him…

“Youre going to die.”

Zhang Han suddenly beamed.

“What did you say”

Ling Mos pupils constricted, for he was enraged.

However, he immediately felt his entire body turn ice-cold.

“Were screwed.”

At this point, those who came with Zhang Han walked at a slow pace.

They were curious about what that guy was going to say to Master Ling Mo.

Was he informing secretly on them

In less than 10 seconds, Master Ling Mo walked up to them and looked daggers at them.

He said, “This kid committed a monstrous crime and was disrespectful to me.

Ive already killed him.

Take his corpse back.

You guys in the kitchen would better behave yourself!”


Cold sweat ran down their cheeks in an instant, and they were so scared that their faces turned pale.

They hurried over, and their faces became paler as they saw their companions corpse.

He was beaten so badly that he didnt look like a human being.

He was so miserable.

They didnt even dare to utter a single word before leaving in dejection.

It seemed that those in the kitchen would guess what Master Ling Mo meant and why he was furious.

Nevertheless, the death of a nobody could not cause any uproar.

If they knew this nobody was Ling Mo, their expressions would probably be greatly varied.

Zhang Han stood at the door.

When he was about to go back to the hall, a voice sounded inside again.

“Master Ling Mo, why havent you come in yet”

“I still have something to deal with,” Zhang Han replied in a hurry.

“Why are you in such a hurry Come in now.”


Zhang Han was a little hesitant, but finally, he walked in.

It was at this moment that he saw Concubine Lan, who was sitting behind the screen.

She was rather slim, but there was something fishy with her expression when she looked at him.

“Whats going on” Zhang Han thought.

“Mo, you havent been here for 10 days.”

Concubine Lan sat next to Zhang Han, sliding her fingers on her face with her right hand, and asked in an extremely seductive voice, “Dont you miss me”


Zhang Hans face turned stiff, and he was speechless.

It was obvious that Ling Mo had an affair with Concubine Lan.

“I dont dare.

Im just, just…”

“As I said, the rooms here are isolated from the detection of soul sense.

Now…” Concubine Lan waved her right hand, and the door closed.

She looked more enchanting.

“No one will know.

The lord wont check the backyard at all.

What are you afraid of”

“I really have something else to deal with,” Zhang Han explained.

“Whats more attractive to you than my body”

Concubine Lan moved closer to Zhang Han, as if she wouldnt let him go unless he made love with her.


Facing Concubine Lan, who was getting closer and closer, Zhang Han couldnt pretend anymore and suddenly smiled.

“Thats right.”

“Yes, youre right.” Zhang Han reached out his right hand and pinched Concubine Lans chin.

Unexpectedly, this woman seemed to enjoy it.

“Youre a bit out of luck.

I didnt expect myself to choose the wrong person.

You can only blame yourself for being too lascivious.”

Zhang Han sighed.

Concubine Lan opened her eyes instantly, but a flash of lightning was blazing in her pupils.


The whole body of Concubine Lan was reduced to ashes.

“Perhaps Ling Mo couldnt come into contact with as many things as this Concubine Lan could.

“Its just that this Ling Mo…”

Zhang Han was extremely decisive.

He immediately turned around, closed the door, and gave an order.

“Dont disturb Concubine Lan when shes dining.”

He left in a hurry, returned to the hall, and casually pointed to five people.

“Come with me.”

After that, he motioned to the man who had just gotten up with an account book.

“Youll be in charge of everything in the next few days.”

He left the City Lords Mansion and went out of the Dragon Scale City in a hurry after he finished.

He killed the five people and entered the Dragon Scale City again in the shape of one of Ling Mos men.

When he returned to the mansion, he sneaked into the Lanting Courtyard, went back to the largest room, and changed into the appearance of Concubine Lan.

“Its late today, so I can only rest here.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly, looked at the more than 20 dishes on the table, and began to eat casually.

Next, he was going to test out where he could go and where he couldnt, and how many treasures he had an access to.

It was known as advance scouting.

It would be time for Zhang Han to take action after he found out the situation.

“Concubine Lan, were here.”

At this moment, a female voice sounded outside the door.

It was a maid.

They hadnt had dinner yet, for they ate the leftovers left by Concubine Lan every time.

They mainly cleaned up the room.

Zhang Han just ignored it as he heard that.

After five minutes, he said lightly, “Come in.”

Hearing his female voice, he had goosebumps all over his body.

Over the years, he had dressed up as a lot of people but never a woman!

It was genuinely a special experience.

Nonetheless, Zhang Han had never expected that the crazier experience would come so quickly.

“Concubine Lan, the lord is paying a visit to the Lanting Courtyard tonight.

Come out to meet the lord”


Zhang Han almost spat out a mouthful of tea.

He was cursing inside.

He had a hard time entering the mansion and getting the identity of Concubine Lan, yet the City Lord came

“Its a little unreasonable.”

Zhang Hans mind worked at a fast pace, but he hurried out of the room without any hesitation.

He could see a black-armored martial artist at the Heaven Peak Stage standing at the gate.

When he approached, he saw a burly man with a cold face, who was about 2.3 meters tall and dressed in dark blue armor.

Lord of Dragon Scale City!

Si Nan!

A mighty aura hit Zhang Han in the face.

It gave him a lot of pressure.

This guy was undoubtedly half a step away from the Elixir Stage.

He wasnt far from reaching that stage.

The present Zhang Han was no match for him at all.

“Should I find a chance to escape”

However, if he tried to escape, all his efforts would go to waste.

His mind was racing.

With a smile on his face, he said in an enchanting tone, “Welcome, my lord.”

As he said this, he was worried that he might make a mistake.

He wondered what Zi Yans expression and tone would look like if he had another woman and hadnt seen her for a long time.

After giving it some thought, he continued in a resentful tone, “My lord, you havent been to the Lanting Courtyard for a long time.”

Hearing this, Zhang Han himself felt a chill run down his spine.

Nonetheless, when he thought of what was lying in wait for him, he felt even sicker.

“Next time, no, I wont use the identity of a woman in the future!”

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