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Dong Chen knew a little about Zhang Hans cultivation methods, which could consume tons of resources, but he didnt care about it.

Zhang Han could disguise himself as others after all.

Once his resources were used up, he could go into the Ancient Mine again!

Anyway, Dark Warriors had abundant resources.

All of a sudden, Dong Chens heart skipped a beat when he thought of this.

Since when did he regard those in the Ancient Mine as the ones who would be robbed

It was truly terrifying.

It didnt occur to him that the dangerous Ancient Mine would be treated this way.

He felt that with the presence of a freak like Zhang Han, those in the Ancient Mine would have a tough time.

Those in other cities may feel nothing special, but the ones in the Dragon Scale City were genuinely in trouble.

The City Lord, Si Nan, was getting more and more irritable, and he would kill people at any time.

In just one day, he found out how many people were missing in the City Lords Mansion.

All kinds of speculations gave him a headache.

“It must be Ling Mo.

He must be tempted as he saw the treasures in Concubine Lans courtyard.

I didnt like him long ago, but I didnt expect him to do such a thing.

Hes deserved to be destroyed by heaven and earth.

My lord, I propose to issue a warrant for Ling Mos arrest in all the 108 external cities!”

The tall martial artist next to Si Nan suddenly said, “I think it might be someone in disguise.

Ling Mo is a trusted subordinate after all.

We all know about him.

Even if he took the resources, I dont think he will hide in the habitat of fierce beasts for the rest of his life.

We, the Dark Shadow Clan, aim to enter the Kings Domain.

If he did that, he would not be able to enter the Kings Domain.

Lets think about it another way.

Maybe everything is fake, disguised by someone.

In this way, we can understand why those people are missing.

The one in disguise was likely to have used them to get in touch with the Lanting Courtyard step by step.”

“Disguise As we all know, everyone in the Lanting Courtyard was acting under the nose of our lord.

Who could hide it from him Those external martial artists Could it be possible Even if its someone in disguise, it must be an insider.

Could anyone succeed without knowing about the City Lords Mansion According to what you said, Concubine Lan asked for resources because she was someone in disguise, right”

“Maybe its Ling Mo.

Ive seen him sneaking to the Lanting Courtyard several times and stayed there for several hours every time.

I dont know if he harbors any evil intentions! Hehe.”



The more Si Nan, the City Lord, heard, the angrier he became.

In the end, he left in a flash.

He had no clue about it, but there were too many speculations from his subordinates.

There might be some close to the truth, but which one was true

“Youve disgraced me this time, and next time, Ill kill you!”

Si Nans face clouded over with anger, and killing intent was surging inside him.

Yet he did not even know to whom he was speaking, for he knew nothing about his enemy.

Who on earth was it

It became a mystery in the City Lords Mansion.

Losing those treasures did not cause fundamental damage to the City Lords Mansion, but it was such an indelible disgrace to Si Nan.

The atmosphere over here was quite intense and oppressive, while those in the Heavenly Knights Sect were thrilled.

“A sixth-grade treasure”

“What a powerful aura!”


The elders and protectors of the sect all came to the herb field.

They were all excited as their eyes landed on the treasure in the center.

As for how Dong Chen got it

He didnt say it.

Nevertheless, these elders and protectors were bright, and their guesses were almost accurate.

They wouldnt even bother thinking about it because Dong Chen ran to Mount New Moon every few days.

Zhang Han had given him the Holy Spirit Water, and now there was a sixth-grade treasure.

In addition, they had gone to the Dragon Scale City.

After giving it some thought, they knew the truth.

They had gone to rob the Dragon Scale City!

It was truly terrifying.

They were shocked, but at the same time, they saw hope.

The Heavenly Knights Sect had been at a disadvantage for decades, and now they finally saw the hope of success.

Mount New Moon:

The Five-Tiger Generals, Leng Yue, and some other people who were on the verge of breaking through, each got a small cup of Holy Spirit Water, while the others got half a cup each.

After all the hard cultivation, they were about to break through, and luckily, they now had the Holy Spirit Water to help them.

“Hahahaha, Ive finally entered the God Realm! Lanlan, Im going to touch, no, spank you!”

Instructor Lius laughter resounded through the area where the security group of Mount New Moon lived.


Many of his brothers gasped.

“Hes digging his own grave again.

How could he be Captain Jiangs match”

“Im afraid hell have bruises around his eyes again this time.”

“Instructor Liu is too complacent.

No matter what, hell take a beating.”



Under some gazes, Instructor Liu moved and quickly left Mount New Moon.

He ran to prank Jiang Yanlan without even driving his car.

Jiang Yanlan was the captain of the Vermilion Bird Team anyway.

She also heard that Ye Tianlang had recently gained the support of loads of resources and was about to break through to the Heaven Realm.

In fact, Ye Tianlang had the intention of making friends with Zhang Han by asking her to stay in Xiangjiang.

Usually, Jiang Yanlan lived in a seaside villa, and she would go to the Starry Sky Bar when she was idle.

Led by Brother Long, the group of bodyguards got accustomed to it.

The Starry Sky Bar was currently the safest nightclub in Xiangjiang, but Jiang Yanlan was an exception.

There was even a notice at the door telling the guests that if a hot beauty beat a man, they didnt have to be panic, for it was a special show prepared for them by the bar.

As expected, a good show was put on again.

During the day, Instructor Liu failed to find Jiang Yanlan, but he calmed down after some time.

When night fell, he arrived at the Starry Sky Bar, but Brother Long and the others became nervous the moment they saw him.

They quickly told some bartenders to leave a space for Captain Jiang because she was going to beat Instructor Liu up soon.

“Hahaha, Captain Jiang, long time no see! Youre getting more and more gorgeous.”

Instructor Liu was serious and looked like a gentleman.


Jiang Yanlans heart skipped a beat.

She quickly shot Instructor Liu a glance, dropping a hint to him as she darted a look at a middle-aged couple sitting not far from her.

However, Instructor Liu had something on his mind.

He was thinking about how to show off his power.

He chuckled and said, “Captain Jiang, guess what I want to do most right now”


Instructor Liu was calculating the distance between him and Jiang Yanlan.

Ten steps, five steps, three steps… Move!

The moment he moved, he heard Jiang Yanlans voice.

“Instructor Liu, do you want to visit my parents”


As soon as she finished speaking, a crisp voice was heard.

Instructor Liu came to Jiang Yanlans side in a weird way and spanked her with his left hand.

At this point, he heard Jiang Yanlans words too.


He felt dizzy and confused.

Jiang Yanlans parents.

Instructor Liu could not help swallowing and felt so good touching her ass.

He subconsciously pinched it.

When he noticed three murderous glares, his face turned stiff.

He slowly turned his head to look at Jiang Yanlans parents and said, “Nice to see you, uncle and auntie.

Ahem, theres something wrong with Captain Jiangs health.

Its just a small problem, though.

Well, umm, Im treating her regularly.

Im an old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine… Bang!”

Before he could finish his words, a muffled sound rang out.

He flew backward, leaving a hole in the wall next to the entrance.


Screams rang out one after another.

“Its fine, its fine!”

Brother Long and the others were also shocked.

They came out in a hurry and said loudly, “This is a special show arranged by the bar.

The purpose is to tell you guys to drink and relax without getting into a fight over trivial issues.

This is an example.

If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.

Ahem, these are all props.

Everyone, go on, go on.”

He couldnt make up a story anymore.

He was petrified as he saw the hole in the wall caused by the impact.

It was too scary.

“Oh my God, Instructor Liu, what the hell have you done”

Even Jiang Yanlan was amazed at how cruel her father was.

A hint of heartache could be seen in her eyes when she thought that Instructor Liu might have been injured.


Livid, Sect Leader Jiang snorted.

He stood up and was about to go out.

Seeing his gloomy face, as if he intended to kill Instructor Liu, Jiang Yanlan was scared out of her wits.

“Dad, what are you going to do”

“He touched your ass.

Dont you know what Im going to do”

“We cant kill him.

Hes Zhang Hanyangs man,” Jiang Yanlan said anxiously.

“So what I admit that Zhang Hanyang is a remarkable man, but it has nothing to do with me.

Even if Dong Chen sees me, he has to be polite to me.

I was polite to Zhang Hanyang because of you.

Yet just now, one of his men dared to molest you! Theres no need for us to stay in Xiangjiang.

Ill ask Zhang Hanyang how he disciplines his subordinates.

If he cant discipline them well, I dont mind doing it for him.”

Sect Leader Jiangs face was ice-cold.

He was pissed off.

In front of him and the eyes of the public, that guy actually dared to do that! If he didnt kill him, he would change his surname.

Without further ado, Sect Leader Jiang planned to go out.

His wife seemed to have noticed something and remained seated there.


As soon as Sect Leader Jiang took a step forward, Jiang Yanlan stood before him with a stubborn expression.

“What do you mean”

“He likes me.”

“It doesnt matter.” Sect Leader Jiang shook his head.

“I like him too.” Jiang Yanlan braced herself to say it out loud and then held her breath.


Sect Leader Jiangs pupils shrank slightly in disbelief.

“Thats just an ordinary martial artist.

You like him Are you kidding me I dont agree!”

“You dont know him.

Hes a nice guy.

Although he looks kinda boastful, hes kind-hearted.

Last time, in order to protect Mount New Moon, he had a narrow escape.

He was a military instructor before, so everyone calls him Instructor Liu.

Moreover, I have beaten him many times, he…”

Jiang Yanlan couldnt go on.

She was not so shameless as to say those things.

She always had an idea in her mind.

“So what if I beat him No matter how many times I beat him, hell straddle me many times if we are together in the future…”

She may not experience it, but she had heard about it.

“Stop talking.

Thats impossible.

Youre the princess of the Shuiyun Sect.

Given his status, he doesnt deserve you.

He must be punished for doing such an outrageous thing before my very eyes.”

“No!” Jiang Yanlan remained rooted in front of him.

Sect Leader Jiangs face turned ghastly pale when he saw her stubborn look, and he could no longer suppress the anger inside him.

“Dont you listen to me” he asked in a deep voice.


Jiang stood up and said, “All right, all right.

Dont be angry.

Lanlan is not a little girl anymore.

Its normal for her to find a boyfriend.”

“Whats normal about it”

Sect Leader Jiang added in a harsh tone, “There are very few people in this worldlet who can match my daughter.

Among the younger generation of the Heavenly Knights Sect, only Zhang Hanyang is somewhat promising.

Yun Feiyang, Wang Xiaowu, and Jiang Bing are not good matches for my daughter.

That brat is just a member of Zhang Hanyangs security group.

What a big joke!”

He attached great importance to this aspect, which meant that he would only marry his daughter to someone when the two families were well-matched in terms of social status.

Jiang Yanlan was the princess of the Shuiyun Sect.

If anyone wanted to be with her, he should at least be the legitimate son of some sect leader, just like Zhang Hanyang, the Young Lord of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

There were a lot of people with such an identity, but few people could meet this requirement, and at the same time, be talented and excellent in martial arts.

Could he accept a person like Instructor Liu No.

“You can go and find his boss, but dont hurt him.”

In the end, Jiang Yanlan made a concession.

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